WTH? Obama Warns America About “Job-Killing Tax Cuts” During Press Conference (Video)

WTH? This was nuts.
Many Americans believe that Barack Obama is purposely trying to destroy the American economy with his job-killing big government policies. That may not be the case. Maybe he’s not that sinister. Maybe he’s just a complete leftist ideologue and true believer in a utopian socialist fantasy.

Today Obama warned the American people about “job-killing tax cuts.”
The community organizer might not be evil. He might be an idiot.
Video from FOX Nation:

Here’s the transcript via The White House:

So my general view is that if the American people looked at this, they’d say, boy, some of these decisions are tough, but they don’t require us to gut Medicare or Social Security. They don’t require us to stop helping young people go to college. They don’t require us to stop helping families who’ve got a disabled child. They don’t require us to violate our obligations to our veterans. And they don’t require “job-killing tax cuts.” [sic] They require us to make some modest adjustments to get our house in order, and we should do it now.

For the record: There is an abundance of evidence that significant tax rate reduction always increases real GDP.

Maybe that helps explain the current 9.2% unemployment rate?

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  • kansas

    Maybe he’s just a complete leftist ideologue and true believer in a socialist fantasy.

    Or here’s a thought. He just a complete dumbass.

  • kansas

    He’s…I hate it when that happens.

  • Tom in CA

    I vote for dumbass….

  • Guy in Ohio

    I vote all of the above ….

    Dumbass, Socialist/ Marxist Ideologue, Anti-American, Traitor … the list goes on and on.

  • martha

    Actually from his perspective he’s right. You see the only jobs that he sees as legitmate are government jobs. Private sector industry is just a cash cow to him. He does’nt see the private sector as anything more than institutions to be raided for money. he gives not one seconds thought to the private sector jobs or the the fact that they are producing the money he steals for his schemes. That kind of thinking is above his pay grade.
    Tax cuts mean thaat depts get shut down or scaled back,therefore jobs would be lost, but they would be go’vt jobs which are the only ones he cares about.

  • ar05075

    The pathetic little clown is desperate.

  • Molon Labe

    Who would employee his 49 czars, or the NPR stooges, or all the trolls who slave at the EPA protecting coackroaches and slugs; what about all those people depending on NPA awards, who’d employ the folks at HEW; or all his perverts friends at the TSA?

    Save Obama’s posse, friends, and family’s jobs.


    The job you save could be Obama’s uncles’.

  • Freddy

    Anybody that thinks tax cuts do not threaten GOVERNMENT jobs ‘s just being silly! And likely a RACIST too!

    So there!!!

  • Dave-O

    Somewhere in Kenya, a village is missing its idiot.

  • Yrral Dliefsarb

    Why insist Zero is either evil or an idiot? He has amply demonstrated
    that he is uninformed, prone to gaffes, incapable of intelligent speech
    without his teleprompter, willing to lie at the drop of a hat, incapable
    of keeping promises, two-faced, and the willing promoter of his corrupt
    backers’ interests. He is evil if the word means anything, and he is
    clearly stupid. He probably has an IQ higher than what would make
    him technically an idiot, but in the idiomatic sense, he is truly an idiot.

    We should be thankful that, with his dark heart and evil master(s),
    that he is too stupid to hide his nature and allegiance(s).

  • J

    He truly is wandering in the wilderness. Someone needs to bring him in, medicate him and send out someone who knows what they are talking about. Poor thing, really time for the dems to retire him.

  • Spartan

    I’ve seen that look before?,,,,,,snap,,,,,,snap,,,,,,snap,,,,,,,OHHHH

    You know when a Great White is about to attack and their eyes roll back to black???? That’s that same look.

    Some mindless eating machine responding to chum in the water.

  • Trialdog

    Obama is NOT an idiot. He knows tax cuts create jobs and increase revenues. He acknowleged this in a pre-election interview with Steve Croft. You may recall it.
    He is what he is. Whether you want to call him a street agitator, or dress it up and call him a community organizer, he is what he is. He is doing what he does best, pander, confuse, agitate, mislead, confuse, and generally create a circus he can exploit.
    The dems will not raise taxes or cut benefits. They want repubs to do that so they can blame the repubs to exploit either issue in any election. Obama is just fanning the flames at this point. He offers nothing. If the repubs cave and give him a “deal”, the repubs lose. That’s the bottom line. And Obama will agitate until he strikes enough fear in the repubs that they cave.

  • Conservative Ken

    That greasy little communist pinhead. His only bargaining chip is to terrorize ever since the Dems lost their super majority.

    Awwwww, watsa matter Barry? Can’t shove your BS budget through Congress anymore?

  • bg


    are there no grown ups or sane people in high places anymore??

    surely Obama cannot control the entire world.. but the more they let
    him get away with what he’s doing, the tougher it will be to stop his
    insanity.. this must be how Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc, started off!! 🙁


  • surfcitysocal

    He’s not dumb. He’s just supremely, arrogantly confident he can sell this line of BS to the American public. And he just might with the MSM squarely in his back pocket, sitting on their collective a**es saying, “Yeah, yeah, that’s right!”

  • bg


    not as unrealistic as it once seemed, well, symbolically at any rate..


  • bg


    re: #17

    you may have to click “refresh”..


  • jennifer

    Tax cuts kill jobs. It’s certainly an Obama world, where wrong is right and up and down.

  • mike191

    “..job killing tax cuts…”. “…do not call my bluff…”, “..eat your peas…” President44 is on a roll.This is the mensa president that David Brooks admires.Has the island of Guam tipped over,yet?Yet democrats insist that any voter Ids are vote suppressors and racist while they deny the military the right to an absentee ballot that will count in an election.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    He might be an idiot.

    Let’s see, basically he’s saying that more/higher taxes == more prosperity?

    On the possibility that he might be an idiot, I’d say there’s no doubt.

  • DaveinPhoenix

    This mofo in the Whitehouse couldn’t produce a job if it was handed to him on a silver platter. Nor the idiots who took control of Congress in ’07. They’ve completed the destruction of the middle class, and none of these idiots – who’ve never had any experience in actually (gasp!!) working for a living, have a clue on what to do next. The only nonsense spewing from their mouths is the same old liberal crap I’ve heard for 40 years now – ever since LBJ’s Great Society experiment began. Hey ! Get a clue in the Whitehouse, stupid ! It’s failed miserably, and paid for on the backs of the (former) middle class. Clueless f**ks….

  • Limousine Barry

    Let me be clear, I will not allow Crony Killing Tax cuts! I would rather put 10 taxpayers out of work than see one of my cronies loose his job!

    I have worked hard to drive up debt and drive the economy into a ditch. It’s tough to waste billions upon billions of the taxpayer’s money on my crony’s – far too much work for the average Tax-n-Spend democrat. That’s why I am here… to expand my crony work force! I say we need a “No Crony Left Behind” program!

    Look, it took Barney Frank and Maxine Waters years to spend Fannie Mae into the dirt. You don’t know how many bribes, shake-downs cash diversions it took to screw Fannie and the housing market. Far too many! I will not let this legacy be ruined!

    We have the biggest Limousine Force in the world! We need more. We don’t need to gut bureaucratic industrial complex running Medicare or Social security. We need to gut the Taxpayer!

    My teleprompter is fading and I suk. But, with higher taxes, higher interest rates, more cronies, more limousines and higher gas prices we can put the American dollar on par with the Mexican peso and send unemployment through the roof. Thank you. Good day.

  • Mac in NM

    @ #21-Ditto.

  • Major Kong

    A crisis is a terrible thing to waste. Lots of shoes waiting to drop.
    BTW, and just a reminder, when the Impostor in Chief was a lowly Illinois state legislator he was one of only a few who voted AGAINST the Born Alive Protection Act, (something he obviously felt strongly about in light of his many “present” votes). Evil is as evil does.

  • Mikey

    No, he’s evil.

  • Drew

    A few days ago he mentioned job-killing tax increases. Today it’s job-killing tax cuts. Does he even know what he’s saying anymore?

  • tommy mc donnell

    i disagree with this premise. i think obama knows exactly what he is doing. that is to do as much harm as he can to this country and its people. for two and a half years he has pushed bill after bill, program after program, policy after policy that the majority of the american people are againist. and every bit of this destructive governing has been accomplished with the aid and abetence of the entire democratic party.

  • pst314

    Obama is right:

    These tax cuts would kill the jobs of useless, parasitic bureaucrats.

  • bg


    re: #21

    how come he not holds the highest position in the world, but is
    literally taking “we the people” to a place we want no part of..
    yet are approaching at warp speed??

    ergo, if he’s such an idiot, what does that make US??


  • bg


    damn.. re: #30

    he not holds = he not only holds


  • KR

    #25 Major Kong,
    Good point. Another conformation of his callousness: Fast & Furious – allowing innocent people to die for political ends.

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  • Major Kong

    #32 KR
    …allowing innocent people to die for political ends.

    Your observation reminds me of Joseph Stalin’s remark about one death being a tragedy, one million deaths a mere statistic.

  • Blaze

    No, it’s:

  • Annaleesea

    Martha’s absolutely right. That statement was a reach out to his government worker homies. He wasn’t misspeaking or having a senior moment(and I’m a senior). We as private sector employees receive a tax break and there goes how many govt employees, all by the way, Obamanuts to the core. Look at how many federal workers have been hired since Barry picked up the golf club. Nothing this group does is due to stupidity, it’s all by design, which makes it extremely more dangerous…time for a group facepalm

  • Militant Conservative

    Johnny Darko is totally marked to his socialist

    teachings . OR he is hell bent on the distruction

    Of capitalist America that nothing else matters.

    All I know is America is better off with Obama in

    The rear view mirror.

    Satan get thee behind me!

    Powder is dry

  • No Man

    When he’s not shamelessly lying, he’s hallucinating.

    All the drugs he blew in his youth.

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    He is a little boy full of RAGE And Anger for his Kenya father, his mother and how she hated America…he is so angry at the WHITE America–he married a racist black from Princeton..together they met others who hated America. His mom wanted social justice so did Franklin Marshall Davis—kill the white empire, topple their success…replace it and everything they have..with social government programs that he and his dominions will dominate and have control. He put a racist at DOJ Holder hates whites too..That’s why he is for abortions, HATES GOD, the flag, hates the military…hates wall street, AL Capone was like that–thug, he allowed AK-47s to kill Americans, Black Panthers, he didn’t care about the 13 shot in Texas, he didn’t care about our military, he DoEs NOT care–only his social programs–he wants more money!!!! he likes power…he is a very sick, sick person…he writes Executive Orders like he is a KING..we need to have the American power invoke a petition to IMPEACH him. The American people can remove him and they only need signatures!! WE NEED TO KICK HIM OUT!

  • Madkangaroo

    Some of the above posters have , IMHO, hit the nail on the head. While I think “president” Obama used “job killing tax cuts” just to scare people, it does really reflect his thinking. As a former government worker, and former union member, there really is a mentality that only their jobs count, they are the elite, the private sector is just a bunch of dumb @ss cash cows who exist to fund them.

    Prediction: If the Republicans push through Cap and Cut in the House, the Dems will NOT kill it in the Senate, nor will Obama veto. They will, instead, let it pass and then SABOTAGE the economy and blame it on the Republican’s Cap and Cut policies. If they loose this battle, and also lose the Senate and WH in 2012, the Left may not have another really good chance to “…fundmentally transform America” for generations – and they know it.

  • JimmyT

    I have been telling everyone, for over a year, this man IS stupid. Believe me now?

  • clarityrising

    How about his freaking lie where he said 80% of Americans were for a balanced approach of increasing revenues (tax raise) and cutting spending. What a G* D* liar! Sure Republicans are about increasing revenue when its letting businesses operate without crippling tax burdens, but not what he is suggesting.

  • lol

    did him or any of his ivy league czars pay attention in economics 101? seriously they have to be doing this on purpose to our economy.

  • don abernathy

    The guy is dumb as a stump.


  • gus

    Job killing tax cuts??? The government can only spend money CREATED IN THE PRIVATE ECONOMY. The government CREATES NOTHING.

  • tommy mc donnell

    someone help the myth out, its taxes and regulations that are killings jobs in america. both of which the myth wants more, more, more.

  • Joanne

    Don’t be fooled, Obama is not an idiot; he is absolutely evil. He hates America’s natural friends and sides with her foes. He fully intends to destroy America. He is a patholigical narcissist, and they are dangerous when they are put into a corner. Obama’s space is getting smaller and smaller; get ready for the sh*t to fly.

  • Joanne

    Ask yourselves, what hasn’t Obama gotten away with to date? Not a d*mn thing. If anyone thinks he is stupid or misinterprets his intentions may be stupid themselves. Obama does not stand alone; there are millions of useful idiots supporting and enabling his every move.

  • Joanne

    sorry, ‘pathological’ narcissist….

  • ahem

    He’s an economic illiterate.

  • Joanne

    Just remember his goons, the TSA, are getting away with molesting children and grandmothers, and if you complain you’ll go to jail. Don’t think Obama is the one that is stupid.

  • Joanne
  • Redwine

    Barry’s statement would be ridiculous, except that the obtuse and utterly stupid McConnell is collaborating with deranged Dingy Harry to give Barry the code to the bank vault. Dear Leader will find a way to have unhindered access to our money that will ensure his victory in 2012, and ensure that he will be able to complete the transfer (redistribution) of whatever is left of our wealth to his cronies and overseas to America’s enemies.

  • SM-AZ

    More WTF blarney from Barry!

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  • gus

    It’s gotten to be so absurd, and MOSTLY, because the MSM MEDIA, see’s Obama as some sort of NEW AGE MESSIAH, that, NOTHING MORONIC this abject piece of CRAP says.. Is seen as anything but…..ELOQUENCE…..by the FAWNING SYCCOPHANITC LIBTARD MORONS of the MSM.
    They CANNOT separate their INTELLECT…..such as it is, from their LIBTARD INERT INBRED IDEOLOGY and LIBERALISM.

  • rampart ranger

    How to answer the question: “Is obama an ideologue or an ignoramus?”

    He is an ideologue, ……and therefore he is an ignoramus.

    He bought into the far-left propaganda he heard from his family and never questioned it. I honestly believe the conversations he is now forced into having with Republican conservatives, are the very first substantive conversations he has ever had with conservatives in his very narrow and intellectually confined life.

  • Molon Labe

    If Helen Thomas and Barney Frank ever had a child it would be the spitting image of Obamao.

  • Rose

    It is so sweet of Odrama Queen to give our young kids such a swift education about the Destructive Nature of Marxism so fast. I’ve never seen anything galvanize these kids so fast to get registered – not Dim Vote Drives – kids who think he is destroying their futures, entirely, TODAY! And they know who they have to vote for – they know who they have to vote against!

  • Rose

    #1 – Kansas – Hey, HERE IS A NEW THOUGHT for ya:

    Obama is just such a Malignant Narcissist, that he wants America to look like Drought-stricken Ethiopia, or North Korea, or the Kalahari Desert, because he hates our guts!

    Please, can we quit being so naive to think they are all just THAT stupid???? AND EFFECTIVE and STILL TACTICALLY BRIGHTER than Conservatives, ALL the time??????????????????????

    This much damage takes a determined persistence that you should acknowledge and give its DUE. It’s only fair to YOURSELF!

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  • silentcal_rox

    this guy is a moron! but anyone who subscribes to saul lewinsk must have questionable motives! The guy’s clearly a Marxist . . pick the brand that you wish, but a commie is a commie!

  • hml

    Cloward and Piven is still working. Obama swelled up the budget and cut taxes. The CBO had a report weeks ago that said there is no way the American economy can make it past the year 2034 on the present course……………….

  • Most evil is banal.

    Buraq Hussayn bin Buraq Hussayn bin Hussayn Ubama is an evil ideologically-driven dangerous dullard.

  • alma george

    Hey Patriots, I hear all your gripes but you’re all wrong. The problem here is: He is only a puppet and is NOT responsible for his actions. He has NEVER made a policy or planned a demise of our country. HE IS SIMPLY ACTING OUT BY THE PLAN THE PUPPETMASTERS ALLOW HIM TO. We better GET TO THE BOTTOM of the MASTER PLAN, if we plan to do something about Obummer. He is not a lawyer, he is a community organizer. Michelle is not a lawyer, as she gave up her law license, when she got caught in a crime. Nobody ever saw his law license, did they? Nobody saw his diplomas from Havard or Colombia, not even a record of any of his educational “achievments.” Heck, we haven’t even seen his US birth certificate, yet. We’re looking in the wrong places. Somebody pulled the wool over our eyes and we better start looking elsewhere to catch the theives going out the back door, while Obummer gives his speeches and press conferences.

  • Bunni

    He’s a EVIL IDIOT!

    Plus, as all your photo’s illustrate, he is UNHINGED.
    Never have I seen such an evil, insane looking face, his eyes are dead and souless!
    I’d imagine satan himself looks more pleasant than this psycho!

  • MA


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  • bg


    alma #65


    the following will help you get off to a good start..

    Obama, IslaMarxism & The Green Movement

    [scroll up/down & click on links & connecting links for more info]


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