Jamie Radtke Demands Apology from RedState’s Erick Erickson For Scurrilous Accusations

Yesterday, on the front page of Redstate.com, Erick Erickson lashed out at tea party candidate Jamie Radtke calling her a rambling drunk. This came after Politico published a piece on Erickson’s curious relationship with the George Allen camp.

Today Patrick McSweeney, legal counsel for Radtke wrote Erick Erickson a letter demanding a retraction.

Patrick M. McSweeney
Attorney at Law

August 25, 2011
Mr. Erick Erickson

Dear Mr. Erickson:

On behalf of Jamie Radtke, I am sending this letter demanding your immediate and prominent retraction of your August 24, 2011, posting on RedState and your August 25, 2011 Morning Briefing in which you repeat statements of certain unnamed persons who attended the August 13th dinner at the RedState Gathering in Charleston, South Carolina at which Ms. Radtke spoke. One of the statements in your posting claimed that Ms. Radtke “gets drunk, and gets so embarrassing that I have to duck away….” Another statement that you repeated charged: “She was a drunk, rambling idiot that took 30 minutes to introduce a director who himself was confused.” Those statements are false. You plainly repeated the statements quoted above without regard to their accuracy.

There are other false and defamatory statements in your posting that I need not specify here. They reinforce the conclusion that you made no effort to verify the accuracy of the content of your postings.

If you wish to contact me by telephone, I can be reached at (804) 937-0895.

Very truly yours,
Patrick M. McSweeney

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  • Ripped

    It’s getting to the point you can’t tell the right wing loons from the left wing loons.

  • Ginger

    Please watch this sad story. Sad… sad…sad On the good side “power in numbers” is so true!


  • http://israelsurvivalupdates.wordpress.com Kenny Solomon

    Here’s a link.

    It should give you some insight on “Ban Central Station” and a much more pressing problem that this mess at “Ban Central Station” has exacerbated.

    Picking At Scabs On The Ship Of Fools.

    Many MANY comments there, including a large one by lil’ ol’ me about 2/3 of the way down the comments list.

    Kenny Solomon
    Israel Survival Updates
    The American Survival Guide

    PS….. I didn’t get “Krakened” from “Ban Central Station”, I left on my own.

  • anozira

    well that just shows you if the left starts losing they start the name calling. par for the course i guess…

  • Ginger
  • Multitude

    “In other words, truth is a defense.”

  • thebronze

    And this means “what” to me?

  • http://israelsurvivalupdates.wordpress.com Kenny Solomon

    #7 thebronze

    It means we’re about as far-splintered as conservatives/patriots as a supposed cohesive unit can become…… and can easily lose the nation and much much more because of it.

    Please take a look at the link above in my first comment and you’ll understand where this is coming from.

    Yes, it’s that serious.

    Kenny Solomon
    Israel Survival Updates
    The American Survival Guide

  • http://912member.blogspot.com just a conservative girl

    I don’t know if she drinks or not, but I do know that she has endorsed some bad candidates. http://912member.blogspot.com/2011/08/is-senate-candidate-jaime-radtke-just.html

  • John H Dorge

    Anozira – did you just refer to Erick Erickson as a member of the “left”?

  • olm

    #8 I read the link. It is getting really ugly. And really stupid.
    I have thought for some time that watching is the thing to do right now, not participate.
    I really don’t get what this Radtke situation is about but I also don’t care. The only way that we are going to get good quality candidates is state the facts and let the rest shake out.
    I personally am disgusted by the slamming the the bloggers who dare to elaborate on Perry’s record. I hope because of this that Perry’s star burns out quicky, but we’ll see.

  • http://www.chipbennett.net/ Chip Bennett

    Wait, so: some person gives a rambling, sounds-like-she’s-drunk “speech”, and someone else references that speech by quoting others – in attendance – who described said speech. In response, said speech-giver doesn’t attempt to explain her rambling, sounds-like-she’s-drunk performance, and instead lawyers-up?

    Good luck with that defamation charge, Ms. Radtke.


    Someone Who Is Tired Of Giving Un-Vetted Candidates a Free Pass Simply Because They Claim the TEA Party Mantle.

  • moron

    I’m not familiar with Radtke, but the picture above goes with the given description.

  • Susan

    Good, time the “good old boys corrupt bastard’s club” running Republican Party- from Redstate to Rove and everywhere in between-start facing the consequences of their dispicable ways.

  • RedBeard

    Kenny, thanks for your comments, and the link as well. I agree fully. This is getting dangerous.

    I, too, left “over there” on my own accord, some time ago. This was in reaction to some very juvenile petulance on the part of at least one of the blog administrators, causing me to think that my time formerly spent there would be better spent elsewhere (like at work, trying to keep afloat in the Great Obameconomy).

    We conservatives have simply got to stop eating our own, if we are to have any hope of displacing the current Malfeaser-in-Chief.


    don’t hold your breath…fuk tard socialists don’t apologize for anything

  • Mark1957

    As a resident of VA. 11th congressional district I have many concerns about Mrs. Radtke. First of all I must sat that as a tea party supporter we are better served by only running candidates in the primaries other wise all we do is split off enough votes to allow the Demonrat to win. That is what happened here in the 2010 elections where a libertaian party and conservative party candidates pulled off about 2% of the vote each, allowing uber-liberal Gerry Connolly to win re-election by less than 500 votes. Third Parties are a nonstarter.

    As for Mrs. Radtke, any candidate that is endorsed by the Washington Post I am going to be VERY suspicious of. George Allen was a good Senator & Governor, and is the only one who will beat Tim Kaine.

  • PhilipJames

    This story is very simple. Erick Erickson supported Radtke when she started running a while back…. because she is Conservative and a former Tea Party leader supported by the Tea Party. Then his bosses told him to lay off because they know and like George Allen and want him to win the primary. Erick told Radtke exactly that and stopped supporting her.
    Radtke let people know that Erick did this and he got peed off that it got out.
    So, in order to make himself look better and to trash her, he posted up a number of anonymous comments on Red State saying that she was drunk and rambled on for almost 30 minutes of incoherent stuff in a speech just before Steve Bannon’s The Undefeated at the Red State get together.
    She got mad and had her lawyer threaten Erick with a law suit unless he retracted those lies.

    The simple thing to learn from this is that Red State supports certain candidates over others and they are mostly Establishment types and that Erick was willing to falsely trash a Conservative candidate to make himself look better. Simple.

  • Patty

    Are there videos and proof two the affect.

    I can’t imagine Red State doing anything like this. Isn’t this a conservative website?

  • http://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/ LibertyAtStake

    Tempest in a Teapot. The contest that matters is Radtke v. Allen. I’m leaning Allen because his resurrection so soon after 2006’s coordinated ‘macaca’ smear would strike a mortal blow to the cancer known as Political Correctness. For this reason, the ambitious Ms. Radtke can find another way to serve the republic, as far as I’m concerned.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”