Another Flashmobbery: Thieves Joke & Laugh As They Rob Maryland 7-11 (Video)

Another black youth flashmobbery took place at a 7-11 in Montgomery County, Maryland. Apparently, the police did not respond until the looters had ransacked and left the store.
The robbery took place at 1:30 AM.

From the video: A 7-11 in Montgomery County, Maryland was hit by a flash mob on August 13, 2011. The clerk activated a silent alarm, but police waited until the mob left the store before responding. Further, according to the video, the officer refused to investigate the crime, and only viewed this incident as shoplifting.

Some of the thieves were laughing and joking as they robbed the store.
The Germantown Patch reported:

Montgomery County Police are investigating a flash mob theft Saturday at a 7-Eleven in Germantown.

More than 20 young people simultaneously entered the convenience store at around 1:30 a.m., leaving with snack items such as candy, soda pop and chips, said Germantown 5th district Cmd. Luther Reynolds.

Apparent surveillance footage obtained by NBC Washington shows a stream of young people — some of the smiling and laughing — entering the convenience store and leaving with out paying.

“To have that many people descend on a store, like a mob mentality, like it’s some kind of joke, I cannot say I’ve ever seen anything like that before,” Reynolds told Patch. “It’s embarrassing to our community.”

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  • patman

    Lock the doors. Call the cops. Prosecute the parents.

    Problem solved.

  • avery

    Of course the Law didn”t do anything,those are “ERIC HOLDEN” people.

  • Sasja

    Patman, what good does it do to call the cops when they are too chicken to confront the looters? The article states a silent alarm was activated but the cops waited until those less than human animals left the store. And to add insult to injury as it were, there was no investigation? I thought shoplifting was a crime. Apparently not in their neck of the woods.

  • CoolCzech

    Lock the door. Fire the cops. Investigate their bosses.

  • myohmy

    Maryland is run by democrats.

  • J

    For the first time in my life, when I’m in a public place and african/american people are there, I’m nervous. The dems have robbed me of my ability to be comfortable around fellow Americans and I really am very angry at them.

  • bigkahuna

    Its all fun and games till someone gets shot. Someone has to be able to check for flash texting and press riot charges or conspiracy charges.

    How about a sprayer on the exit door that sprays dye on them to be used to identify them.

    Holder people on display… This continuing parade of Holder people acting like animals and brazenly robbing and beating people as at the recent fair and other incidents is going to continue to fuel race issues and all the black leaders but one( Philly) have been silent on it.

    The elephant in the room ( no not Moochelle) will sooner or later will bust through its cage and trample people.

  • CoolCzech

    I can see these flashmob events are going to continue until they descend upon a Korean store owner, and about 20 get blown away with a shotgun.

    That, by the way, would be an overall socially positive outcome. Sorry if that’s insensitive – I denounce myself.

    After that, the authorities will finally have to stop ignoring the issue.

  • CoolCzech

    myohmy commented:
    “Maryland is run by democrats”

    I’ve noticed that EVERY bordeline 3rd World Craphole in America is.

  • B. Cooper

    Feral “Youts”, coming to a city near you…

  • Bobbi

    This is a prelude to the elections, where the Brown shirts will be out In full force.

  • Mary

    Officer refused to investigate? And only viewed the incident as shoplifting?
    Last time I checked:
    a person who steals goods from the shelves or displays of a retail store while posing as a customer.
    These criminals didn’t even “pose” as customers and hey Officer, stealing is a crime!
    They came. They stole. They left.
    Who gets to pay for this? The shopkeeper and you and me.
    I suppose since they were black (was the officer?) it’s racist to ask for them to be punished…if they were purple-people-eaters they should be caught and punsihed.
    Look what the great healer BHO has wrought us. Better be prepared for a lot worse when BHO loses the election. Entitlement my a$$.

  • FreakyBoy

    Because of the dangerous situation it puts the clerks, it should be prosecuted as kidnapping as well.

  • RedBeard

    The cop has never seen this sort of thing before? Really? Has he been living in a cave?


    nothing like a few shot gun blasts to stop this $HIT….odumbo’s people doing what they do best…having some skin in the game

  • J. Knight


    As a white person, I feel I am very fortunate to live in a county that has no blacks. Sad, really, but it’s not worth taking a chance on being robbed, assaulted, or attacked. When I visit a large city that has a black population, I pretty much know where to go. But if I see any blacks, especially black youth, I leave immediately. I also have a CCP, but the last thing I want to do is shoot anyone. But I wouldn’t hesitate if my life or my family’s life was in danger. However, the trouble this would cause makes it better to just avoid any such situation to begin with. Therefore, I rarely go to cities with a black population, and never take my family there. We live within 2 hrs. of a medium-sized city(pop. 65,000) that has just about everything one could want, and it has a very small black population. I’ve never felt unsafe there, but still carry my weapon. What a sad state of affairs.

  • CT

    Montgomery County, Maryland is the most liberal county in a very liberal state. Nothing will be done to these poor young victims of discrimination and social injustice. Remember Obama is their advocate for wealth redistribution.

  • Valerie

    Montgomery and Howard counties in Maryland regularly vie for the highest per capita income in the nation. There are cheap seats in both counties, but the chances are that these kids are not from poor families. Once again, the cameras were working, and the parents and local ministers ought to be enlisted to handle this.

  • Louie_DaSmasher

    When will people wise-up?

    Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

  • Valerie

    “#16 August 15, 2011 at 9:32 am
    J. Knight commented:”

    You have been reading too much hysterical news.

    I am a little, bitty white woman who has lived on my own in Northern Virginia, Chicago, Houston, Columbia, Maryland, and San Diego.

    Most days, blacks are no threat, and sometimes a smile can disarm a thug, just like anybody else.

    Now, go back to the Daily Kos, and quit making fake posts here.

  • ew_3

    Now I understand why welfare recipients are getting cell phones courtesy of the taxpayer.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Party Unity, Look for the Union Label

  • jmax

    Lock the doors, then set the building on fire.

  • Michael Pelletier

    Waaah, it’d be *haaard* to prosecute people… Boo hoo. What do we pay you for, police?!

  • Mannie

    Need to start shooting some of them.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Go to drudge.

    There’s another, left-hand column.

    Kansas City:

    What can we do? I say toss all the nonviolent pot-related offenders out of every jail in the nation, and make room for any involved in these race-mob robberies and beatings.

    Put them away for a while.

    These people are going to be the cause of martial law. Makes you wonder whether they do it, in accord, for this purpose… with orders from their local ACORN branches, politicians, and even their preachers (sadly). Christ said that the Enemy comes for naught but to kill, and to steal, and to destroy.

    And these are the obvious, manifest, visible and RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR FACES fruits of those who follow this Enemy’s way. All the while they are laughing.

  • Joanne

    It would be easy to arrest those thieves from the video – some faces are very clear. It is disgusting that not only can’t Americans get that fraud out of Office, but now the U.S. police have given up on dealing with black crime.

  • Sparky

    This calls for some tough discipline from Smith and Wesson.

    These youths are running rampant because they CAN and because they have yet to meet someone they are more afraid of.

    They know their homeboy is in the Big House and will save their a$$.

  • Beachluver

    Truth is truth………..all flash mobs…ALL BLACK…..crime and racism at a boiling point and why oh why is our BLACK jug-earred man child president not speaking out to these THUGS? # 6 and # 16…..are absolutely right…remember the assaults not to long ago at McDonalds. I’m ashamed to be having such NEGATIVE thoughts about fellow citizens but I too will at all costs avoid ANY AREA.. ..ANY establishment…where black YOUTH is congregating….sad when a business has to hire security to open for business!!!!!

  • Molon Labe



    I like to drop you off in the middle of Harlem or Bedford Sty at 1 am any day and see what your smile gets you.

    We are seeing the breakdown in respect for authority and law and order. I can only hope someone pops a few of these bastards and if they are prosecuted I hope I am on the jury.

  • bitterclinger

    News Flash! You lucky St. Louis folks get to see Sarah Palin in your hometown in October.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #20 valerie

    Your past experience has no bearing on the trend that is currently happening.

    None whatsoever.

    This phenomenon is BRAND SPANKING NEW.

    Go to my last link. Read all the stories, pay attention to the dates. The mobs are getting more frequent, and bigger. Mobs of well-dressed blacks, male and female, young and old, with 3G phones and smiles and laughter, beating and kicking non-blacks, stealing and rampaging, breaking and destroying property. Laughing all the way.

    I too, as a white guy, have had, IN THE PAST, many wonderful experiences with black Americans — even large groups of them! Things have changed. Escalated, actually. I went to a mostly black school, and even in the 80’s I saw what was coming. In so many ways. The victimhood was being taught to my black classmates, from elementary school to graduation. Raising your hand in class to provide a correct answer was “acting white”. So was pronouncing words correctly. So was displaying any intelligence other than “streetwise”. All of these were shunned, and the teachers and the administrators did nothing to stop this attitude. My graduating class in ’89 was small, about 40 or so students. 50% of my black classmates are either dead or in prison.

    I’m glad that Malcom X became a true Christian and saw the light, and I forgive him — but the damage he and NOI wrought on this nation is immeasurable.

    We are witnessing the results of the greatest deception ever foisted upon a single race within a population. EVER. In the history of earth. The Democrats, slaveowners all, have re-enslaved those whom they have always considered subhuman animals. They haven’t changed. The creators of the KKK, the Democrats, have convinced the lion’s share of the black American population to turn their backs on God, to worship the State, and to do their bidding — whether it be voting or rioting or looting or killing or stealing or destroying…

    …and they do it all willingly, laughing. They want to steal an even BIGGER flat-screen TV…which will program their minds even more efficiently.

    And they don’t even see that every single white-robed klansman in every black-and-white photo they’ve ever seen of a lynching or hanging IS A DAMNED DEMOCRAT.


  • chuck in st paul

    1) just before the elections massive mobbery starts up in major cities, lots of speeches about social justice and racism, etc., etc.; LSM headlines it long and hard
    2) fed up citizens (and/or agents provocateur) shoot a bunch of them in at least one city followed by several others
    3) media feeds the frenzy with “race war” rhetoric
    4) mayor and police chief go on TV and babble about out of control mobs and…. race war
    5) King Putt goes on TV and declares a national emergency in this city area and sends in the National Guard
    6) More mob violence, more shootings due to black “outrage”
    7) King Putt declares Martial Law in several major cities ‘temporarily’ to ‘control the situation’
    8) national election is ‘temporarily’ delayed due to national emergency

    All Hail King Putt the First, Emperor of the Americas!! [“Now run for it whitey. Weez comin’ for ya!”]

    Paranoid…? maybe… maybe not. I would suggest keeping all your ammo supplies up to snuff until at least 2014. This could get both ugly and stupid beyond all imagining.

  • Ginger

    Ok…they want to laugh then store owners set up your stores to spray laughing gas at them and then see who laughs last! hehehehehe

  • chuck in st paul

    [ that stupid smilly face is suppose to be an “8” and a close parenthises ]

  • aprilnovember811

    They’re all following their Kenyan, Muslim, leader, Hussein. Can you believe Americans would’ve voted for this? Just seven short years after 9/11, useful idiots voted for someone named Hussein that they knew nothing about? This reminds me of his cousin Odinga in Kenya. Makes you proud doesn’t it? All those Americans felt soooooo noble. They’ve shamed this country.

  • raugaj

    There is a great scene in “A Bronx Tale” where a biker gang enters a neighborhood bar expecting to do some drinking and terrorize some locals. Instead, the locals lock the door with the bikers inside and proceed to deliver a world class beat down. It’s a good bet that these bikers never again attempt what hey were trying to do.
    Oh how I would love to see a similar outcome for these thugs ;- )

  • aprilnovember811

    He has America looking like his home of Kenya. Yes, that’s where he was born.

    He was born in Hawaii? “A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”~Lenin

    I guess our ball less Congress is afraid of flash mobs at the Capital, so they keep pretending he was born in Hawaii. I hope these thugs do this in OK where they have the “Make my day law.” Yes, that would be wonderful to see.

  • dwd

    When you act like this, you are surrendering the race card forever. Repeatedly, consistently, all these flash mobs that engage in theft and violence have one thing in common.

  • J. Knight


    You ought to read the news a little more often, and I’m glad you’ve been lucky. As for the smile, I will never risk my family’s safety on whether a thug thinks I’ve smiled just right. And I’ve never read the DailyKos, or any other lefty websites.

    For further info, why don’t you read SecondCityCop out of Chicago, or better yet, read this blog where we have had story after story of white people being attacked by blacks for no other reason that being white. Did the recent events(last week) of dozens of whites being attacked by black gangs at the Wisonsin State Fair even register with you? Jim reported on it extensively here on this blog.

    Sorry, you’re BS is why we have this crap in this country. And why decent, law-abiding citizens minding their own business, or running a business, have to put up with black thugs attacking and stealing with impunity. You’re the troll here, lady.

  • Major Kong

    First shopkeeper who has the temerity to protect himself with a firearm will be denounced by the Justice Department and prosecuted for a hate crime. Up is down, in is out, good is evil, and evil is good.

  • J

    Have to tell you, I live in a small town in MA. I’ve lived here most of my life. This summer my neighborhood was invaded by a lot of people, strangers, many to a car, rushing into my small neighborhood, yelling and screaming, running around wildly. It was 8 a.m. on a Sunday. When I called the police department to try to find out if something was going on (I mean a LOT of people running wildly around yelling and screaming, would you ask?). The policeman’s reply was why don’t you go out and investigate….and the cop was pretty hostile. I was just asking for info and that is the response. Last week my friend reported to the police that (she lives in a very wealthy part of town)her screen door had been slashed and an evident attempt to invade had been made. The police told her if she could not specifically tell them the exact time this occurred, they could not be bothered investigating. With this new police force in my town, I’m seriously considering getting a gun to defend my home and life. But it is MA and I’m pretty sure the police would not think that would be a good idea.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Major Kong

    Up is down, in is out, good is evil, and evil is good.

    Perfectly in line with biblical prophecy. We’re there. Buckle up, and be looking up.

  • Militant Conservative

    What me worry?!

    Powder IS dry

  • daryl

    Had Nagin stayed with his city after Katrina, the media may never have spread the blueprint for
    just what a flash mob can accomplish while the cops look on and in some cases participate in.

    Looting a Wal*Mart in New Orleans is OK – YouTube

    hurricane katrina police looting – YouTube

  • Callipygian1

    I have to think that the fact that this was created by social media would constitute “Organized Crime”… a stretch perhaps that legislation could define for the future, as these acts will not go away quietly.

    2nd point: Arrest one or more of these idiots, and their phones will trace back to the initial organizers.

    3rd: Can’t identify anyone from THIS video? This tape could win an Oscar for cinematography. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the cop that statred that is black.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    OT, but not really, when you think about it:

    Ann Barnhardt is slowly learning about blogging, but she is a top-notch journalist, and she doesn’t even know it. There are no perma-links to any of the separate posts on her site. Just a couple of days ago she admitted she just learned to “block-quote” in her formatting.

    As of now, her top post is the one I would like you all to read, entitled: “My Aircraft”

    It’s a post about the amazing landing of US Airways flight 1549 in the Hudson River, and about how this aircraft, in this event is our country in microcosm.

    I’ll excerpt:

    There is a lesson for every single one of us in this example. That lesson is summed up in Capt. Sullenberger’s words at the 3:52 mark on the video.

    “My aircraft.”

    Not, “Oh my goodness! What do we do? Oh no! Help!”

    Not, “Damn those birds! It is all the birds’ fault! The birds have killed us!”

    Not, “Oh, crap! Why me? Why does this have to happen to me?”

    Not, “We’re not going to make it! We’re done!”

    No. When something profoundly horrible happens, people of character, integrity and morality step up and say, “Give this to me. I want this. I will bear this burden.”

    “My aircraft.”

    Flight 1549 is a real-life parable. What happened to flight 1549 is what has happened and is happening to the United States as a whole. Our ship of state, in fine operational form, was in flight. We hit a flock of birds, which is the widespread Marxist and criminal infiltration of our government. It isn’t just one bird, or two birds. It is hundreds and hundreds of birds. Marxists and criminals don’t mix well with our Constitution. Our Constitution wasn’t designed to operate with evil, villainous men occupying the halls of power – just as jet engines are not designed to operate with 30 pound Canada Geese being pulled through the intake. This is no knock on jet engines. Jet engines are wonderful – so long as clean air with no sizable debris is the intake. It is the same with our Constitutional Republic. The structure and setup is brilliant, but only so long as the human intake is reasonably uncorrupted. Once criminals, moral degenerates, Marxists, cowards and imbeciles compose the vast majority of the intake, as they do now, the system will fail, and fail catastrophically.

    And here we are. The birds have hit, both engines are out, we have lost all forward thrust and are now on a downward glidepath. Try as we might, those engines will not relight. The damage done by the birds is too great. But, we have 3000 feet of altitude to work with, and we have forward momentum. We also have an intact superstructure. The aircraft has not disintegrated. We’re still flying, and the United States of America has one hell of a glide ratio.

    This is where we, the moral and sensible people of this nation, come in. This is the moment wherein We The People stand up and say with resolute strength and calm, “My aircraft.”

    Read the whole thing. Watch the amazing video.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #45 (my other brother) daryl


    I hadn’t seen these since the hurricane.

    #20 just doesn’t get it. Doesn’t see the trend — rather, the FAD — and the fact that it is on a WILD upswing.

  • Patty

    Heads should roll down at City Hall.

  • Roy Rogers

    No Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson blaming the store owners for not providing grocery bags?

  • forest

    Heh, Montgomery County. Loaded with limo-libs who live high on the hog off all all the lard brimming over from DC. Chickens are coming home to roost on those idiots.

  • Joanne

    “It’s embarrassing to our community.”

    The police should be embarrassed.

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  • Militant Conservative

    Anyone se the Obama “debt end tour bus”

    Leaving the scene of the crime.

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  • Patty

    I see prices rising at this 7-11!

    There has been a real lack of respect for the law lately. But now a real lack of respect for the law.

    Oopss! I just said that.

  • Charlie

    Hey, I didn’t see anyone going for the fruit and vegetables. People of Maryland… please, please listen to first Lady Michelle Obama. I don’t know how many times she has to say it. Eat your vegetables! Stealing junk food is one thing, but not paying the sales taxes on what you stole… that’s just racist. Shame.

  • StrangernFiction

    Come on people, spreading the wealth around is good for everybody.

  • Conservative Ken

    Obviously inspired by a Spike Lee movie.

  • Alfred

    Where all da white people at?

  • scituate_tgr

    So this is just self-serve wealth redistribution?

  • USMC Thomas

    With almost 75% of black babies born to single mothers, in the future this kind behavior will be seen as the gentler good old days.

  • daryl

    Taq (for short, spelling’s not my forte)
    Thanks for the Captain Sully piece too, Taq.
    I’m no aeronautical engineer but couldn’t those engines be screened agaist the larger birds entry into the engine too be used at lower altitudes, take off and landing without restricting the air intake too much?
    As for the parallels to our society the screens are available. They’re called cops and when they’re not allowed to do what they were trained and hired to do. We just need to demand that and also allow them to do the job they are supposed to do witout screaming brutality, profiling, and handling the lawless bastards with kid gloves. Loosen some teeth, twist some arms,bruise the uncooperative ones, and repeal that Miranda bullsh*t.
    Until then you will see more lawlessness from the “feral youths” and others not so youthful, but just as feral.

  • Andreas K.

    Valerie, it is true, a smile CAN disarm a thug.

    However, a 9mm round WILL disarm him.

  • StrangernFiction

    They’re all following their Kenyan, Muslim, leader, Hussein.

    BINGO! Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Holder…….don’t have to be caught organizing these events on the grassroots level to be responsible. Hint, hint, hint, wink, wink, wink.

    The ‘rats are the enemy of our civil society.

  • Not defending the officer who got there, but understand his dilemma. He can’t win. He goes in and confronts dozens of black youth. Things get ugly. Video show him pulling a can of pepper spray or his baton or his gun. He loses. On the other hand, he gets his butt beat by the youths because he doesn’t use force. He loses. He blocks the front door and traps the black inside until more help comes, he loses- charges of false imprisonment being leveled against him… In fact, he would be criticized by OUR LEADERS IN OUR SOCIETY for creating the confrontation over material possessions, a few twinkes and a can of coke. Trust me, been there, done that.

    The problem is not the police response, but the society in which the police cannot respond as they know they should.

    Put the blame on that. Not the cop. He did the right thing in the world we now live in. He allowed the bad guys to get away. The charge is shoplifting in statute, but not by event. I agree, if they could prove it was organized, then charge them for that.

    The law is the law and controlled by people who would want to punish the good guys far more quickly than the bad. Here is my take on Hitchen’s comments about England.

  • Doug Edelman

    “Community Organizing” at its finest! Disorder = civil unrest = martial law?

  • daryl

    100% correctum you are, Andreas.
    A couple of them down with a little blood on the floor tends to disslove those tough “flashmob” stains for months. They do have short memories tho so you may need to apply the 9mm again.

  • Jackson

    These people have ALL been raised to believe other people’s property, money, and work is their own -taught this by their atheistic parents and their atheistic socialist public school union thugs and the atheistic socialist Democratic (socialist) Party of America politicians.

    These people aare even taught that other people’s lives are not important unless they view them as wanted, needed, loved, inexpensive and convenient. They will kill unborn, just born, disabled, elderly, too costly, unwanted, inconvenient or hated persons without any remose whatsoever – taught this by their atheistic parents and their atheistic socialist public school union thugs and the atheistic socialist Democratic Party of America politicians.

    Fortunately, God is not going to let this go on for much longer. He is going to stop the satanic quite soon.

  • valerie

    “#30 August 15, 2011 at 9:57 am
    Molon Labe commented:”

    I know from reading your posts that you are neither conservative nor sensible. You are one of those people who try real hard to make this place look nutty.

  • gage

    Aren’t the PC police here guilty of soft racism? By not responding when the robbery is being committed and then dismissing the crime as mere shoplifting, aren’t they treating the mob like they would a marauding band of monkeys stealing fruit from a bazaar?

  • DINORightMarie

    Liberal left is an understatement for Montgomery County. When I was there over 20 years ago that was true. (Montgomery County, MD is where I grew up.) Germantown used to be corn fields and open spaces, with a few homes sprinkled around. Overnight, the community exploded. When I graduated from high school, the joke was that Germantown’s high school football team would ALWAYS win because of the “farm boys” on the team.

    When the town grew, there were, by law, a percentage of homes built that were “subsidized housing” or “affordable housing” – a friend of mine told me it was about 20-30%, but I’m not sure if that is true or correct.

    There are several government contracting companies out there (Hughes is one, I know) as well as Dept. of Energy, NIST, just to name a few. A very wealthy area……but still, the unemployment rates would be high for minority teens, as they are in DC and elsewhere.

    Bored kids, no challenge to achieve from home, the culture, or anywhere; pushing them to succeed and work hard. No jobs, no constructive activities that will keep these kids working for their communities, their friends, or the needy. (You’d think all those ACORN groups would have that WAAAAY in hand in such a wealthy area! Yeah, right.). Also, I believe there are no curfews in Montgomery County – by some law put in place after a law suit was raised by the ACLU, I believe….. So, surprise, surprise! Out at 1:30 am stealing. My, word! Who would have thought it?! O.o

    Whoever they are, whatever their economic background, they all have cell phones, iPods, whatever they want. So – what better thing to do than play some “tricks” on “low-life businesses” like 7-11? After all, that is all they see on TV 24/7 365 in movies, shows, etc. not to mention the music that challenges this age group to take on the “man” or whatever.

    Of course they turn to criminal activity!! They need some “fun”, a “thrill”! Some might feel entitled, but, hey – just “kids being kids”, you know……….. /sarc

    I am SO SICK of that thinking!

    The Montgomery County Police need to be sued by this 7-11 owner, and take the county on for not sending police in a timely manner; also, they need to press charges for EACH PERSON seen in that video stealing. And, if they are smart, there needs to be a suit or criminal charge against criminal conspiracy via electronic media (email, twitter, FB, textmsg – whatever!).

    Until business owners start to fight back, and force the law officers to do their jobs, this will continue.

  • valerie

    “#27 August 15, 2011 at 9:52 am
    Joanne commented:

    It would be easy to arrest those thieves from the video”

    Yes. Exactly. That is why the police officer did not have to act immediately. He did exactly what a Howard or Montgomery cop would do under the circumstances. These kids are identifiable, and their homes and parents will be easy to find. If he had charged in there like an outnumbered fool, the foreseeable end result would have been a lot of property damage and a dead or injured kid, probably belonging to a local doctor or politician, and statewide outrage. Instead, the police and then the social workers will be all over this like white on rice, because these kids’ families are likely to have resources, and therefore be “rescuable.”

    I think we are seeing a fad, similar to the demonstrations and stunts like streaking. In these two counties, there will be a Big Project to Deal With The Problem, and by the time the local system is done with them, these kids, and all their compatriots in the local high schools, are going to sincerely wish that they had never heard of flash mobs.

  • Lance

    It’s pathetic when cowards grovel. PC should also stand for “pathetic cowards” to define anyone gullible enough to fear it. Those thugs are bold and don’t give a damn what anybody thinks of them. Their victims are a bunch of timid punks afraid of being labeled exactly what those thugs are, racist.

  • olm

    It is interesting that these “flash mobs” are getting zero msm attention.
    It also reminds me , a little, of the violence in London.
    This lawlessness is a perfect vehicle for those who want to take us down, to take us down.

  • greenfairie

    Whoa, whoa, whoa here. These kids aren’t nice suburbanites; all you have to do is take the Red line from some of D.C.’s or PGC’s “finest” neighborhoods and hop a bus or two, and you can pretty much end up anywhere you want.

    I’m half tempted to say it’s what Montgomery County, a place that’s as lefty as San Francisco or Havana, deserves but the only person here who got harmed is the (likely immigrant) franchise owner of the 7-11. No wonder the Korean shop owners will defend their business with their lives. The cops are too worried about getting carried by six or convicted by 12 to do much of anything.

  • dunce

    This video must have been photo shopped. Those were really tea partiers terrorizing small business people. Leading democrats warned me this would happen.

  • daryl

    Limbaugh just reported that the one bus tour is now THREE buses. And these babies cost a cool million apiece. Nothing but the best for our vagabond prez.

  • GrandmaC

    Just wait – someone WILL take out a gun and take a stand protecting his store, blow away one of these negro thugs and the race riots begin. It is brewing and we will not stand down. It is coming. Keep watch and get armed.

    (September 17 – Day of Rage).

  • #40 August 15, 2011 at 10:15 am
    J. Knight commented:
    #20 Valerie

    You ought to read the news a little more often, and I’m glad you’ve been lucky. As for the smile, I will never risk my family’s safety on whether a thug thinks I’ve smiled just right. And I’ve never read the DailyKos, or any other lefty websites.

    For further info, why don’t you read SecondCityCop out of Chicago, or better yet, read this blog where we have had story after story of white people being attacked by blacks for no other reason that being white. Did the recent events(last week) of dozens of whites being attacked by black gangs at the Wisonsin State Fair even register with you? Jim reported on it extensively here on this blog.

    Sorry, you’re BS is why we have this crap in this country. And why decent, law-abiding citizens minding their own business, or running a business, have to put up with black thugs attacking and stealing with impunity. You’re the troll here, lady.

    I read your initial post and the way you wrote it condemns ALL blacks. Valerie was responding to that and I can see by your rhetoric precisely why she felt pressed to respond.
    One reason our country has been so stable and peaceful is it is based on assigning guilt to the guilty, not grouping in the innocent just because they are of the same people/family/tribe. That’s a good quality and we should NOT be baited into losing it.

    This is not the norm in many other countries and it requires a lot of adult self-discipline to not be easily aroused by excitable reporting and comments to tell everyone ALL Blacks are such, being just as guilty as any Black saying “ALL WHITES are…”

    Valerie’s history of posting on this blog doesn’t indicate she isn’t aware of or dismisses the seriousness of the mobbing problem, so to turn around and call her the troll is telling a lot about about you.

    AS for the broken families of the Blacks, it is manifesting as badly thru the so-caleld “white” demographics, and the selfish, undisciplined entitlement attitude is well-entrenched .. just not yet manifesting through the mob, probably ONLY because of geographical factors because due to location, it’s more distance to bring together the critical mass needed for cover and for crossing that line of law. The mob which trashed Vancouver after the Stanley Cup hockey loss looked pretty damn white, and just like the grinning teenagers in the 7-11, pretty damn happy to be stealing and breaking things.
    That’s what ya get when parents never took the time to teach them useful hobbies or made them get part-time jobs to keep them busy. Or made sure their long hours in schools actually gave them SKILLS. Or taught them the Ten Commandments: Thou shalt not COVET.
    “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.”

    Then again, the Elite Rich White Left spent quite a bit of time passing laws to prohibit youth employment … in the name of “stopping exploitation of children” with has produced a totally incompetent, completely idle working age population, “facilitated” not “educated” by the very same political hacks, so they have NO SKILLS and they KNOW it.

    The lackluster POLICE response is of more concern, because it sends the message to ALL that basic expectations of civil society aren’t going to be protected. That’s a disaster that only STARTS with what’s going on with the idle, bored youth in the black neighborhoods, and commuities pay A LOT OF MONEY for POLICING many aren’t getting.

    The Left wailed for years about needing to stop “Black Flight” from the inner cities, stopping decent families from fleeing what the Left had installed: the Welfare Effect. The same Left wails we are a fail as a society because we have “too many people incarcerated in prisons.” Really? One fail feeds the other and it’s ALL from the same rotten root of Progressive Leftism.

  • redpillpatriot

    #33 Chuck

    Nailed it!!!!!

    Don’t know what else to say, but I would hate to be the first white guy that defends himself against these “yoofs”. They will lock you up and throw away the key, or bring back the firing squad…… One could only hope they put the yoofs on the firing squad… we all know they can’t hit sh!t.

  • mg4us

    This is not the first yet MSM refuses to report. . need to spred the word about this and Milwaukee, DC earlier this year, Philly, Chicago, Iowa, even NY. . .

    This is being coordinated by folks on the left who hate America. . and stoked by Not-so-Sharpton when he says “resist we much”. . .

    And for Obama not to speak out like Major Nutter of Philly. .you know Obama supports this

  • Something similar happened out here in VA at the Chesapeake Square Mall, however, I can’t find video, and the local media is ignoring it all. It was reported on the Wavy10TV Facebook page by a local who listens to a police scanner. Eyewitnesses say there were over 100 “youth” involved. Based on what I’ve been able to piece together from varying accounts, they seem to have started in the Toys R Us parking lot – smashing vehicles and karts. Once the police arrived, they scattered, some continued the distraction in a nearby Michael’s Craft Store parking lot, while others headed for Best Buy, Walmart, and the Sears in the mall – most likely after the electronics, though I can’t be sure. Local police were overwhelmed and needed backup from a neighboring city. When the whole thing was over, there were a few victims, including a young man who posted to the WAVY10TV FB that he & his cousin had been “jumped”, yet there were no arrests made, and the Chesapeake Police dept seems to have closed all the cases as “Disruptive subjects”. No charges, no arrests, and nothing in the local news. This seems to have been the 2nd of such occurrences in the area, yet no media coverage.

  • free`

    I just love the part where the cop says ‘we are taking this seriously’ . I call BS, if he were taking it seriously the media would have been calling him a racist by now.

  • OxyCon

    Businesses will start closing up and the country will turn into the United States of Detroit if this is allowed to continue.

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  • Joanne

    I want every good person here to remember that a bunch of black youths, whether looting or violent, cannot take good people down. There are far more good people in America than bad, and although these little sh*ts can wreak havoc, they are but flesh and bone and both can turn to dust.

  • tommy mc donnell

    still no coverage in american tass.

    the first white flash mob that does this will be headline news wall to wall coverage on all the left-wing television stations.

    maybe we need a white flash mob to do this to expose the story. maybe o’keefe could set up a phoney white flash mob to fake looting a store to get american tass to cover it.

  • decentAmerican

    it continues:

    If you think the mess in the UK can not happen in the US, you are truly naive. The UK riots are due to this entitlement mentality, where the “have nots’ demand of the government, which has been already quite generous in this welfare and pension laden society, that they want more. “where’s my share”?????

    As opposed to the capitalistic societies, like ours, that have a legacy of….”if you want it, work for it”.

    That will change, with this liberal mentality of “something for nothing”…..perfectly exemplified by that iconic and typical BHO liberal supporter, who said in 2008:

    “Obama will pay for my gas, he’ll pay for my mortgage!”.



    Distributing the wealth. the riots will come. There will be blood on the liberals’ hands.

    Damn you BHO and your liberal devils, for destroying our beautiful and prosperous country.

  • dallasdan

    Time to start shooting these anarchists.

  • donh

    England is trying to revoke all welfare benefits from people guilty of participating in riots. Lets do the same. Find out who these people are and make sure they never get another welfare check, food stamp, subsidy or social security check for the rest of their lives.

  • Tsi Tala

    They feel entitled, thanks, or actually NO thanks, to OBowow and his comrades. He will do what it takes to destroy our country from within, as well as from outside. And with cops who won’t respond, what do we expect therefore? They also have the likes of Holder, of course, to back them up, and they know it.

  • MamaGrizzly

    Just following Obama’s lead . . . “redistributing” the wealth.

    You cannot discount the fact that the “president” is having an effect on black attitudes–especially among the young people. They KNOW nothing will happen, so it’s looters’ heaven. They are copying their leader.

    I just really wish those clean cut, studious, responsible white teenagers would stop engaging in these flash mob robberies all over the country.

  • No Man

    A. B. Hinkle: “So far, none of those who call peaceful Tea Party activists terrorists have flung the same accusation at British rioters who have inflicted genuine terror.” Or, these racial attacks.

  • DomesticGoddess

    We need our own Patriot thugs to take them out. Two can play at this game! I live in MD, and am sickened by the place! Owe Malley is as corrupt as they get.

  • I’m not black, but you do realize this isn’t a “black” thing, anymore than poor white trash meth heads are a white thing, right? You do get that, right? On behalf of us non-blacks, I apologize to any black conservatives for some of the ignorance coming from a few folks here.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Heard Alan “The Mortician” Colmes arguing that these flash mobs are JUST like what kids did in the 1950’s when they tried to see how many they could fit in a phone booth and fun stuff like that. Tell THAT to the store owner who has to replace lost inventory.

  • My drill instructor used to make fun of my generation when we were in boot camp in 1993. He called us the Nintendo generation. If he were around today, he would probably call these young folks who want to loot, rob, and mooch off of everyone else a name something like ‘the Godless generation.’ A generation with no respect, no fear of the Lord, and given over to a thug-loving gangster mentality.

    This kind of evil is what happens when God gives men over to their own wicked ways. They will take pleasure in committing crime, and become skilled at doing it. They may get away with it for awhile, but someday it will catch up with them.

  • Francesca

    Really, is it too much to ask the President of the United States to speak out against these events? A real leader would do so regardless of race.

  • Studious Citizen

    Chuck in St Paul, that scenario had crossed my mind as well.

    But it goes without saying that we all know how to handle it.

  • Incitatus

    Afrikaner Woman Had to Pose Naked for Cops,

    Life in black-run South Africa.

    America’s 14 Most Ready to Riot Cities,

    This article, incredibly stupidly, but deliberately—avoids race.

    Barack Obama’s Father: Bigamist, Drunk and Wife-Beater,

    But he did give us the messiah of hope and change

    Reporter insists some of the looters must have been white. (VIDEO)

    Victim: “… there was at least 100, 200 black youths with hoodies and stuff, just rampaging, every shop”

    Reporter (interrupts): “You’re not being stereotypical there … . Are you sure they were black? I’m sure they weren’t all black were they?”

    Victim: “O.K. then let me just say they weren’t all black, I was the white guy there.”
    Reporter (interrupts): “Well there were probably other white guys there as well … .”

  • Speaking Clearly

    # 32 Taqiyyotomist: Good post.

    Multiculturalism being forced upon the United States, from Progressives. Instead of integration.

    All of the wealth that has been reditributed from the productive in society, to help these minorities…. and look what it has gotten us.

    Now we see why the ranks of Tea Party minorities are growing. They are rightfully ashamed of being associated with these uneducated scum. Thank God for the growing number of diverse Tea Party Conservatives…of all colors.

    All these stupid Progressive, social engineering, wealth distribution programs, designed by white Progressives…..

    ….When whites are no longer in the majority soon….do you think these Black FlashMob liberals will return the favor…and extend a helping hand to whites? We are destroying our own country.

    Think about it.

  • donh

    Well when the president and every democrat politician are going to NAACP meetings across the country telling people the first black president is failing because of RACISM…is it any wonder the black folk go on an angry riot ? This is all being instigated and provoked by the race baiting democrat party .

  • Green

    Lock the doors. Throw in some gasoline. Light a match. They won’t do it again!

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