WINNING!… Speaker Boehner’s Website Crashes After Debt Plan Speech – Too Many Hits

Speaker Boehner‘s website crashed tonight during his speech to the nation.

Too many hits.

Obama’s website appears to be doing fine.
After all, we’ve all heard his cynical Bush-bashing speech for a few years now.

Here is John Boehner’s 5 minute speech – a refreshing alternative to Obama’s dirge.

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  • Tom63010

    Are sure it isn’t under attack by some Liberal Geeks?

  • Mad Hatter

    It’s pretty amazing how Boehner is holding firm on no taxes. He must be getting an ear full from the people of Northwest Ohio.

  • Mac in NM

    Hang in there Mr. Speaker!

  • Bobbi

    Does anyone else get the feeling that John Boehner would make a helluva better President? Like 1000% ? better?

  • NeoKong

    There is a technical term for that.

    It’s called POW!

  • Mad Hatter

    #4 Bobbie,

    I have a feeling that Baby Huey would make a helluva better President.

  • Ella

    I sent a message congratulating Speaker Boehner to my very conservative Congressman with the request to please relay to Mr. Boehner as his website has crashed. I would recommend you all approach your Republican congressmen too. We need to let them know we have Mr. Boehner’s back.

  • Steve

    We have the video of Speaker Boehner’s speech responding to President Obama posted now on Common Cents…

  • Vero

    It’s pretty amazing how Boehner is holding firm on no taxes. He must be getting an ear full from the people of Northwest Ohio.

    Actually (since he is my rep) he is in the SW – butler County Ohio – Hamilton, West Chester and Liberty Township area – his office is 2 miles from my residence – He is doing exactly what we sent him to DC to do

  • Mad Hatter

    Thanks for the correction Vero, I thought it was Northwest.

  • exceller

    It good to express your support for the speaker, its a tough position to be in, a lot of pressure and so far he’s done an exemplary job standing up to the marxists and their media stenographers.

  • Bob Zimmerman

    We need to crash the White House website and all the democrat’s website

  • MDd

    Boehner done good. I guess with only 2 mins alloted to Oblather’s 15, he couldn’t get everything in. How I’d love to have heard him refute the Preznut’s assertion that House GOP blew up several compromises. Only two I know of, since there were no Dim presented plans. Obama-Boehner – Oblunder blew it up when he demanded $400 billion additional in new taxes. And the Boehner-Reid compromise. Obozo, said no.

    Boehner’s current 2 step plan is a big improvement over the one he thought he was negotiating w/ Obama. There’s a big problem tho. Boehner never took that off the table. Barry could always reach for that as his life raft.

  • a former dem

    I saw both speeches, I liked Boehner’s speech much more, I’m not a repub or a dem, Boehner sounded more calm, to the point, didn’t demonize anyone,

    Boehner — A+
    President I-won — D

    I tried to contact Boehner’s office, server is crashed, I like his 2 step plan.

  • lynched1

    I had nothing better to do than tell Holden I agreed with Boeher.

  • jlp

    I think it is a setup by Obama and Daily Kos to mass email Boehner –

    Daily Kos has it up on the website to email Boehner

  • a former dem

    I’d recommend call Cantor and Mccarthy, Boehner’s server is still down

    cantor:Phone: (202) 225-2815
    mccarthy: Phone: (202) 225-2915

  • Wm T Sherman

    MSM Headline: Limitations of Speaker’s Web Site On Display

  • Old Dude

    From the President’s speech:

    “Understand – raising the debt ceiling does not allow Congress to spend more money.”

    Dear Mr. President….we know you want to raise the debt ceiling to be able to spend more money. You’ve said so. Remember those “investments” you keep talking about? Understand?

  • bob

    Boehner’s site back up. Just left a comment.

  • Fionnagh

    Still can’t access his site, so called his D.C. (202) office number. VM was full and couldn’t leave a message. If I (and you all) can’t access the site like bob #20 did, let’s all make a note to try again tomorrow. This is a crisis too good to waste:)

  • Sandy

    What else would you expect from present White House occupiers?
    More from here

  • Old Dude

    From the president’s speech:

    “I realize that a lot of the new members of Congress and I don’t see eye-to-eye on many issues. But we were each elected by some of the same Americans for some of the same reasons. Yes, many want government to start living within its means.”

    And you don’t,Mr. President?

    Notice he didn’t say “many of US want the government to start living within it’s means”. He said “many want”,as if the “many” didn’t include him. He also said of the same group that they don’t see eye-to-eye on many issues.

    It’s is obvious to me that due to President Obama’s support of irresponsible spending during his short time as president,and due to his demand for more spending with increased taxation,that this president has no desire whatsoever to see government live within it’s means.

  • Big Dawg

    O’nasty calling out to his toads to call congress, of course his morons knew he was
    putting out a contract on Mr. Speaker’s phone to crash the switchboard and make
    him look like the grownup tonight…//
    This President is so pathetic geek and such an arrogant fool , he can’t see that we the
    people see right through his phony charade……

  • Oh Noes!

    Obummers new scare mongering ” The World Is Watching” Who gives a crap, Obummer thinks he is King of the World.

  • Allen

    A solution that will result in the issue being addressed again in 6 months is a GOOD thing IMO, as it will assure that the Dems are forced to KEEP the promises they make now about cutting the spending. The only reasons to refuse a short term plan right now is so that the Dems can’t be held accountable in 6 months for broken promises to cut spending in return for the raise in the debt ceiling, and so that Obama won’t have to worry about egg on his face when that comes to pass while he’s trying to get re-elected!

    The hypocrasy of Obamas jibes at the rep party for “playing politics” is unbelievable in the face of that fact! The people refusing to open the national purse any wider are not the problem, it’s the people who obligated this nation to debts that we could not afford to pay in the first place! A little common sense goes a long way when the blame cards get dealt! How many of you max out all your credit cards using one to pay the other back and forth endlessly, then blame one of the credit card companies for not extending you extra credit in order to pay on another when the times comes?! Is it the credit cards fault or yours when you hit that particular wall? I think it’s OBVIOUS who’s fault this situation actually is.

    Obama voted AGAINST raising the debt ceiling himself when Bush played fast and loose with it, but now that it’s HIS name on the bottom line, he wants to change the rules and blame the Rep party for not letting him, and dares to lecture about no one getting things their way all the time?!?

    One of the most insulting, hypodritical, purposefully and childishly offensive speeches I’ve ever seen a president give on TV, and the omissions of his own pionts of view about raising the debt ceiling when he was a Congressman, which were exactly the same as the Rep party is now presenting, are mind bogglingly two faced!

    I just hope that all the hits on Boehners site are intent on supporting him, and not because there are so many ignorant Americans who actually believed this liar we have in the White House!

  • indccc

    According to MSNBC the servers crashed because B-HO asked people to contact the Speaker and their representatives. So whether it was supporters of the Speaker or not the MSM is going to portray it as a negative for everyone but their president.

  • Tom in CA

    You have to hand it to MSNBC, they know when shit is not going their way and put the spin out immediately. It has got to be exhausting for them with Mr. Obama at the reins.

  • donh

    Mr Boehner did a fine job. I like his line about how a bigger government makes people smaller. Original and very true.

  • RickS

    #6, Hell, Baba Booey would make better president than Barry the idiot clown boy.

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  • Cozella

    You ASSume that Speaker Boehner only got supporters contacting him. Wrong again.

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  • mamagriz68

    Anybody remember the movie ‘Dave’ with Kevin Kline as the presidential look-alike who takes over for the incapacitated prez? My favorite scene is when he sits down with the Cabinet and has his accountant buddy come in, and they cut all the baloney out of the budget and balance it. I’ve been waiting 13 years to see that scene play out for real. Obviously won’t happen with the crisis maker in office. One can dream. Hold the line Mr. Speaker!

  • Garrison

    I just sent a comment to Bahner on his web sight about the speech’s tonight. Told him what a solid job he done.

    You all should do the same

  • Fionnagh

    #31 So is it a fair ASSumption, then, that you were one of “the wons” who helped to crash the web site?

    Ass, indeed.

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  • apodoca

    Hmmmm. Boehner checked his pockets and discovered he wasn’t packing mice. Sweet. Now, if only he would hold for no increase in the debt limit. This is a small step in the right direction.

  • Hopeful

    Boehner’s website is up now, and I was able to leave a message for him. The idea that Obama “has to have” a $2+ Trillion dollar credit extension to last him a bare 18 months is outrageous on its face. No blank checks.

  • salvatore

    Helped crash it, like there’s some big conspiracy? As Boehner said, he is the Speaker of the whole House, both parties. Meaning anyone can send him comments.

  • BS61

    #2 – Mad Hatter – Not just from OH folks, I’ve been tweeting him at @SpeakerBoehner ever day… called Mitch McConnells local office everyday so the secretary remembered me! Always asking if I lived in the state – No, but he is screwing over my Congressman!

  • Redwine

    Just wrote to Boehner and commended him for being straight and to the point in his speech. I basically told him to hang tough against a very unworthy POTUS and that he has the support of the people.

  • Molon Labe


    Thank God Boehner is holeding firm and has only propossed 800 billion in new tax hikes. Imagine what would ahve happened if he had lied and a caved.

    By the way, can you send me some of your Kool Aide. It must be really sweet.

    His response to Hussain sounded good. But then again anyone would look good and sane after appearing after someone who makes Barney Frank look acho.

    God save us all from these mafia bosses.

  • Valerie

    The site of the Speaker of the House is missing the contact form for people outside his state.

    It was a really good speech, and since somebody is trying to keep me from congratulating him, I signed up to receive his emails.

  • John Stevenson


    a) A lot of Congressional websites are crashing. Not just Boehner’s.

    b) Don’t suppose this might have something to do with the exhortations to contact your representative and tell him to get a deal worked out?

    Not so much winning as demonstrating how fed up people are with Boehner.

  • Auntie em

    Uhhhh. No.

    We are fed up with Obama. Think troll, think!

  • BS61

    #13 MDd Bad news according to RedState, Boehner’s plan includes McConnell’s stupid plan to give all the power to Obama alone!

  • JPeden

    Cozella commented:

    You ASSume that Speaker Boehner only got supporters contacting him. Wrong again.

    Right, who of us would have ever noticed that all you Regressives Progressives have as your own admitted subsitute for gray matter is an Astroturf-adorned Blank Slate? Or that, even so, y’all are still but a sickly pretender to the Missing Link?

  • BS61

    #44 Valerie – Here is the one that you need and it’s up!

  • Black Sabbath

    Remember, while Obama was speaking tonight, that three years of Obama – the VERY BEST the Democrats have ever had to offer – has given us:
- $14 trillion deficit
    – ruined economy
- ignores the War Powers Act
    – gas/food/clothing prices skyrocketing
    – 5 wars, one with a record death toll
    – foreign policy disasters

    – raiding the public pension fund to avoid the debt ceiling

    – lost 800+ seats for his own party
- poll numbers in the toilet
- 44 million Americans on food stamps
    – Over half the states suing to get out of Obamacare. 

    – 1 in 4 mortgages under water
- ATF gunrunning scandal unfolding

  • BS61

    #49 – Valerie – I see the form is screwed up! So tweet him @SpeakerBoehner.

  • Black Sabbath

    I wonder where Obama will take us to war next in order to bail out his failed presidency? Let’s see now, we’re currently in Iraq, Afghanistan (record death toll for American soldiers), Yemen, Pakistan, Libya, and Somalia. Who wants to guess the next country?

  • SM-AZ

    Major improvement over Botox queen Nancy!

  • Guy in Ohio

    I got through ….

    Dear Mr. Boehner, I don’t often take the time to write to my representatives, but events of late have prompted me to do so. I urge you to stand strong, and push hard for Cap, Cut, and Balance. I am a small business owner, and I fear for the future of this country. We are perched on the edge of economic catastrophe, and giving the Obama administration ONE MORE DIME of our tax money to waste on entitlements and bribery would be a huge mistake.

    The Democrats OWN this mess we’re in, and I think most Americans know that. You have nothing to fear by allowing this debt ceiling “deadline” to pass, and forcing government to live within it’s means. We have plenty of cash flow available to avoid “default” … but serious cuts to non-essential services will have to be made.

    You have my support at the moment, but make no mistake … appeasing this administration and giving ground on the debt ceiling will cost you my support. If you don’t stand tall and fight for us, I’ll work toward electing someone who will.



  • Guy in Ohio

    Where’s the Democratic plan Corzella?

    Putz ….

  • Thanks for the link, BS61. I was able to leave a message on the Speaker’s website. I think that form ( is intended for all to use, not just his Ohio constituents.

    It is indeed refreshing to hear and see his straightforward plain speaking after Pelosi’s absurd grandiosity. I only hope he continues to stand firm regarding taxes. The increased national debt is mind boggling and depressing enough; put more taxes on top of that and I shudder to think what it will do to the economy.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Note to Mr Boehner: For the love of God, please, stand firm. DON’T CAVE.

  • JPeden

    Yeah, Corzella, just think…all those Zombies with “Independent” now inscribed upon their Astroturfed Blank Slates, suddenly whining Communistically about “fairness” and “compromise”…that should fool ol’ Harry Reid and the Senate Dems into sabotaging the previous deal just like Mr. Lame Duck Obama did himself, by now holding out for tax increases against the massive public favorability of CCB. Surely they’ve never heard of Progressive astroturfing either!

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  • Hell aye, i want write something allied this except didnt have date, may i repost this WINNING!… presiding officer Boehner’s Website Crashes After sin Plan oral communication – overmuch Many Hits | The Gateway Pundit

  • big L

    look at what nr 50 said. with all this debt ceiling Kabuki, all of his (her) list is NOT being
    discussed or acted upon. Keeping the discussion of all those items out of the conversation ,out of the news cycle and off the “breakfast table’ is what Axel, Jarrett and obama want.. Thsi debt thing has gone on since April. the Regime is controlling the news day.
    Don’t fall for it. The Obamanites don’twant Americans to see,think, or worry how we are being hosed and badly served.

  • Gravelyvoice Jim

    It’s called “strapping on a pair”. Hopefully this will continue into the FY 2012 budget fight (starts in September) and repeal of Obamacare.

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  • MAJ Mike

    Tried to contact the office of my Congressman, Lamar Smith. Couldn’t get through, kept getting “SERVER TOO BUSY”. He’s a reliable vote against an increase in the debt ceiling, but he needs to know what the people of his district think.

    E-mails to both of my Texas Senators went forward without a hitch.

  • AgainstHostageTakers

    The tea party is holding us hostage fighting for tax cuts for billionaires and anyone who supports that is drinking the kool aid of the tea party cult. They are trying to replace medicare & SS and give you a voucher – a coupon! Have fun with that. The entire world is making fun of the United States. Didn’t any of you hear England’s response to our “right-wing nutters”. They are a joke and we are a laughing stock.
    You may not like the President but he’s doing the job we sent him there to do. Boehner’s plan won’t even keep our credit rating from getting downgraded and yet you blindly support it. Ridiculous – it’s pure insani TEA!!!

  • Bob From Texas

    Boehner winning?
    I thought this was about a debt ceiling? No one wins when it is costing money every day to debate this issue.

    All it is, is political posturing.

    Shame on both parties.

  • frost

    Boehner didn’t say a word about nothing in his speech , just another repuk dodging responsibility for what his party has done to the country, at the same time lining his pocket with big business lobbyist bribes, blank check my a hole, Bush (a repuk) and his faithful companion cheney got us in this situation, obama has nothing to do with it, i say kick out all republicans and thier rich puppet-masters, are government doesn’t need the rich mans money to run the country, and the rest of us U.S patriotic citizens could get on with fixing what use to be a great country (that was in the black as far as the debt goes), the repuks destroyed, im sure most of you republicans are aware that ex-vice president cheney doesnt even live in the U.S anymore, made his money, go live with him.

  • sue

    It is so funny how so many of you want to put Bush’s crackpot of a presidency, his failures and our problems on Obama. Sure, I’m not happy with Obama – but it’s because he is trying to compromise with this Boehner character who could care less about any one of you. I really do believe it is racism. I am a white female American, I know the roots of racism and I see it in all of your comments, its unsaid, but lying their naked beneath everything you say. It’s disgusting but all the same, very real. Get an education. Think for once about what you say and do, don’t just follow the calling of Boehner and other phonies/bullies.

  • Valerie

    Well. I never did get a chance to congratulate John Boehner on his speech last night, and now every thing I try to get to his website gives me an “invalid host name” error message.

  • Fionnagh

    #66 “You may not like the President but he’s doing the job we sent him there to do. ”

    You’re right. I don’t like the president (small “p”) – have no respect for him, and I did not send him to D.C.

    Guess you posted on Mr. Hoft’s web site because you and yours had already crashed the Speaker’s site.

  • Valerie

    “#69 July 26, 2011 at 9:44 am
    sue commented:”

    Throwing a BS flag back at you. I am a Lyndon Johnson, Barbara Jordan Liberal, kinda like Joe Lieberman and a number of other people who follow this site. Like Michelle Obama, I came from the middle of the country (Houston) and moved to the east coast about the time she was at Princeton (Washington). I detected the same elaborately quiet prejudice she found at Princeton.

    Instead of letting others mischaracterize good people for you, you should read what these people themselves have to say.

    shame on you.

  • daryl

    “Sure, I’m not happy with Obama”…….”I am a white female American”

    Coulda fooled me!

  • Lori

    Hang in there and what default? I am not a wealthy American but I am an American The middle class and the working class built America, too. Wealthy Americans did well in the eighties and nineties BEFORE the tax cuts and they will continue to do well even if some loopholes were closed. As far as I can see, they are the only ones doing well in this economy. But who know, maybe you are right.

    Yeah, hang in there, Boehner, so you, Bachman, and Cantor can continue to splurge on desginer clothes, five star restaurants and go golfing. Let ME work so I can provide even extra designer clothes, five star restaurant visit and golfing time for you and your coprorate buddies. The country will go to hell in hand basket if you don’t. Don’t worry – my next door neighbor doesn’t really need to eat. Cat food is on special. I will pay more percetage-wise in taxes so that you don’t. I hope you enjoy the extra money! I sure won’t.

  • frost

    #74 July 26, 2011 at 11:19 am
    Lori commented:

    Kudos to Lori.

  • Boner put on a pretty good show there but it is a triumph only by comparison. Personally I think the best outcome for the long and short term is if Obama just holds on, nothing passes and he invokes the 14th Amm. I know that is pretty sketchy but the thing says the legally accumulated debt of the US ‘shall not be questioned.’ What that means is nebulous to say the least but the verbiage is the sternest in the Constitution, more even than the runner up, “shall not be infringed.” By this maneuver Obama gets himself his blank check and it is all on him. Currency collapse is inevitable at this point anyhow and the sooner it rains down upon us the better. If it can take down socialism on principle and example at the same time it is as much as one could hope. The alternative is a teasing of the ratings agencies that can only delay and not mitigate our situation.

  • Also it is questionable at this point whether Boner’s server farm went down due to positive or negative messages as Obama also directed his listeners to contact the House only to revile, not encourage them.

  • JPeden

    Sounds like a few escaped Zombies ‘endangered hominid sub-species’ DemocratUndergrounders need to sue Head Start for inscribing Commie Cult babble upon the rows of Astroturf covering their Blank Slates, while also mistaking their ‘critical habitat’ as America instead of their most successful environs of North Korea or Cuber. With the Socialist Soviet Union having done gone extinct and gross Nazi Socialism having been defeated in Europe, there’s just not much of a suitable ecological niche left for them, although they could also try Greece and see how well that works out for both themselves and their Dear Leader Mr. Lame Duck Obama.

    A “fair” settlement or “compromise” could probably be arranged, say, with us Constitutional Capitalists trading 10,000 of the, er, “Progressives” for every 100,000 of “the brown people” they keep referring to in their solipsistic dreams, although I’m pretty sure someone like Hugo “Motherland or Die” Chavez wouldn’t be so easily fooled into taking on such a Postmodernesque bargain involving a bunch of congenital Commie Parasites, even if he didn’t have to give us anything back!

  • jm

    68% of Americans polled by independent services want the GOP to engage in what is known as “compromise” and have the rich pay their fair share of taxes. No one in their right mind can believe that oil corporations need tax breaks. I am a “wealthy” american, a “job creator” as some would call it. None of the taxes considered would impact a single employment decision I make. This whole escapade seems to be a battle between greed and compassion.

  • frost

    #78 July 26, 2011 at 11:50 am
    JPeden commented:

    ( endangered hominid sub-species ) No Racism Here..! wow. lol

    If i was Obama , I’d just invoke the 14th amendment and raise the debt ceiling and increase the tax revenue by 3%, and yes be responsible for my actions as requested by the republicans, i see no consequences in these actions, as i believe problem would be solved.
    Executive Decision
    Case Closed 🙂

  • JPeden

    ( endangered hominid sub-species ) No Racism Here..! wow. lol

    Well, then, frost, to make case for your own now even more substantiated status as a member within the same category of people you apparently must necessarily insist upon calling a “race”…that is, as within a category of what are otherwise simply known as pre-Enlightenment evolutionary “throw backs” or “dead ends” without any reference to your “race” qua “racism” linguistics, which thus makes you a member of an endangered hominid subspecies by comparison…to make this case another way, such as after the manner of Hall and Oates:

    It’s a case of projection no reflection
    Not just a taste of projection no reflection…


  • JPeden

    If i was Obama , I’d just invoke the 14th amendment….

    Why, no doubt, yes you would, frost – of course by precisely replicating Dear Leader’s own “we don’t need no stinking facts” method of ‘thinking Progressively’, which in your case has now allowed you to ignore the enforcement provision* of the 14th Amendment:

    Section 5: The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.

    frost, yours is an obligatory “method of thinking” which once again only further proves the case that both you and Obama are in-effect members of an endangered sub-species of hominid, otherwise known as evolutionary “throw-backs” or “dead-ends”; a conclusion which is the result of a simple objective assessment as above having nothing to do with anyone’s “racism”!

    Except with perhaps your own racism, since the latter is a line of “thinking” which you nevertheless seem obsessively possessed with and projectionally to boot, as though you automatically presume that everyone must be thinking like you do, i.e., that we all only need to assign the infantile name-calling term, “racism”, to the proponent of an analysis of an issue in order to rationally settle the issue. Wrong, notwithstanding the fact that your own “method” also presumes to rely upon this useless tactic, as you have previously demonstrated above while gloating infantiley as though you think you have made sense!

    But although you seem to be stuck in a chronically infantile mental state, frost, I would agree that your own defect probably has to involve your own particular genetics at some basic level, just as it must in the case of Obama’s overwhelming, provenly “dead end” Totalitarian drive. After all, you do ‘believe in’ Evolutionary mechanisms, don’t you, as involving conditioning of speciation by objective realities?

    *others have already pointed out this same problem with your kind of “thinking”, frost, which picks and chooses what part of the Constitution it likes and doesn’t like. Hey, why don’t you and Obama just ignore the whole Constitution and try writing your own from scratch, if your wonderous ideas are so brilliant? But, no, your own grossly Parasitic natures couldn’t do it!

  • frost

    #78 July 26, 2011 at 11:50 am
    JPeden commented:

    endangered hominid sub-species = endangered hominids (“great apes”).
    mistaking their ‘critical habitat’ as America = Not America .
    successful environs of North Korea or Cuber (I’m guessing you mean Cuba) = I’m a North Korean or Cuban.
    Putting it together, A endangered sub-species of North Korean or Cuba living and acting like an American, Seeing I’m conversing with this form rules out great ape, so you must be talking about my ethnic group, North Korean or Cuba.
    In witch i am neither, so I’m not offended, but others might.
    And that’s not a very nice thing to say, we have many different ethnics group in America.
    Oh, let me clear this up for you to,.. United States Citizen = any person of any ethnic race living in the United States of America (with prof identity).
    and if you are American, you should know better, if not, you better get use to it.

    Glade i reloaded before sending this, JPeden, one question ?
    Was you jumping up and down grabbing your head, grinding your teeth together as you tried to come up with this not so very clever resolution for the demise of my solution (option) of this form, to belittle me and cast my option aside as if i was line from a cartoon script, just to get others to think you have all the answers and you are the republican messiah in witch your heavenly words will float down and heal all are wounds ?
    take a breath you ain’t %$@#, your gonna hurt yourself,
    You gotta be a Republican or a Tea partier wanna be, worried someone might steal that nickle you worked someone else so hard for, and have no respect of who or where it originated from as long as you get it, me me me.. blah blah blah, give me a break.
    And yes, someone has to take charge, like a president, OHH…!!! thats right, that would be Obama, Boehner on the other hand is a chameleon in disguise, acting like he voices his opinion for all people in this nation, NOT. He works for the highest bidder and creates smoke screens when obstacles block his clients demands and requirements so he can get paid

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  • JPeden, I am sorry that your prized political party, (Whether you call yourself a Republican or a Tea-Partier, Another lame attempt by the Republican Party to keep a dying party afloat), is floundering in the sea of democracy. It is comments such as yours that show EVERY American exactly what the Republican party is ALL about! When there is NO proof to support your outrageous comments, you resort to name calling and “put-downs” in hopes that it will deter an unwitting public from focusing on the issues at hand. This IS NOT a matter of who won a speech contest for God’s sake, it is a matter of what is right or wrong for Americans. Forget that your “golden-boy” is trying to pull what he terms as “entitlements” out from under the American people, even though the “Big Three (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid), have nothing to do with the national debt or a balanced budget. Forget that these are not entitlements what so ever, (We are forced to pay these every week out f our pay checks and it is matched by our employers). Forget that these so-called entitlements are fully supported through the year 2038. Forget that the Bush tax cuts have cost this country, in real revenue, more than the 2 wars and the bail-out combined. What are you left with? A crying puppet of the tea-party that has won nothing and most likely is going to lose his and many other politician’s jobs because they did not want to raise a debt ceiling that is usually done routinely, (18 times alone under the Reagen Administration). The Republicans held this country hostage over the Bush tax cuts once before, when millions were about to be thrown off of unemployment, and it WILL NOT happen again! “We The People” are a MIGHTY voice, 80% of all Americans do not want any one touching the “Big Three”, perhaps you should call your “patron saint” and let him know that he is about to do unrepairable damage to your all ready on life-support party instead of shouting “HE won! He won!” His, your, and their time IS SHORT!

  • And by the way, MY facts and figures are SUPPORTED and I forgot to mention that the 80% that I spoke of above are from every race, creed, social, and economic status in this country. The real question is: Why are the Republicans or the Democrats not going after NAFTA/GAFTA, Illegal Immigration, Aid to Illegal Immigrants, Big Oil subsidies, Pay cuts for politicians, Lobbyists, and speculation in the markets? These are the things hurting the American economy, not the poor or elderly.