Obama Administration Urges UN to Make Junk Science “Climate Change” a Priority

Priorities. The Obama Administration urged UN members to make junk science “climate change” a priority.
CNN reported:

For the first time in four years, the U.N. Security Council debated Wednesday whether climate change should be considered a priority worthy of the council’s attention, but it failed to reach agreement on the politically charged issue.

The council settled for a watered-down statement referring to the “possible security implications” of climate change after Russia, China and others opposed a strong text promoted by Germany, which holds the rotating presidency this month. Germany had pushed for a first-ever council statement linking climate change to global peace and security – despite critics’ arguments that the source, magnitude and consequences of climate change remain in dispute.

Russian delegate Alexander Pankin said many countries were leery of putting climate change on the council’s agenda.

“We believe that involving the Security Council in a regular review of the issue of climate change will not bring any added value whatsoever and will merely lead to further increased politicization of this issue and increased disagreements between countries,” he said.

U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice lashed out at countries – unnamed – that were blocking progress.

She told the meeting that “dozens of countries … whose very existence is threatened” by climate change had asked the council to show its understanding of their plight.

“Instead, because of the refusal of a few to accept our responsibility, this council is saying, by its silence, in effect, ‘Tough luck.’ This is more than disappointing. It’s pathetic. It’s shortsighted, and frankly, it’s a dereliction of duty.”

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  • doofrog

    Where will we be be after Obo’Mao destroys the last taxpayer standing.

  • NeoKong

    They know the jig is up with this fraud and they want to steal as much as possible while their little puppet is still in office.

  • Stephana

    Time to make another investment in some good ole brass and lead! (buy more ammo)

  • Billsv

    When CERN reports or it’s research is leaked there will be proof that cosmic rays influence cloud cover that influences temperature. Gosh, the IPCC and the warmers did not consider this. Another nail in the coffin of the global warming myth.

  • Just_Saying

    So, is O’Doofus president of the US or president of the UN?


    Si I guess a couple of the ‘soverign’ nations are having second thoughts about the UN green helmeted peacekeepers being on their streets.

  • reliapundit


    President Evo Morales was reported to be considering declaring a state of emergency in the region of Potosi to mobilise the army and national guard.

    Some 7,000 people belonging to farming families are in need of help in the region, according to officials.

    More than 40,000 llamas and alpacas are also without food and farmers have lost their crops under a thick blanket of snow.

    Posted by Reliapundit YESTERDAY at 7:44 PM


  • Speaking Clearly

    Bill OReilly, on The Factor talking points tonight, reached a new low, by slamming the Tea Party, and calling them “Extremists”, and comparing them to the “Yippie” movement.

    All of this because the Tea Party is standing firm on not raising the debt ceiling.

    I guess Bill doesn’t understand the concept of us being able to pay our debts even if the debt ceiling is not raised….or that maybe we will be in better shape financially if we don’t raise the limit on our credit cards.

    Maybe Bill doesn’t understand this concept…because he is paid so many millions of dollars to spew his crap….that he has lost touch with working within a limited budget.

    In my opinion Bill OReilly doesn’t stand for anything but himself, and the money he makes off of hyping his crappy books eclectic nonsense. His personality has spiralled into a confusing hard conservative stance on a single idea one day, and the next he takes a completely opposite turn and takes the opposite stance. There is no consistency with him anymore, other than to expect him to appeal to the polls and to be obsessed with drama and not substance.

    Fox News should have canned OReilly, and hired either Glenn Beck or Laura Ingraham in that timeslot.

    He has become an over-inflated EGO MACHINE that acts like everything at Fox News has to go through him, all because he has been there since the beginning.

    Fox News: is this the best you can do???

  • american patriot

    Susan Rice, an individual with a particularly ugly animus and for that reason is ideally suited as representative of Obama, is no friend of America. And a particular enemy of Israel. Her behavior toward Israel is despicable.

  • BridgetGB

    Rice “told the meeting that “dozens of countries … very existence is threatened” by climate change”

    what a load of crap…
    Power by fiat …
    Bastards all
    We need to clean out every last leftist come 2012..they’re equal parts insane & destructive

  • Rick

    The UN, the EPA, the DOJ, the NLRB, among others. Our government is permeated with agenda-driven radical leftists.

  • Nelle

    O’Reilly often comes across as uninformed. Maybe his ego keeps him from researching, because he seems to think he knows everything. But he doesn’t understand the Tea Party, the gunwalker scandal, global warming fraud, and so many other things.

  • Sparky

    It would be nice if he next Republican president not only stopped funding the corrupt UN but, kicked it right off US soil altogether! That should put hundreds of millions towards the debt.

  • bg


    Cl$mate Change

    eh, too tired to do a do-over for the
    umpteenth time to fit this latest GW
    post .. 😀


  • http://BIGGOVERNMENT gee!

    This has always been apart of bigger plan by UN and this adminastation of one world government. use grobal warmer to invade countries and control the people by gun-point, why do think Obama is working so hard to take our right to bear arms away.

  • Rick

    The one-world movement does not seem to be slowed down by facts, such as the problems of the Euro-zone countries. But, facts are not relevant to fanatics.

  • WJoy O

    It’s sad that the fundamental reason for the Global Warming program is to enrich key members of the Left and “redistribute the wealth” from America to the third world countries. On a different topic but related, read about the move to install “Sustainable Development” globally — it’s truly the road to serfdom for America. Each of us need to do everything we can to keep it out of our communities.

  • Bogdan from Australia

    There is no doubt that one of the first moves by PRESIDENT PALIN shall be the immediate expulsion of the dis-UN from America and cutting of any funds for that discredited, morally bancrupt, useless and in fact, criminal enterprise.

    They can then move their hadquater even to Teheran and make Obama its GENERAL SECRETARY.

    I can only wonder whether his own daughters will be that eager to go with him there…

  • Bogdan from Australia

    P.S: I can only imagine the howling of the world’s LEFTOIDS when Palin announces that decision…

  • Dunce

    Dozens of countries existence threatened? Like Obama programs that he is willing to cut , name one.