Even New York Times Admits Obama’s Green Jobs Agenda Is a Complete Disaster

Another Obama Failure.

President Barack Obama toured a vehicle battery plant in Michigan last Thursday. During his visit Obama touted his administration’s focus on green technology and jobs. Thanks to the Obama-Pelosi failed stimulus bill this same corporation has created “green” jobs at a cost of about $2 million in federal subsidies per job. This is Barack Obama’s definition of success.

Last Saturday in his Weekly Address, Barack Obama praised this same battery plant as the way forward.

Only the Obama Administration would believe that spending $2 million per job is a success.

Undortunately for Obama the secret is out.
Even the New York Times admitted today that Obama’s green agenda has been a complete bust.

In the Bay Area as in much of the country, the green economy is not proving to be the job-creation engine that many politicians envisioned. President Obama once pledged to create five million green jobs over 10 years. Gov. Jerry Brown promised 500,000 clean-technology jobs statewide by the end of the decade. But the results so far suggest such numbers are a pipe dream.

“I won’t say I’m not frustrated,” said Van Jones, an Oakland activist who served briefly as Mr. Obama’s green-jobs czar before resigning under fire after conservative critics said he had signed a petition accusing the Bush administration of deliberately allowing the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, a claim Mr. Jones denies.

A study released in July by the non-partisan Brookings Institution found clean-technology jobs accounted for just 2 percent of employment nationwide and only slightly more — 2.2 percent — in Silicon Valley. Rather than adding jobs, the study found, the sector actually lost 492 positions from 2003 to 2010 in the South Bay, where the unemployment rate in June was 10.5 percent.

Federal and state efforts to stimulate creation of green jobs have largely failed, government records show. Two years after it was awarded $186 million in federal stimulus money to weatherize drafty homes, California has spent only a little over half that sum and has so far created the equivalent of just 538 full-time jobs in the last quarter, according to the State Department of Community Services and Development.

The weatherization program was initially delayed for seven months while the federal Department of Labor determined prevailing wage standards for the industry. Even after that issue was resolved, the program never really caught on as homeowners balked at the upfront costs.

But, it did help redistribute wealth across economic lines.
That part worked out for Obama, anyway.

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  • Granny

    Isn’t this the same battery plant that is firing 800 workers and moving their plant to China?


    FAILURE at everything he does…and now it’s time to go play a round of golf…destroying america is tiresome work

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  • myohmy

    Green jobs did not redistribute wealth instead showcase the incompetence of our dear leaders in DC. Why would you want to defend your livelihood with BS leaders that the only reason why they are up there because of cronyism, greed and political donation to the democratic establishment?

  • Mark

    The marxist idiot’s entire affirmative action presidency is a disaster.

  • RedBeard

    With every new generation comes a bunch of starry-eyed socialists, convinced that they will make that system work, despite every prior generation having failed to do so. That, according to Einstein’s definition, is insanity.

  • Freddy

    My favorite ‘green’ idea was the one that had home solar panel installations being paid for through the county tax collectors.

    Needless to say, I am aware of no one that even thought about this idea for more than 30 seconds before realizing what a terrible idea it truely was!

  • Larkin

    On his midwest “misery” tour, obama continued to claim 2 million jobs created. When will the media begin to question him on THAT bold-faced lie?

  • dunce

    Part of the reason for this failure is because you normally need taxable income to use a tax credit. Unemployed people are not focused on trimming their tax bill. Since this was designed more for wealth redistribution than environmental and reducing carbon, i am sure that people whose income is all from govt. benefits can no doubt get money back from the tax credit though they had no taxable income. However since many live in rentals with the govt. paying the bill only the landlord can use the program. ACORN is no doubt showing them how to submit false paperwork to get the funds anyway.

  • HadEnough

    Obama sits down to pee and still thinks he is a man……..ha

  • Bunni

    Isn’t that the same plant that I read went BANKRUPT!
    The curse of Jonah, aka obummer, at it again.

    Space Aliens will land before this putz does ANYTHING right.

  • ignatzk

    Since when is the Brookings Institute “non-partisan” ??

  • Patty

    Democrats couldn’t wait to get in power. They were biting at the bit to reform Health care and stop Pollution.

    Not with low GPA and jobless rate and Downgrade, all there hopes and dreams of change are crashing and burning.

    Another time, another place but now is NOT the time.

    These two things alone are simple crushing their dreams. The two projects are costing us and will cost us jobs and the future will look even bleaker.

  • No, this is not the same plant that either went bankrupt (that’s the one in Massachussetts) or sending 800 jobs to China (that’s yet another plant). This plant is a partnership between Johnson Controls and a French company called Saft to make lithium batteries for cars.

    The ironic part is that in the same part of Michigan, there were millions of dollars of tax incentives given to another company who built solar panels and it was hoped to create 2700 jobs.
    Then the subsidies dried up in Europe as they eventually will here as well, and their products were entirely too expensive for consumers…instead of 2700 jobs, we have maybe 100, and over $100 million in tax breaks and incentives.


  • Rock

    Well yea, but ACORN is financially back in the green. Even nonexistent voters cost money.

  • Highlander

    So, Van Jones never signed that petition, but he resigned in shame anyway? That’s too funny …

  • Old One

    The media, the teasonous mouthpeice of the left has been pedaling marxist lies & propaganda for well over a century. Now lavisly lubricated with Soros billions its become a slavish serf of Barrrack Oblame and his bands of brigands dressed in green in a vain attempt to hid their red agenda.
    The harlots of the media are is so debauched, depraved & diseased that the truth among our jwhorenalists can not be discerned by them. Reporting on the lies & corruption of the left’s White House & CapitolHill usurperrs “ain’t gonna” happen.

  • Major Kong

    #12 August 19, 2011 at 10:07 am ignatzk commented:
    Since when is the Brookings Institute “non-partisan” ??


  • baseballguy

    Green jobs are nothing more than “you give me the green and I’ll pretend to produce jobs”.

  • The Tonester

    He is doing what he promised in the 08 election…to fundamentally change America. His vacations are like victory laps. He feels he’s earned them. I predict a landslide in 2012. The O might win 5 states.

  • Multitude

    “created the equivalent of just 538 full-time jobs”

    The ‘equivalent of’? That absolutely demands further analysis. If it created full-time jobs, why not just say that? Why the careful qualification without any explanation? This is in the same category of the Enron financial statements which spoke to creating equivalences in revenue through the use of special purpose entities.

    Considering the NYTimes positioned the equivalence language, who are they covering for? Did they make this assumption, and were is it qualified? Are these 1,000 some part time jobs that are rolled up to be the “equivalent of” 500 some jobs? This would require being called out because a part-time job is not equivalent in economic impact (e.g. most families still can’t survive with meager green-jobs part time employment). Or was it seasonal, or short-term full-time employment? Again this would need explanation because no serious private-sector economist would find it equivalent to full time, sustained employment. Or what may be even more likely is that this is a government economist’s model which pretends that a given dollar of spending by redirecting Federal funds into state and local coffers must create some sort of employment lift. We’ve seen this methodology repeatedly used by the government union economists but it unfortunately never pans out when micro analysis is applied to find those conjectured jobs.

    We have a government that exists solely on the basis of fraud. Its financials are fictional, its forecasts, investments, allocations, employment agreements with its unions, and representations to the people regarding the service it alleges to manage are entirely based on unacceptable misrepresentations and intentional accounting fabrications. As long as we assume the system is good but the people in power are bad, we will not fix the problem.

  • Rock

    Old One,

    So true, the so called media is nothing more than a advertisement agency for WTF and his Socialist machine. Those who trust them are like lemmings to the sea.

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  • The Tonester

    Did anybody see Charlie Rangle get his ass handed to him by Laura Ingraham?

  • President Potemkin

    No one ever asks zero what’s his definition of success.

  • StrangernFiction
  • Enforcer3925

    I like how they portray Van Jones as an innocent victim of the conservative smear machine. Sow what if he denies signing the petition? Somehow his signature ended up on it anyway! Oh yeah, and they forgot to mention that rap album he put out with convicted cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal.

  • kato

    Electric cars, solar panels, wind farms. Every one a giant financial boondoggle propped up by billions of taxpayer dollars.

    We’re operating under the illusion that an economically illiterate blowhard and his left-wing handlers can pick winners and losers. In almost every case, they’ve poured money into the least promising technologies. They’ve created hundreds of jobs that, in a few short years, have migrated to Asia.

    Their policies have arguably worsened the environment, and it has all been done in the name of a premise that has not, pace Algore, proven to be true.

    This is what happens when a country elects a leftist jiveass. John McCain would have been an adequate caretaker, not a great leader, but he would never have been as incompetent and dishonest as the subprime blowhard.

  • Ginger
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  • Multitude

    Contrasting Obama’s claims of green job success with massive economic indications of failure, I’m wondering if we’re not witnessing a definitional disagreement. Perhaps we are the ones who are wrong, confused and failing to understand what a “green job” really is.

    To employ the analytical methodology of a unionized government economist, one may consider the following qualification of green job employment:

    – significant depletion of middle-class, white collar jobs starves the soccer mom, suburban, excess consumption capitalist engine
    – redirection into lower-pay or fractional employment increases proximity to earth-friendly lifestyles (e.g. the modest, humble path prescribed, not lived, by Al Gore)
    – collapse of the housing market throws a wrench in the suburban model with aspirations of mini McMansions, and redirects the middle class to accept green high-density apartment dwellings
    – extreme gas prices (and the lack of jobs to drive to) compels the middle class to stop driving, lowering CO2 emissions, and improving eco-conditions
    – surviving on food stamps limits the consumption of expensive products (e.g. beef) that may show a correlation with detrimental environment impact

    Constructed this way, Obama indeed is correct in claiming a tremendous victory in “green jobs” creation. Being unemployed, thrown out of your house, riding public transportation, eating store brand Mac & Cheese, constitutes the New Green. Poverty’s hip… you just have to define it as Eco-Cool!

  • Joanne


    Hey look here. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona has promised to look into Obama’s eligibility.

    “The petition calls for the sheriff to investigate the possibility that a crime has been committed against the Arizona secretary of state, who must decide whether to put Obama’s name on the ballot.

    Arpaio told the tea party leaders the complaint is within his jurisdiction, and he will be forced to investigate. He said he expects political pressure, but he pointed out that as the chief law enforcement officer of Maricopa County, he’s taken an oath to respond to citizens who approach him about enforcing the law.

    Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Justin Griffin confirmed to WND that Arpaio is “waiting to receive all the documentation and all the investigative material from Dr. Jerry Corsi, and then he will look into the matter and compare it to the Arizona revised statutes.”

    hat tip to commieblaster.com like always.

  • Brian

    I wonder what made these idiots think the US was so special that it could avoid the same green disasters caused by the same stupid policies in Europe?

    Expect more of the same with these idiots in charge.

  • StrangernFiction

    Thanks for the link Ginger. Great read.

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  • Stuart

    Brian # 33
    Since it was the US who footed the bill for the defense of Europe for half a century, the Euros were able to delude themselves that their foolish policies could be indulged in forever. We don’t even have that luxury so the march of folly will end here all the quicker.
    As for expecting more of the same, I think we’re just about at the end of that road. The powers that be may try but they are about to find out that OPM (other peoples money) is a finite resource.

  • bg


    Ginger #29 August 19, 2011 at 11:13 am

    whoa Tonto, thanks.. 😉

    bit more here..


  • tommy mc donnell

    it seems like every one on the green businesses that he visits to tout the success of his stimulus either goes out of business or moves to china. might make a good campaign ad.

  • tarpon

    No one sane would invest in “non-existent green jobs” but the government. Ever wonder what makes government so stupid?

    Maybe that’s why the Soviet Union fell on it’s face.

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  • squeaky

    [[Two unions are on strike against Verizon Communications in protest of proposed company policies that the unions themselves helped bring about. The new Obamacare law, which both unions supported, dramatically hikes the cost of Verizon’s employee health care plan. Efforts to pass some of that cost on to employees have sparked outrage.]] while not on topic – this might be snort worthy. the chickens coming home to roost for verizon workers just maybe?

  • SSBN 627(B)

    The tree-huggers celebrate recent CAFE standard excesses with weed-fueled street dancing orgies, completely ignoring the hugely toxic processes involved in both the creation and disposal of the battery packs in their hybrid smugmobiles. It’s soooooo krunchy!!!

    The government applauds their idealism whilst planning universal GPS tracking because, after all, an SUV generates a modicum of road tax in the process of hogging same. And we’re all about what’s fair.


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  • Neo

    Evergreen Solar, who went into chapter 11 bankruptcy this week, had their lunch eaten by the Chinese. There is nothing to suggest that if those incentives talked about in the Times piece, like “cap-and-tax” had actually come into being, would have done anything except send more business to the Chinese.

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  • David Gillies

    The pons asinorum for politicians should be this: opportunity cost. If someone desirous of political power cannot grasp its significance, he should be barred from being in charge of anything more dangerous than his collection of My Little Ponies, while the nurses mop up his drool.

    We know, from the experience of Spain (most saliently and recently), but also from many, many foolish and hubristic attempts at ‘job creation’ by government fiat, that all such attempts are actively destructive of wealth. What was the ratio in Spain? 2.2 jobs lost for every one ‘created’ in the Green sector? Something like that. The ratio was greater than one, which is the point. Besides, ‘jobs’ as a metric of economic success is such a cretinous confusion of cause and effect that only the magical thinking that is the Leftist disease could entertain it. Productivity is the measure. Consumption is the measure. I think that fact that so many politicians, especially of the Leftist stripe, have never had to make payroll, is why they are so ignorant of which column in the ledger you put ‘jobs’. Jobs are a COST, not a BENEFIT. Ideally we want all the productivity and 100% unemployment. Then we can live in a world full of cool stuff and spend every day at the beach. Right now the economy’s down the drain and only Obama gets to go to the beach.

    Obama is an archetype of his class: the sort of person George Orwell was talking about when he remarked on how only a certain variety of detached intellectual could believe in things as stupid as they do.

  • Luddite

    “$186 million in federal stimulus money to weatherize drafty homes, California has spent only a little over half that sum and has so far created the equivalent of just 538 full-time jobs”

    OK, that’s probably about $100 million for the “equivalent of 538 full-time jobs” [whatever that means]. That’s $186,000 per “equivalent full-time job”. It sounds like the program is going nowhere, so it unreasonable to think that there will be more “jobs created”. If this is the case, we are talking about $346,000 for each “equivalent full-time jobs”.

    In the private world, you don’t pay for artificial jobs. The employee pays for himself in benefit to the company or the employee becomes unemployed.

    P.S. Keep hammering away, Jim. You are doing a great job of getting the message out.

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  • Jimmah

    Typical non taxpayer who supports this president would say “I don’t mind my taxes going towards this”.