Everyone Must Sacrifice… Michelle Obama Spent $10 Million in Taxpayer Money on Vacations This Year

The economy may have had its first downgrade.
But not the Obamas.

In January 2009, before the president signed his failed $787 billion stimulus bill into law, Barack Obama lectured America saying,

“Everyone must sacrifice for the greater good… Everyone must have some skin in the game.”

Everyone but Barack and Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama is accused of spending $10 million on vacations this year.
The Daily Mail reported, via Free Republic:

The Obamas’ summer break in Martha’s Vineyard has already been branded a PR disaster after the couple arrived four hours apart on separate government jets.

But according to new reports, this is the least of their extravagances.
White House sources today claimed that the First Lady has spent $10million of U.S. taxpayers’ money on vacations alone in the past year.

Branding her ‘disgusting’ and ‘a vacation junkie’, they say the 47-year-old mother-of-two has been indulging in five-star hotels, where she splashes out on expensive massages and alcohol.

The ‘top source’ told the National Enquirer: ‘It’s disgusting. Michelle is taking advantage of her privileged position while the most hardworking Americans can barely afford a week or two off work.

Branding her ‘disgusting’ and ‘a vacation junkie’, they say the 47-year-old mother-of-two has been indulging in five-star hotels, where she splashes out on expensive massages and alcohol.

The ‘top source’ told the National Enquirer: ‘It’s disgusting. Michelle is taking advantage of her privileged position while the most hardworking Americans can barely afford a week or two off work.

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  • P. Aaron

    The cake ain’t so tasty out here either.

  • Texmom

    I don’t begrudge them some “down” time, but it is shameful to act like royalty and jet set on taxpayer money, especially in these times. I truly don’t know how they can do it and look in the mirror.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Message to the “52%”: You voted for this, so enjoy it.

    Extra brownie points for you if you’re one of those 52% and you are out of work.

  • bg


    Michelle Obama ‘ALONE’ Spent $10 Million
    in Taxpayer Money on Vacations This Year

    there, fixed it for ya.. 😉


  • Wm T Sherman

    Edit out the two repeated paragraphs.

  • DINORightMarie

    This, of course, is no surprise. Anyone who has been paying attention knows this is true, and it’s nice to know someone is keeping track of the ca$h we taxpayers are forced to cough up to pay for her joy ride.

    I find it ironic that the UK Daily Mail reported on this. When I made a comment on one of their “Ooooooh, Ahhhhhh, Michelle O is soooooo wonderful!” articles, making virtually these same points, I WAS BANNED from commenting.

    Double standard MSM strikes again. Or, perhaps, they took my comment and used it as a “tip” to get more details, since this article reflects what I was saying to a T. 😉

  • rbosque

    Looks like the Obamas are eating some REALLY expensive peas.

  • spike

    Loading up on the freebies while she can.They both know their days are numbered.She’s not known as Moochell for nothing, Better check the silver as they move out of The people’s house and call the exterminators to have the place fumigated,to get rid of the stench!

  • metalhead

    To use Demo Math, she could have spent $20 MM, so she really saved $10 MM! Quit your complaining. She’s helping to reduce the deficit.

  • Spartan

    Hang on guys,,,,,they are ‘leading’ by example of proof positive that government can indeed work for you. /sarc

  • MAJ Mike


  • Wm T Sherman

    In terms of the Federal budget, of course, $10 million is a drop in the bucket. It’s just about the symbolism, that’s all. Mere appearances. The vile, reprehensible, political-career-destroying mere appearance.

    This cow also lectures us on eating healthy carrot and celery rabbit food and then chows down on giant spreads of fatty barbecue meat. Real class.

    Speaking of real class, has anyone seen the inside of Airforce One lately? I was wondering if had been re-carpeted with orange shag, and had the control stick replaced with one of those steering wheels made from chrome plated welded chain. And I’m not sure the spinning-rim hubcaps on the landing gear are FDA compliant.

  • Patty

    Both are taking advantage of their positions. We all know and feel deeply about this. But because of the national crisis we have, it seems criticism comes easier.

    The 787 billion in stimulus failure will run and run in ads the closer we get to election day.

    It seems whatever Michelle wants she is getting faster than I thought. Her Obesity plan has definitely hit the fast food industry. She has done things in secret, surely, that we may be unaware of.

    And when they vacation and eat fattening foods they look very hypocritical. They are enjoy their status no matter who objects and nothing and no one will bother them.

    They tell Americans what they should do and then they do the opposite, it seems to some of us.

    They are living the high life and it looks Hypocritical to America. We have to sacrifice because they reign supreme.

    THIS IS WHY AMERICA IS REALLY POed. So, many other things we could mention but seeing is believing and no matter how they try to hide, they both are HYPOCRITES.

  • vityas

    She’s sticking it to us because she hates us. “America is a downright mean country.”
    Her mindset is that Black people have been put upon for centuries and now the entire country has to pay. It’s not that everyone who comes to America has a greater chance at freedom and prosperity. No. What about the …oh never mind. She’s a vile, venal person and for the rest of her life will be cashing in on this time she spent as first most unladylike lady who ever dis-graced the White House.

    This is part of the country’s lesson. I hope we learn it or we turn into Zimbabwe.

  • daryl

    Expensive massages? Hell, wouldn’t you charge quadruple too if you had to grab multiple handsful of those gluteus maximus and kneed them into shape? mmm,mmm,mmm

  • pink tie Republican

    Consider it reparations, crackers.

  • RL

    Rendering the term, “empty suit” less germane – but raising the question, suit(s) full of what?

  • Jeff

    Now how many Millionaires did they have to tax for that? Oh, you mean that is just from peasant taxes? I see. So it would be a lot more if we actually taxed the rich even more??? Got it! Do we practice our genuflecting now?

  • succotash

    You would think she’d have a big smile plastered on that mug 24/7 considering all of the spending she’s done since ’09 but she always looks like the biggest lemon sucking grifter I have ever seen. She and those girls always look like they are in misery. Hmmmm. They just don’t appear as a real happy family.IMO.

  • RedBeard

    Maybe $10,000,000.00 is what it takes to keep her “proud of her country,” now that the pride from Hubby getting the nomination has worn itself out. She has stated that she hates being First Lady, so………..

  • thomas

    WOW, and the year isnt over yet, Wonder what the bill was last year and the year before.?

  • Bunni

    Freaking ghetto ho grifter, and her race bating beard! How on earth was America SO STUPID to get duped by these two? If it happens again, we are truly screwed. At this rate, we’ll be lucky to survive thru the end of the year.

  • Patty

    These are much different times. And it is inexcusable for a First Lady to spend taxpayers money on Vacations during such dire times in America’s History.

    There should be a law. But more importantly the two in the White House have no common sense.

    We have seen Pelosi and we must sign then read. Her agreement with Water’s and the tea party are racists.

    The red hat cowgirl representative calling America racist.

    Seems that no one taught them common sense and respect for their jobs.

  • mike191

    Princeton degree based on fantasy and quotas. Made-up director executive in Chicago,350,000 per year which has been abolished.Today, the apex of her resume, jet set vactioneer on the publics dime.This is “hope and change” in a nutshell.

    To all of those who voted for this disaster,please read and re-read post 3.

  • Mikey

    I hate Mooch almost as much as 0bama.

  • chewydog

    Sure wish I had a link to the actual numbers. “White house sources” and “the top source” aren’t going to cut it when arguing with a libtard, or anyone for that matter.

  • thescribbler

    My last vacation was……six years ago. I’ll blame Bush.

  • Wm T Sherman

    Bunni, Michelle is not from any ghetto. She’s from a comfortable middle-class background. And she benefitted from affirmitive action (Princeton). And in Chicago was given a made-up do-nothing job on a silver platter ($300K diversity coordinator). Which of course makes her lemon-sucking sour victim attitude even harder to understand.

    Maybe she thinks whitey gave her a second rate intellect and a giant behind. Nobody consulted me about that, I can assure you. If they had, I certainly would have been on board with her getting better a quality brain and butt.

  • donh

    The black people are OWED the most grotesque indulgances because of SLAVERY !!!! But as Maxine Waters said…her people are getting TIRED of waiting. Michelle Obama was supposed to host one of those Opra Winfry give away shows and hand out all of whitey’s money to the sistahs in the hood, but she’s been keeping it all to herself and closest friends.

  • TXPatriot

    A week or TWO?! We took one day off for vacation this year. It was a Saturday. We drove two hours away, played at a big sports complex all day and came back home. The whole thing cost about $300 with gas.

  • Andreas K.

    You know, I’m not surprised at all that the modern aristocracy wastes money on such nonsense.

    The more interestesting question for me is: Why is Michelle always going on vacation alone? Why is Barry never with her?

  • Red.dress.lady2

    It is not about race. I could care less if they were green as long as they do the right thing…It is awful, of the awful first lady to spend at taxpayers expense on such things at a time like this in our great country…They do not care…How many people could have had food with 10 million dollars, how many shelters for homeless people could have been opened or funded…Just asking….Vote Vote Vote oh yes and they will blame it on GWB some how…

  • Patty

    If Obama went with her guess what both sides would say. Not sure of exact number of vacations but there would be more talk on the left for sure.

  • DomesticGoddess

    This should eliminate all future “white guilt.” I hope this source writes a book about these evil people and exposes everything.

  • First of all… so much racism in the comments. Holy crap.

    Second… I am a liberal and I agree that the has spent too much. I don’t think it’s a top priority to analyze her spending habits when there are much more important issues at hand, but this is wrong.

  • RedBeard

    Michelle “Marie Antoinette” Obama seems to be doing quite well by this “downright mean” country of hers.

    As for me, no vacation this year. The only vacation time I took last year was two long weekends, maybe 4 days off altogether. You see, I work 60 hour weeks, trying to keep a business afloat in this crappy Obameconomy, and I have neither the time nor the funds to jet around the world for weeks and weeks. I guess one could say that I have “some skin in the game.” But still no thank you card from Barack.

    The Obamas are a disgusting pair of blood-sucking parasites who have spent their entire lives on gravy trains provided by others. They have contributed NOTHING but hot air.

    These two, in their own way, make the guests on the Jerry Springer Show look good by comparison.

  • Patty

    When Obama speaks of Sacrifice, it must mean something different in the Church of Wright.

    Possibly, the word meant, nothing or never spoken, if at all, incorrectly in the Church.

  • donh

    Reggie Love…. Andreas K…Reggie Love…you never see this look between Michelle and Barak’s eyes… http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_x2wjz_WMltk/SDF5uHRGYXI/AAAAAAAAAiY/gNArZ-xUlRE/s320/Duke+Reggie+Love+with+Obama.jpg

  • Rock

    Any truth to the rumor that when Michelle is on the move her mode of transportation call sigh is Mooching One?

  • Patty
  • Patty

    What sacrifice have these two made? Anyone! Anyone? That is what galls us.

  • waicool

    wifey gets her way, paybacks are a biatch

  • Rock

    When WTF is finally out of office he is so scr#@$ (or not depending your take), Big One is going to be truly PO when the gravy train stops.

  • kilroy64

    There’s a better term for how she acts but I’ll settle for nouveau riche for now. You would think that blowing that kind of $$ flying her ever-expanding butt around the world would wipe that constipated persian cat expression off her surgically “enhanced” face. When this pair of self-indulgent frauds are finally gone it’ll be a fine, fine day.

  • Patty

    And any comments on racism have come from the representatives in Washington on the left.

    Mention once when the right has made such ignorant and inappropriate comments of late.

    Again, Sick of being called a racists and these leader when ever and either party need to Apology on the Floor of the House.

    Enough is Enough.

  • USMC Thomas

    Those two have left a stench in the WH that eclipses the clintons.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    Barry and Moochelle are “black” White-Trash.

  • SacTownMan

    Damn white man, always trying to keep the black man down! LOL!!

  • Patty

    Off topic.

    The only thing that some democrat leader, and use the word loosely, have is the Race card.

    I was sick of it in 08 and sick of it even more, now. White or Black we need to call or write the representatives and tell them we want it to STOP. I have to imagine that America is sick of this and when I hear a person on the left saying the right does it, I want to ask when and why they are lying about the Tea Party.

    I don’t want another election to be the same old same old hate and it is continuing.

    I want a president with experience and no matter the color who will turn this horse around and actually do the work we vote him or her in for.

    Protect and serve us all but without infringing more mandates and demands that have nothing to do with freedom to live our lives with less government.

    We know in our heart of hearts that Obama has not played far. Expensive projects that have done nothing, more regulations that are so far fetched.

    Regulations in appropriate form are great but when they literally kill jobs, seriously make me wonder what is Obama doing. The more he does for his factions on the left, the more he hurts our ability to create real jobs.

    Now, this spending on vacations is beyond comprehension and this is exactly why he and she need to go.

  • #35 August 24, 2011 at 1:37 pm
    Sonoran Supposition commented:
    First of all… so much racism in the comments. Holy crap.

    Second… I am a liberal and I agree that the has spent too much. I don’t think it’s a top priority to analyze her spending habits when there are much more important issues at hand, but this is wrong.

    Not really. DO you think George Bush and Laura used up that much money of the budget line items for Presidential entertainment expenses or First Lady expenses?

    Nope. Barack and Michelle between their lavish, truly lavish parties and extended family group travel packages (Her relatives) have blown the White House budget past Pluto.
    1) the budget for entertainment is meant expressly for OFFICIAL representation in furthering US gov’t representational DUTIES.

    Not even giving visiting ally PM Netanyahu a bottle of water as Obama stomred out on him but:
    Cooking up “Lifetime Achievement Awards” to stick the taxpayer with private concerts by Paul McCartney to name ONE of MANY is NOT Official Business 2) With the budget line item for enterainment and first family expenses at the Bush peanut butter sandwich level for 8 years, that means the Obamas blew the entire annual budget within weeks, and have had to find the money ELSEWHERE to pay the bills.

    That means other government agencies are certainly being hit up to PAY for ALL these parties, travel, $100 a lb steaks, $4000 a bottle wine … and they can’t write “Obama’s wine” on it and the costs are so high they can’t just put “MISC” so they are told to cover up the source of the bills.

    This isn’t chicken feed, $10 million is huge, and doesn’t even represent the total costs of their gluttony and personal indulgences. Then they have the nerve to snarl that the Pentagon is “wasteful” and needs to be “cut.” $10 million buys A LOT of soldier supplies and gear but Michelle used it up on herself.

    SInce it’s the Enquirer, it’s probably a HIllary hit piece. Hillary, the AWOL Sec State who has been on a global red eye flight since forever. Out of sight, out of answering questions range.

    Quite willing to let those two camps – Obama-CLinton eat each other.

  • retired military

    Obama has set back the cause of African Americans at least 20 years by himself.

  • Lady M can only be accused of spending $10 million in taxpayer money this year if you round up from the $9.78 million actual expenses so far AND ignore the fact that it is not coming out of tax revenues (Her travel stash was included in the recent debt ceiling increase and is borrowed from the Chinese)!


  • Patty

    U.S. has been downgraded but their vacationing hasn’t. Doesn’t that speak volumes just to how much we need to retire Obama and Michelle.

  • Patty

    Chinese ridicule our spending. Wish they would respond to this.

  • Rock

    retired military,

    I would say more in the neighborhood 50 years, but does it really matter at this point he has achieved his goal of dividing America. The last time I heard rhetoric like this it was between KKK and the Black Panthers, now its across the spectrum to include those in Congress.

  • Patty

    I think the facts do speak for themselves. PROBLEM! and I just can’t wait to vote the opposite of this again.

    Hope this sticks the next time around. That is the only option left for us. Never wanted this guy in the first place and sorry we have wasted 4 years. Now, we must stop wasting time and money and 12 cannot come soon enough.

  • Stuffy

    Oh my goodness, Imelda Marcos wannabee.

  • Black Sabbath

    You want to know where that money is going? To pay for all her maidens-in-waiting who accompany her everywhere she goes. And she has over 40.

  • George

    “For the first time in my adult life I’m proud of my country” Moochell Obummer
    She must be really proud of her country now.

  • Come on folks. Calm down. It only cost US ~$ 50,000 per pound to fly her there.

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  • Chris in N.Va.

    Just wondering how pigmentation quotient figures into who exactly is required to have sacrificial skin in the game……

  • chewydog

    #35 August 24, 2011 at 1:37 pm
    Sonoran Supposition commented:

    First of all… so much racism in the comments. Holy crap.

    Second… I am a liberal and I agree that the has spent too much. I don’t think it’s a top priority to analyze her spending habits when there are much more important issues at hand, but this is wrong.

    Ha Ha. Her spending habits? Sonoran Supposition thinks Michelle is spending her own money. It’s our money you libtard, not to mention the arrogance.

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  • Taqiyyotomist

    Two words:

    Brewster’s Millions

    This genius Richard Pryor film is the TEMPLATE for the Obamas.

    Spend all the money, WITH NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT, and you WIN.

    The entire Obama administration is “Operation: Break America”.

  • Mannie

    Shut up and eat your cake!

  • cal rifkin

    I 110 % guaran-damn-tee ya she/they were told by many to spend as lavishly and exhorbitantly as possible… to absolutely go “over the top ” for some ‘getting back at the man’ reason. There’s no other explanation for behaviour opposite from what everyday common sense tells a person.

  • John H Dorge

    Anonymous sources in the National Enquirer. Well done, Jim. Good to see that “credibility” isn’t a top priority.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #68 Troll

    …Well done, Jim…

    Jim Hoft writes articles for the UK Daily Mail now?

    WOW! Who knew?

    John, there are many, many good sources for the information contained in that Daily Mail article. (Did you read the whole article, or just Jim’s excerpt?)

    We’ve known about Michelle and Barack’s almost unimaginable extravagance since the first month he was in office.

  • Drew Lowell

    67 comments on this ridiculous story before someone correctly points out that the only source is some unnamed “top source” in the National Enquirer? Good grief, what a credulous bunch you are.

  • Molon Labe

    The Obamas act like crack dealers using a credit card they have scammed.

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  • lol

    flotus tells american kids not to eat junk, but i guess drinking unlimited top shelf vodka is fine. 2012 can’t get here soon enough.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Drew Lowell is John H Dorge is Every Other Troll.

    Same M.O. (Marching Orders)

    Or, should I say M.M. M.O.?

    (Hello! I see you!)

  • Instead of WHINING and COMPLAINING about what the Obama’s do , why not also post a story of all the perks for Congress , Supreme Court , the President’s Administration . and other VIPs in government get at taxpayers expense ???!!!

  • Taqiyyotomist


    Instead of WHINING and COMPLAINING about what Jim Hoft does, why not also
    post a BLOG OF YOUR OWN???!!!

    Just sayin’.

  • tommy mc donnell

    the way michelle obama like to enjoy herself with other people’s money, she would be a perfect fit to work for the republican national committee.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    Both fat cats…their marriage is fake…ask Larry Sinclair! Spend, spend, I’ve never seen people take so many vacations and travel all over the world on our taxes! Eat, eat, party party..then he is such a bopper and that lisp!!! Geez….

  • kadacozarh

    I do not understand why the tax payers are paying for their vacations at all. No other employer pays for their employee’s vacations. If WE want a vacation we have to come up with the money on our own which in our case we haven’t been able to do it for 10 years!

    Is this common? Have we always paid for presidents vacations?

  • Francesca

    The why of it is totally simple. The Obamas have no class.

  • Francesca

    #16. Reparations.

    Exactly so.

  • Ron

    Is anyone suprized by this new revelation? This is how truly classless people act. This is the way trashy people act when they hit the lottery, spend,spend and spend because they have no concept of how money works. When Obama loses in 2012 and he and Michelle burn thru their $14 million + worth in a year or two she’ll get her comeupence. karma is a mean, vindictive and spiteful b!+ch. We all know that these two can’t make it in the real economy. He might get a little bit of coin from the guest speaker circuit but everybody already knows he’s just pure bullsh!+ and that won’t last too long. So live it Mrs. Obama. See you out the door in 2012.

  • The cost add up when you take your mother and neices and other family members with you plus friends. America are beeing srewed big time with these freeloaders, don’t believe for a moment that family and friends payed their own way their big trip to Spain.

  • John H Dorge


    Clearly Jim didn’t write the piece – but at the same time, he’s choosing what to put on his site. And at the top of the page you’ll notice it says “Posted by Jim Hoft.” If he posts nonsense here, I think it’s well within reason to hold him responsible for it. And he’s a big boy – you probably don’t need to cover for him.

    And to answer your question – yes, I did read the article. Since you refer to the “many, many good sources” I’m assuming you haven’t.

  • decentAmerican

    I tell ya, the thought of these hoarders and frauds in the historical whitehouse taking advantage of the American people, plus messing up the place with their nastiness makes me cringe.

    When they finally move out in January 2012, would someone please escort them to the door, just to make sure they don’t steal anything?

  • Metaphor

    I think we have an example here such that during Halloween each year most children will come to your door, take one piece of candy from your candy bowl, say thank you and leave. Every now and then you have this child that comes to your door, grabs two handfuls of candy, doesn’t say thank you and leaves.

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  • CommieJuice

    The Great One called them everything else in the book except what they really are… as #13 Patty pointed out, HYPOCRITES!

    Keep that fire in your belly and remember the stories like this and tell your friends and family. A lot of them don’t know things like this because the so-called media intentionally leaves it out. I’m sure everyone who is working hard or hardly working, but can’t afford a single vacation would like to know the (so far in 2011, still have 4 whole months left) 42 days of tax funded, lavish 5-Star vacation for her and her staff of 20+ people all making a LOT more money than the average tax payer. Even people who aren’t political would be interested in the 10+ million per year in vacations for Moochelle! Spread the word, its a great conversation piece.

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  • charlotte

    They are low class dreck and what can you expect from trailer trash let loos with access to unlimited money?

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  • Iconoclast

    Seabiscuit & her jockey are entitlement whores feeding at the trough of affirmative action. On a level playing field, he’d be fixing vacuum cleaners and she’d be a special ed aide while Herman Cain, Alan West or some other American patriot of black ancestry would be enshrined as “the first black President.” Actually, this remains true because Ø is naught but a highly-placed welfare case.

  • Deborah

    People who do not care about what they do and how it affects others, people who do not take responsibility for their actions, and people who lie are called sociopaths.
    I think everyone is being too kind to these two grifters.

  • Entitlement junkies exist at all levels. This is what happens when entitlement addiction hits someone with access to endless ways to feed that addiction. Just like a heroin addict who has hit the mother-lode, Michelle spends ever more of our hard earned dollars…

  • One Against the Derp

    Do you people actually source your articles? You’re using the NATIONAL ENQUIRER as a legitimate source? Seriously?


    Micheelle and O are the classic black trash family.He tells us to eat our peas;then he will take yet another vacation on the entitlements he loves.Only good thing is to see michelle getting fatter by the day and looking like oprah’s hips are taking over.That angry look that she works 24/7 sums up the way WE FEEL ABOUT B AND michelle.Couldn’t they ever do anything with class and morals?Just send them a big bucket of kfc,some colt45 and collard greens and they wouldnt step out of their zone or zipcode and it would not cost us so much money…….maybe former mayor marion barry can join this clan.pot meet kettle

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  • Jenn Guyer

    Let’s get to the actual effects of the Obamas abusively wasting that $10 million in punitively extracted moneys from struggling American taxpayers:


    Tax problems loom for many affected by the Recession

    “As the recession continues, More Americans owe and cannot pay the IRS
    Many believe the longest economic downturn since the Great Depression is over. However, for the unemployed and those who had to sustain by taking on debt, it seems like the recession never ends. It appears Congress may extend long term unemployment benefits that will help more than 2 million Americans whose benefits were due to expire this month. But, absent on the mind of Congress are any tax breaks for the unemployed in 2010 as well as any other significant tax relief for Americans affected by the recession. This is in contrast to 2009, when Congress provided some tax relief to the unemployed.

    “How does this impact taxpayers and the US Treasury? Since the recession, tax problems, specifically tax debtors, have been on the rise. More Americans are pursued by the IRS for unpaid tax debt. In fact, federal tax liens for the largest unpaid liabilities are up 41% in the past two years. The recession has created many of these tax problems because the tax laws are not gentle to those who are down on their luck. As a result, many in financial distress have created unintended tax problems for themselves. In many instances, these tax problems will manifest itself in the form of “balance due” letters from the IRS that cannot be paid.

    “. . . The current unemployment rate in the United States remains high at 9.8%. In fact, it has remained over 9% since May, 2009. There are currently 6.3 million individuals who are long-term unemployment, i.e. over 27 weeks without work. Currently, there are about 8.5 million Americans collecting unemployment benefits. In 2008, the IRS saw a 48.5% increase in the amount of unemployment reported on tax returns. With higher unemployment in 2009, the amount will only increase. These benefits are taxable.

    “Many Americans are strapped with credit card and mortgage debt that they cannot pay due to unemployment. The Center for Responsible Lending reports that 2.5 million have already lost their homes to foreclosure and there are 5.7 million more homeowners who are currently at-risk for foreclosure. Homeowners in Nevada, Arizona, California and Florida will feel the cancellation of debt affects from home foreclosures the most. The debt cancelled may be all or partially taxable, especially if it is credit card debt or a refinanced mortgage.”

    It is a destitute and struggling population from whom the Obamas so cavilierly steal. This is tax extracted from the already meagre unemployment benefits of family providers who have lost their jobs. This is tax on the cancellation of debt for poor people desperately struggling to survive. Americans are losing their homes due to the relentless IRS extraction of their last few dollars, only to have the proceeds of their suffering thrown away on the self-centered indulgences of the president’s wife.

    It isn’t enough JUST for the Obamas to leave the White House. They need to repay the U.S. Treasury the $10 million or suffer the legal consequences, just like the folks the IRS persecutes and prosecutes for a few hundred dollars.

  • Deborah

    Judicial Watch is now suing WH for not responding to request for information on the cost of Michele’s African safari trip. I get the impression that 10 mil is a low ball estimate on what this wookie is really spending.
    And why does the WH refuse to respond to request for information, when we have a legal right to know how our tax dollars are being spent?
    This is the most corrupt administration in our history.

  • J.D.

    My first reaction: Who does she think she is? The queen of America?

    Next, I want to know exactly how this happens. How does tax payers money become available for her to spend on vodka and hotel rooms, etc? Does she have a credit card that directly links to tax payer money? Does she write a check? How are the funds made available to her?

    I want to know. Don’t you?

  • bg


    J.D. #102 August 26, 2011 at 9:14 am

    oh, she’s certainly not alone..

    just a wee sample of much more:

    via CAGW

    The Many Perks of Congressional Employment

    [Supposedly in Denmark to attend the Copenhagen Climate Summit, multiple members of Congress have been criticized for treating the trip as a personal vacation. The trip included seven Republicans and 15 Democrats, most notably House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.).]

    to quote Obama, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet..


  • bg


    re: #103 August 26, 2011 at 10:12 am bg

    Chinese Professor


  • dknaup

    Beside the fact that our president is totally incompetent, the two Obamas are, without a doubt, the laziest couple to ever recide in the White House. Facts are facts, folks. Election 2012 cannot come soon enough!

  • Why can’t something be done??? These people need to be thrown ot of the white house before they bankrupt us just for their own pleasures!!!!!!!! This is obserd!!!! I personally think that they have decided that the white man is going to pay dearly for the slavery of blacks many years. And I really don’t mean that in a racist way, I’m saying they have a holier than thou attitude, and always have. Remember Mrs. Odumbo’s comment when he won, something like I’ve never been proud of this country until now. Kinda says it all and I think she decided that now that were in, those white’s are gonna pay dearly and I’m gonna get all I can get while the gettin is good. GET RID OF THOSE GREEDY INCONSIDERATE INGRATES NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Can you believe people still defend these selfish ingrates and will continue to support them and vote for him again. Those are the people I hope lose everything they have, and end up on the streets, because they don’t see what’s going on, and won’t believe what’s going on, even when the facts are there and it hits them right in the face!!!!! Those are the people who have no right to complain, because they stand by two of the most selfish, greedy and self centered people on the planet. So for those who support them, I truly hope you have to do without for many years to come, because your votes have cost our country dearly for complete and utter waste. And don’t even talk about any jobs he may have created, that stimulous package to create jobs>>>It has cost us $278,000 PER JOB. Now I can’t think of any job that was worth $278,000 to create. They might just as well have handed that money out to some of us, because many of those jobs don’t even exist anymore. That solor panel place where Odumbo visited, I think it was in Pennsylvania, where stimulous money went, well, they have already gone bankrupt, and moved to China now. There went 800 of those jobs right there. How’s that worken for ya????

  • I also read an article that said when Mrs. Odumbo took her vacation to Spain, we, the government borrowed $1,000,000 (yes, a million dollars) borrowed so that trip could happen, and also in case you didn’t know, she took 40 of her personal friends with her on that trip, and we paid for them to all stay in a $2,500 per night 5 star hotel!!! Woulden’t you like to be Mrs. Odumbo’s friend? Another one of her trips, she took her mother, her girls (I can see that) but she also took 2 of her cousins . And on another trip, she took 2 of her brothers kids with her. All taxpayer expense!! And here’s a good one for you. On another of their vacations, Mrs. Odumbo flew out early, and then the president left, and then they had their dog flown in on a seperate jet!!!! Imagine that, we get to pay to fly their dog all alone on a jet that costs around $12,000 an hour to fly. What a deal!!

  • CynthiaMM

    This first lady really acts like she is an American Royal. I can’t wait to see she leaves the white house.

  • CynthiaMM

    Why CNN is not reporting this??

  • CynthiaMM

    President Obama wants to cut Federal employees to cut federal spending, but his wife’s yearly vacation costs could save 100-200 Federal employee’s job, who need the job to support their family. Why Mrs. Obama not spend her own money on all her vacations? She is rich.

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  • mary lee

    we really can’t wait the selfish blood-sucker Obamas out of the White House. “Change we can believe”?????????? look at America today! so many people live in poverty. the country is becoming worse and worse, the nation is in pain! but the Obamas are REALLY enjoying our money. This kind of president should be impeached!!!!!

  • Troy Hendricksomn

    when this nation lies in smoking ruin, history will show it was because of people like you, and it will also show how badly you behaved when you realized it wasn’t God you worshipped all your long selfish years and couldn’t find another scapegoat to blame for your evil.

  • Troy Hendrickson

    The same news source this owner of this blog usses for his information also has an article about Bush’s cocaine use and a rape he commited in college. Imagine that.

  • grandma

    Why Don’t someone do something about it ? Who in charge here.