Farrakhan says the Fort Hood Muslim killer, who shot 14 soldiers dead, is not a terrorist.
The Blaze reported:

Hate in Harlem: Farrakhan in NYC Says Fort Hood Shooter Is Not a Terrorist Just a Good Muslim Who Was Driven Crazy By The Terrorist American Soldiers Who Rape Muslim Woman, Men & Families



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  1. Another who’s just the camel’s pajamas….so leave.

  2. and how much of this view is fostered by hollywood. when people can’t distinguish between fact or fiction. the idea that just because a movie/show isn’t based on a true incident doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to some people. when this is something they want to believe.
    brian de palma and mark cuban help contribute to the death of 2 military personnel in germany by a muslim who believed the movie “Redacted” portrayed a real event…..

  3. why don’t they arrest him for inciting hatred and violence?
    is it because he is black?
    is it because he is a muslim?
    is it because he is a black muslim?

    wake up America!

  4. Even treason is forgiven if the traitor is black.
    Blacks can do no harm.

  5. He is inciting violence against our soldiers. Deport him.

  6. Carefull Bill Michell will call you a racist for

    Pointing out the obvious. Yo Bill, check out the

    Prison population. Gee kinda lopsided. Fathers

    Are important, government has destroyed the

    Nuclear family. Blacks more so than whites.

    Government IS the problem.

    Powder is dry

  7. A stroll along the continuum of crap; farrakhan… rev wright…obozo. Quick stroll, wasn’t it?

  8. NEVER forget that his anti-white, black nationalist nation of islam organization played a major role in organizing the million man march back in the 1990s.

    Which should give you an idea of just how central racist, anti-white, black nationalist thought is to blacks in America.

  9. Always can count on Louie to keep it classy. Interesting contrast to the “evil” tea party.

  10. Farrahk an is not a religious leader. He’s money-grubbing fraud huckster. He’s a taker, a slime ball.

  11. Calypso Louie’s been visiting the “Mother Plane” again, I see……….

  12. when will Farrakhan be put out of his misery???? the guy is a total A$$ just like all lefties…

    yep better watch out people don’t call a spade a spade or billy mitchell will call you out for being racist…where is the rev pimp sharpton right now…

  13. I still remember the live TV appearance of the Martin Luther King children at a Martin Luther King memorial event in which Louis Farrakhan expected them to anoint him as the reincarnation fo their father, but they had hired a private investigator to put to bed all the glaring questions of their father’s assassination, and concluded he was the one who literally pulled the trigger. And one daughter stepped to the microphone and accused him of b eing her father’s murderer, in order to make him a martyr after he started pulling away from Farrakhan.

    Boy, they got those kids shut up muy PRONTO, I guarantee – but they had already been all over all the existing Christian TV stations at that time.
    I saw some of those interviews and they made and EXCELLENT CASE – just as did Medgar Evers Family before them!

    I hold with the Medgar Evers Family versions! They prolly don’t exist anymore.

    Farrakhan is a Terrorist and a murdering piece of “elevated” street gang low life!

  14. There are a lot of people who believe this fool. The same ones who voted for Obama because they heard that McCain would invade Russia if he was elected. No joke!

  15. FARRAKHAN is an example of a racist, radical, muslim, problem!!! A smoking hole in his forehead is the solution!!!

  16. It is true that some strains of STDs actually affect the brain and make people go crazy. .

    Clap for Farrakhan. . .

  17. May he go to the bowels of the Earth which he belongs and SOON!

    He is kind of getting over weight maybe the moose should feed him some peas.

  18. farrakhan endorsed obama during 2008 primaries; it took obama a LOT of pressure to reject his endorsement.

  19. “Louie, Louie. Oh, no. He gotta go!”

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