Following Joe Biden’s Lead… Al Sharpton Calls the Tea Party a “Monster” That Will “Destroy You” (Video)

Today’s new tone rundown–
Vice President Joe Biden started out the day calling tea partiers terrorists.
Chris Matthews one upped the Vice President, calling the tea partiers baby-killing terrorists.
Then later today Al Sharpton called the tea party a “monster” that will “destroy you.”
MRCTV reported:

And yet these same radicals have the nerve to lecture conservatives on civil discourse.

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  • ruready?

    We are Americans that are going to destroy the monster of liberalism.

    When you throw a stick into a pack of hounds, the one that yelps is the one you hit.

  • Beltway Progressive

    First Comment! Yay!

    Baggers lose in House vote!

  • Old Dude

    And to think,not all that long ago they were calling the Tea Party insignificant rabble.

  • Beltway Progressive

    #1 RU READY said: “…are Americans … a pack of hounds [?] … [We should] yelp”

    Well, ruready, I disagree with you profoundly. Americans are not a pack of hounds, I resent your remarks.

  • tommy mc donnell

    more obama civility. boy that speech in arizona had such a great impact on political discourse. just ask o’reilly and hrauthammer.

  • Valerie

    That’s funny. So’s this: Putin says the US is a “parasite” on the global economy.

    That comes from Russia, the country that sent tanks rolling into it’s neighbors, and and demanded the fruits of all those satellite economies.

    We may be our idea of a mess right now, but the next time the wheat crop fails, we’ll rescue them, again.

  • ruready?

    #4, Quit your yelping.

  • Beltway Progressive

    Hi #6 Valerie, don’t be too smug..

    We’ll repay in wheat for access to their manned space program. We shovel the sh#t, they reach for the moon. Sounds like a deal. AMERICA FTW!

  • Beltway Progressive

    #7, ruready,

    I’m not going to sit by and listen to your anti-American insults. Take your trollosity elsewhere..

  • american patriot

    The new Giffords rule of civility are ONLY meant to handcuff us, not them.

    The left is evil to the core.

    We must continue on with our course.

    Only by taking both houses of Congress AND the White House will we have any sort of chance. Liberalism unfortunately will never be killed. The best we can do is contain it.

  • Mark Adams

    Beltway Progressive…. 2012 war on the Senate and the Whitehouse. Watch a learn.

  • toongoon

    Beltway obsessive must have been hit by the stick.

  • dallasdan

    Biden, Matthews and Sharpton make a living impersonating Larry, Curly and Mo. They are fools.

  • Beltway Progressive

    #10 american patriot,

    You’d like to kill liberals, or barring that, throw them in jail? Sounds like a plan.. Oh wait a minute, looks like some liberals may have armed themselves with the help of lax gun laws around the country.

    Maybe you’d just better stick to using dirty looks..

  • Major Kong

    Al Sharpton’s opinion actually being sought? Only in America, only in America…

  • http://deleted don abernathy

    Let’s ask Paul Krugman before we jump to any conclusions.


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  • bg
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  • pst314

    Is Al Sharpton working his way up to his next incitement to murder?