Outrageous… Obama Has Top Admiral Tell Troops in Afghanistan They May Not Get Paid (Video)

Nice… Obama’s scaring the hell out of our troops.
Barack Obama had Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen fly to Afghanistan this weekend to tell the troops serving there that their families may not get paid if a debt agreement is not reached. Admiral Mullen was meeting with US troops serving in southern Afghanistan.

Obama plays politics with the troops serving in harm’s way.

For the record, there will enough money to pay the troops even if an agreement is not reached.

As Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan, head of the Republican Study Group, said last week:
The government has more than enough money to make payments on its debts in August as well as take care of senior citizens and military servicemen.

Related… Obama called veterans groups to the White House last week to scare the daylights out of them.

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  • therese

    Wow. This sorry excuse for a President never ceases to Amaze me with his Disgusting Motives ! GTFO GTFO GTFO GTFO GTFO GTFO GTFO GTFO GTFO GTFO GTFO GTFO GTFO GTFO !!!!!


    how much bigger of a COC% sucker can this kenyan fraud be…

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Wanna bet ABCCBSNBCCNNNYT&WaPoop will all try to say this is the same way Reagan did it? Scaring people on SS and our military families. Progressives are world class scum. Hope to one day see the traitors get what they have coming

  • Suzanne

    Barry and his kool-aid drinking administration all need to be tarred and feathered over this!!!!

  • Molon Labe

    What a patriot this Muslim is. He doesn’t have one per cent of the courage, patriotism or honor that these troops do. Does anyone think he will deny himself anything?

  • cynic

    Has this man no shame?

  • mg4us

    They should tell their Commander & Thief that if they don’t get paid, they are out. . and then head over to DC and make sure Obama and his Czars don’t get paid either. . .

    And while they are at it, maybe real Generals in the military will place Obama under house arrest for failing to uphold his oath to defend the Constitution . .namely providing for the common defense.

  • Bring ’em home.

    Let the Iraqi’s and the Afghanis fix their own country themselves. Bring the troops home and let them patrol the southern border with Mexico to kill the drug cartels. A job they would take great pride in, since the Coyotes who work for the cartels need to be confronted with an experienced fighting force.

    That would be money better spent.

  • kato

    It’s going to be tough to get the stench out of the White House after Blowhard and the Mooch are shown the door.

  • MrGoodWench

    Did the Gen just say ” if the government defaults ” ??
    Really Gen, is that the talking point given to you ? You do know that irrespective of debt ceiling being raised, the government has more than plenty of revenues coming in to cover the debt interest payment, SS, medicare and the US armed forces ? Do you know that Gen ?
    If not, then you an ignorant political tool.
    If yes, and you still acted like a communist organizer, you are a dangerous ignorant political tool,
    How about you educate yourself on the issue on which you feel the need to give an opinion of
    ” I don’t know “? And then keep your mouth shut

  • a former dem

    Uh. No.

    Adm. Mullen was visiting the troops and one member asked him a question about pay, and Adm. Mullen answered as honestly as he could.

    President WTF didn’t get Mullen to fly out to afhgan. to tell the troops they may not get paid.

    President WTF can be much more criticized for calling in vets groups and scaring them by telling them they pay not get paid, that was disgusting on his part.

    but this post is deceptive and makes Adm Mullen sounds like lackey doing the president wtf’s bidding.
    The admiral seems like a very honorable and good man and he was just answering a question as honestly as he could when a serviceman asked a question.

    Now… President wtf even debating paying troops, like they don’t have enough to worry about… DISGUSTING!

  • Catherine

    He did the same thing in April remember?

    Well NFCU said they will act as if they get paid will post their pay not to worry?

    Don’t know about other banks

    But I would Pay the pay of another Military family until they got paid said this in April and saying it now.
    And trust me I know a few.

    Just another Hobbit

  • gastorgrab

    ‘Hope and Change’ is now a direct threat to the existence of the United States of America.

    Barack Obama would rather preserve his namesake legislation than pay the defenders of our freedom for the invaluable service they render.


  • mcc

    That thing sitting in the White House is pure evil.

  • Randolph Leslie Smith

    Let’s be clear:
    US polulation 308 million.
    World Muslim population 1.82 Billion
    Which constituency do you think Obama really cares about ?

  • Randolph Leslie Smith

    Let’s be clear?
    US polulation 308 million.
    World Muslim population 1.82 Billion
    Which constituency do you think Obama really cares about ?

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  • spike

    Isn’t this blackmail?He’s decided to go after the millitary because he knows that he gets very few votes from them ,compared to old farts on ss.This will backfire,this old fart has three grandkids in the millitary. 2012 can’t come soon enough.I plan on voting like a dimwit,EARLY AND OFTEN!

  • Oldpuppymax

    Well that’s probably quite appropriate! After all, they’re not allowed to fight or shoot either!!

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  • donh

    A REAL man would have RESIGNED before obeying such a despicable order. Mike Mullen has proven that he is only a REAR Admiral whose only duty is swabbing Obama’s dirty butt crack.

  • John03

    If they don’t get paid it’s because he has prioritized something ahead of them. I think he should explain what he considers more important than our troops pay.

  • uncivil & right

    If Mullen were honorable he would resign.

  • succotash

    I would bet that O is not going to miss his big birthday bash this week in Chicago costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands to fly him and his minions there and then charging thousands to idiots that will pays thousands just to be in his presence. Ugh! Disgusting.He really is an empty suit with no conception of compassion unless it involves and revolves around him

  • Steve

    He is a disgraceful P.O.S.

  • Mad Hatter

    Another page in the Hope and Change book of Government.

  • DaMav

    Usually I stand on tradition in showing respect for our President but this smarmy piece of sh** deserves none.

  • dt

    here are a few things to read and contemplate:

    Freedom Lovers of America:

    We are under and have been under a relentless attack by the Liberals/Progressives/Marxists for decades! Their end game is to enslave us and take away all our Liberties!

    They have a deep seated hatred for God, America and Her Constitution, Christianity and any Free people!

    As all have seen now with the Marxist LEFT, they are trying to tie any and all of us to any violent act commited by murderous loons so as to silence us and in the end disarm the American Citizenry! This is the End Game!

    A look into the current scandals of “Project Gunwalker”, “Fast & Furious” and “Project Castaway” that reaches all the way to the top in this current regime, is for the Agenda to disarm America!


    No matter what treaty is signed, executive order is signed and/or whatever law is passed!

  • Conservative Ken

    Barry, don’t tell the welfare mooches they won’t get their check. Don’t tell NPR and the other Gov. funded lefty groups they won’t get their Taxpayer money. Don’t tell Gov. unions they won’t get their heathcare and COLA. Instead threaten the troops who are doing a REAL JOB. And on top or it all threaten people on Social Security. People who paid into their own retirement program.

    You know the thought of overthrowing Obama has passed through the mind of many a Flag Officer’s mind.

  • Formerly known as Skeptic

    John03: That fits right in with the suggestion I heard someone make on one of the talk shows last week (I think it was Rush). If the crisis comes to pass (NOT default) and the administration cuts military pay or social security checks or postal service…the Republicans need to advertise what IS being paid because these are CHOICES that the administration is making and the public should know where their priorities lie.

  • Oh Noes!

    I hope O rots!

  • Mad Hatter


    You left out,

    Don’t tell the illegal alien mafia they won’t get their tax payer funded checks. I guess that’s because riots would break out in L.A., Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Denver, etc, etc.

  • teardrop

    the post on the webpage below says it all for me!!!


  • retire05

    Does any of this surprise you? You weren’t aware that Obama was using our military to push his agenda? Did you miss the report how Obama called Veteran’s groups to the White House just five days ago to tell them that that he would not be able to promise them that their disability checks would out if the debt/debt ceiling issue was not solved?


    Obama has no problem using scare tactics against those who are least able to protect themselves against him. How is he any different than Hitler was? Take the weakest, scare them, threaten them, and then take control because they are too afraid to fight back.

  • Mike W

    If Mullen was a real leader of men he would have told them that they would get paid no matter what happens. Coward. prog lap dog.

  • al o butthead is a commie and hates our country! He is his fathers and radical mothers kid after all! Remember when he said respect pisslam! Hang on to that comment of his!

    He is at an all time low too! GOOD it’s about time people get their heads out of their asses!

  • vityas

    Telling us how great communism is won’t work because we instinctively know it’s a bogus system, so they have to lie us into accepting it. And the media and most of the politicians are right there going along with it.

  • Arch

    Tomorrow morning, I’ll know of Obama has paid us or not. My retirement pay is done by direct deposit. If it;s not there, Obama would have had to take action to hold up the process.

    Social security is automatic as well. If Obama can’t fund it, the SSA will be required to cash in some T-Bills (lowering his loan balance).

    I double dog dare that POS to hold up these payments. All it will mean to me is that I’ll wait a month before buying that new Tikka T3 Hunter 30-06 and that Nikon Scope.

  • L. E. Liesner

    Adm. Mullen’s is another of the ass kissing politicians of the General Officers Corps. If these guys worked half as hard on winning wars as they do looking out of their own careers, the troops could have been home already. I would like to know why this country is paying about 3500 Palestinian terrorist sitting in Israeli jails a monthly wage. If we can’t pay our military, can we afford to pay these terrorist? A lot of questions need to be answered by this out of control pagan government, the first of which should be, where in the hell did all that money go.

  • ExExZonie

    Got this on Facebook this morning:

    Everyone knows Amy Winehouse died!!! Who is Justin Allen 23, Brett Linley 29, Matthew Weikert 29, Justus Bartett 27, Dave Santos 21, Jesse Reed 26, Matthew Johnson 21, Zachary Fisher 24, Brandon King 23, Christopher Goeke 23, and Sheldon Tate 27….Are all Marines that gave their lives this week for you. There is no media for them… not even a mention of their names. Honor THEM by posting this. I did, will you?

  • Why are we not hearing of cuts to the government itself such as the Departments of Energy, Education, Interior, Agriculture, HUD, The EPA, The NLRB or other agency that bloat this government with waste and unnecessary regulation that are inhibiting an effective source of revenue creation – the private sector? Instead we get scare tactics and gotcha politics from a pathetic and petty political party that claims to be for the ‘working families’.

  • Multitude

    We may need to have Congress draw up impeachment charges against the President and work quickly to replace this fraud with someone who can work with Congress to stop the willful damage to the country. An investigation of speculators who have been positioning themselves financially to benefit from this unlawful raid on the U.S. financial system — Soros in particular — should also be immediately launched.

  • retire05

    Remember how the press fought so hard to show the caskets coming home bearing our military dead? Remember how it was so important to them to do that during the Bush administration? Remember all the headlines talking about how many losses we were sustaining?

    All that seems to be unimportant now that the press has its Marxist in the Oval Office. And even though Bush say 630 dead in 8 years in Afghanistan, in 2 1/2 years, Obama has sent 1,050 to their death for his “good” war. Yet, no reporters are trying to show the caskets any longer. Dead soldiers no longer count when a Democrat is in office.

    And now the reports are coming out that Iraq is more dangerous for our soldiers than it was a year ago, but don’t blame Obama. No, don’t blame that on his drawdown that makes it more dangerous for those who are still there. So the press no longer talks about the wars we are in. What are a few thousand dead under Obama?

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  • retire05

    We have lost 34 soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan just this month. Where are the headlines? Where is CodePink protesting the war criminal, Barack Hussein Obama, Jr? Where are the Iraq Vets Against The War?

    Has it not become clear that those groups didn’t give a damn about our soldiers they just wanted to rail their hatred against George Bush?

  • Robert

    As far as I’m concerned, Mullen is the scumbag here.
    Any military leader who would say that to the troops is unfit.

  • Swifty


  • kato

    Iraq gets more violent by the week. Iran makes more inroads into controlling violent elements within Iraq. Asskiss media can’t even bring itself to ask Blowhard a single question about it.

    Blowhard is going to lose Iraq. And he probably believes he’s going to be able to blame Bush for it. How’s that arrogance and mendacity working for you, America? This country should be ashamed for electing this subprime grifter.

  • Rock

    Twice during the Carter administration while trying to add riders to the Military Budget Bill’s they went up to the last day of the old budgets. End of Day Formation on both occasions the troops where advised not to write any checks based on expected automatic deposits, and to check with their banks to see if deposits had been made. While I do not believe the General was given orders on this occasion to give his answer I suspect in an abundance of caution he gave the best possible reply he could.

    What is truly disgusting is the administration would even hint at such a possibility. These men and women have far too much on their plate just trying to stay alive, than to have the President of the United States even suggest their families back in the states would suddenly find themselves dissolute thru no fault of their own. With out question WTF is the most despicable man to ever occupy the Oval Office.

    But then this the same man who set up military families to be harassed by Code Pink.


  • hemmersheim

    pretty much what ya’ll have already said.
    and some.

  • bg


    just a random sampling of where to cut funding:

    Funding Mosques Overseas

    [We don’t know how much USAID spent in 2010 for projects that benefit mosques. The agency says it obligated $18.8 billion for the fiscal year for all projects. The official we contacted said that other mosques that have benefited from USAID money over the years were funded for “secular purposes, such as restoring historic and cultural sites and structures or reducing social conflict by creating opportunities for at-risk youth to channel their energies into productive endeavors. … In addition, faith-based organizations and religious groups are valued partners in USAID’s humanitarian relief and development work.”]

    When ‘Muslim Outreach’ Handcuffs National Security

    Muslim outreach group receives more federal grant funding

    Obama’s Outreach To Muslim Terrorists Costs Too Many Lives

    more here..


  • Rock

    America has few friends within the Beltway, and that includes the the political scum wearing stars. Funny that, Korea, the Cold War, Cuba, the Berlin Wall, and Vietnam where about controlling the spread of Socialism. Now we have self admitted Socialist roaming the Halls of our Capital, and one throwing his feet up on the desk in the Oval Office.

  • kato

    I’ll say it again. Many of the military brass are careerists who’ll do anything to cover their own asses until the day when they can jump to lucrative consulting jobs with a defense contractor.

    I bet job number one right now at the Pentagon is figuring out how to elevate a sodomite (or better, a lesbian of color) to the rank of four-star general.

    I shake my head when I read contributors to sites like this one falling in love with one general after another, and wanting their particular golden boy of the moment (Norman Schwarzkopf, Colin Powell, David Petreaeus) to be their president. What flag-waving fools.

  • Rock

    Did anyone hear WTF say anything about withholding funds to help build the Ground Zero Mosque’s. Yet our troops and their families are at the top of WTF list. All I need to know, but then thats been pretty much from the get go.


  • bg
  • bobdog

    So have the troops withdraw to a safe area and tell Obama to fight his own fricking war.

  • FurryGuy

    Obama plays politics with the troops serving in harm’s way.

    Barry sees this as a feature, not a bug. When we need and expect a leader as POTUS we get a man who is a chronic, perpetual campaigner and political games-player.

  • bg


    Rock #55

    just a drop in the proverbial bucket .. *sigh*


  • plainjane31
  • bg


    Rock #55

    the dissenter..

    [scroll up for more]


  • sablegsd

    I HATE that bastard.

  • USMC Thomas


  • #47 July 31, 2011 at 3:44 pm
    Robert commented:
    As far as I’m concerned, Mullen is the scumbag here.
    Any military leader who would say that to the troops is unfit.

    What did I do this month to our two sons serving? Explain over the phone to them that’s the talk talk talk, but the bottom line is they’ll get their pay. How HARD was THAT?

    The Left is so rotten rotten rotten rotten rotten.

    See how much the rotten Democrats PROVE they TRUST the military they constantly abuse to maintain its self-control? Most governments would NEVER even HINT the national troops might not get paid. They don’t DARE to provoke 95% chance of regime change. They’ll cut out every cent out of every paycheck in the government to make sure the guys with the guns are PAID their earned salaries.

    It’s DISGUSTING the Democrats are willing to provoke those with a far more national sense of duty and honor than they possess.

  • bg


    ooh, that evil evil Tea Party..

    bring our troops home to defend US against THEM, and just leave those
    poor misunderstood jihadis to plan and plot against US in peace, not to
    mention plunder and pillage their own in freedom!!

    i mean, Present B Hussein O declared the war
    against terrorism over, are they deaf or what??



  • m.smith

    These idots want what they want at any cost!!!!!Damn the dead bodies step over them!

  • This, and so much else, only makes sense if BHO is consciously executing Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’ playbook. The book is closed on ‘Stupid or Treasonous?’ ‘Treasonous’ by TKO.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • StrangernFiction


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  • Mark

    Will the gutless Republicans move to impeach the POS in the Whitehouse? Censure the lying Dems in the House and sentat? Nah. Can’t we just get along? PUKE!!!!!

  • jony101

    mullin is an embarrassment to the NAVY, he is the one that rammed “gays’ into the military, his only true accomplishment that he will be remembered for, I doubt the navy will ever name a ship for him.
    I think the military takes priority over welfare/foodstamps/unemployment/pork/muslim outreach programs/aids to illegals/school aid/nasa. Military is actually in the constitution as a organization that the government ‘must” provide.

  • Will any moneys be withheld from Seabiscuit’s visits to other Countries with her entourage? her lobster dinners, etc. Ground Air Force 1 and her unnecessary vacations and we’ll save a bundle. She wants to go, let them pay from his salary. He is a worthless piece of sh*t.

    When he loses the election in 2012 we should all chip in to fund gas for Air Force 1 and drop him and his family by parachute back into Kenya where he was born. He can be head tribesman there.

  • tommy mc donnell

    the checks for the troops will not go out but the welfare checks, food stamps, rent subsidies, foreign aid, ect. will keep on being paid. if mc mullen were a real leader he would be in washington fighting to see that the troops get paid instead of being a good little errand boy for the myth.

  • Pat the First

    How do we know that Obama sent Mullen to warn the troops that they may not get paid? I haven’t seen anything that says that. Would like to read it if there is such a statement.

  • Bunni

    This is absolutely EVIL and both mullen and obummer should be court martialed and then left to rot in jail. Just when I thought that POS couldn’t sink any lower! Mullen is unfit, to tell our brave troops that crap, they have enough to worry about, like KEEPING ALIVE. If he was any kind of a military man, he would quit before carrying o’s scummy water. When are some REAL soldiers gonna lock up that evil pretender once and for all. Do your jobs, defend America, guys!

    UNFIT, and INHUMAN, and a few other choice words I won’t type, because it’s Sunday.

  • SeniorD

    ADM Mullen is, first and foremost a member of the Armed Forces. As such, he is subject to civilian control. The chances of the Admiral not doing as he was/maybe/who knows ordered are less than the entire Jupiter planetary system start orbiting Pluto.

    Obama hero, Jimmy Carter, held back military pay during his horrific regime. Why would the Puppet President not do the same?


    Threatens our Senior Citizens and Military they may not get their checks then does this:

    President Donates $100 Billion to the United Nations:
    The U. S. State Department Thursday 7/28/2011 announced that the Obama Administration
    has agreed to contribute $4 billion to the United Nations Global Fund to fight
    AIDs, Tuberculosis, and Malaria from 2011 to 2013.
    The $4 billion represents a 38% increase over the previous U.S. commitment to
    the fund.

    United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said that a total of $11.7
    billion has been raised from 40 countries, the European Commission, faith-based
    organizations, private foundations, and various corporations.

    This means that over one-third of the money will come from the pockets of US

  • If Barry were trying to destroy this country, what, exactly, would he be doing different?

  • Scott

    Mullen the sodomite…Weak, ineffectual, clueless…His claim to fame like Gates will be having ushered in sodomy to the military.

  • Rock

    bg # 59 actually just an extinction of your #52, the insults and BS is stunning in length.

    Pat the First #74, Is that really your only concerns, whether or not he was on a mission for WTF or not? Probably not, at least not in writing. But have you even bothered with the real issue here, on how WTF has no qualms about undermining our troops and their families moral, but would not even consider cutting funds to his favored underlings, ACORN, and others, foreign and often hostile organizations, really your not bothered by any of that, or does that not fit your agenda.

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  • Pat the First

    #80 July 31, 2011 at 6:59 pm
    Rock commented:

    Actually, my intention is to know without question that Obama sent Mullen to scare our troops. I don’t want it to just look like he may have . . . I want to know if he actually did do that. It appears to me that Mullen was answering questions asked by our fine servicemen and women. He basically said he didn’t know for sure what would happen. If Obama told Mullen to tell our troops a lie, I want to know that in fact he did. That is something that should be shouted from the rooftops.

    If you have a problem with me wanting proof of something, that is truly your problem.

  • bg


    Pat the First #82

    i certainly don’t blame you for questioning, but it’s quite easy to
    Google for info, well, maybe not for much longer, but whatever,
    it is at the moment anyways..

    hope this helps..


  • james

    this is truly dispicable and should never be allowed to happen.
    the lies this joker tries to tell to frighten people is beyond comprehension

  • Rock

    Pat the First #82

    What the Admiral said I can almost guarantee was not off the top of his head somewhere in briefings and strategy meeting this subject has been on everyone’s lips. That WTF would outright tell and officer to pass on such a story line is not realistic, and political suicide but rest assured the Command has been warned of WTF’s intentions.

  • bg


    re: #83

    Mullen Warns of Pay Cuts

    [In May, President Obama proposed sweeping budget cuts totaling $400 billion over the next 12 years — a fiscal hit experts say will largely come from the DoD. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has said health care costs are “eating the Department of Defense alive” — with nearly 10 percent of the budget going to health benefits for active and retired servicemembers.]

    what, no ‘ObamaCare’ for all the sacrifices our first line of defense
    & their families make, WTF, let them eat cake you say?? / 🙁 sarc/





  • bg


    just a sample:

    Report cites Frank’s proposal to cut military 25% [11/06/08]

    [President-elect Barack Obama raised questions during an election campaign stop in Colorado Springs when he asserted the U.S. needs a “civilian national security force” that would be as powerful, strong and well-funded as the Army, Marines, Navy and Air Force, but few of those questions have been answered.

    But now one report is proposing a possible solution for part of the equation: From where would the money for such an organization come? Democrats in Congress now are floating the idea of cutting U.S. military spending by 25 percent, or $150 billion a year, and according to a report from blogger Jay Tea, that could be used for the new “security force.”]

    Blue-State Bonanza for Americorps Funding [6/09/10]

    [These numbers don’t approach the perhaps hyperbolic remark by candidate Obama in July 2008 that “[w]e’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded [as our military].” But a force of 250,000 isn’t insignificant; our Marine Corps numbers 203,000.]

    Study: U.S. Marshals Could Become Obama’s “Stability Police Force”

    [A study by the Rand Corp. within months of then-presidential candidate Barack Obama’s call for a “national civilian security force” that would be as big and as well-funded as the half-trillion dollar U.S. military confirms that there are several ways to create the suggested “Stability Police Force” so that it legally could operate inside the U.S. borders.

    One of the top recommendations in the report was that the capacity and management operations of the U.S. Marshals Service be beefed up and handed the assignment.

    “Given that it is unlikely that MPs [Military Police] would be permitted to perform civilian policing tasks in the United States, the Marshals Service, despite its capacity and management shortfalls, is the agency best suited to take on the SPF mission under the assumptions of this study.”

    The study was released in 2009, only months after Obama made his presidential campaign call for a civilian force as big and as costly as the U.S. military.]

    more here, and elsewhere i’m sure..


  • LarryG

    Lots of good posts here and a lot of fire which I appreciate but but I strongly urge you to look at the information I am going to leave with you. There is lots to digest but you can save it and read at your leisure. It’s an eye-opener. Nobody seems to want to talk about it but it will all make sense once you get through it.


  • Billy Barty

    Well since we’re all hobbits we can leave mullen out of the reach of any state secrets when we take over in ’12 and give him a desk job or fire him. He’s a political military man. I cannot believe he actually said that. The military ALWAYS gets paid first. Unless the entire country stopped paying taxes at once this could never happen. This isn’t a ‘default’

    Why are even fox anchors repeating that lie?

    Not paying the military has had extreme consequences for countries throughout history. It can happen here. Obama is an idiot. Intentionally scaring seniors and now the military. He should be impeached and tried for treason. What a pathetic muppet this man is

    1% growth… good job! 12.5% unemployment in CA! yaya 20% among males. This won’t end well with so many out of work for so long. Peoples pride cannot stand it

    The most shocking thing about this whole thing has been the lack of brain function on the other side. Default? really? We cannot pay $29 billion even though we take in 180-200 for the month?

    Not too good at math huh demo-traitors?

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    To All-

    Ref #88 above, don’t bother to read that … shinola.

    an example
    “… 2001: On September 11th the attack on the World Trade Center is orchestrated by Israel with the complicity of Britain and America, under the orders of the Rothschilds …”

    Contemptible. As is our Scuzzbucket-in-Chief.

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  • Pat the First

    #83 July 31, 2011 at 7:28 pm
    bg commented:

    Sorry, but that proves nothing. IF Obama told Mullen TO LIE, I want to know for sure that it was OBAMA WHO TOLD MULLEN TO LIE. I don’t want to “suppose” that it happened. IF Obama told anyone to lie to our servicemen and women, we need to know this. It could be that was what Mullen was told. Mullen was asked a question. He gave an answer. IF anyone is lying to our sevicemen and women, I want to know who is doing it.

  • [email protected]

    If oscumbad were to elect not to pay the troops, he will have finally lit on a sure-fired means of starting a monumental insurrection in this country. He’s messing with the wrong guys.

    The idea that he’d pay a gum-snapping, nail-filing, pencil-pushing moron in some cubicle at the BLM or HHS before paying a soldier would truly be the last straw for millions of people.

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  • jayson

    Pat the First commented? Sure pat, so Mullen just decided one morning he needed to go and tell the troops he didn’t know if they’d be paid? Have you any idea how the military chain of command works? Mullen wouldn’t blow his nose without an OK from the CIC. Furthermore, you’ll never hear details of an order to scare the troops from obama. That would be deeply hidden behind layers of political deniability. Your search for ‘the truth’ is silly Pat. It’ll never be revealed to you no matter how often you ‘comment’.

  • burt

    Why should Obama care? He is not going to allow them to vote anyway.

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  • bg


    Pat the First #92

    eh, you’re right, must’ve been Mullens Mother told him to say that.. /s/

    Admiral Mullen responded to the administration’s call for reducing the DoD budget by $400 billion by FY2023, saying that it will force the DoD find ways to cut the cost of pay and benefits for servicemembers — active, reserve, and retirees. Mullen told reporters, “we have to put initiatives in place in the mid-term that would start to generate cash in the out years. Two of the big places the money is, is in pay and benefits.”

    btw, what LIE did Mullen supposedly tell??


  • bg


    re: #100

    via “balanced budget” link..

    Defense Budget Should Be Cut


  • bg


    Sacrificing America’s sovereignty at sea

    [The National Security Cutter’s capability really matters. Presence at sea
    is what ensures the sovereignty of American territory at sea. Sacrificing
    capability means sacrificing sovereignty.

    Abandoning the National Security Cutter as a budget-cutting drill
    makes about as much sense as disconnecting your burglar alarm
    system, putting up a “no trespassing” sign and telling yourself
    that you’re cost-saving approach has beefed up security.]


  • Frederick

    What is really disturbing about this gang of buffoons is the fact that even if the bamster had not ordered him to relay that message to our troops in the field the story is still very believable and if true would not really surprise anyone watching this disaster of a president unfold before us!