Obama’s Radical Pal Rashid Khalidi Releases Pro-Hamas Video Urging Obama’s Support of Gaza Flotilla II

In 2008 The LA Times withheld a video that contained footage of Barack Obama celebrating with a group of Palestinians who were openly hostile towards Israel. Barack Obama reportedly even gave a toast to a former PLO operative, Rashid Khalidi, at this celebration. This was something the LA Times hid from the American public before the election. The media refused to release the video.

Terrorist Bill Ayers, Barack Obama and his good friend Jew-hater Rashid Khalidi

There were also reports that terrorists Bill Ayers and his wife Bernadine Dohrn were at the same Jew-bash.

Khalidi was thought to be connected to the PLO.

Last year the anti-Israel radical raised cash for a ship named “The Audacity of Hope” to smash through the Gaza Blockade. Well they finally raised enough cash and the American ship is ready to join this year’s Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla 2.

Yesterday, Rashid Khalidi, Noam Chomsky, Ali Abunimah and others release a video urging the Obama Administration to free Gaza and allow bombs to be imported by the Hamas terror group.

Rashid Khalidi: This is an inhuman seige of a million and a half people who are cut off from the outside world… The policy of a president who started off by saying that he was going to offer a new beginning as far as dealing with the Palestine issue has been almost indistinguishable from the policy of his predecessors.

The noted leftists in his video talk about why “The Audacity of Hope” is one of the most crucial campaigns of our time.

Barack Obama has already reached out to the Taliban and Muslim Brotherhood. Now these ignorant leftist clowns want him to pamper Hamas too. They will never be satisfied until Israel is obliterated off the face of the Earth.

(Someone needs to make a video of Hamas bombs blowing up in the background after each speaker!)

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  • Snicker


    Nearly 8000 Gazans traveled between Gaza and Egypt.

    342 Gazans (mostly patients and families) went into Israel.

    Nearly 30,000 tons of goods were unloaded in Gaza from Israel.

    UNRWA continued the “Summer Games” activities for children, which included bouncy castles, pools and trampolines:

  • Obama is a closet radical Muslim….

  • Ebayer


    When Israel was first created,the Israeli’s asked the Arabs to stay and not leave.
    They left anyway after their Arab masters in the surrounding Muslim nations told them to get out.

    If the Gazans want someone to blame,blame their Arab masters,not the Israelis.

  • MrGoodWench

    Any Jewish Orgs have any data on how much money Jews in USA have given to this gaza tortilla ?

  • sandy

    What we see here is the core of Obama’s presidency. He and his friends have a chip on their shoulders with regard to Israel. But Obama has a higher mandate to do what’s right for the United States and its ally Israel. If he chooses his pals instead we could end up in a major war in which millions of people could be killed to please Code Pink.

  • rickperry2012

    Obama’s friends Rashid Khalidi, Noam Chomski, Ali Abunimah, Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn always seem to be popping up whenever there is something anti-American going on. If it were not for the media, like the L.A. Times, N.Y. Times, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, and ABC to name a few, Obama would have never been voted into any type of office, let alone the Presidency. How little is known about this boob continually amazes me, but we know every little detail of Palin’s governorship via emails and the media in Alaska. What’s wrong with this picture?

  • retire05

    Almost a year ago today (July 17, 2010 to be exact) a new shopping mall was opened in Gaza that would rival most malls in the U.S. The Guardian reported that the new mall was to cater to wealthy Gazans.


    Wait, “wealthy” Gazans? Aren’t we being told that everyone in Gaza is starving to death due to the Israeli blockaid? Haven’t we been told that Israel is preventing Gaza from getting concrete? How did the Gazans manage to build a mall, complete with escalator, if they have no concrete? So how was a $3 million (in American dollars) spent on a new mall complete with designer clothing shops? Where did the money come from for a new water park and equestrian center?

    And didn’t the Egyptians open up their border with Gaza?

    Oh, but wait; while the people like Obama’s good buddy, Rashid Khalidi are claiming that the Audacity of Hope is to take humanitarian supplies to the starving Gazans, it has been reported that the ships only cargo is protesters.

    When the political winds change (and they have, my friends) Obama said he would side with the Muslims. Perhaps that is the reason he has created his new “outreach” committee to American Jews who are fleeing the Obama campaign in droves. And taking their money with them.

  • chuck in st paul

    This ‘prison’ they keep yammering about was created by the Arabs not the Jews. Even the Arabs consider these people worse than cockroaches. They’ve spent 50 years building the so-called Palestinians into feral rabid dogs ready to bite anything, anywhere, any time. Now no one wants them.

  • Ebayer

    Why are the Arab refugees from Israel seen in a different light from all the other, far more numerous peoples who were displaced after World War II? Why, indeed, are they seen differently from the Jewish refugees who were forced, in 1948 and after, to leave the Arab countries to find a haven in Israel?

    A substantial number of the Arab refugees called Palestinians in reality had foreign roots; that for every Arab refugee who left Israel in 1948, there was a Jewish refugee who fled or was expelled from his Arab birthplace ; Britain, the Mandatory power, winked at and even encouraged Arab immigration into Palestine between the two World Wars; that by disguising the Arab immigrants as “indigenous native Palestinian Arabs,” the British justified their restrictions on Jewish immigration and settlement, dooming masses of European Jews to destruction in the Nazi camps.

    Few sources have focused on the Jewish refugees of the Arab world even though entire populations were forced to flee without any of their material belongings. Because they were quickly absorbed into the Israeli population, their plight has never seemed important but it is vitally important when considering the moral “claims” of the Arab refugees.

    In the history of the world, REFUGEES have always been considered ONLY those actually alive at the time they fled their mother country. NOT all their off-spring which is what the UN has decided to do with ‘Palestinians’. Hence the numbers of refugees has exploded and MOST of those ‘refugees’ have NEVER set foot in Israel. Interestingly if you watch the Hollywood movie “EXODUS” with Paul Newman made so long ago, you will hear them refer to JEWS as Palestinians, NOT Arabs. The media and power that be have co-opted this word to their advantage.

    The UN deals with refugees all over the world. Their numbers in Asia and Africa are staggering. However, for some reason, they don’t get the attention Palestinians refugees do. Most are considered refugees for a couple of years and then resettled, others becoming the “new” refugees. Palestinians on the other hand, inherit the title, being refugees forever. Now, a third and forth generations (born in other countries) are still considered Palestinian refugees, their number always growing. What makes them different from others? Why the double standard?

    An interesting read is A travel guide to Palestine and Syria, published in 1906 by Karl Baedeker. This book illustrates such truths as that even when the Islamic Ottoman Empire ruled the region, the Muslim population in the city of Jerusalem was minimal.

  • bg


    squeaky #53

    “There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.”

    Roots The Club

    “Israel Doesn’t Allow Aid to Gaza. Oh, Wait . . . .”

    ‘Son of Hamas’

    [“I’m not trying to convert the entire nation of Israel and the entire nation of Palestine to Christianity. But at least if you can educate them about the ideology of love, the ideology of forgiveness, the ideology of grace. Those principles are great regardless, but we can’t deny they came from Christianity as well.”


    “The problem is not in Muslims,” he continues. “The problem is with their God. They need to be liberated from their God. He is their biggest enemy. It has been 1,400 years they have been lied to.”

    These are all dangerous words. Of the threats issued to his life by Islamists, he says, “That’s not the worst thing that can happen to you. I’m OK with it, I’m not afraid. . . . Palestinians have reason to kill me. Some Israelis may want to kill me. My goal is not to defeat my enemy. It is to win over my enemy.”]


  • Mikey

    Whaddya mean asking for his support? He already is involved through the Audacity of Hope. This guy is enemy to all Americans who love this great nation.

  • bg



    The Six-Day War

    The world’s collective amnesia

    What Really Happened In The Middle East

    [you may have to refresh a few times (rapidly),
    or click on Return Home then click on the video]


  • Aggie95

    Funny I thought their other border was open

  • bg


    just a wee sample of numerous others the mSM couldn;t seem to
    find (and none were a supposed in a l$ck b$x somewhere in HA)..

    The Obama Files

    [The story focuses on four astute men who have little in common other
    than Mr. Obama: Messrs Rezko, Ayers, Khalidi and Auchi. Finding facts
    about Mr. Obama’s exchanges with this quartet creates much of what
    can be called a political profile of candidate Obama.]

    more here, and everywhere, just not as many as there use to be.. 🙁


  • bg


    re: #13

    via #10 “There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.” link:

    [The opening of the Rafah crossing ended a four-year land blockade of
    Gaza jointly imposed by Egypt and Israel after Hamas’ forceful takeover
    of the area in 2007. The blockade was intended to limit the access of
    rockets and other war materials into Gaza that could be used against
    Israeli civilians. Israel’s naval blockade was not implemented until 2009
    when Israel launched Operation Cast Lead in response to continued
    rocket fire from Gaza.

    Israel has maintained corridors for the transfer of humanitarian aid and
    other goods into the region. In April, the deputy head of the Red Cross
    in Gaza, Mathilde Redmatn, confirmed the effectiveness of these routes
    when stating, “There is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza.”]


  • bg


    Aggie95 #13

    apologies if you were being sarcastic..

    (hard for me to tell the diff lately.. :D)


  • SandyfromChesterfield

    If the people of Gaza are truly starving, how are a bunch of letters from the US going to help them? Typical cheap progressives never donating anything of value.

  • Nadadhimmi

    Obama hates joo’s too. There are 1.5 million joo’s in Israel so Barack and his friends can’t beat Adolph’s record of 6 million. They will give it the old college campus try though!

  • Charles

    No facet of the human condition should be beyond the searchlight of reason….

    Thank you Mr. Hoft, for exposing this horrid propaganda….

  • sheerkon

    so fooking sick of fake-a-stinians they have enough money for bombs and bullets…screw em! as kos would say(of course he’d only say that about americans,though)

  • Contessa61

    Women in gaza have the third highest obestiy rate in the world. They are NOT STARVING.

  • Redwine

    #18 July 3, 2011 at 6:23 pm
    Nadadhimmi commented:

    Obama hates joo’s too. There are 1.5 million joo’s in Israel so Barack and his friends can’t beat Adolph’s record of 6 million. They will give it the old college campus try though!
    The sentiment’s right, but the facts are wrong. The population of Israel, which is about the size of New Jersey, is close to 8 million (7.746m), with close to 6m Jews (5.795m). This puts Muslim desires for Holocaust II on an even keel with Adolph’s record. God forbid that history should repeat itself. This time the Jews of Israel have an excellent army, which by its very name, honestly expresses its intentions: Israel Defense Forces.

  • saveus

    obama and hamas — perfect together

    woe is the USA for electing him


    @#2…he’s not in the closet….everyday we see how much of a radical prick mooslime he is by destroying america

  • bg


    Redwine #22

    re: [God forbid that history should repeat itself.]

    oh, but it does..

    many Hitlers,
    different names..
    what’s in a name,
    when results are the same..


  • bg


    hmm, not saying it is him, but that guy in the still shot sure
    reminds me of Hasan Butt, yes, that’s the name they used..


  • Beth Calvert

    Check out this video taken in Gaza: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o37GHxeRqGA
    They sure don’t seem to need a flotilla.