Awful… Newsweek’s Sexist Bachmann Cover So Nasty Even NOW Issues a Statement

Newsweek strikes again.
The far left magazing gave Michele Bachmann, a successful tax lawyer, the crazy treatment this week. Could they have found a worse picture?

Not only did they find the most unflattering photo of the conservative presidential candidate, their hit piece was just as bad.

It was so nasty that NOW even rejected the hit piece.

NOW, an organization that has received some criticism for its deafening silence when prominent conservative women like former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin are lampooned in the national press, has come out strongly against the depiction of Rep. Bachmann as the “Queen of Rage.”

“Who has ever called a man ‘The King of Rage?,’ NOW president Terry O’Neil told TheDC. “The ‘Queen of Rage’ is something you apply to wrestlers or somebody who is crazy. They didn’t even do this to Howard Dean when he had his famous scream.”

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  • Dan

    Why was she silent while Palin and the tea party were blamed for murder? I think Michelle and her new friend Ed Rollins can handle this on their own!

  • Bob Z

    I don’t think she has a chance against Obama.

  • patman

    Things like this are all a part of the grand liberal dream.

    Put her up for the sympathy vote, then challenge her with the smear crew when she wins. She’s too easy of a target. I like her, but she’s not gonna win the country.

    Remember lipstick on a pig?

  • john

    If Captain Zero has any chance at all, we’re doomed. All but the wealthy, and, of course, government-which will double in size if he’s re-elected. If they say he’s re-elected, does that mean that he is legally elegible this time, since nothing was done that last time? F**K me to tears. When will he get his due?

  • CentralScrutinizer

    They mock who they fear…

  • Valerie

    It’s just possible that NOW is waking up to an interesting fact: some of their better fellow-travelers from the past are hanging out with the Tea Parties, because the fiscal conservatives have a point, and the Democrats are relying on appeals to blatant sexism and racism to avoid dealing with that point.

  • gus

    And they like Rodham???

  • Valerie

    Oh, yeah. Here’s the point.

    Former Dem. Congressman Tom Perriello admits that Congress will not balance budget unless forced. “If you don’t tie our hands, we will keep stealing.”


    typical lefty propoganda BS….however she would have no chance against hussein obama…also palin for that matter will not have a chance…that would be a war from the media that they will not lose…very sad

  • myohmy

    Political operatives in media and Hollywood likes to depict women as gold diggers, whores and abused women. That is their typical kinda girl they fancy. Michelle Bachmann exudes admirable virtue and strength.

  • Don’t even care what this rag magazine makes Michelle Bachmann look like , they could even make her look worse than what they did on that cover , and she still is 100 times more pretty than any of the women the Dimbocrats have to offer….

    Piglosi ,Hiillary, Boxer, Kagan, DW schultz, Claire Bear, I could go on but I don’t want to ruin my dinner…….

  • dallasdan

    It shouldn’t be very difficult to learn the specific people responsible for this.

  • MDd

    From the market established value – $1 rag sheet. But keep your powder dry. From NOW, a devote jihadist propagandist of the Dims’ It’s a trap. They’re trying to re-establish some creds, before their Messiah, Chicago Jesus, needs their help, in his re-election as God Emperor of Earth. Frank Herbert was so wrong.

  • bg




  • Finncrisp

    Apparently the writer of this hit piece spends too much time at the roller derby. Who in the heck reads Newsweek? Obviously, the intent is to have a quote that can be used adnauseum /to attack a real American. Michelle Bachman deserves better.

    Next thing you know, they will blame the S&P downgrade on the Tea Party…

  • mariner

    Former Dem. Congressman Tom Perriello admits that Congress will not balance budget unless forced. “If you don’t tie our hands, we will keep stealing.”

    We should tie their hands.

    Then we should hang them.

  • Male Silverback

    Reminds me of the unflattering pics someone printed of McCain. They shot from a low angle looking up with light below his face, made him look like a vampire or something evil.

    The leftist media is rather childish aren’t they?

  • Male Silverback
  • bg


    re: #14

    sorry but i think this one went over your head GP..


    but that’s just my opinion, and what do i know.. 😀


  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Doesn’t the campaign get a chance to determine the photo used on the cover of a major magazine?

    If not, there should be some way to prevent the juveniles at Newsweek from such despicable behavior.

    I’m for Gov. Palin but I know the Bachmanns well, Michele is way more attractive. This is downright mean.

  • bg


    The political flow chart (via email)

    picture birds sitting in the following order on a totem
    like telephone post incremental covered in bird doo..


    Democrats /\ Republicans

    State /\ Politicians

    American /\ People

    When top level guys look down,
    they see only shitheads;
    When bottom level guys look up,
    they see only assholes.
    I’ve never seen a Flow Chart
    that described so clearly.


  • mg4us

    Bachmann voted against the recent phoney Debt Limit deal. . . she has more balls than Obama (and Boehner, Reid and McConnel). . .same with Palin!

    TEA Party only group acting responsibly. .the only “adults” in the room. . and Michelle is a big part of it. . .so is Palin. . .

    Cut Cap and Balance is their plan and it makes $ense – – Dollars and sence. . need to control out-of-control spending. . it is NOT a revenue issue. We also need to stimulate the economy and get Americans back to work to bolster tax receipts.

    What part of Cut, Cap, and Balance does Obama not understand? (Reid, McConnell and Boehner too)

    Is Obama THAT stupid?. . . . a by-product of affirmative inaction. . . or just incompetent, Inept and Inexperienced?

    Enact these three things immediately and regain/restore our AAA rating:
    1) CCB,
    2) Repeal of Obamacare, along with Dodd Frank Financial reform Act and Fannie Mae plus
    3) Drill, Baby, Drill– NOW,

    Or have Obama resign . . . along with Harry Reid and Pelosi (Schumer and Barney Frank too) would have the same effect of restoring our AAA rating!

  • Charlie

    Things are so bad at Newsweek that they had to start trolling for subscribers.

  • Girl Thursday

    I’m surprised they didn’t find a way to work the word “migraines” into their cover lines.

  • Andreas K.

    I guarantee you that photo has been photoshopped. Bring the eyes out, etc. It’s a common way.

  • That reminds me, I need to have my eyes examined.

  • JDubya

    Hate to say it, but I will wager you a steak dinner that you and the other blogs gave this picture more press than all of Newsweek’s total circulation. Seriously. They put this up so that all the blogs will pick it up. It is free press for these anti-business Socialist stooges. They are using you (plural) to let us all know how much they hate her.

    I would have recommended that we contact the advertisers, but then I realized it is Newsweek; they use less paper in a monthly magazine than I use in my morning ritual. Besides, they are pinkos and hate capitalism. And what are advertisers? Are they not people who pay to have their goods and services shown in ads to generate more sales?

    This would not bode well to the standard DNC talking points: 1) Capitalism is evil, 2) The RNC and Tea Party are evil white males, and 3) The MSM is the DNC.

    We are talking about the Dems here. How many non-white males ever run for president in that party? Seriously. The first non-white guy, I think, was BO. The first female was Hillary and her name recognition did not pop any boners in the MSM.

    Think about it…

  • Conservative Ken

    The Left picking the Republican nominee, no surprise there. Judging by the attacks on Bachman, she is obviously the best candidate for President.

  • davidt

    Halos for their Messiah, rage eyes for his she-devil opponent. All in a day’s work for Newsweak.

  • Militant Conservative


    Seriously, Obama made a fatal mistake.

    He made his agenda painful to ALL american’s.

    Carter did the same thing. American’s don’t like

    Losing. Especially thier nest eggs, homes and jobs.

    Powder is dry

  • AuntieMadder

    NOW speaking up over this only further confirms to me that the left wants Bachmann to run against Barky. She’s one of the left’s picks for the GOP because they’re confident she won’t win.

  • Old Fan

    It is so insulting. Isn’t this being run by the failure named Tina Brown?

    The disastrous Clintonite who destroys everything she touches?

    It is helpful to know, Mrs. Bachmann has great substance, and this will not get to her. She doesn’t need to be a victim in the political scene either.

    I wish she gained some CEO experience, or some genuine legislative accomplishment, but she has great potential. The GOP is filled with fine talent, Rubio, Ryan, Boehner, Jindal, Brewer, Christie, Walker, Cantor, etc. We can win the day, and this day is coming big in 2012.

    Time for News-weak to be dumped onto the dust heap, along with the dreadful Democratic Party.

  • donh

    I have yet to see a bad picture of Sarah Palin. She even looks good when a turkey is being slaughtered behind her back (… …) However, no matter how right and principled Michelle Bachmann may be…it is very easy to take a bad picture of Michelle showing very deranged looking eyes. It goes well beyound her average physical appearance. Some people just lack talent for modelling . Reagan had superb training as a professional actor and owned every camera, every microphone put upon his face. Palin has similar professional skills from her pageantry days. Michelle does not, and there is only so much on the job training the conservative movement can afford at this critical time. Whining about ” sexism ” will not cover this factual weakness.

  • Gimme a Break, I’m just a Hobbit

    Check out Malkin’s caption the photo contest of nasty Tina Brown.

  • If that’s the “most unflattering” photo of the Conservative Warrior Princess … I got news for the Newsweek hacks … I could fall a$$ backwards on the Google into a “far more unflattering” picture of Babs Mikulski, or any of a hundred other contemptible progressives, in ten seconds. I think this is probably what worries the smart gals at NOW.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • jennifer

    Obama has nothing good to run on. As a result, his entire campaign strategy in 2012 will be to destroy the other candidate. He’ll try to pull a complete scorched earth campaign against his opponent with the help of the media.

  • paul52

    Search, demonize, and destroy… the Dimocrat way, 24/7.

  • Carolina Kathy

    Both of Newsweak’s readers already feel this way towards MB. Singing to the choir, and playing the meme of the week.

  • Molon Labe

    Demonstrating yet again why its worth a dollar,

    Was Newswwek ever used for anything besides wrapping fish?

  • zelda

    Wow, some of the comments on this board are as doltish as the magazine cover. Michele Bachmann is the candidate they are afraid of and she can absolutely win, anyone who says different isn’t paying attention. I’m assuming most are trolls.

  • mg4us

    Bachmann should throw the DemocRATs a bone and offer to support a MASSIVE Tax Increase. . on Newsweek. .and Times and NYT and NBC ad MSNBC and Hollywood. . .

    How about a $20 per each magazine excise tax on this sleaze journal?

  • mg4us

    PS. .the pic still looks hot to me. .

    Bachman, Palin, Laura Ingrahm, Monica Crowley, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin. . all uber-babes compared to those on the left:
    Hillary (her thighness) Clinton, Nazi Pelosi, Whatz-er-name-Schultz. . the haggs on the View like no-Joy Behar, Whoppie cushion and even Barara Wawa. .or even Andrea Mitchell. . . . .

    Why are conservative ladies classy and hot while the libtard ones look like they have been in the gutter?. . .oh right, they live in the gutter. . sorry!

  • Gman

    “I don’t think she has a chance against Obama.”

    “Why was she silent while Palin and the tea party were blamed for murder? I think Michelle and her new friend Ed Rollins can handle this on their own!”

    This is why I am betting everything I own on Obama to win re-election easily. Too many “conservatives” are too busy beating up people in their own party for republicans to win. Liberals are sitting back and laughing about how easy this will be.

    Obama might not get 52% but he will win easily. book it.

  • Sorry to Live in Illinois

    Love Bachman, but saw her on O’Reilly tonight and, well, this is how she looked. I read this story here earlier tonight, so was floored when I saw her on Fox.

    But I still love and support her and GOP women are much easier to look at. LOL.

  • el polacko

    i dunno…i’ve seen a lot of pics of bachmann with that same crazed look in her eyes… and the article wasn’t really the hit piece i was expecting from newsweek. by their standards, they kinda pulled their punches… and i’m totally not getting what is ‘sexist’ about any of this… much ado about pretty much nothing.

  • Sandy

    The Democratic Party and its satellites in the media are so full of hate. They are rotten with it. So desperate are they to destroy this country and everything it stands for that they are overplaying their hand. I’m glad NOW finally came out and supported a Republican woman — the Dems tactics are so filty that the good people out there are finally calling them on it.

    The flop sweat exhibited by Obama cannot be covered by a smirk —

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  • Rita

    Well, they got that out of the way. You knew they’d be frantic to get a bad photo of her to play with, as well as some sound bites, and whatever they can find in her garbage can. Plenty of bad photos of Obama out there, and he’s had his background protected, but you can’t hide his record anymore. At this rate, a Republican candidate could probably just phone in their campaign and win. Don’t let them worry you, she most certainly could win as could Sarah Palin, and what I wouldn’t give to see a a Palin-Obama debate…total awesomeness. Get your news from what people say in everyday life, not what the paper/news says they say.

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