“The Undefeated” Roars to Big Opening Day… Theaters Sell Out From Atlanta to Orange County

The much anticipated Sarah Palin documentary, “The Undefeated”, which chronicles Sarah Palin’s rise from mayor of Wasilla, Alaska to national prominence, will play exclusively in AMC Theatres starting today. You can vote for the movie to play in your town at The Undefeated website.

The Sarah Palin documentary “The Undefeated” opened to a huge opening day. They are selling out from Atlanta to Orange County.

Opens Friday, July 15th!
Grapevine, TX
Houston, TX
Highlands Ranch, CO
Indianapolis, IN
Independence, MO
Kennesaw, GA
Oklahoma, OK
Orange, CA
Orlando, FL
Phoenix, AZ
Reserve Your Seats Now!

There are several reports that the audiences are standing and cheering in the theaters.

Conservatives 4 Palin reported:

Here’s a nice round-up of The Undefeated tweets put together by Josh Painter over at Texans for Sarah Palin.

Theater manager in Phoenix reports “Only Harry Potter beating ‘The Undefeated’…

Atlanta, GA ‘The Undefeated’ is Number 1 in theater out performering ‘Transformers’…

4pm showing of ‘The Undefeated’ ends with five minute standing ovation in Atlanta!

Atlanta – 7pm showing of ‘The Undefeated’ sold out 3 hours in advance!

“The #Undefeated” 4pm showing in #OrangeCounty is packed full except for the “stiff neck seats” that nobody wants ever.

The Undefeated is Number 1 in #Atlanta #GA out performing Transformers

AMC Ahwatukee theatre mgr told me they sold so many tickets for #Undefeated that they had to move it to a bigger screen!

Undefeated sold out 7:10 and 10:04 showings in Kennesaw. #1 movie in this theater tonight!

People in the theater CHEERED when they saw Palin at the tea party rally.

Kenesaw GA 3 showings sold out!!

PalinUndefeated attitude is spreading like wild fire. Watch the Dems start eating themselves

How come nobody in the MSM is RTing that @PalinUndefeated is selling out and getting standing Os?! Aren’t they “objective” RTers?!?

Full House at Universal Cineplex Orlando, FL for ‘The Undefeated’!

MSM – Where are the “empty theaters” now?

just got back from the movie. My 3 skeptics will now be a part of Sarah’s Army.

People around me are saying, “WOW” about the frivolous ethics complaints. They didn’t know.

Houston showing is almost full except for the lower 2 rows.

Audience applauding Sarah’s inaugural address in #Undefeated in Kennesaw!

Drove 8 Hours To See The #Undefeated! Very Well Made, Exhilarating & Inspirational

Watch for a major media meltdown if this continues.

Mark Levin interviewed director Steve Bannon here.

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  • Guy in Ohio

    Awesome. Can’t wait till it makes it to my city …

  • ruready?

    The anecdotal evidence for a US conservative revolution is beginning to emerge. Evidence continues to crop up – from Michele Bachman’s surprising lead in Iowa to Obama’s storming out of the room with Eric Cantor to the MSM’s starting to asking hard questions.

  • toongoon

    I hear zero’s movie is coming coming out late next year; “Defeated and Disillusioned” I can’t wait for the teasers.

  • jainphx

    Folks this lady is the real deal. Doubters are learning what the elites and the MSM tried to do to this wonderful lady. Perry said the other day that Rep. big doners are undecided, they wont be for long?

  • bitterclinger

    Steve Bannon, producer of the film, says he’s going to drop a bomb 30 days before the Hawkeye Cauci that will result in a tectonic shift in the earth. I. Can’t. Wait.

    Barracudas Maximus 2012!

  • Black Sabbath

    Don’t get excited. Palin is Public Enemy #1 as far as the entire MSM is considered. They have reporters at every theatre they can find to ensure they locate some that don’t do so well. Once they find a few, they’ll get on the phone with their troops at DKOS, DU, etc., and that’s all you’ll hear about all week.

  • lol

    palin/west 2012!

  • Spartan

    Saw it first thing this morning. I’M SO READY!!!!!!!!!! Let loose the hounds!!!!! My heart lepted out of my chest with pride through the whole thing. Here’s the difference between Sarah and the current occupant. I will walk a mile over glass shards just so I know that her vision for this great country is put into action. And after I’m done, I will go home and live my life with pride and without worries. But until then, I must lose sleep, eat crappy food, and hope I can keep my life together until the roar from the mamma grizzly has sounded.

    I have my shield Sarah. I have my helmet. I HAVE MY SERVANTS HEART TO GIVE FOR YOU!!!!


  • jainphx

    My neighbor, who was a Sarah doubter, almost hater, saw the movie in Tempe. She was in tears as she told me she will now vote for her. She was not aware of the vitriol aimed at her and her children and now sees the evil that has chased her.

    This is the first time in history that a person targeted by the Msm and Washington, has not quit and waved the white flag. The reason the author named the film “The undefeated” We can’t do better no matter where we look.

  • Randy

    Please link or list locations where this masterpiece is showing.

  • sara2012

    Movie doesn’t have to be spactacular to sell bc/ people are just hungry for the truth…for everything the MSM has hidden or distorted about Palin fot the last three years. (Ironic how the MSM hides the good about Palin’s leadership & fearless commitment to promoting power to the people whiile hiding all the bad or basic stuff about Obamaf…grades, birthcertificate, congressional record, law school reccord & teaching record,) In other words, Bannon the director had to spend his own million dollars just to do the MSM’s job of telling the truth about Palin. So it’s all new material that flys in the face of the MSM anti-Palin narrative & presents us w/ a courageous, gutsy leader that still believes in the ideals of the founding fathers. Sarah’s accomplishments were achieved w/ her her own frontier-style grit & faith in this excecptional country…she didn’t ride in on anyone elses’s coat tails or money

  • Dan

    #9, that is wonderful! One person at a time learns the truth and we can turn this around!

  • KR

    The link is here and above at very top of story.

  • Concreteblue

    RUN SARAH RUN!!!!!!!

  • Hugh

    If you liked it–you may want to add your audience review at http://www.rottentomatoes.com/ as it doesn’t fare well at all based on the critic reviews there.

  • Allen Laster

    Went to the 7 o’clock showing one hour early to get two tickets for my wife and myself. I was told by the box office person the show was sold out,would I would have to wait until the 9:50 p.m. show. This was at the Block AMC theaters.So what is the acronym for OBAMA,”ONE BIG ASS MISTSKE AMERICA ” Go Sarah,clean up America like you did in Alaska to the GOod Old Boys.

  • Tammy

    For GODS SAKE, can’t you bring that movie to Minneapolis?
    I’m drooling thinking about seeing it!

  • SM-AZ

    God bless Sarah and her family! True class and courage! Love to see her end up replacing Barry and Moochelle asap!

  • rampart ranger

    It only opened in 10 theatres because Bannon spent his whole wad on making the movie, and had to rely on convincing one of the theatre operators to take a chance on i tand give it a limited run. AMC offered 10 theatres and that was the best deal offered…..expect it to expand next weekend.

    It isn’t here in Colorado Springs because there is no AMC here.

  • grizzlybare

    How’d it do at the Apollo, in Harlem? Oh.

  • BS61

    Maybe if I go to see it, my mind will be changed… but I considered her part of the establishment when she stumped here in AZ for McCain! Nobody wanted another 6 years with this RINO!!!!

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  • Nate

    Saw it in Denver today, and it was great… informative, thought provoking and stirring!!! People clapped at the end, and were talking and sharing their enthusiasm for the movie and for Sarah with total strangers around them as they left the theatre. The whole thing was an experience. Well done! I bet it gets a much bigger national release very soon. Go Sarah!!!

  • Tootakky

    Who on earth would care about the already too public life of the half term-quitter nobody from nowhere?

  • Kabuki

    I saw a report today from memeorandum, that the turnout at Orange County with only one person ( a reporter) and he was asked why not go and see Harry Potter instead. True?

  • Kabuki

    @#24 Tootakky has an altered-reality mind set in concrete, facts are irrelevant so long as the story forwards the lefty agenda – same-old talking points. Seen too many of these, yawn.

  • Chisum

    Kabuki @ #25,

    Empty Theatre!!!: MSM Currently Brewing Up Phony ‘Undefeated’ Narrative


  • Westie

    Hope the Undefeated gets to NetFlix and other on-line distributors.

  • raugaj

    RE #24 Who on earth would care about the already too public life of the half term-quitter nobody from nowhere?

    Toot, did you read the article or the comments? I will pray for your wounds to heal. You must get hit on the head a lot.

  • Kabuki

    @28 I think it’ll be available ppv per Bannon, in addition to CD in bookstores and SarahPac, and it’ll be a windfall financial bonanza. Steve Bannon is a smart entrepreneur and he deserves it.

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  • Kabuki

    @29 “You must get hit on the head a lot.” 🙂 permanant damage to a mind set in concrete and void of reality.

  • Kissmygrits

    Maybe other theater owners would like to make some money and will beg to be allowed to show the film. This could catch like wildfire and spread. Run, Sarah, Run.

  • Ghost

    Heeey! (I understand why, but) Kennesaw is NOT Atlanta.

    Kennesaw… home of the REQUIRED! gun ownership law
    GA-11: Phil Gingrey, runs unopposed

    Atlanta… home of the Section 8 housing vouchers riots
    GA-5: John Lewis, runs unopposed

    -and don’t make me tell you stories from the Olympics

  • Kabuki

    It’s called Business Snowball Effect. AMC theatre and other media are shrew business and they know that anything associated with Sarah Palin (books, CD, commentary, documentary, reality shows, headline news …) sells and that’s why AMC takes on “The Undefeated” in the first place, though they may not politically allign with SP.

  • bg


    i thank God for blessing US with Sarah Palin..

    whether or not she runs, wins, or loses the presidency..

    “we the people” not only need her to help keep US strong, but “we
    the people” need to keep strong in support of her and her rare ilk..


  • bg


    minor correction re: #36

    her rare ilk = her seemingly rare ilk


  • bg




  • ilwg

    We went to the 7:15 showing in Independence, Mo. It was great! Most of the auditorium was full except for the seats up front.

    One of my questions was why did she step down from her governorship. Politically, it didn’t make sense to me. After hearing why, it totally makes sense now and fits in with who she is. She is not politically motivated-rather she is people motivated to the point of putting herself at risk for others. She isn’t a typical eunich type politician-she is like us, yet with CEO experience and with an Alaskan core where she has unbelievable self sacrificial courage.

    Her integrity caused her to step down. She was counting the cost the relentless, leftist liberal’s lawsuits had on the people of Alaska. The lawmakers were hesitant to pass anything Sarah put forth due to the pressure the people put on them to restrain. Why did the people put pressure on them? Because they were brainwashed by the media in Alaska that since there were so many ‘scandalous lawsuits’ it might be true that she has some ethics issues and they weren’t going to support her anymore.

    If Sarah stayed it would have benefited her, not the people.

    I firmly believe based on what I know about her now that this woman is ready to be America’s servant-leader, and especially so in a time like this. Politicians who can be soft like Romney aren’t going to cut it in a time such as this. Maybe for a different time in history, but this time in American History is crucial. How she went into Alaska as Governor and put the pedal to the metal and turned it around with a stellar team she chose, along with her courage in facing the giants came together and helped Alaska become stronger and recover. Rino’s don’t have the fortitude or the courage to forsake politics and turn around what is being done to our country. I think Sarah has what it takes to turn things around.

    I admit I was hesitant at first thinking if Sarah ran Obama would win because so many have bought into the media’s portrayal of her, but now I really think the media has really exhausted ad-nauseum all the angles of attack so the door is open to hear the truth about her now.

    I think if she runs she can win.

  • jainphx

    Sarah Palin has been vetted deeper and longer than any other political figure, what you see is what you get. Compare that to the vetting of Obama, are we sure where he was born? How about when he was born? Has anyone seen his college transcripts? How about any article he wrote for the Harvard law review? Has anyone seen his medical records? How long did it take before we found out he ran with radicals ( Bill Ayres) and after we found out, what has the MSM wrote about it? How was he able to visit a country that was on the American no go list, could it have been his English passport was used? So much we don’t know, so much we’ll never know until it’s to late.

    I know not what course others may take, but as for me and mine give me Palin.

  • Spike

    I’m amazed that there is no mention of this on any other sites, (i. e.) Lucianne, Ace of spades,ect

  • mamagriz68

    This woman made me weep and gave me hope the day she was announced as McCain’s running mate. I was able to vote for him without holding my nose because of Sarah. I have had the privilege of hearing her speak in person. She is an amazing, strong person who loves her country, her family, and God. I’m sure her blood runs red, white and blue. I would vote for her whether there was a movie or not, but I’m so thankful that more people’s eyes are being opened to the truth.

    I agree with #40. Maybe if Obama had been vetted just 1/10th of Sarah’s vetting, he wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to run the country into the ground. Run Sarah run!!!!

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  • a former dem

    Please release these in more east coast theatres. I wish I could see this. 🙁

  • Katie

    #24 July 16, 2011 at 3:46 am
    Tootakky commented:

    Who on earth would care about the already too public life of the half term-quitter nobody from nowhere?
    Ahem! This thread is about Governor Sarah Palin, natural born citizen – not Senator barry soetoro.

  • bg


    Tootakky #24

    i am seriously tired of explaining the reasons to people like you..

    however, there’s no reason to give up hope..

    go see the movie, listen and try to comprehend, maybe you’ll learn
    something, maybe not.. but at least you will have seriously tried to
    seek out an honest answer to your question..


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  • Concreteblue

    can’t wait to see the comments here when the free market determines the fate of this propagandist exercise…..free on HULU comes to mind….or given away as a come-on for subscriptions to Sean Hannity’s newsletter after being bought up by Murdoch….

  • JudithNYC

    The Undefeated presents Sarah Palin as a fearless executive in action. Getting things done for Sarah is more important than playing politics. Interesting was her mayorship in Wasilla were she is pure substance, creating infrastructure, roads, sewers the stuff that attracts business…it’s all about incentives, not taxing or regulating.

    The jurisdictional authority of Alaska’s governorship is great, making Sara very powerful as the CEO of Alaska. W/ that power & responsibility, Palin was very willing to use her veto pen & be held accountable, a novel idea, over 25,000 state employees. She takes on the entrenched back-room big boys of Alaska & comes off as a real crusader against corruption not only in her own party but also among the domineering oil king who she forced to develop oil they were sitting on.

    The movie shows how important energy is to Alaska’s lifeline by literally showing the bigness of it all…big pipes, big machinery, massive land masses for development, rich oil men…all this highlights Palin as a force to be reckoned w/ on the national level, as one who will indeed “drill baby drill” & face down a weak & indecisively wobbly Obama.

    Brannon, brings up all the frivolous ethics complaints that led to her resigning the governorship & briefly addresses her selfless commitment to campaigning to turn around the House & Republican governorships in 2010…she didn’t just sit on her laurels after she resigned.

    The best part of the movie is when Sara is talking…at the 2008 convention, in Wisconsin, a bit during her governorship…wish there was more of that…she just has the IT factor…pure charisma. The optimistic message of the movie is that it doesn’t have to be government run amok, there really are devoted Sara Palin like leaders out there who put “we the people” first. Sarah represents the life we wish we could live… purposeful, selfless, courageous. She seemingly has it all & is doing it the right way, being a paragon of the feminist ideal to an inspirational force that makes us nostalgic for the founding fathers & Americana in all it’s patriotic, frontier-style glory.

    The film is good ammunition to take back the narrative from the lying/manipulative Pravda-MSM & show us a smart, hard working, fearless, gutsy, patriotic, Mr. Smith goes to Washington type of LEADER that is heads above all the other candidates running for 2012.

    Sarah accomplished more in her 3 yrs as Governor than most Governor’s do in their two terms, not to speak of the backward direction Obama has taken us. She brought the GOP victory in 2012 w/ her endorsements & campaigning & her star, can-do power will rally the crowds for 2012. She’s Obama’s antithesis & can win.

  • Say what now?

    Finally found the 40 people who still believe the BS that is Sarah Palin.
    Yeah, fact-based journalists haven’t just contradicted what is being spewed here, but have utterly demolished it.

    The Atlantic hardly a “liberal” magazine, reports only ONE reviewer showed up in conservative Orange County, CA. (Well, apparently two young women, sold out of Potter also came in, but left 20″ into the movie.)

    Yeah, you may WISH there was a Potter-esque popularity to Palin and her infomercial.
    But, as with her candidacy and subsequent punditry, you will just recast the facts to suit your own delusions.

  • Chisum

    #50 July 16, 2011 at 7:44 pm
    Say what now? commented:
    Do you enjoy looking foolish? Did you even read the article at the Atlantic?

    Empty Theatre!!!: MSM Currently Brewing Up Phony ‘Undefeated’ Narrative


    But, as with her candidacy and subsequent punditry, you will just recast the facts to suit your own delusions.

    Project much?

    The Atlantic hardly a “liberal” magazine

    Truly, you are delusional. The Atlantic is THE most anti-Palin magazine out there. For crying out loud, Sullivan should have been arrested for practicing gynecology without a license. All he talked about was Palin’s uterus!

    And now they have to practice reporting by omission in order to smear Palin? And the rest of the leftwinger press lemmings picked up the false meme and ran with it.

    You have beclowned yourself. Congrats.

  • Don

    #50 wow you could have foole amc theater mgt here in phoenix about attendance for the opening,they had to move the showing into one of their largest theaters because of such a high demand.sir I call you and raise your lie with the truth

  • Say what now?

    Well, send in the clowns … Chisum … you are citing BREITBART?
    Yeah, there’s someone overflowing with impartiality and integrity (/sarcasm — because you won’t understand it).

    I wasn’t the one who had the brilliant marketing plan to release Undefeated for a midnight showing.

    But Potter grossed more from its midnight showing in that ONE Orange County theater than Undefeated did nationwide!

    It may challenge your delusions … but the fact is only the reviewer stayed for Palin’s movie for that showing in Orange County.

    For the love of veracity, it only opened in TEN cities.
    This Twit feed posted here is doubled over and folded in on itself.
    There are more tweets listed then there were showings of the movie!
    So, from the handpicked ten cities, a FEW showings had sizable audiences.

    That means what to you? C’mon free market, Tea Drunkard.

    If that was your product launch, you’d be out of business by next weekend.

    The delusion continues …. and only medication will cure you of it.

  • Say what now?

    Oh, and check your own sources, Chisum.

    Breitbart’s article questions why this story and this story aren’t being covered.

    The first, from Fox “News” under the headline: “Palin Film Selling Out In Theaters.”
    In the THREE line “article,” it is revealed that in a Texas town of 46,000 sold out a (that would be ONE) show. (Of course, we don’t know how many seats were actually in that theater.)

    The second is from a Hollywood site called The Wrap and it is from where Fox got ITS information.

    So get off your high horse about a “meme” being pulled through the mainstream media.
    YOUR chosen source has done exactly what you accuse the rest of the media of doing, except it did it with ONE source. (Kinda like Michele Bachmann running with that pants-on-fire falsehood about a presidential trip costing $200 million a day.)

    A wise man once said: ” You don’t know whether you’re shot, f*cked, powder-burned, or snakebit.”

    Want a first-aid kit now?

  • Chisum

    Beclowned One,

    Much spew from you. No response to facts!

    Fact: Conan reviewed the movie at midnight ON A WORK NIGHT. What other movie has ever been reviewed for audience attendance at MIDNIGHT ON A WORK NIGHT?

    Name one.

    Fact: The Atlantic is ferociously anti-Palin.

    Fact: False, misleading meme. And the parroting lemmings pick up on it and ran with it. And here YOU are defending it.

    And please compare all other movies to the Harry Potter opening. A franchise that has earned over 20 billion dollars to date. That is, if you are being consistent. Of course you value consistency, right? (THAT was sarcasm in case you didn’t get it.)

    I guess you don’t get it. Palin isn’t trying to get rich off this movie. She’s trying to get her side of the story out. After all, she has been relentlessly smearded by the leftwing crapweasels. You know, people like you.

    Keep chugging the kool-aid, clown.

  • Chisum

    So you compare a factually correct Fox title to a misleading Atlantic title?


    Isn’t it time for you to demand a microscopic inspection of Palin’s uterus?

  • Say what now?

    Really, Don?

    Have a source?

    Searching Google generally, then the Arizona Republic, KPHO, 12News, ABC15, AZCentral.com, even FOX10 Phoenix, there is not ONE mention of record crowds going to see Palin’s infomercial.

    All that was returned were lead up articles (with Palin supporters predicting great things) or the movie listings. And, not for nothing, the comments on some of the lead-up stories were none too flattering to Sarah.

    Apparently rabid red state Arizona doesn’t have a universal love on for Ms. Palin as the couple dozen folks here do.

    And what’s with Phoenicians? Couldn’t rally enough interest for a midnight showing?

  • Mike Yossarian

    I’m sorry. I read these comments here and I am sorry, for these posters here and for all of us.

    I got to this site by google of the Palin movie release… curiosity and not fan worship, but wanting to know what people were saying. Like I say, curious.

    And I am astounded.

    Have you pathetic people any idea how America is laughing at you?

    I’m not going to waste much more here. Bring on your curses. America and I aren’t listening. Yuk, yuk. y’all.

  • Chisum

    Don’t you love how the crapweasl trolls want to know EVERYTHING about Palin. EVERY DETAIL. Down to how many seats the theater contained. It’s pathetic!

    Where was all this concern for the details of the formerly teflon-coated plastic messiah’s life? Where were reporters sifting through his trash? Where were the reporters questioning his physician and verifying the birth of his children?

    Sarah Palin is reaching out to the people who voluntarily choose to find out the facts of her life and the crapweasels are trying to deny her even that.

    Which makes sense, I guess. When they know the truth about Palin they also know just what humungous crapweasels the left really are.

    I smell desperation.

    Isn’t it time for you to pick on her handicapped child? You guys are good at that.

  • Say what now?

    Well, Chisum … you are obviously a true “buleeever” and impervious to facts.
    (Or are you a Sarah staffer troll?)

    A “factually correct” FOX title?
    That is so oxymoronic to defy reason.

    “Palin Film Selling Out in Theaters
    We’ll ignore that FOX cribbed the story from The Wire, but it detailed ONE showing at ONE theater.

    “Selling out in theaterS”
    That last word would be plural, skippy. That means more than one.
    Which makes the FOX headline … unlike the original headline from The Wire factually incorrect.

    But again, you are clueless to the definitions of the words, “hypocrisy,” “mendacity”, or “delusion.”

    Oh, and that Potter movie did quite well for its all theaters release … at midnight … on a work night. You really do make it too easy to refute your claims. (Or would that be “refudiate”?)

    And, it is impossible to argue a mentally ill person out of a delusion … particularly with facts … so you all enjoy your folie à plusieurs.

  • Chisum


    My comment at #59 applies to you, too.

  • Chisum

    More spew from the crapweasel clown. You didn’t respond to one of my questions.

    I’ll ask this one again:

    Isn’t it time for you to make fun of her handicapped child?

  • Chisum

    And, it is impossible to argue a mentally ill person out of a delusion … particularly with facts … so you all enjoy your folie à plusieurs.

    I love the smell of fear …and projection.

    Come on lemming. Say it. You know you want to. You can barely contain yourself.

    “Yes We Can!”
    “We are the ones we have been waiting for”

    It like a form of Obama Tourettes. And you obviously have it bad.


  • Nokia

    “Beclowned One,

    Much spew from you. No response to facts!”

    What you call “spew” is what got saywhatnow’s affirmative-action dimwit elected (red herrings, fallacies, etc). Go easy on them. 42% and falling, so they’re kinda bereaved these days.

    “America and I aren’t listening. Yuk, yuk. y’all.”

    Yep. “I’m not paying attention to Palin, which is why I’m posting on blogs about how much I’m not paying attention to Palin.”


  • Mike Yossarian

    Jisim at #59, why am I still here? Guess I wanted to see your head pop up. (Though I didn’t know you until it did, but somehow, I knew it would…)

    That said, we probably have more in common than not.

    But your choice of this self-serving media whore sets some distance between us.

    Big Sarah is in it for herself. I am pretty sure you mean well, but you are being taken for a ride, big time.

  • Chisum

    #65 July 16, 2011 at 9:37 pm
    Mike Yossarian commented:


    Jisim? How quaint…and original. Do you have anything of substance to add except foul mouthings, PDS and assumptions?

    Something besides “Yes We Can” or “I can see Russia from my house”?

    Or are you bursting at the seams to make fun of a handicapped child, too?

  • Nokia

    “Big Sarah is in it for herself. I am pretty sure you mean well, but you are being taken for a ride, big time.”

    Awww, the humanitarian anti-Palinite! How sweet!

    This is my personal favorite type of Progressive. You don’t share my opinion of Palin! Horrors! I need to “rescue” you!

    Proggie concern trolls care about your best interests like their little Kenyan bastard cares about America. 🙂

    And “Jisim”? Maybe someone needs to save himself from his bukkake fixation before he saves anybody else.

  • Mike Yossarian

    And to make clear, I despise Oblabla, traitor to the working and poor, friend of Wall Street banking greed.

    But Sarah leads us off into a world I don’t want to see happen to America. If I thought she actually CARED it would be different. Hell! If I thought she actually UNDERSTOOD!

    For all of her crap cutesy talk, what Sarah is about is herself. Don’t tie up next to this barge.

    Now I really must go. Too much time here starts the dumbing-down process in earnest.

  • Chisum

    Nokia, well said! I spit my drink out!

    Oh, and Mike Y., you have proven yourself to be a foul-mouthed, condescending troll. Gee, never seen that before.

    “Dumbing down”? It’s obvious that you have been IMMERSED in dumb.

  • Nokia

    Overheard at an 0bama fundraiser: “You see, you get these peabrains livin’ in the butt end of Sparks, Nevada, huffin and puffin and gettin’ themselves off to the DNC website, bitterly clinging to their sticky 0bama cardboard cutouts as they troll…”

    When asked to elaborate on his comments and which internet troll he was referring to, the POTUS declined. 🙂

  • Mike Yossarian

    I’ve tried a couple of times to say goodnight, but the moderators or their software seem to be blocking me.

    Though this is most seemingly thrown off into cyberspace and wasted, I wanted to say goodnight.

    We are more allies than you probably know. We both hate Obama and his collusion with the banksters.


  • Chisum

    Mike Y,

    Your foul mouthings get snared in spam and you are surprised? Clueless much?

    Yep, you have been immersed in dumb!

  • Mike Yossarian

    Okay, got through. Good night. Mike

  • Mike Yossarian

    Chisum, here is my prediction: We are gonna end up friends. (This is a writers technique known as foreshadowing.) We probably agree on 90%. Talk to you soon.

    Oh, and I despise Obama. And I want American folk to prosper. And I see it won’t happen under the present arrangement. I think you’re there. So we can talk about it? Now I really must get to bed. Mike

  • Chisum

    Oh I believe you, Mike. Really I do. You make such a great first impression.

  • Mike Yossarian

    Hope I can hold it up. I’m not trying to pull a fast one. I really care, and my old body wants to hold up to do what we need to do to save this country. We are in trouble, deep.

  • Nokia

    “Hope I can hold it up. I’m not trying to pull a fast one. I really care, and my old body wants to hold up to do what we need to do to save this country. We are in trouble, deep.”

    Yep, a scummy little 0bama-driod for sure. He really really cares, you see, just like his bastard-messiah. The funniest thing is he thinks his “I don’t like 0bama” act is convincing.

    To all you other 0bamites, babble about semen all you want – just quit insulting people’s intelligence. Lying about your politics is even more pathetic than your sexual frustration.

  • Can’t wait to see it. Heard Bannon interviewed on several radio shows Friday.

    Sounds to me like the REAL subject of the movie is THE MEDIA — and the real reason every American needs to see it is to wake up to how insidious, cunning, destructive and traitorous those media really are. This is Andrew Breitbart’s constant theme: Our enemy is not just a political party; the real foe is the MEDIA.

    The word “undefeated,” therefore, ideally refers to US, the American people. If we continue to rise up against the warped, small, twisted perverts like Katie Couric, Chris Matthews, Bill Maher and “The View” harpies, We the People will be undefeated!

  • bg


    dear nay-saying Sarah Palin detractors..

    you are right!!



    how much money did you contribute to the fat mans lies, SUCKERS!!

    ipso facto: evil may shine in a special light, but the truth is indelible..


  • bg
  • Chisum

    The new Sarah Palin documentary, The Undefeated, opened to solid box office numbers this weekend. Oddly, the Atlantic tried to cook up a quick hit piece on the Palin film by sending the hapless Conor Friedersdorf to an unadvertised midnight showing in Orange County on a Thursday night. He proceeded to note at great length that not many people were in the theater.

    This story was quickly picked up and run by other media outlets, in an attempt to construct a “flop” narrative, quickly rendered as hollow and irrelevant as an Obama economic prediction.

    Friedersdorf, and the others who ran with his story, cannot be stupid enough to think that theater attendance at 12:45 AM on a Thursday night, at an unadvertised screening of a documentary, while one of the year’s most anticipated summer blockbusters was rolling out, could be truly indicative of The Undefeated’s opening weekend performance.

    They had to work fast to manufacture this hit, since the eagerness of Palin fans to see The Undefeated was not exactly a secret. Their goal was to pump one more anti-Palin story into the billowing cloud of toxic smog pouring from major media outlets. They did it so that liberal readers who won’t go anywhere near a screening of this movie can high-five each other and chuckle about what a bomb it was, providing the ”reality-based community” with another of its many fables that survive any chance encounter with contradictory evidence.

    I want Palin to run because I want a candidate who inspires that kind of desperation in the Left. I want someone who drives them to sit in little circles around their campfires and tell ghost stories.

    This might sound harsh, but I also consider the way Palin brings out the knuckle-dragging misogyny of liberals to be a plus. Modern liberalism is an ideology of hatred and envy. Its blood burns hotter as every product of its imagination becomes a titanic failure in the real world. It has nothing left but hatred now. Liberals have sunk so low that they openly value punitive taxation more than avoiding national default. They spend their time looking for targets, not solutions.

    Similar levels of shrieking hysteria are directed at the Left’s other class and ideological enemies. The sexist fury they unleash against Palin is a useful reminder of their true nature to voters that should understand what kind of future they are voting for, when they vote for a liberal. Palin has proven she can take the heat.



  • Chisum

    Nah. They wouldn’t do that, would they?

    Conor Friedersdorf picks empty theater showing of THE UNDEFEATED Palin Movie- MSM Scam exposed- Freedomist

    Palin Movie- The Undefeated- meets MSM ploy to report an ‘empty theater’ at midnight, the night before the opening?

    Did Conor Friedersdorf from The Atlantic arrange to have a secret showing of “The Palin Movie, The Undefeated” just so he could say “the theater was empty”?


  • Chisum


    Given that the Atlantic published two hit pieces on The Undefeated today, for me, that raises the question as to whether, or not the publication itself may be behind any pre-arranged scam to create bad press for the film.


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  • theduchessofkitty

    “#24 Who on earth would care about the already too public life of the half term-quitter nobody from nowhere?”

    Because she is, in reality, SOMEBODY who has made a difference.

    However, YOU are the NOBODY.

  • arhooley

    Saw it. Loved it.

    One important thing the film did for me was clarify a key difference between Palin and Bachmann. Bachmann got into politics to do some Christian crusading. She introduced anti-gay legislation. Palin got in for the love of Alaska — its people, its resources, its wise constitution. All were being betrayed by big oil and big politics and she meant to set it right.

    I will therefore take Palin over Bachmann a thousand times. I don’t care to be governed by someone who wants to legislate me into her idea of Biblically appropriate behavior.

  • arhooley
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  • Chisum

    This is getting funnier and funnier. I smell fear and desperation from the left crapweasels.

    ‘The Undefeated’: The Atlantic’s Phony ‘Empty Theatre’ Meme Falls Further Apart


  • sara2012

    Chisum, think your suspicion concerning the manipulative, sleezy acts of The Atlantic are on target…funny, they just prove one of the themes of The Undefeated, that media advocates to destroy & distort the image of Palin bc/ she threatens their agenda & Obama. Wasn’t The Atlantic the same magazine that ran a cover photo, taken by a crazed-lib photographer, of McCain in 2008 that intentionally depicted him w/ high contrast/distorted angle photogaraphy to make him appear like a monstor?

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  • bg


    arhooley #87

    [I swear she’s fighting back tears at the podium as she contemplates the awful possibility that this blessed nation could fall to its enemies on the left. Surely it’s too much for her to witness without offering her heart in service once again.]

    thank you for sharing..

    i too am certain “we the people” are right up
    there with her family on her list of priorities..

    Chisum #89

    as you (and others) already know, i’m in agreement with the following..

    [I explained that the greatest danger that Palin faces is not from the left and the elites in the media, it’s from the establishment Republicans and so-called conservatives in the media who seek instant credibility by auto-bashing Palin for no good reason other than to feed the beast that is the MSM reward system. Bash Palin and get celebrated. I’m talking to you, Conur [sic?], tell Kathleen Parker I said “hi.”]

    ergo, i’m glad to see my (and many others) thoughts written so succinctly..

    thanks for the posting..


  • bg


    re: #79

    MM special..


  • bg


    oh yeah, just in case you missed this..

    [Democrats beat the market by 73 basis points per month, compared
    to 18 for Republicans. That’s a rout anyway you look at it. Senators
    fare even better than house members.


    Strict laws ban corporate executives from trading on their insider
    knowledge, but no restrictions exist for members of Congress.
    Lawmakers are permitted to keep their holdings and trade shares
    on the market, as well as vote on legislation that could affect their
    portfolio values.


    The next time you hear a Democrat talking about the party of
    the rich now you’ll know that they’re referring to themselves.]


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