Top Syrian Generals Defect – Announce Formation of Free Syrian Army to Fight Assad (Video)

The End of the Murderous Assad Regime May Be Near–
A top general in Syria defected on Friday and released video urging the army to quit killing freedom protesters and join the Free Syrian Army.

General Riad El As’ad directed his message to Assad and his allies in Iran and Hezbollah.

It has been widely reported that the Iranian regime and Hezbollah have been assisting the the Assad regime.

Syrian Major-General Riad El As’ad is joined by other officers in the video.

(7:00 AM CST – This translated video currently has only 52 hits.)

Arutz Sheva reported:

A Syrian Major-General has deserted Assad’s army along with a group of other officers and joined the rebels.

In an Arabic video clip posted on Youtube on July 29, 2011, the officer, Major-General Riad El As’ad is seen in the company of other officers, announcing the establishment of the “Free Syrian Army whose main goal will be to fight the army of oppression headed by President Bashar Assad”.

As’ad accused the Assad regime of crimes against the Syrian people and called on the officers and soldiers in the Syrian army not to aim their weapons at the people. He further called on them to join the Free Syrian Army.

The major-general warned that the Free Army will eliminate any soldier who acts to harm his own people. The present army commanders do not represent the army, he continued, they are acting for the criminal gang that controls the media and prevents the people from obtaining truthful information on what is happening.

After years of killing, tyranny, and oppression, the kingdom of silence is silent no more.

And, where has our president been? Silent.

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  • Conservative Ken

    I hope this Syrian Revolution doesn’t end like Egypt’s. Rebel’s strong enough to overthrow the Government but too weak to stop the Sharia Law radicals waiting to fill the void.

  • Island Girl

    Guys just can not walk out of one army & declare they are now pure & innocent.

  • “The End of the Murderous Assad Regime May Be Near–”

    Be careful what you wish for, the devil you know…..

    If Assad goes, the Alawites and the Christians who kept him in power will cop it like they never copped it before.

    This Assad putz was no worse or better than Gaddafi or Saddam Hussein, but what comes after will not be better for us, trust me on that.


    odumbo will not like that…unless his mooslime brotherhood takes over then the kenyan fraud may have another potential country to rule when he is kicked out of the USA

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  • arnonerik

    There is no reason to back or support any government that would turn its guns on unarmed peaceful protesting citizens. Syria is already allied with the suicidal and extreme Iranian government and has already bullied Lebanon into submission and made it a battleground. How could change be worse?

  • Marsh626

    Citing Malcom X wasn’t cool. Nor was inciting islam.

    But whatever. You can only expect so much out of that region.

  • RebeccaH

    Our president is a shameful disgrace.

  • tommy mc donnell

    before you support these generals, does anybody know what they support. are they pro islamic muslim brotherhood types or do they want freedom for the syrian people. over there they seem to exchange one dictator for another one.

  • bg


    And, where has our president been? Silent.

    no.. when it comes to freedom and democracy, sir talks a lot may be
    silent, but the Caliph in Chief has not stopped pontificating since the
    day he was selected to play the Honcho Hopper warlord of overlords
    over US.. /truth sarc/


  • Catherine

    Yes #3 the devil you know?

    Will the American People be outraged when they learn that they are raising their debt to pay for more mussis who want to do them harm?
    Remember the USA pays a bit of money to the UN and the IMF?
    Despite Western Sanctions Against Syria, U.N. Quietly Extends Development Aid to Country

    a Hobbit who won’t go home

  • Jeff

    I am predicting a response from Barack…wait for it…


  • big L

    the dept of State is paying our tax dollars to repain mosques and temples all over the world.No churches or synagogues tho, Check out the Dept Of State Amabassador Fund. Grants and gifts of $50,000 over and over.
    This could be cut immediately

  • Jean

    Obama being silent is no surprise since he is always absent.

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  • Catherine

    I don’t see a General who is not afraid or hear what is being reported by the propagandist. This man if you look at the video looks to be a captive who is reading a speech written by someone else look at how he looks for approval? No this is not what the jihadist would have you believe. This looks more like a soon to be mussi snuff film. To say that sunni and shia should join together against the ? Of course this man loves his country and his life. Watch it again then look at the faces and you will see fear in those who are being forced? He also says this is Dar hal harm [the land of mussi]. If you don’t know what this means ask #3 which will not be good for the Christians or any woman who likes her hair blown in the wind or pretty little sandals with bows on the toes.

    Just a Hobbit who won’t go home

  • MG (ret) Frank J Schober Jr

    God save Syria! The western media have ignored the greatest fight for freedom—ever in the Middle East. The entire world needs to get behind the people of a country that have suffered too long under the weight of dictatorial oppression.

  • We need to know much more about their intentions. Are they forming this resistance in order to implement Islamic law?

    And the most important question is are they going to make peace with Israel?

  • american patriot

    All Muzzies are informed by the koran and the hadith.

    Regardless of which of the 4 schools of Islamic jurisprudence you may choose, EACH one of them regards the infidel, who is ANYONE who is not Muslim, as an enemy, with particularly hatred leveled at the Jews.

  • As noted above, you don’t know what you would be getting with a new lot in power. However, I’m struck by the text-over-screen that refers to “the thugs and gangs of the sadistic dictator Bashar Al-Assad AND HIS ALLIES IRAN AND HEZBOLLAH TERROR ORGANIZATION”. If the meddling from Iran decreases and meddling in Lebanon too, middle east tensions may well subside.

  • Gideon Reed

    How dare they. Do they not know that her Secretariousness of State,
    Hilarious Clinton (of the W-I-D-E hips and lying lips),
    has declared Bashar Assad, the present Noble Son of the Burning Syrian Sands,
    to be a “reformer”???

    Stand by for another ZerObama Regime history revision.

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  • Kirk Farrar

    @ #1AMERICAN: Sheesh, please step away from the keyboard! You;re implied racism and overall ignorance do nothing but embolden any allies of Obama into thinking conservatives are all dumbasses! Which in your case is completely true…

  • bg


    this has literally been going on for months..

    started out with military personnel being

    just a sample, clips are older than post dates..




    Syrian troops open fire on refugees fleeing to Lebanon

    do some research while there’s still plenty of info out there
    to put together what will enable one to discern the truth..


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  • bg
  • bg
  • uncivil & right

    Zer0 wants the status quo,ie Hezbollah/Iran/Syria alliance, to remain intact. Why take all that pressure off Israel, their true enemy.No matter how you cut it, that is what all this Arab spring bs is about.

  • big L

    These guys are probaly picked by Baby Assad to be a pretend opposition. Just like what K-daffy is doing. Phony resistance, draw out the enemy of the regime, kill ’em all. No real insurgents need apply, we have our phony ones.K-daffy still in power, family in St Kitts, all gold transferred.Kdaggy still controlls all the oil.
    Bashir Assad, still in power, ARmy killing the peasants, Pretend opposition force to draw out enemies. Buddda-Budda-Budda! No enemies, no real resistance. Baby doc Assad still in power.
    Lebanon still controlled and Hezbollah being given travel papers still.
    Same=o, same-o…don’t buy it ! Kerry in Syria after 2004 election. Pelosi there with hijab on,
    Hillary,sec of State,there in-and- out.

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  • Bowser

    One minor point we must not forget. He is not OUR President, he is just the president. I for one take NO ownership of the incompetent liberal fool!!!

  • RS

    No oil in Syria.
    Thus no interest from Europe.

    And without cues from his Euro-socialist pals, no interest from Obama.

  • Andreas K.

    Stop. Being. So. Naive.

    General Riad El As’ad just wants to be the next ruler. The only thing that will come from this is either A) a military dictatorship or B) an islamic dictatorship.

    Yes, it’s that simple.

    They will not have freedom as long as they have islam.

  • Catherine

    24 July 31, 2011 at 11:33 am
    Kirk Farrar commented:
    @ #1AMERICAN: Sheesh, please step away from the keyboard!

    Well we are just = to the Democrats we have a big tent.
    Not all can be as smart as you
    Not that I agree or disagree if you don’t like what he said just skip not good to bully We see bullies as leftist trolls but this video will show that we believe in = rights.

    Just another Hobbit

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  • ExExZonie

    Assad’s regime is the remaining segment of the Ba’ath communist party that also ran Iraq. What so greatly enraged the left about the Iraq war is that a Republican president led the US military to depose a communist dictator. There is no such outrage over the Libyan “war” where the goal is supposedly the same thing – because Kaddafi isn’t a communist (but 0 is, so it’s all good, I guess).

    Of course, when we interfered in Honduras to support Zelaya that was defensible because he was a reliable leftie. But when we didn’t support the Greet Revolution in Iran that was defensible too because it was an “internal affair” that didn’t concern the US, even though it was distinctly in our interest to support the rebels overtly or even covertly to overthrow the mulllahs and the Basiji to abort their “secret” development of nuclear weapons, and save the world from a dire threat with no solution…

    Bizzaro foreign policy, where you need a scorecard and a program to keep up.

  • xkaydet65

    Europe’s figleaf for the Libyan adventure was to protect civilians in a civil war from being casualties. This general’s action creates a genuine civil war situation along with a center of opposition to support. Following the Libyan model there is NO satisfactory explanation that supports doing nothing to protect civilians from Syrian govt retaliation.

  • They will not have freedom as long as they have islam.

    Yep key words!

  • bg


    i am extremely more concerned with the *ISLAMISTS
    embedded throughout our governmental institutions..

    *scroll for more @ links..


  • Mikey

    It’s so common to hear these optimistic assessments from the amateurs. This guy is just another example of a future generalismo taking advantage of the turmoil. He is preparing himself to be the next dictator of Syria with help from the West. An enemy of your enemy is your friend and he is presenting himself to the West as such. The western world is so eager to rid themselves of Assad and is willing to make deals with anyone who can topple Assad. History of the Middle East is filled with these characters, Assad included. The only exception is Israel. Those who forget history… Ah forget it.

  • “they are acting for the criminal gang that controls the media and prevents the people from obtaining truthful information on what is happening.”

    Now why does that sound sooooo familiar??

  • jony101

    muslims killing muslims is that such a bad thing? as long as it doesn’t spill over it might not be so bad. Maybe supply the renegade general with weapons so the fight isn’t one-sided, if he wins he might not be as bad as assad who is definitely a bad actor in that region.
    I’m just trying to put a “good spin” on the situation you know like, “never let a good catastrophe go to waste”.

  • bg


    April 28, 2011

    Middle East Transformation Will Not Favor Extremists

    [Change in the Middle East will break the vicious cycle the dictators had created and which enabled them to thrive and justify their staying in power. First, they kept the West under the impression that their regimes are necessary to protecting the security and interests of the West from Islamist extremists. Second, they simultaneously kept their people under the illusion that the West is bent on destroying Islam and resurrecting Western imperialism. Such arguments do not seem to resonate well today.

    Change will alter the threat calculus for Islamists, from an international, intercultural or global realm, to one that is confined to individual states or communities. Instead of preparing Jihad against America and the West who—in the extremists view—support oppressive regimes and seek to destroy Islam, their efforts will shift towards the more urgent struggle for power within their own countries.]


  • bg


    May 21, 2011

    Syrian Protesters Burn Iranian, Russian, and Hezbollah Flags

    [For decades we watched protesters in the Middle East burn the flags of America, the UK and Israel, as these countries were believed to represent the “enemies of the people.” For the first time, we see protesters burn the flags of Iran, Russia and Hezbollah for a change! Are we witnessing a moment of redefining the “enemies of the people” in the Middle East?

    The first video shows protesters in Syria burning the Iranian and Russian flags. The second video shows a protester holding a handwritten sign written in Russian and Arabic addressed to the Russian leadership saying that the Syrian people want their freedom. In the third one, Hezbollah flags are set ablaze in Syria as protesters chanted No to Iran, No to Hezbollah!]


  • Micha Elyi

    At 1:04 there’s proof you only care about what happens to females and their broods.

    Men are disposable, as always.

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