“Oh, White Girl Bleeds a Lot” …Black Youth Mob Attacks & Stomps On Group of Whites in Milwaukee

Another day… Another violent flash mob…
A mob of black youths attacked, beat, kicked, robbed and stomped on a group of whites watching fireworks in Milwaukee.

Another flash mob robbed a convenience store in the area the same night.
Via FOX Nation:

JS Online reported:

Shaina Perry remembers the punch to her face, blood streaming from a cut over her eye, her backpack with her asthma inhaler, debit card and cellphone stolen, and then the laughter.

“They just said ‘Oh, white girl bleeds a lot,’ ” said Perry, 22, who was attacked at Kilbourn Reservoir Park over the Fourth of July weekend.

Though Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn noted Tuesday that crime is colorblind, he called the Sunday night looting of a convenience store near the park and beatings of a group of people who had gone to the park disturbing, outrageous and barbaric.

Police would not go quite as far as others in connecting the events; Flynn said several youths “might” be involved in both.

“We’re not going to let any group of individuals terrorize or bully any of our neighborhoods,” Flynn said.

Perry was among several who were injured by a mob they said beat and robbed them and threw full beer bottles while making racial taunts. The injured people were white; the attackers were African-American, witnesses said.

Store video of the BP station at E. North Ave. and N. Humboldt Blvd. shows the business being ransacked. A clerk at BP confirmed to the Journal Sentinel that he was busy waiting on customers when one or two people held the door open to let others rush in and steal snacks and candy.

Not far away, 20 to 25 friends from Milwaukee’s Riverwest neighborhood had gathered at the park shortly before midnight to watch some fireworks set off by a neighbor. In interviews with 11 people who said they were attacked or witnessed the attack, a larger group of youths appeared in another section of the park around midnight and were joined by more young people running up the park’s stairs.

At some point the group of friends and the group of youths intersected; those interviewed said the attack appeared to be unprovoked.

“I saw people dancing and I figured they were just having a good time,” said Riverwest resident Jessica Bublitz, 28.

Minutes later Bublitz saw a male friend hit in the temple and fall down. Her fiancé told her to run to safety. James Zajackowski, 28, said things suddenly turned chaotic.

“Within 30 seconds to a minute, bottles were flying and people started getting punched. I was in shock. I thought, ‘Really? Is this really happening?’ I was on the ground, people were trying to get into my pockets, I could feel their hands but I held on to my cellphone and my wallet,” said Zajackowski, a census worker.

Emily Mowrer, 27, was not hurt but saw her friends beaten and punched and full beer bottles thrown at them. Her boyfriend was punched. She saw Perry lying with blood on her face, not moving. She called 911 on her cellphone.

“I saw some of my friends on the ground getting beat pretty severely. They got away with one of my friends’ bikes. Some people had their wallets stolen,” said Mowrer, who owns a house with her boyfriend in Riverwest. “It didn’t seem like it was a mugging – it seemed like an attack. Like they weren’t after anything – just violence.”

Hat Tip John and Peter

Several victims claim the local police downplayed the violence the night of the attacks.

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  • avery



    saw that on our local news last night…mob mentality..until the punishment fits the crime…obummers people will continue to commit these acts….where are you rev sharpton and jessie…corral your people

  • JimmyT

    It’s time for Curtis Sliwa to set up Guardian Angle units around the country. Of course black on white crimes are not “hate crimes”.


    Just wait until someone pulls his/her concealed weapon and shoots several of these “youths”.

  • Molon Labe

    If you don’t carry you will be a victim. But then again you can always call the police.

  • Fiftycal

    So tell me again why some anti-gun types want to “limit” the number of rounds one can have in a pistol to 5 or 10? How many would have been enough if you are attacked by a savage mob?

  • Doc54

    anybody notice who was a paying customer and who wasn’t?…….just sayin’

  • befuddled

    If Republicans would have let Obama save their $278,000 job, none of this would have happened. For the love of God, I can’t stay in my house forever, give those people their jobs back or create one, no matter what the cost, and perhaps they will let us be. If $300,000 can save one person from getting terrorized by a mob, it would be worth it.

  • Mike

    The msm have given black criminals free reign to engage in hate crimes without fear of prosecution or even exposure. Racial discrimination? of course, just not against blacks.

  • Auntie Em

    These mobs are connected to Obama and ACORN. I don’t have the solid proof….YET.

  • jimg

    Boy, it’s a good thing during these times of heightened racial tension that we have such a strong leader in the White House who’s willing to be a calming influence, and call for cooler heads to prevail.

  • Conservative Ken

    I fully expect the Supreme Court to ease up on the restrictions for performing a Citizens Arrest any day now. Pun intended

  • D W Pepper

    A Concealed weapon would have helped in this situation.. Blow a few holes in some heads !! This type of ” Flash mob” crap will stop.. My pistol holds 21 bullets ..Im waitng For them !!!

  • Dick Obama

    The police acted… stupidly!

  • this will happen one day when one or more of the victims is armed with a lawfully possessed CCW…

    when that happens the meme reported by the MFM will be
    “Automatic Weapon used in Racially Motivated Shooting”

    just wait and see.

  • tj

    Change you can believe in!

  • Susan

    These are just your average people being attacked. Let the right people (politician or member of their family; celebrity, etc.) get attacked and then maybe we will get some results.

  • Skinner

    Children of the ACORN…all grow’d up and community organizing…Papa must be so proud!


  • gus

    I’m from Milwaukee. I don’t live there anymore. Guess why???

    Arab Spring. Negro Summer. Good times….Good times……

  • Big T Machine

    My uncle drove around St. Louis with tire chains in his car all year long. It wasn’t out of fear of a July blizzard. We have gone soft and are paying the price for it.

  • mercador

    I think what it will take is to capture one of these youths and waterboard him until we find out who is instigating this. Just thinking out loud.

  • Redwine

    #10 July 6, 2011 at 1:27 pm
    Auntie Em commented:

    These mobs are connected to Obama and ACORN. I don’t have the solid proof….YET.
    Take a look at their connection to the racist agitator Van Jones. I think this is where they are getting their mob marching orders.

  • gus

    These losers are the natural consequence of THE GREAT SOCIETY. ZERO EXPECTATIONS. Affirmative action, foods stamps, welfare, dysfunction GOOONION RUN public schools, no fathers.

    I blame WHITEY and BOOOOOSH.

  • Chisum

    In Venezuela, an Unpleasant Foretaste of What’s to Come

    During yesterday’s parade to celebrate 200 years of Venezuelan independence from Spain, opposition congresswoman Maria Corina Machado was physically attacked by a mob of Chávez supporters. They attacked her with fists, hurled objects at her, and punched her in the face. The army officer assigned to protect her reportedly suffered a head injury from a large object thrown by the same group.

    This is only one incident, of course, but it underscores the incredible polarization and class hatred that Chávez has stirred up in his country, formerly one of the more socially integrated Latin American republics.


    Sound familiar?

  • moron

    Where the heck is Charles Bronson? Texas maybe?

  • tarpon

    Should this be a hate crime?

  • john03

    Thanks for uniting us Barack.

  • Militant Conservative

    #8, you gave up without a fight? Pathetic.

    Man up y’all and defend yourselves, quit relying on other for

    Your safety. When seconds count the cops are minutes away.

    Powder is dry, I carry every day. Spare mags and a rifle.

    Be prepared or be a victim.

  • When non-black folk get tired of this violent racism exhibited by blacks, blacks will wish they were back on the plantation, where they had some value. Blacks haven’t quite grasped mathematical concepts yet to understand they are called a minority for a reason.

  • AaronZ

    This is nothing new. It’s called “wilding” and has been going on since the 1980s.

  • The Second Amendment

    Wait a minute, I know what to do!

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  • Multitude

    When hate crimes are directed against whites, the police chief declares “No no. Crime is color blind.” I’m sure he’s racing off to Congress to demand repeal of Federal and state hate crime laws.

    If anything, it just shows us that once again, law enforcement is dumb-assed blind when it comes to enforcing the laws against criminals. They’ll take away our self-defense weapons. They’ll look the other way when radical unionists and communists are stealing license plates, letting air out of tires, throwing rocks into Republican offices, making death threats against Republicans, beating us in peaceful tea party protests, and even unlock and hold open the door when radicals are storming the people’s government offices. They’ll confiscate our cameras when we observe them acting illegally, and threaten us with violence and retribution when we don’t immediately stop.

    We know who the Union Police have become. German artist Daniel Richter has even painted their portrait: http://arttattler.com/Images/Europe/Germany/Frankfurt/die%20Stadel/Chronological%20Order/o_24_Richter_Horde_2007.jpg

    But protect us from violent criminals? “Nothing to see

  • MauiSteve

    What a bunch of BS for the top cop to declare crime as color blind when it’s definitely a black on white crime. I say ‘blacks do swing good from dem ropes.’

  • SeniorD

    When animal herds get too big, it needs to be culled. I think these animals fit the bill.

  • kansas

    Skinner commented:

    Children of the ACORN…all grow’d up and community organizing…Papa must be so proud!

    You might want to aks him if you can find him.

  • hermie

    The chief has decided that it is politically better for him to ignore or deny that the crimes were racially motivated. His responsibility to protect the citizens has taken a back seat to ensuring that he will not be accused of racism in the MSM or in the City Council chambers.

    When the top cops wuss out and refuse to acknowledge the nature and intent of the criminals then the city is lost.

  • mg4us

    Why is it the news reporters do not say that it was a “deranged mob of violent BLACK youths”?

    Is the media is afraid to call a spade a spade?. . . and why don’t they talk about other BLACK Thugs doing similar stuff? .

    Add this to Philly, Chicago, NY, and elsewhere as you see a pattern emerging. .

    It will get worse before it gets better. . . as long as Holder is winking at his people and Obama accepts it. .

    2012 can’t come soon enough. . let’s sweep the dirt out of our government and courts!

  • tommy mc donnell

    milwaukee, philadelphia, peoria , and other places. these are not just isolated incidents. this is a nationwide plan. this seems like a howard dean, andy stern, van jones, pete trumka action. in every instance so far it is blacks attacking whites. not a peep from the civil rights agencies of the federal government, not a peep about racism from american tass, not a peep from our racist-fighting liberal officeholders. if this were whites attacking blacks all of these people would be screaming racism from the top of their lungs.

    the same people that did this in the sixties are now running the government of the united states. i think they see they are about to be removed from power and are doing this as an attempt to somehow keep their power. welcome to obama’s post-racial america.

  • averagemelon

    Another reaon for racial epithets.

    Keep up the good work, “Black Culture”. You are really racking up the brownie points with the white community.

  • C-CS

    declare yourself a “victim”-esp. a black “victim” –

    go to church ed where the “pastors” declare hate against ‘whitey’ and America-(chickens come home to roost comes to mind)

    and you have a ‘get out of jail free’ card and a bloody whitey to boot…isn’t the hate crime legislation just great-SARC_

  • averagemelon

    I see the blacks never really wanted equality.

  • LibsRMorons

    Number 8..what a dumb a$$ thing to say! I could create jobs as Prez in a NY minute! Open drilling! Thems some good paying jobs! Get off the back of Coal Miners..theres more jobs for ya and it dont cost a damn thing to create! Get off the backs of manufacturers of any product, instant factory jobs would be abundant!

    Cut the red tape on nuclear plants, bingo! More jobs! Let the people buy regular good old light bulbs! Plants would open immediately with no MERCURY in them! So many ways to create jobs that wont be taxpayer subsidized! WERE BROKE! People are broke! How much more can you take from working people to give to those that sit on their ass and harass and beat the crap out of people that havent done a damn thing wrong?

    Lock them up, and throw away the damn key! Im sick of this crap. I guess it wont matter to you until its your Mom or your kid that gets the crap beat out of them..then I want to watch you in court talk about more 300k jobs for these morons..dig deep, and make sure you give the govt more money to do just that! Write a check to the govt today!!

  • Punish our enemies quoth Hussein bin Obama bin Soetoro bin whatever.. and his enemies are whitey. Kill the crackas quoth Shabazz.. same same as Zero.

  • jerrylud

    ever sence eric holder called them his people and drpped the charges agaist the black panthers its been open season and the cops are useless do nothings unless its the other way around

  • Adirondack Patriot

    “Though Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn noted Tuesday that crime is colorblind. . . ”

    What an ignorant man.

    God help you, people of Milwaukee.

  • patman

    Coming to a neighborhood like yours…

  • kingslayor

    No matter who you are if there is an unprovoked attack!!!! Defend yourselves!!! 40cal.Glock 15 round clip, 10-15 dead. Self defence is your God given right!!!! Law enforcement can’t and the present government won’t!!!

  • Fionnagh

    ““We’re not going to let any group of individuals terrorize or bully any of our neighborhoods,” Flynn said.”

    Really? Too little, too late, don’t you think?

    And what’s with the “colorblind” remark? I saw the video; nothing “colorblind” there.

  • George

    OK people-let’s not condemn the whole black race because of a few hundred uneducated, unsupervised, racist black teenagers. Eventually one of these hood rats will get shot. They just have’nt messed with the right person yet. I might have to take my CCW permit with me to the Metro Station at the Gallaria and hang out for a while. Whose with me!

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  • Raz

    It is time for White people to fight back. Club these savages in their knee caps and see how fast they go down. Of and [email protected] the MSM, they will call you a rascist anyway.

  • CommieJuice

    Barack Obama’s America! Hows that hope and change working out for ya?

  • Cultural marxism: giving a pass to violent people and then attack the law-abiding people for defending themselves.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    A list of these mobs in the last two months would be longer than this comment thread.

    On July 3, night of the fireworks in South Haven, MI, a large group of black youth were seen causing chaos on our streets, literally jumping on cars, jumping from car to car (on TOP of them), running from county and state police who were chasing them with assault rifles.

    These people are: from our little ghetto-area, from Kalamazoo, from Chicago.

    And this is all being planned by them using social networking and cellphones.

    The end result will be, predictably, a quantum leap in the size and power and intrusion of the Police State.

    South Haven is a SMALL town. And we’ll probably have troops on every corner now, every Independence day, in body armor and with assault rifles.

    THAT, my friends, is the end-goal, if you ask me.

    I’m waiting for our local paper to come out on Sunday, to see if they even report this in the police log. We heard it from a local long-time policeman who worked two eighteen-hour shifts in two days over the Fourth weekend. I have no reason at all to doubt what I have heard. The local paper will probably not go into ANY detail (“Some youths were chased and apprehended after being loud and obnoxious. End of story.”) because local papers in resort towns don’t like to chase away business. (And because they’re staffed, owned, and operated by cowardly p***ies.)

  • Black Sabbath

    Don’t get yourselves in an uproar, people. Nothing is going to be done about the increasing attacks by black mobs on ordinary citizens and businesses. You’re just going to have to deal with it. Or band together and try to stop it yourself – which is going to be tricky since YOUR law enforcement will come after you.

  • Gregor

    #50, George … what do you think will happen to the person who legitimately defends themself? How long will it take for Al Sharpton, Obama, Holder, and the media to turn that on it’s head and declare the act of self defense a “needless over-reaction by an obvious racist against a poor black victim?”

    Also, you may not have noticed, but the other side is already using guns, knives, and other weapons against us and nobody is doing a thing about it. As I’ve pointed out many times before … my fellow conservatives love to talk a big game about being prepared to fight to the death if needed, and the ever famous claim that they will die fighting before giving up their guns to the government, but the government has already gone into many cities and confiscated guns from law abiding citizens many times, and when was the last time you heard of any conservative fighting them off? All talk.

    We are losing this country because conservatives are full of talk, and so far have done absolutely nothing but send off nasty emails, make whining phone calls, or write angry blog posts. Where exactly is that line that must not be crossed? When you start seeing stories about conservatives actually fighting back, instead of hiding in their houses watching American Idol and writing angry letters to their congressmen that will never be read, you let me know.

    As for your question of who’s with you … I’ve tested those waters over the last several years, organizing conservative protests. I’ve had my email box filled to the brim with thousands of conservatives claiming to be “with me” and claiming to have “had enough”, only to repeatedly have two, four, or at best … thirty people show up for the fight (peaceful protest). Lazy cowards. Common exuses as to why people miss events such as Tea Parties, Illegal Immigration protests, Open Carry events, or any other ‘save our country’ type of event? How about …

    “Can’t. Have a BBQ that day.”
    “Sorry. Going to a swim party.”
    “Oh, I wish I could make it, but my sister is here from out of town that week.”
    “Darn it! I have a soccer game.”
    “Hey, have fun. Wish I could be there, but going to the baseball game.”
    “I’d love to join you, but we’re going camping.”

    Um … yeah. Earth shattering events, all of them. Saving the country is just not important enough to put off such once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

    Every once in a while someone would dare to be honest and tell me … “I just can’t, because I don’t want to be called a racist” or “I’m scared that leftist thugs will key my car” or “my neighbors are liberals and I don’t want to lose friends.”

    Hey, here’s a question …

    How many of you avid America loving conservative patriots are scared to post anything political on your Facebook because you don’t want to offend any of your friends?

    So good luck getting people to stand by your side, and to all those readers who think I’m being too harsh … think about this post the next time you pass up a conservative event or protest for something not quite as important as saving your country, or the next time you pass up posting something controversial on your Facebook.

    Come on conservatives. Live your beliefs. Live your words. Stop hiding. Spread your knowledge, or in Obama’s own words …

    “Get in their faces and argue with them.”

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  • Taqiyyotomist

    #50 George

    Most of us are not stupid, and do not “condemn” the whole black race.

    Most of us would vote into public office: Allen West, Allen Keyes, Condoleeza Rice, Walter Williams, Armstrong Williams, Alfonzo Rachel, Star Parker, Herman Cain, and any other black American.

    It’s not a racial thing — it’s a cultural thing. The aforementioned are not into black CULTURE. (That is, kill, steal, rob, loot, rape, destroy, hate) They are into bettering themselves and joining the ranks of the civilized, which includes ALL RACES.

    Multiculturalism, the belief that all cultures and belief systems are equally good and valid (“Hey, It’s All Good™”) is the belief that will lead to the death of ALL civilization.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #57 Gregor



  • Solaratov

    I sure am glad that the selection of the lightbringer, D’OHbama, has ushered in a new, ‘post-racial’ America.

    These mobs are going to keep it up until people start fighting back with lethal force.
    When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    We are losing this country because conservatives are full of talk, and so far have done absolutely nothing but send off nasty emails, make whining phone calls, or write angry blog posts. Where exactly is that line that must not be crossed? When you start seeing stories about conservatives actually fighting back, instead of hiding in their houses watching American Idol and writing angry letters to their congressmen that will never be read, you let me know.

    As I’ve put it, most of us are (shh…) whispering our “OUTRAGE!!!” to each other like Anne Frank’s family in the attic.

    I think the word “outrage” has come to mean something completely different than it used to. We should be marching in the streets by the tens of millions.

    “Silent Majority” will be the death of all civilization.

  • jony101

    If the union thugs (police) won’t act, time for the armed vigilantes to patrol the streets. When security breaks down usually the vigilantes come out in full force untill security returns. Not that bad yet, but breaking point will come pretty soon if the union thugs (police) don’t start doing there job. Just like in Mexico the police are currently in cahoots with the “youths” (democrat voters).

  • lonestar

    These mobs are going to be everywhere on Election Day, 2012. They know they won’t be prosecuted. I would guess they’ll be celebrated.

  • song of the south

    #64 lonestar-especially if obama loses.

  • Rock

    First, hate laws where passed for no other reason than to divide the people of this nation.

    We all know scumbag Holder is Raciest and how he will comedown on these type cases.

    I said early on WTF would set back race relations by 50 years.

    Next the Lefts preferred derogatory description for middle America has often been “trailer trash”, anybody heard of any flash riots in a trailer park of late, not even.

    Lastly all of this brought to America by WTF’s former Commie loving CZAR Van Jones who Valerie Jarrett spoke of in such loving terms. Hey biddy any apologies forthcoming?

  • #39, I have been thinking the same thing you are. Too many, too fast, to be ‘flash’ mobs. These are being instigated from somewhere/someone.

  • Meg

    I think it is about time that Obama or Holder speak to their people. How about start emailing your congressman and senator. When their email is full or their phone lines go down because of public response, they sometimes act.

  • Rock

    #62 July 6, 2011 at 5:09 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    “Silent Majority” will be the death of all civilization.


    I have held contempt in my heart for the so called Silent Majority since my days in the Nam. I agree totally with your remarks about when do we show the nation our numbers rather than hide in our homes behind our keyboards. Becks biggest failure was his preaching a kinder resistance to the BS in DC. Where is our million man march? Will the NRA and members step up or just continue to protect their bottom line, maybe the VFW, I don’t know, but somehow we need to organize and tell the suits in the Beltway they are failing the nation. Will it take Americans dying on their front porches protecting their Constitutional Right, I hope not because by then we will have lost.

  • Gideon Reed

    At some point in time there WILL be a circumstance when a gathering of criminal conspirators whose race, ethnic origin, sex, ODDLY and UNEXPECTEDLY remain a complete and total mystery to everyone in an administrative elected or appointed position in the state, county, municipal and other political subdivisions; but to no one else, will conduct a “flash Mob” attempted violent assault on an innocent person who will excersice his or her Second Amendment rights to carry a concealed firearm and in furtherance of the right of self defense, will open fire on these parasitic shoe scrape vermin; sending those who really need it to meet their maker, and several more to intensive care, hopefully to begin a long career as quadraplegics.
    Remember, Center Mass is NOT a community hangout in Boston (Ma)

  • Skinner

    Just wait until Obama loses the election – the riots will be covered by the MSM then due to size, mayhem and deaths…

    And fault will be thrown on President Romney’s table as a race issue and churned up by the MSM like there’s no tomorrow.

    You read it here first…


  • Militant Conservative

    Gregor, I conceal carry every day and am very vocal

    About the things that the sheeple are unaware of.

    Not to worry, we still know how to take care of

    “uppity youths” Down here.

    Powder is dry

  • This is coming to you when ObotOne loses in 2012.

    Got Militia?

  • an observer


    This is Van Jones/Francis Fox Piven “bottom up” strategy. Obama and his allies are deliberately stoking the fire until “the people” demand the government to act to stop it.

    Then comes the “top down” government action to stop the violence – oh, and crack down of OUR civil liberties, including the suspension of the Constitution – and the canceling of the 2012 election due to “The Emergency.”

    So, we’re being “rope-a-doped” by the left with these flash mobs.

    All, read “The Coming Insurrection” by the Invisible Committee. Watch Greece for clues as to what is expected to happen here.

    Avoid the flash mob if you can, but defend your self and family if you have to. Don’t go anywhere without a cellphone video camera because you are going to have to be sure you can document the necessity for the use of deadly force.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #71 Skinner

    Or, maybe Romney knows that riots and unceasing mayhem will occur if Obama loses, and will do as McCain did: everything in his power to promote Obama and to lose the election.

    I agree, if Obama loses — Civil War 2 meets Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome meets Joel Chapter Two*.

    (*en masse, through your windows, of singular purpose.)


    Joel 2 ain’t about locusts, as the “experts” have been wrong about for centuries.

    It’s about people. Doing exactly what we’re witnessing with these violent flash-mobs of one or two hundred.

    Doing it by the millions.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    This, the hundred or so of these attacks we know about for the last three or four months, is merely practice.

    ‘magine that.

    Just like the 2000 and 2004 election-stealing attempts all over the nation were also “practice”, involving actors at the local level from the same, exact lying/thieving culture.

    These flash mobs will culminate in something horrific.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Mark my words.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    All at once. Every city, even small towns with a large enough ‘hood. Every state.

    This could happen today, with common cell and social network tech. Tomorrow. Next week. Any time. Joel 2.

    If I’m imagining things — well, I guess I could pitch the idea to Tom Kratman.

    But I’m not.

  • Joanne

    These black youth think that because a black looking dude is in the Whitehouse that blacks rule now. The mob mentality is actually just a bunch of losers who are nothing other than cowards and bullies. They will get theirs in the end. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  • Joanne

    If black people are suspected of becoming very violent if Obama does not win another election, then what does this say about black people and what does it say about what people think about black people. This reminds me of muslims – they become violent too if people do something they don’t want them to do. They are cowards and bullies too. There is only one way to deal with a bully and that is to give them what they intend to give others.

  • Joanne

    Gregor #57 – for me, it is hard to believe millions of American conservatives have not descended on Washington and demanded that fraud, Obama, to get the hell out of the Whitehouse before they drag him kicking and screaming. The media won’t report a million conservatives converging on Washington, D.C., but they’d report a million violent conservatives.

  • martha

    Gregor#57: My facebook page is nothing but conservative political and if someone do’nt like it, they can kiss my big round Jewish a**.
    And yes I do go to Tea Parties also have for the last 3 years, I was in at the beginning.

  • Marta

    I promise you that those white young victims were Obama voters. Reduces my empathy level. Maybe a few of them will come to their senses and realize that you don’t empower people by giving them everything that they should be earning. Nahhhhhh.

  • the tout

    friday we in wisconsin get the ccp. i for one will shoot any african that threatens me. i hope all will join in the target practice.

    i have been robbed twice by blacks.

    never again. these africans will die.

  • I think I’m going to lean less on the side of “Conspiracy” and more on the side of “Fad”, such as Streaking, Pet Rocks, and Teddy Ruxpin (although with a great deal more stupidity and violence)

    How best to treat it? What Social Media can create, it can also destroy. Law Enforcement should treat each one of these “little darlings” to their own jail cell and prosecution for the whole event, with a nice little reward of time off for each of them that squeal on their fellow “Wilders”. Googling future employees is a fact of life. Make sure you spell their names right on the arrest records published in the papers.

  • YouthIsNowACodeWord

    Youth has now become a code word, apparently.

  • Wbm

    “Oh, white girls bleed a lot.” WELL – After concealed carry passes, these minority democrats will receive their just due………”Oh minority girls have BIG HOLES in them and they are not going to make it to the hospital”…………….TOO FREAKIN’ BAD……………

  • Wait until the election if Obama doesn’t win,it will be worster than LA riots,i’m getting prepare so should all of you.

  • Molon Labe


    I’d like to see what happens when some of these black animals are shot down by someone they attempted to beat. No jury will convict them. Too many incidents, too many whites have suffered.

    But city slickers are whimps. They’d rather be sheep than tigers. I wish they try something in my town. The brightness of the firing would probably show up from space.

  • Dan

    The governor needs to declare martial law.

  • We’d all be hearing about it, if it had been White Idiots doing this Crap to Blacks or Mexicans…..But, yeah just some White ones got beat up, whatever?! This Gang mentality is getting totally Out of Countrol…These weak, pathetic, losers…only attack in Packs, like animals…..And Steal from others instead of getting a job….Worthless Wastes of Space….Is this what our future generation looks like? No, manners, No compasion, No morals, No loyalty, No Values…..NOTHING, But a YOU owe me attitude and if you don’t give it to me, I’ll beat you or kill you and steal from you! Because, I can……??!! Somethng wrong here??!!

  • Tanker1983

    You see how often this occurs here in central Texas, right. There would be a lot of “youths” with a lot of leaks in them.

  • Scott

    This is what you get from “black liberation theology.” Another media cover job for communists and insurrectionists…Our modern media fosters the destruction of individuals who take their anger out on innocents.

  • lonestar

    I don’t think these mobs will wait til Obama loses. I think they will be out preventing people from voting unless it’s for bHO.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    …and then again, maybe they want him to lose — for the excuse to break out and go hog wild insane.

    Then, cue the only possible solution: martial law. Which will be used to defend the perps, and to strangle the victims.

    Add our nation’s intentionally-created crises to the global mix of also intentionally-created crises, and we’ll get international martial law.

    Like I said in another thread:

    Get ready for Great Leap Forward 2: American “Mao x10” Edition.

  • Katherine

    Yes, get the Guardian Angels there!! I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of the attackers, if not all, come from fatherless homes. The statistics for criminal activity are staggering for kids growing up without a father in the home.

    The kids who were attacking rule the streets and everyone needs to get involved—make it personal if you have to—what if it was your son or daughter being attacked?

    I witnessed a beating on a city street recently in a seemingly quiet neighborhood, and called 911 as soon as my car wasn’t visible to the attackers. The police took the call and were right on it. Wake up people—-and report suspicious behavior to the police, and make those calls when you do witness attacks.

  • BarbaraS

    Cops are union. Unions are democrats. Unions call the shots and tell cops who to go after. It won’t be blacks. When cops are beholden to unions, law and order go out the window. Why anyone thought allowing police and firefighters to unionize needs their heads examined. These people need to be unaffiliated to any group. Probably half of cops are black and sympathetic to blacks’ greivances. They probably hate whitey just as much as these violent youths do.

    Cops sympathize with other unions. Remeber the thumbs up the police in Wisconsin gave the protesters in the capital bulding.

  • I don’t condone this activity but I also don’t believe in hate crime legislation. What makes getting my ass kicked for wearing my Red OSU hoodie on the Crip side of town vs a white women that just happen to be on the same side of town looking like a easy target to rob? Most of you don’t even remember the 1980’s crack wars.

  • GrayRider

    Barbarian Bastard Thugs possessing no morals with a liberal induced entitlement mindset.

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  • usamopatriot

    The average intercity black is proving all the racial stereo typical attributes they have been accused of by the white community who has been observing them and reading government statistics for the past 40 years. But wait……. lets not believe our “lying eyes”….. I live in realville, and the only folks who can fix this, ie the black ones, have no intention to do so…….I am convinced that there will be another “civil war”, which will be brought on by idiots who have no concept of history and are completely “Godless”. History documents these conflicts ever since time began, and I’m starting to think that it is the only way to purge the idiots and fools. May this country repent and go back to it’s founding documents before it is too late.

  • Hoot R.Gibson

    Milwaukee, home of Black Racists and guilt ridden Wiggers…it is the result of 100 years of guilt ridden white “Progressives”, and probably should be bulldozed into Lake Michigan, or better yet used as a Nuclear Testing site…with all residents required to stay until tests are done.

  • Justin Case

    wake up people and read the history books about the LA Riots in the 90’s

  • Wayne

    Governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers form the consent of the governed, that whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new government.

    This is taken from the second paragraph of “The Declaration of Independence”. It goes on to read.

    But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object, evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such government,and to provide new guards for their future security.


  • Jeff B.

    Obama’s America.

  • DAver

    With nObama doing such a dismal job with employment, especially in the black community, these black youths have created their own business: rob whitey. Maybe Holder will give them licenses, but don’t expect them to pay taxes on their new-found wealth…

  • PaleHorseRider

    The black attacks on whites are premature. Liberal power brokers wanted them to attack whites in the event of an economic collapse, so that whites would look to a centralized government to protect them. Oops. The incitement to riot by the official media set off the race war against whitey quite prematurely. Now whites are being strengthened. Whites are now more likely to turn to self-reliance — the LAST thing Social Democrats want of U.S. serfs (no longer citizens). One thing The Control Crowd should consider is that millions of Americans are of Irish and Scots blood lines. Do you think that in a million years you could get Celts to board trains to death camps?! No, no, no. Celts fight back. Ireland and Scotland stood up to the British. Now in this era, their progeny will turn on the Social Democrats.

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  • lessthantolerant

    In 2010, the rate of firearm homicide for blacks was 14.6 per 100,000, compared to 1.9 for whites, 2.7 for American Indians and Alaska Natives, and 1.0 for Asians and Pacific Islanders (figure 5). From 1993 to 2010, the rate of firearm homicides for blacks declined by 51%, down from 30.1 per 100,000 blacks, compared to a 48% decline for whites and a 43% decline for American Indians and Alaska Natives. Asian and Pacific Islanders declined 79% over the same period, from 4.6 to 1.0 per 100,000. Although blacks experienced a decline similar to whites and American Indians and Alaska Natives, the rate of firearm homicide for blacks was 5 to 6 times higher than every other racial group in 2010. As with other demographic groups, the majority of the decline occurred in the first part of the period and slowed from 2001 to 2010.

    Statistics prove that the hype of the media is just that, hype. The DOJ has statistics which prove the black race per capita is more violent and out of control that other races.

    Minneapolis is a liberal state and it is funny when liberals get mugged by their pets.