ACORN is the largest radical leftist group in America today.
This radical group worked closely with the Obama camp during the 2008 election but, the community organizing group was not open about the relationship. The photo below was scrubbed from the ACORN website before the election:

One of Barack Obama’s first big “community organizer” jobs involved ACORN in 1992. He worked along side ACORN before he became an elected official. Obama also trained ACORN employees. He represented ACORN in court. Obama worked with and protested with ACORN. His campaign donated $800,000 to ACORN in 2008 for voter registration efforts.
And, ACORN even canvassed for Obama in 2008.

In 2009 Obama promoted a top ACORN operative, Patrick Gaspard, who’s organization was fined $775,000 for election violations, to a top post in the White House. Gespard is helping shape domestic policy today.

Barack Obama was not honest about his relationship with ACORN during the 2008 election.

In 2009 Congress voted to defund ACORN and its affiliates. But that didn’t stop Obama.
The administration already gave ACORN another $560,000 this year.
Big Government reported:

Remember that story from a few days ago, the one about the Obama administration giving ACORN a $79,819 grant in March despite a federal law that prohibits the government from giving money to ACORN?

It turns out that sum is a lowball figure.
I discovered Obama’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gave ACORN another $461,086 in January. The funds were earmarked for ACORN Housing Corp. in January under HUD’s Self-help Homeownership Opportunity Program (SHOP), according to the government website

In order words, the Obama administration gave fraud-ridden ACORN nearly a half million dollars to be used on housing development.

The administration isn’t even trying to conceal the fact that it gave this money to ACORN.



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  1. I wouldn’t expect anything less from a regime that runs guns for drug cartels and terrorists, just so it can kill Americans and win a political point for the marxists.

  2. Obama is shaking us down on a daily basis and the putz Bill O’Reilly thinks we should give him more money.

    What an idiot!

  3. Yeah but at least he hasn’t given any raises to his staff in the White house. bahaahahahahahahahaahaha
    What a freaking LIAR.

  4. The emperor hasn’t had any clothes for a long long time.

  5. What would one expect from mr obama! What has he been honest about?

  6. The buffoon just forgot to add another zero to the bottom line. The clown act Obozo continues with is getting tiresome.

  7. Apparently, laws are for the little people…..

  8. Apparently none of you have read the Constitution. Bills of Attainder are expressly forbidden.

  9. ACORN is his home territory – it is there he feels most comfortable; thus we should let him go back and try to organize something.

    Besides the destruction of this country.

  10. there is much more hidden somewhere

    impeach and remove now

  11. #8 – What Congress did was not a Bill of Attainder. They simply voted to defund ACORN, which is well within their rights.

  12. I have read the Constitution and for the life of me I can’t figure out what #8 is talking about.
    How is it a Bill of Attainder to no longer fund an organization that should never have recieved funds in the first place? You know, that limited powers thing! Are you trying to say that if Congress ever voted to fund something, then decides not to fund it, that it is issuing a Bill of Attainder?

    FYI Reading obviously does not equal comprehension.

  13. #8 huh? I didnt know there was acorns except on trees when the Constiution was written.Obanana republic chief obama ignores the Constitution and does what he pleases. Can we please impeach him.

  14. It’s high time the MSM started doing their jobs and exposing this fraud. They won’t even do the most basic investigative journalism when it comes to anything that would impune Obama.

  15. Apparently none of you right wing hacks reads the news. Acorn went out of business last year. You’re kicking a dead horse.

  16. IMPEACH the commie traitor

  17. According to #16 ACORN when out of business last year, so who stole the money than?
    I’d also like to know where Bill of Attainment fits into this picture?

    “Barack Obama was not honest about his relationship with ACORN during the 2008 election.”

    Has he ever been honest about anything?

  18. When you take the oath of office for President of the United States you swear to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. Obama intended to destroy the Constitution, so yes, he could impeached. The problem has always been too many outlaws in the Senate. Andrew Johnson should have been removed from office, no boubt about that, but too many southern sympathizers. He got away with not inforcing any civil rights laws. Just as this Presidet ignores immigration laws.

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