The very talented Wilson Getchell entered this video into the $100,000 Power Line Video Contest.

“You’re Gonna Pay!”

Fiscally Responsible Punk – Was this timely or what?




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  1. He is right. We always end up paying.

  2. This should run on TV.

  3. awesome!! Who woulda thunk to ask for a Fiscally Responsible Punk ;) well done!

  4. can’t stand this kind of music, turned it right off.

    i like marco rubio’s floor speach. watch over at marcio is awsome and convincing, also, the treasonous john kerry pipes up and shows how lame he really is.

  5. I thought it was pretty neat the way he put it together! Cheers for creativity and thanks to Powerline for hosting this contest as I have seen so many amazing entries.

  6. Good on ya, Wilson! Nice job! A couple of things…..It was very hard to understand the lyrics over the loud music. That fits the rock scene today though when I think of the infamous “goddadevida” debate. It might appeal more to the younger crowd than my age group. However, imo, one of the best parts of the video was ending it with the crying and unhappy baby faces. That was VERY effective. That goes right to the core of what obama is doing and has done to our children with the massive debt all of us are saddled with paying for now and will be paying for in the future.

    P.S. I have actually been to a Cowboy poetry event. The one I attended celebrated American history, Conservative values and the great American West. The same independent spirit that Wilson has exhibited in making this video was very much alive there. When it loses funding I will gladly support the kind of American patriotic spirit it intends to promote. Can’t stand obama, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi though. Fie on them and their ilk–cattle rustlers!

  7. Visually excellent- would someone who can hear better than I can transcribe the lyrics?

  8. Love it


  9. The Ca Plane Pour Moi of 2011!

  10. Finally, political punk whose lyrics aren’t taken straight from the democrat and communist party’s talking points while claiming to be anarchist at the same time (try to figure the twisted reasoning out in that.)

  11. Excellent.

    And very catchy. Good video too.

  12. Howdy All,

    Thanks for the support. The lyrics are:

    Old people, government funded medication
    Subsidized housing in the capital of the nation
    3 trillion dollar deficit on top of 15 trillion dollar debt
    bullet trains, windmills and monkeys on cocaine

    you’re gonna pay, cuz someone’s got to pay

    for federally funded cowboy poetry
    federally funded condoms for preteens
    federally funded books and magazines
    I need federally funded air to breathe


    for the 21st century entitlement state
    where there are crickets in the coffers and pensions to pay
    we need less military presence throughout continental Europe
    and more fiscally responsible punk rock music now


    for 70 million baby boomers’ social security


    Thanks again! If you like this, check out my youtube stuff. There’s another called Lemonade Stand Tyranny…


  13. Fiscally Responsible Punk – an idea whose time has come. Check out Just Another Clown.


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