BIG FAIL – Unions & Far Left Burn Over $10 Million in Wisconsin Recall Efforts But Come Up Short

This Is What Democracy Looks Like–
Unions spent millions in Wisconsin and fell short picking up only two senate seats in last night’s election.
The Wisconsin senate remains in Republican hands.

We Are Wisconsin, a left leaning union group, spent $10 million on the recall elections but fell short.
The Christian Post reported:

The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, a nonpartisan group that tracks campaign spending in the state, is reporting that total spending in the recall election reached $33 million with dollars from outside the state accounting for approximately $28 million of the total. By the time all spending is accounted for the total amount could reach $40 million.

Michael Buelow, Research Director for The Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, compared spending in Tuesday’s vote to recent elections.

“In the 2010 election cycle, 99 state house members and 17 senators were on the ballot. Total spending by candidates and all outside groups for the 116 races totaled a little more than $17 million,” Buelow told The Christian Post. “Spending by outside groups and candidates will more than double what was spent in 2010 and will hold the record for total spending any election to day.”

To put the spending into perspective, that averages over $6.5 million per election – for a state legislative seat.

“We’re seeing groups on the left and on the right spending about the same,” Buelow added.

We Are Wisconsin, a left leaning union group and right-leaning Club for Growth Wisconsin, will spend approximately $10 million each.

In one day alone the teacher’s union spent nearly half a million dollars on radio ads against Republicans.

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  • JDStone

    WooooooooHoooo!! Yeah this really made my morning!!If we can take one of the two elections next week that will be icing on the cake.Congratulations Wisconsin!liberalism is in it’s last gasp!

  • Militant Conservative

    This is the future of unions AND the Democrat party.

    This is America winning and socialism failing.

    Powder is dry

  • baseballguy

    Bet the MSM won’t report it that way. It will be something along the lines of “in a rejection by the public the repubs lost 3 seats in a recall last might”. This is a given. No mention of money spent. The initial success of the most recent budget. And ohh yeah, plenty of public union member quotes. If they lose a seat next week…crickets. Using this style as my ex always has, they can say they weren’t lying, just stating the (selective) facts. You know the rest of the story which never sees the light of day which makes the conclusion something completely different from the report.

  • Bill Mitchell

    They have the media. They have everyone on the government dole. They are willing to say or do anything. They even have dead people voting for them.


    I have no idea how next week looks. Do we have any chance of winning those?


    Stick a fork in them….they’re done!!! (oooops…didn’t mean to be non-civil)

  • indccc

    Even though they won 2 of the 6 races, this was a big loss for the Unions/Dems. The 2 that lost were in tough spots for conservatives in the best of times. However, in District 10, the WEAC/NEA’s hand picked candidate, Shelly Moore, lost by over 16% to Incumbent Sheila Harsdorf. No matter how the Unions spin it, that’s gotta hurt!

  • Militant Conservative


    Duh, he’ll yes we’ll win. The left is VERY vocal and

    High visibility. WE however ARE the real America.

    Watch super majorities in both the house and senate

    In 2012. I’m hear to tell you, America is awake and

    Does not wish to join the rest of the world in the

    Global depression.

    Powder is dry.

  • Sickofobama


    The “teachers” in Wisconsin better not bitch about not having any money because they gave it away to politicians to squander.

    God I love waking up to stories like this.

    Teachers aren’t all the same and it’s time people start recognizing that. Too many teachers are giving future leaders of America koolaid and it’s time for parents to start getting their kids out of institutions for lower learning.

  • JoeAstroturf

    I’m a cheap skate but that was $100 of mine well spent. Unions won’t make me a slave. If I gave I’m sure a lot more of us did.

  • Joe College

    Dems may franken the vote…
    Wisconsin Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate accused Republicans of “tampering with the results of a consequential election” and said that a “dark cloud hangs over these important results.” He promised an investigation…

    Or they may not…
    “Wisconsin Democrats are backing off charges of vote-tampering in the 8th Senate District recall, less than 1-1/2 hours after they leveled those accusations.”

    Depends on whether they are willing to risk further pissing off the electorate.

  • Jerry Kimbro

    In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz: HA HA!

  • Ella

    Heard WI unions are collecting 30% less in dues now that dues payments are not automatic anymore. Awwwwwwwwwww.

  • gorgo

    Just to see psychotic delusions in action, it’s worth seeing the comments over at Daily Koz. The IEP children over there are convincing themselves it’s a win-win no matter what happened. ONE commenter said it was not and, if they persist in recalls, libs are going to piss off all voters more and more (very sensible, and true). She was roundly ignored by all but one, who basically replied to her with “nyah-nyah.”

    Wisconsin now gives me a bit of refreshed hope. But if Koz truly represents modern, active liberalism, then we cannot give up and we cannot afford not to see these psychotics for what they are. The future of the Republic – already in doubt – depends on it.

  • Gary

    sorry, I don’t have all the info here.
    Is next week the recall election for the legislators that went into hiding?

    I remember when all this happened, the first talk of recall was over these people. But today it was over Republicans? A little lost here.

  • Gary

    that’s sure to decline.
    I think a lot of libs are going to pay the dues for a while just to spite the Right. But in the long term, their self-interests will win out and they’ll quit paying too.

  • Sickofobama


    Not being in Wisconsin I want to know the same thing?

  • mg4us

    Awesome news. . now let’s try to defeat one of the two Dems next week. .hope Republicans and the Conservative Right have a solid candidate. . .

    In the next few days remind voters (and teachers alike) how the teacher union pissed away significant amount of money which could have been used to help better their members and the students who are their pupils too. . .

    Imaging if that money was used for “continuing Education” of teachers, how to help students do better in math and science where the US lags? would have been an awesome use of the funds and a win for the state. . only one who won now were the TV and Radio stations that played the political messages. .. hard-earned money thrown to the wind!

    So next week, remind voters to VOTE Right (Republican, Conservative) to Restore Wisconsin so the state is not “Left” behind!

  • http://gatewaypundit Cutlers bad knee

    Being from Wisconsin I woke up to a beautiful day…

    Dems and Libs and you dumb@$$ public union POS this middle finger salute is for you , I hope your holier than thou union takes the 33 million dollars they wasted on this election straight out of your checks HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……..

    Now everyone get out and vote the fleabagging scum Wirsch and Holiperin out next week…


  • tarpon

    The lamestream media is gasping their last …

  • squeaky

    $10 million spent on an election? next they’ll be demonstrating for stimulus funding to keep the “very best” teachers from being layed off. and as we all remember the NEA pledge of atleast 60 million to the re-election of obama.