TSA Continues to Indoctrinate Kids – One Child’s Book at a Time

Remember little piglets… Don’t let strangers touch you in your privates unless they are Obama’s TSA.
Then it’s good. It’s “for your own safety.”

This is a page from the book “Olivia Goes to Venice” by Ian Falconer.
Via Free Republic

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  • kato

    Pigs are okay for the ones in uniform. The rest should have been sheep.

  • Nelle

    I guess they have a different cartoon for Muslim kids?

  • Jordan Crossing

    Notice that the child piglet is smiling because he’s happy knowing they are doing their job to keep him safe and the “authority pigs” are frowning because they are serious….On another front, isn’t two pigs for a one pig job a bit overkill? Oh wait… it the government.

  • olm

    Oh the irony! They don’t need a separate book for Muslim kids because they aren’t searched.

    Sorry, but that is just sick

  • Militant Conservative

    Sick deviant behavior being explained as acceptable normal behavior.

    Keep your unclean hands to yourself.

    powder is dry

  • DINORightMarie

    Oh. My. G-d. That looks just like a picture out of a Nazi propaganda book. Or the Muslim propaganda today. The little piglet is in stripes, similar to the prisoner uniforms in the concentration camps. The “guard’s” uniforms are eerily similar to the brown shirts. The color of the stripes, and the “guards” as pigs are the only slight inconsistencies. Appalling. Do these people EVER LOOK at what they are doing?!

    Reminds me a bit of the Super Bowl ad with the “Green Police” that resembled too well the police state that the leftists are trying to establish. Delusional. Detached from reality.

    I can’t believe that ANYONE would think that this is a good idea, to put out such a book with this illustration. To even the simplest minds, this shows how to indoctrinate people into accepting a police state – while revealing that, indeed, establish one is their goal!

  • StrangernFiction

    Ho hum, statists are scum.

  • We are just preparing them for advanced work at http://www.Indoctrinate-U.com

  • patman

    Where’s the Jewish star on the striped piglet?

  • bigkahuna

    It amazes me that these idiots would even write the book. I can only imagine the millions of families flocking to amazon or borders to buy the “little pigs get molested and like it” book and have their kids read it.

    What another massive waste of money and a perfect example of idiotic governemnt spending and useless waste of time.

    It will take 3 weeks for the morons to come out and apolgize the Muslims for offending them and others too ( yeah Americans) They will pull the stupid book and another red tape lesson will be ignored and they will move on to the next idiotic idea and waste of tax dollars

  • PJ

    I wonder if he got an NEA grant for this book, to encourage obedience to the Dear Leader and his TSA minions.

  • Granny

    Notice that Olivia is wearing prison stripes and the TSA goons look like they are wearing Nazi uniforms. I’m sure Olivia was exceedingly pleased!

  • john03

    Please tell me this is a joke.

  • allyHM

    john 03 (#13), I’m with you. This HAS to be a joke.

  • Sistrum

    “She was very pleased”? Well, sometimes youngsters are absurdly happy that they’re being treated like a “grown-up” regardless of what that treatment actually is. But check out the expressions of the pigs behind her in line — those are the opposite of happy faces.

  • Mark1957

    Let me guess, Olivia has two dads.

  • Um, pigs? Really? Among other things, this is not halal.

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  • Andreas K.

    Olivia was searched for weapons and she was very pleased? What pleased her so very much? Getting groped by TSA?

    Is Obama’s school sex-ed tsar now overseeing TSA propaganda?

  • It’s No. 4 in a series, and the reviews of it say that it’s an unwelcome departure from the earlier books, no humor, the charcters engage in bad behavior – sort of alluding to street protests – and a number of other flaws that produce an overall negative effect on the reader – the parent, and many aren’t gonna read it to their kids after all.

    The pigs as authority, though! WTF? Not sure given the reviews that whoever wrote it even understood the Animal Farm connotations. Not even sure by the reviews whether the usual author and artist produced this book.

    The Eastern Elite love edgy subversive vulgarity for kids. The farting dog has a whole series – “New York Times Bestseller,” The scratchy slacker-approving, boys as worthless non-producers meme in “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” – also a “New York Times Bestseller,” all with boring plot lines and a lot of narrow-trivia centered issues, but ALL tactictly arrpoving of a certain mentality and Leftist concepts. Vapid, yet vaguely anarchistic. Not good for young minds at all.

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  • Granny

    Sadly, no this is not a joke. You can easily do just as I did, go to Amazon and use the Look Inside feature to page through the book. There is is, bold as brass . . .

  • kathysayso

    When does Olivia go to Greece and learn how to throw Molotov cocktails?

  • Dastardly Dan

    Olivia is pleased because they didn’t find the Glock 9mm she had stashed away on her inner thigh.

  • kathysayso

    Is the last line of the book, “Olivia loved Big Brother.”?

  • jdpaz

    Four legs good. Two legs better.

  • Callipygian1

    #16 July 8, 2011 at 11:04 am
    Mark1957 commented:
    Let me guess, Olivia has two dads.

    Stop it! I’m crying here… lol

  • Jerry C

    Where’s the wolf behind her that gets a pass because they don’t profile?

  • Eddie Willers

    I believe the Pig on the left is named “Napolean”, Snowball’s on the right, & if I’m not mistaken the little one is named squealer. If I could see whether the one on the left had on Jack-boots or not I could be certain.

  • Stuart

    Olivia goes to Venice, indeed. Let me guess, the next book in the series is Olivia goes to Belsen.

    I got to admit, the people responsible for this kind of stuff are really starting to frighten me.

  • Ira

    not an familiar image, coming from leftists…

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  • FZ

    Olivia looks like an inmate with that striped pajama suit.

  • CommieJuice

    Grey Shirts, kinda fits. The old red is the new green = watermelons, green on the outside, red in the center. Obama has his private Grey Shirts army now.

  • Jack

    This could essentially be the first in a series of “Living Among Muslims” children’s books. We’ll be seeing future titles such as “How to be a good hostage to your Islamic overlords” (where little piglet gets his head sawed off) and “How to prepare food for your Islamic overlords” (where, down on the farm, piglet is instructed how to slit Mr. Goat’s throat properly).

  • Molon Labe

    Obama is just providing jobs for his metrosexual supporters, perverts, and pedophiles. Why are you folks being so judgemental.

    I mean doesn’t every civilized nation do this to its children?

  • SandyfromChesterfield

    I will never buy another Olivia book for my kids again.

  • Jane Doe

    I would say I’m shocked, but NOTHING nowadays shocks me that comes out of big brother’s attempts to merge us into that global government/ New World Order that they’re going to shove down our throats! This is all preparation to remake us into mindless, conforming SERFS. And we thought that government worked for US! Welcome to the new oligarchy where only the ELITE matter- and voting is just an illusion.

  • American with Memory

    If you TeaBaggers will remember it was not Obama who started the TSA but the retard Bush.

  • American with Memory

    and if you think our TSA is bad, try flying out of Europe.