Following Joe Biden’s Lead… Al Sharpton Calls the Tea Party a “Monster” That Will “Destroy You” (Video)

Today’s new tone rundown–
Vice President Joe Biden started out the day calling tea partiers terrorists.
Chris Matthews one upped the Vice President, calling the tea partiers baby-killing terrorists.
Then later today Al Sharpton called the tea party a “monster” that will “destroy you.”
MRCTV reported:

And yet these same radicals have the nerve to lecture conservatives on civil discourse.

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  • ruready?

    We are Americans that are going to destroy the monster of liberalism.

    When you throw a stick into a pack of hounds, the one that yelps is the one you hit.

  • Beltway Progressive

    First Comment! Yay!

    Baggers lose in House vote!

  • Old Dude

    And to think,not all that long ago they were calling the Tea Party insignificant rabble.

  • Beltway Progressive

    #1 RU READY said: “…are Americans … a pack of hounds [?] … [We should] yelp”

    Well, ruready, I disagree with you profoundly. Americans are not a pack of hounds, I resent your remarks.

  • tommy mc donnell

    more obama civility. boy that speech in arizona had such a great impact on political discourse. just ask o’reilly and hrauthammer.

  • Valerie

    That’s funny. So’s this: Putin says the US is a “parasite” on the global economy.

    That comes from Russia, the country that sent tanks rolling into it’s neighbors, and and demanded the fruits of all those satellite economies.

    We may be our idea of a mess right now, but the next time the wheat crop fails, we’ll rescue them, again.

  • ruready?

    #4, Quit your yelping.

  • Beltway Progressive

    Hi #6 Valerie, don’t be too smug..

    We’ll repay in wheat for access to their manned space program. We shovel the sh#t, they reach for the moon. Sounds like a deal. AMERICA FTW!

  • Beltway Progressive

    #7, ruready,

    I’m not going to sit by and listen to your anti-American insults. Take your trollosity elsewhere..

  • american patriot

    The new Giffords rule of civility are ONLY meant to handcuff us, not them.

    The left is evil to the core.

    We must continue on with our course.

    Only by taking both houses of Congress AND the White House will we have any sort of chance. Liberalism unfortunately will never be killed. The best we can do is contain it.

  • Beltway Progressive…. 2012 war on the Senate and the Whitehouse. Watch a learn.

  • toongoon

    Beltway obsessive must have been hit by the stick.

  • dallasdan

    Biden, Matthews and Sharpton make a living impersonating Larry, Curly and Mo. They are fools.

  • Beltway Progressive

    #10 american patriot,

    You’d like to kill liberals, or barring that, throw them in jail? Sounds like a plan.. Oh wait a minute, looks like some liberals may have armed themselves with the help of lax gun laws around the country.

    Maybe you’d just better stick to using dirty looks..

  • Major Kong

    Al Sharpton’s opinion actually being sought? Only in America, only in America…

  • Let’s ask Paul Krugman before we jump to any conclusions.


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  • bg
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  • pst314

    Is Al Sharpton working his way up to his next incitement to murder?

  • Sickofobama

    Yeah and this monster is going to get bigger!

    Al Sharpton is a typical black person.

    Didn’t hear Tingles say we are baby-killing terrorists.

    Hey Tingles, Obama is the baby-killing terrorist.

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  • bg


    B P #14

    you remind me of someone who just loved to put THEIR words
    in OTHER PEOPLE’S MOUTHS.. but alas i digress.. please show
    me where #10 american patriot wrote such diabolical crapola..
    much less even thought it..

    same goes for the rest of your brilliant (in your mind) trooling..


  • Redwine

    Chris Matthews calls the Tea Party “baby-killing terrorists”. That’s rich, coming from someone on the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood Left.

    But we always knew that Leftists are hypocrites.

  • bg



    Democrats, the Rich Party


  • lynched1

    How is it that all of the worst stereotyping of the 60’s wound up in charge.
    I wouldn’t call it fact but I could see the millenials hating on the boomer generation once they are old enough to realize what was in place and what they are left to pay for.

  • bg


    Redwine #24

    re: [“baby-killing terrorists”]

    i’m positive Al knows all about it, as does Obama et al..


  • Old Dude

    Sharpton hasn’t any standing to call anyone else’s character into question.

  • a former dem

    I find this so hilarious because their language and reasoning is getting more and more extreme everyday, and they don’t realise how much that alienates normal independent non-idealgical people

  • Rock

    The only rich WTF and Democraps hate are those who contribute to the Republican Party, funny Al Sharpton, has no problem with Soros, GE and West Coast media deviants. Oh yea Al we did not miss the filthy riches Piglosi and her old man made while she was Speaker of the House. But hey disinformation is your stock and trade just like most progressives you raciest POS.

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  • Rock

    Beltway Progressive #14

    looks like some liberals may have armed themselves with the help of lax gun laws around the country.

    More likely they armed themselves to protect themselves from all the flash mobs across the nation that Holders people are so fond of, that or maybe they are participants looking to step up the violence. Regardless your Second Amendment hate exposes your agenda.

  • kato

    Race-pimp Sharpton should be made an honorary member of the Black Congressional Caucus.

  • Molon Labe

    Shouldn’t someone remind this black bigot about the people he killed in Harlem when he incited a riot.

  • donh

    I see extortion as a criminal using torture to extract money out of people. The Tea Party is trying to keep money from being taken away from innocent people. I guess when a prison guard puts a thief in jail so he cannot break into his neighbors house and take things that don’t belong to him, the prison guard is just a terrorist.

  • big L

    Looks like we the People are doing good with Sharpton frothing .Tho it was a shame to enable the re-election of you-know-who. How will ever get him to go. I think he is in for life. Obama is our Somoza, our Trujillo-in for 35 yrs…

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  • Mad Hatter

    With the racists Sharpton being on MSNBC, something tells me there was a payoff and backroom deal involving Comcast and Sharpton.

  • gus

    THIS IS A TAP IN. Friends, I have not read the story, I have not read ONE POST on this thread yet.

    This is so frackin’ simple.



    You all know the rest!!

  • LarryG

    Sharpton sounds like a deadly bacterium warning against penicillin.

  • Rose

    These Marxist Democrats are NOT fit for any kind of leadership roles, in ANY society on earth.. They are vile and evil.

  • gus

    The LIBTARD PARTY, is at it’s end. It may scortch the earth. But it is done.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Then later today Al Sharpton called the tea party a “monster” that will “destroy you.”

    If the Tea Party could actually destroy free-spending public officials, hell, I’d sign up.

    As in right now.

  • Callipygian1

    Any side the employs Al Sharpton has already lost. The man couldn’t win a debate with his mirror.

  • Rock

    #44 August 1, 2011 at 11:47 pm

    The man couldn’t win a debate with his mirror.


    And after losing call the mirror raciest. Its just how he rolls.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    You can gauge how well you are doing by the intensity with which the left freaks out over you. The Tea Party is winning.

    Fortunately for us, nobody trusts the MSM anymore so their criticisms have a boomerang effect. People are less likely to believe the Tea Party is evil because a source they do not trust told them it was.

  • Cracker Mike

    Murdering Al strikes again. You were in much more danger in Freddies Fashon Mart, where a Sharpton inspired race riot killed 4 people in a fire.

  • kingslayor

    Thats nice Al, spoken from the mouth of true muslim brotherhood member. You and nappy crap sack are disenchanted when your own tactics are used on you!!!! POWER TO THE ” Taxed Enough Already ” Party!!!!

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  • eaglewingz08

    Funny how democraps take such great umbrage when they are called baby killers for their militant pro abortion policies. But have no such qualms when republicans seek to prevent the meltdown of the US economy due to the democraps’ radical economically destructive policy.

  • Coasta

    Will forever be proud about standing with 1.5+ million of my fellow AMERICANS

  • Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

    @ #4 Beltway Progressive: BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • burt

    Fredrick Douglas never voted for the Party of Slavery, but then he had been a slave. Al Sharpton has never worked a day in his life so what would he know of slavery?

  • Trust me folks, for those of us who grew up with Reverend Al, this is a great compliment.
    He’s someone you want to see attack you. Because he’s flat out awful. Nothing new.

  • Ripped

    Funny only 112 Americans would have known any of this was said if it wasn’t for GP posting this. Do the 112 people that watch MSLSD even believe this crap?

  • Mama Grizzly

    It has been a well known fact that the only people the communists, mafia, criminal gangs in politics fear are the True Patriots and evangelical type True Christians. That is why they attack them in order to confuse people. Look what they did to Keyes and Palin, now Bachmann and Cain, and Romney.

    They know full well that those types are the only force who can stop them and overthrow their tyranny, why do you think they hide in so-called “churches”? ( like Wright’s place in Chicago) To avoid scrutiny–it’s a CHURCH after all. That’s how it works and they think they are very clever.

  • Maria

    Blah Blah Blah, that’s all I heard from good old Al.

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