WOW!… Obama White House Says Voting on Debt Increase Again Next Year Is as Bad as Default (Video)

Wow!… Just Wow!
The Obama Administration says it is just as bad for government to discuss and vote on a debt increase next year as it would be to default on the debt. What idiocy!

Here’s the video:

Do you believe these loons?
They believe voting next year is just as bad as default?
So who’s playing games here?

ABC reporter Jake Tapper grilled White House Press Secretary Jay Carney today during the White House Press Briefing.
You won’t believe this.

Jake Tapper: Which Is Worse? Default or Voting to Raise the Debt Ceiling Again in 2012?… The worst-case scenario here is a default, right?

CARNEY: That is a bad scenario. I’m not sure — I mean —

TAPPER: Is it worse —

CARNEY: You know, there are things you could anticipate. But I — yes.

TAPPER: Is it worse than voting on the debt ceiling again next year?

CARNEY: The uncertainty created by regular votes on whether or not, for the first time — you know, and if you think it’s — there’s — there are political —

CARNEY: So — but Jake, let me answer the question. We do not think that that is the way that this country should operate. The president’s made it very clear.

TAPPER: What the president made clear in the meeting was that he will not —

CARNEY: Both are bad; I can’t choose which is worse for you.

TAPPER: Really? They — it — you can’t. Default might not be as bad as voting on this next year?

CARNEY: Jake, I’ve answered the question.

TAPPER: No, you guys are painting a very cataclysmic picture

CARNEY: Jake —

Ben Bernake said this week that defaulting on the debt would, “Create a very severe financial shock that would have effects not just on the US economy but the global economy.”

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  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    In other words, Obama wants the debt ceiling raised high enough that the issue is completely off the table through the 2012 election cycle.

  • ahem

    Precisely. If the Repubs cave, they should make it a condition that the issue be voted on again next year—to screw Obama’s re-election campaign up.

  • bitterclinger

    Moody’s and S&P are now under the thumb of Ogabe & Co. because they’re included in the Financial REGULATION bill. They’ll say whatever those DC dopes tell them to say. What a bunch of horseshite. Notice how everything HAS to get done in a hurry? TARP, HellCare?

    Ogabe would be better off if he had someone older than a 6th grader as WH Press Sec.

  • SeniorD

    Valerie’s Maoist Puppet President wants to raise the debt ceiling through mid-2012. That way, when he gets booted out of office, the country will be well on its way to default. Of course, Valerie, her Puppet, her BFF Michelle, little Timmy and the rest of the Maoist Mob will be on some island paradise that does not have extradition back to the US.

  • Auntie Em

    Obama wants the debt ceiling raised so he can use OUR money to steal the 2012 election for himself and his cronies.

    I hate the man. He is right about one thing. He is as transparent as glass, and no decent person likes what they see in the disasterous mistake that is Obama.

  • Nadadhimmi

    And remember, we are OUT OF TIME!. We have to do this immediately, no time to think about it. No Time. No Time. Discussing or negotiating this will cause a delay that will end the world. Just like the bail outs, this has to be done NOW. But don’t worry, Pelosi will let us know whats in it after they agree to it. Whats not to trust??

  • retire05

    My God, does anyone still believe a thing Ben Bernake says? Wasn’t he the guy who warned that without TARP the world was going to end? Isn’t he the guy the American people hired to warn us about impending financial crisis? Where the hell was he went Barney Frank was tell us the GSEs were in good shape? Where the hell was he when it was his job to protect us from the exact financial crisis that happened? He, and Hank Paulson should have both been strung up from a very strong oak tree.

    And what a moron Carney is. Jake Tapper put his neck in a vise and Carney could do nothing but wiggle. So now it comes out, Obama is not worried about making us into Greece, he’s worried about having to deal with this during the upcoming election year. At least someone in the White House is smart enough to tell Obama that his numbers ain’t lookin’ good. Just check the polls.

    Now, some idiot Democrat is telling Greta that he didn’t vote for the corporate jet tax cuts. Only problem with that is those corporate jet tax cuts are in Obamacare. So, either this guys is stupid, didn’t read the Obamacare bill or he’s lying. My guess? All three.

  • retire05

    Hey, Obama, here’s my idea on how to cut the budget. Any person receiving any kind of welfare, public housing, food stamps, TANF, any welfare, must submit to a drug/alcohol test and if they fail, cut ’em off today.

  • LibertyAtStake

    Translation: Any policy other than “Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money, Mo’ Money” (In Living Color ref) is “bad for statists”.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Redwine

    I am so frickin’ sick of these Marxist, Alinskyite frauds. The whole damn lot of them – the regime, the media, the czars, the cancerous alphabet soup of ever-invasive, freedom-thieving regulatory bungholes, the drones.

    What compounds the horror is that they are obtuse in their ability to understand the simplest forms of logic (i.e. if you take more money from the “rich” who run businesses, there will be fewer jobs); and worse, that their sociopathology makes their thinking utterly transparent.

  • lizzy84

    I hope the Republicans just do this in exchange for increasing the debt ceiling one more time:
    -Pass small spending cuts equal to the amount the debt ceiling is raised (Ex 2 trillion raise= 2 trillion in cuts) . Let the Dems kill it or Obama veto it.
    – Make oBama agree to announce that he will NOT run for a second term.

    Make them own this.

  • RKflorida

    The 1.5 Trillion reduction in spending and corresponding increase in the debt limit would last until about 90 days prior to the elections next year. That is totally unacceptable to Obama. It can be used against him in the campaign. THAT is the real and only reason they are against it.

  • Sparky

    If the US REALLY was in a debt crisis, you would think that President Pantywaist would be very engaged in the talks and be very willing to reach agreement. In fact, he’d consider every option even if it meant cutting his most beloved entitlements.

    So, I guess the debt isn’t really that much of a crisis after all!

  • rampart ranger

    Ha! The Congress has raised the ceiling 84 times in 61 years. That’s every 9 months, on average. And with the debt going up like asky rocket, one would expect those votes to become MORE FREQUENT now.

  • aquaviva

    Note the fly showing up at 13:10.

    It’s on the flag, and missed its target, but it knows sh*te when it smells it.

  • Jet Jaguar

    #8 July 14, 2011 at 9:22 pm
    retire05 commented:

    Hey, Obama, here’s my idea on how to cut the budget. Any person receiving any kind of welfare, public housing, food stamps, TANF, any welfare, must submit to a drug/alcohol test and if they fail, cut ‘em off today.

    Anyone taking taxpayer money (not govt $) should not be able to vote. It’s a conflict of interest, putting their own interests above the interests of the nation.

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    carney is just another puppet speaking in circles while odumbo polishes his golf shoes

  • Larkin

    I’m just about ready for a nice, quiet coup.

    Honestly, I would take a temporary, military “regent” over these marxist clowns any day of the week.

    And don’t say, “But that’s not our WAY!” Neither is the Orwellian nightmare that’s occurring.