AP Quote on London Riots: “In America You Have the Tea Party, in England You’ve Got This”

The leftists are rioting in London – It’s sort of like a tea party.

A shop is set on fire as rioters gather in Croydon, south London, Monday, Aug. 8, 2011. Violence and looting spread across some of London’s most impoverished neighborhoods on Monday, with youths setting fire to shops and vehicles, during a third day of rioting in the city that will host next summer’s Olympic Games. (AP/Sang Tan)

You knew this was coming…
The AP wrote about the rioting in London tonight – and included a quote comparing the mayhem to the tea party movement in America.
The AP reported:

In the Hackney area of east London, hundreds of youths attacked shops and set fire to cars, leaving a trail of burning trash and shattered glass. Looters ducked into a small convenience store as the blackened shells of two cars burned nearby, filling plastic shopping bags with alcohol, cigarettes, candy and toilet paper.

“This is the uprising of the working class. We’re redistributing the wealth,” said Bryn Phillips, a 28-year-old self-described anarchist, as young people emerged from the store with chocolate bars and ice cream cones.

Phillips claimed rioters were motivated by distrust of the police, and drew a link between the rage on London’s street and insurgent right-wing politics in the United States. “In America you have the tea party, in England you’ve got this,” he said.

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  • ahem

    The Left is composed of such vicious idiots.

  • shibumi

    Let me get this straight- people peacefully protesting government spending = people rioting, injuring police and destroying property? Is that what they’re saying?

    And wouldn’t that be the same as… people cutting themselves while preparing dinner = shot to death by thug?

    Or how about… 7/11 slurpy machine not working = famine in Somolia.

  • rbosque

    Wow. We’re looting and burning buildings to the ground?

    Reap what you sow England! It’s political correctness that’s burning down your cities! Go ahead, import more people from the third world!!!

  • http://www.ncobrief.com Sgt. Mom

    You know, as angry as the Tea Partiers I know got about the general fecklessness and incompetence of the US government, I could swear onna stack of Constitutions, that we never went out and began burning police cars and city busses, and looting local businesses. Maybe we just didn’t get that memo. Eh – strange days, indeed.

  • StrangernFiction
  • gus

    Negroes riot in Milwaukee, Chicago, St Louis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia.

    There is your comparison.

    Of course, we aren’t allowed to talk about this.

  • BurmaShave

    WOW! Bryn Phillips has a future for himself. I hope MSNBC field scouts notice this sharp analyst.

  • gus

    I was in the UK in March and April. We are the UK and they are US.

  • Ella

    Ridiculous comparison. The thugs in England would be our left wingers. The entitlement people. Claiming victimhood. Calling people names, throwing things with intent to hurt, setting things on fire and causing general destruction. Take things from others by illegal means. Losers.

    AP has got it all wrong again, as usual. Those British thugs could learn a thing or two from us Tea Partiers.

    Hey Britain, get your military ready.

  • kansas

    Actually the US has “youths” greeting people at the Wisconsin State Fair.

  • Azcon

    His ignorant comment most likely has to do with the portrayal of the Tea party in European media.

  • arnonerik

    The Tea Party is about restoration of constitutional principles not street riots. Most of the anarchists we have here are either in public service unions or they hold high government positions where our Community Organizer President appointed them.

  • Major Kong

    Britain now, the rest of Western Civilization in a death of a thousand cuts.
    “Camp of the Saints” looking more and more prescient by the day.

  • http://www.sonoranalliance.com wanumba

    “self-described anarchist” shows he don’t know nuthin’ about anything.

    The media/gov’t have a self-interest in dodging here that doesn’t have squat to do with “Tea Party” but something ELSE. Notice they don’t want to draw attention to any suggestions of parallels between this and the FRENCH arson rioting a couple of years ago.
    Brilliant idea! Evoke “tea party” to get everyone looking in the wrong direction.

    THe original Tea Party just terrorized the Brits, all those crates of first quality tea in Boston Harbor, all wet, not a flame or casualty in sight, the horror. Those days must be looking pretty good now in comparison.

  • No Man

    Close. In America we have the Tea Party so it will not get like London afire.

    Plus, we have Korean shopkeepers and Liberty City residents with AR-15’s.

    In England they prosecute citizens for defending themselves against savages.

    If the Barackalypse isn’t prevented, the US will burn.

  • Bob Z

    I need to get a Tea Party t-shirt

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Meanwhile, in REALITY-LAND:


    OH LOOK! There was another incident today!

    What? These exclusively-black mobs of people with the satanic motto “Kill Steal Destroy”, which mantra they’ve been ingesting via their ears and eyes for nigh on twenty years, ARE TEA PARTIERS?

    Gangsta Rap and Black Liberation Theology are TEA PARTY CREATIONS?

    Wow! Whoda thunk?

  • Carbon Pootprint

    bahhahahahahaaha moron leftist trash. The Tea Party will be the people protecting their property from your equivalent here.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    A clue for you pure-evil, Satanic, mind-programming Associated Press reporters:

    Rioting in America is the exclusive domain of the Godless LEFT-WING.

    Rioting, looting, killing, burning, stealing, destroying: THIS IS THE LEFT, YOU MORONS.

    The political Left-wing, and their intentionally-made-ignorant (BY YOU, YOU EVIL BAST&&DS) slaves are the ones for whom these are standard, yearly, monthly, and daily FUNTIME activities.

    Rioting, looting, killing, burning, stealing, destroying…


    “Burn it all down.” — Every Democrat Politician In America, and most of their voters.

  • shibumi

    #6 August 8, 2011 at 9:57 pm
    gus commented:

    Negroes riot in Milwaukee, Chicago, St Louis, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia.

    There is your comparison.

    Of course, we aren’t allowed to talk about this.