Another Flashmobbery: Thieves Joke & Laugh As They Rob Maryland 7-11 (Video)

Another black youth flashmobbery took place at a 7-11 in Montgomery County, Maryland. Apparently, the police did not respond until the looters had ransacked and left the store.
The robbery took place at 1:30 AM.

From the video: A 7-11 in Montgomery County, Maryland was hit by a flash mob on August 13, 2011. The clerk activated a silent alarm, but police waited until the mob left the store before responding. Further, according to the video, the officer refused to investigate the crime, and only viewed this incident as shoplifting.

Some of the thieves were laughing and joking as they robbed the store.
The Germantown Patch reported:

Montgomery County Police are investigating a flash mob theft Saturday at a 7-Eleven in Germantown.

More than 20 young people simultaneously entered the convenience store at around 1:30 a.m., leaving with snack items such as candy, soda pop and chips, said Germantown 5th district Cmd. Luther Reynolds.

Apparent surveillance footage obtained by NBC Washington shows a stream of young people — some of the smiling and laughing — entering the convenience store and leaving with out paying.

“To have that many people descend on a store, like a mob mentality, like it’s some kind of joke, I cannot say I’ve ever seen anything like that before,” Reynolds told Patch. “It’s embarrassing to our community.”

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  • patman

    Lock the doors. Call the cops. Prosecute the parents.

    Problem solved.

  • avery

    Of course the Law didn”t do anything,those are “ERIC HOLDEN” people.

  • Sasja

    Patman, what good does it do to call the cops when they are too chicken to confront the looters? The article states a silent alarm was activated but the cops waited until those less than human animals left the store. And to add insult to injury as it were, there was no investigation? I thought shoplifting was a crime. Apparently not in their neck of the woods.

  • CoolCzech

    Lock the door. Fire the cops. Investigate their bosses.

  • myohmy

    Maryland is run by democrats.

  • J

    For the first time in my life, when I’m in a public place and african/american people are there, I’m nervous. The dems have robbed me of my ability to be comfortable around fellow Americans and I really am very angry at them.

  • bigkahuna

    Its all fun and games till someone gets shot. Someone has to be able to check for flash texting and press riot charges or conspiracy charges.

    How about a sprayer on the exit door that sprays dye on them to be used to identify them.

    Holder people on display… This continuing parade of Holder people acting like animals and brazenly robbing and beating people as at the recent fair and other incidents is going to continue to fuel race issues and all the black leaders but one( Philly) have been silent on it.

    The elephant in the room ( no not Moochelle) will sooner or later will bust through its cage and trample people.

  • CoolCzech

    I can see these flashmob events are going to continue until they descend upon a Korean store owner, and about 20 get blown away with a shotgun.

    That, by the way, would be an overall socially positive outcome. Sorry if that’s insensitive – I denounce myself.

    After that, the authorities will finally have to stop ignoring the issue.

  • CoolCzech

    myohmy commented:
    “Maryland is run by democrats”

    I’ve noticed that EVERY bordeline 3rd World Craphole in America is.

  • B. Cooper

    Feral “Youts”, coming to a city near you…

  • Bobbi

    This is a prelude to the elections, where the Brown shirts will be out In full force.

  • Mary

    Officer refused to investigate? And only viewed the incident as shoplifting?
    Last time I checked:
    a person who steals goods from the shelves or displays of a retail store while posing as a customer.
    These criminals didn’t even “pose” as customers and hey Officer, stealing is a crime!
    They came. They stole. They left.
    Who gets to pay for this? The shopkeeper and you and me.
    I suppose since they were black (was the officer?) it’s racist to ask for them to be punished…if they were purple-people-eaters they should be caught and punsihed.
    Look what the great healer BHO has wrought us. Better be prepared for a lot worse when BHO loses the election. Entitlement my a$$.

  • FreakyBoy

    Because of the dangerous situation it puts the clerks, it should be prosecuted as kidnapping as well.

  • RedBeard

    The cop has never seen this sort of thing before? Really? Has he been living in a cave?


    nothing like a few shot gun blasts to stop this $HIT….odumbo’s people doing what they do best…having some skin in the game

  • J. Knight


    As a white person, I feel I am very fortunate to live in a county that has no blacks. Sad, really, but it’s not worth taking a chance on being robbed, assaulted, or attacked. When I visit a large city that has a black population, I pretty much know where to go. But if I see any blacks, especially black youth, I leave immediately. I also have a CCP, but the last thing I want to do is shoot anyone. But I wouldn’t hesitate if my life or my family’s life was in danger. However, the trouble this would cause makes it better to just avoid any such situation to begin with. Therefore, I rarely go to cities with a black population, and never take my family there. We live within 2 hrs. of a medium-sized city(pop. 65,000) that has just about everything one could want, and it has a very small black population. I’ve never felt unsafe there, but still carry my weapon. What a sad state of affairs.

  • CT

    Montgomery County, Maryland is the most liberal county in a very liberal state. Nothing will be done to these poor young victims of discrimination and social injustice. Remember Obama is their advocate for wealth redistribution.

  • Valerie

    Montgomery and Howard counties in Maryland regularly vie for the highest per capita income in the nation. There are cheap seats in both counties, but the chances are that these kids are not from poor families. Once again, the cameras were working, and the parents and local ministers ought to be enlisted to handle this.

  • Louie_DaSmasher

    When will people wise-up?

    Only YOU can prevent forest fires.

  • Valerie

    “#16 August 15, 2011 at 9:32 am
    J. Knight commented:”

    You have been reading too much hysterical news.

    I am a little, bitty white woman who has lived on my own in Northern Virginia, Chicago, Houston, Columbia, Maryland, and San Diego.

    Most days, blacks are no threat, and sometimes a smile can disarm a thug, just like anybody else.

    Now, go back to the Daily Kos, and quit making fake posts here.