Illinois Farmer Confronts Obama on Burdensome Regulations: “We Would Prefer Starting Our Day in Tractor Cab Not Filling Out Forms & Permits” (Video)

An Illinois farmer confronted Barack Obama today at Wyffels Hybreds in Atkinson, Illinois. The farmer was upset with the increase in the amount of burdensome rules and regulations under the Obama regime. The farmer told Obama, “Please don’t challenge us with your rules and regulations from Washington DC. We would prefer to start our day in a tractor cab or combine cab rather than filling out forms and permits to do what we like to do.”

Obama told the farmer, “Don’t always believe what you hear.”
FOX Nation reported:

From the video: During a town hall meeting at Wyffels Hybrids in Atkinson, Illinois, a farmer expressed concern to President Obama about forthcoming regulations. The man stated that people would rather be farming than “filling out forms and permits to do what we like to do.” President Obama told the farmer “don’t always believe what you hear” and blamed Washington for ginning up speculation. Obama added that, “Nobody is more interested in seeing our agricultural sector successful than I am, partly because I come from a farm state.”

Of course, Obama was not completely honest with this farmer:

Just last week it was reported that the Obama regime wants to force farmers to get commercial drivers licenses.

And, the Obama regime is also pushing dust regulations that would make it impossible for farmers out west to continue working.

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  • Ginger

    I am loving every minute of people holding that fraud accountable!

  • tommy mc donnell

    “don’t always believe what you hear,” especially from obama.

  • Fionnagh

    Funny, I never thought of Hawai’i as a “farm state” before. Guess you learn something new every day, huh?

  • Joanne

    Off topic, of great interest

    Germany rises from the ashes – no shots fired. Short article – a must read.

    “The forerunner of today’s European Central Bank, the European Monetary Institute (emi), once carried almost $27 billion in gold reserves. In 1998, the emi was replaced by the European Central Bank (ecb). No European Monetary Union financial data was published that year, while Europe’s elites “rebalanced” the financial system. When financial records resumed publication in 1999, $20 billion in gold had “gone missing” from EU coffers.

    One would have assumed that these EU reserves should have been automatically transferred to the emi’s replacement, the ecb. No official explanation was ever given as to why it was not. It is interesting to note, however, that in that same year, the German central bank reported a $20 billion increase in its national gold reserves.”

    Gee, it must have been a miracle…….not.

  • Ron

    That’s right Mr. President: Don’t believe anything you hear from President downgrade. Hey, you guys know who else was a straight talkin’ farmer?

  • Dave Fuller

    you can believe what the farmer says. I have to fill out a DOT form every morning before I start my truck. Its an F550 truck not an 18 wheeler, Obama is a liar.

  • gus

    The guy is a loser. He lies every time he speaks.

  • Hobbitually conservative

    He comes from the concrete island of a farm state, I doubt he’s ever seen a cornfield.
    You don’t have to come from a farm state to know the importance of not burdening farms with with unreasonable regulations. You don’t need to come from a gulf state to know you shouldn’t regulate oil production. But he does it anyway.

  • gus

    Dave, Obama has NO IDEA what he is talking about. He doesn’t care what you or I, nor any business goes through. He’s a fvcking commie, and he is on a mission.

  • bg


    tried warning ya about UNANIMOUS passage
    of S510 = control from seedling to yhitling, 😛


  • Scott

    Obama knows more about the next single release from JayZ, or Beyonce, or J-lo, than he does anything about farming…Doesn’t know, doesn’t care. He’ll probably chew out the staff for allowing typical white farmers to dare to ask him a question…

  • dwd

    If there’s anything we should not believe when we hear it, it’s the sound coming out of Barack Obama’s mouth.

  • Scott

    Ask him about the pigford settlement where billions were set aside for blacks who maybe had thought about farming but didn’t go into farming because of racism…Your stimulus dollars at work…

  • gus

    Hobbit. Commies don’t care how many lives are RUINED or SNUFFED out. Stalin didn’t become a COMMIE to wipe out millions. The MILLLIONS just got in the way of his plans.

  • TXPatriot

    Now that is a mighty nice crease in those pants. Don’t you think?

  • Ron

    I wonder what kind of diesel Obama was using in the big black pimped out ? Hwy or Orfd.

  • sablegsd

    Are the rolled up sleeves supposed to make us think he is working hard?
    That he is just a regular guy? What it conveys to me is he is too stupid to wear a short sleeve shirt in the summer.

  • Valerie

    So, a farmer tries to tell Obama about the impact of farming regulations, and Obama tells him that he (Obama) knows better than the farmer.

    This was on a “listening tour.”

    Anybody miss Clinton, yet? :p

  • gus

    Some of his friends on Martha’s Vineyard have “gardeners”, so he knows about farming.

  • Scott

    You must fill out the papers and send them to Washington where some birkenstock wearing commie drop-out who owes the government 100k in student loans can log into the Dept of Agriculture database what you are doing…That way they can impose more taxes and regulations…It’s what communists do…The government wants to know where every bushel of wheat is in case they have to nationalize it one day…