Newt Gingrich: This Is the “Obama Depression”

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich was the first leading politician to label the current economic abyss the “Obama Depression.”

The Obama recovery has been non-existent.

(Business Insider)

ABC News reported:

“At 9.2 percent now for month after month after month, this is the Obama depression,” Gingrich said on Fox and Friends Sunday morning. “Housing prices have dropped deeper than in the great depression and it’s very clear that under Obama’s job killing policies, we’re not going to get out of this deep unemployment.”

The former speaker of the House praised Speaker John Boehner for making the decision that Republicans will not stand for tax increases.

“Republicans are correct to say first of all, no tax increase period. John Boehner was right. He deserves credit for recognizing that the right position for conservatives is no tax increase. Second, they ought to get the biggest spending cut deal they can by taking what Vice President Biden put on the table,” Gingrich said. “I think the largest deal possible with no tax increases is fine.”

In a National Review op-ed Friday, Gingrich wrote, “Republicans should reject the establishment’s demand for a tax increase. There is plenty of money to be saved from a bloated government without giving Washington one penny of higher taxes.”

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  • Cylon

    And now NASA and all the little contractors are going to lose another thousands of jobs, thanks to the pieces of sh*t in DC. Sadly, I can’t blame only Obama. This bullsh*t started in the 1970s and every single president, congressman and senator since then helped making it worse.

    I never thought I’d witness the death of manned spaceflight by NASA.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    If Boehner’s past actions are any indication, he will give in on the debt ceiling/no new taxes debate at the last possible moment in a manner designed to make a bad situation monumentally worse.

    I can only hope I’m being excessively pessimistic.

  • MN Jim

    Republicans should be taking every opportunity to call obama out, but they are strangely silent, except when running for election. I fear we may have another 4 years of this crooked, inept administration, and 30 more years of obama speechmaking, like Jimmy Carter.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    #1 July 10, 2011 at 11:18 am
    Cylon commented:

    How’s Barry’s demands that NASA do Muslim outreach working out for ya?

    You are as insightful and profound as a dial tone.

  • kansas

    Yeah, NASA started to decline in the 70’s and the Obama depression is Bush’s fault.

  • Mikey

    I wish that Gingrich was Speaker NOW. We sure could use him at this time in history. At least when Gingrich was Speaker, we knew he stood for something and that he had a spine. I don’t have that same faith in Boehner. He is not a natural leader like Gingrich was. And, Gingrich is right, this economy DOES BELONG to Zero. He owns it lock stock and barrel.

  • SeniorD

    OZero OWNED this disaster of an economy the instant 2010 started.

    The Greatest Little Whorehouse on the Potomac (i.e., “Congress”), and that includes BOTH parties, OWNS the overspending that put this country on the path to Third World status.

    The American Citizen OWNS the right and the responsibility to get rid of ALL these creatures and put this country back where we belong.</strong) The 'representative take orders from US, they are not our 'Masters'.

  • Sickofobama

    Gingrich may have stood a chance if he weren’t so stupid to cave to David Gregory with his phrase, “right wing social engineering.”

  • RedBeard

    Every time Newt starts to speak, I cringe. He’s so politically and philosophically lost, so all-over-the-map, that I never know what he will say. This time, however, he hits the correct note hard.

  • Wm T Sherman

    Newt has said a good thing. Now he should keep quiet and go away before the next thing he says ruins it.

  • The problem is the Democrats are willing to do *anything* to get a tax increase into the budget deal, and they are willing to let the entire country burn if they do not get their way. They do not care if the dollar crashes, the economy is wrecked, the budget is wrecked, Grandma has to sell knitting to pay for her pills and hordes of zombies wander the streets. We’re not negotiating with sane people here. If they can get just *one* tax increase into the budget deal, no matter how small, they will be running around like a Nobel prize winner taking every scrap of credit for the recovering economy. “Look, we raised the taxes on red radishes by ten cents a ton during a recession, which was Bush’s fault by the way, and the economy prospered! See! See! Now if we raise taxes on *all* those rich Other People, the economy will *really* take off!”

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  • befuddled

    It wasn’t an Obama depression, It was a Pelosi, Reid,Obama Tsunami that sunk America. Let’s not forget all the people entrenched in the bureaucracy that was swept in and will take decades to remove from office of the EPA,Justice,Transportation, Education,Treasury,etc…It was a massive communist take over of the United States that Russia would be envious of. There was a major war and America finally capitulated.

    Boehner needs to GOOOOOOOOO. Useless doesn’t even describe him. Everyone that put him into office needs to walk out the door with him and we’ll mail them their spines after we get new people into office.

  • befuddled

    Democrats are playing politics (how unexpected) with this debt ceiling. Whether the pain comes now or in 20 years, I say, America needs to feel the pain they brought upon themselves. When people realize they ran out of other people’s money, they become conservatives in a hurry. The unions know what is coming. Instead of putting out the house fire, they dashed in and stole all the silverware.Even the illegals will know when a good thing is gone when they start self deporting themselves back to the hell hole they came from. Even the welfare cheats will be moved to change if you heap a whole lot of misery on them. So I say, no pain no gain.

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  • John

    The current recession started in 2008 under George W. Bush. Polls show the public blames Bush over Obama. You can fool some of the people all of the time …”

  • Cory

    Everyone realizes the recession started in 2008. GWB and a Democratic House & Senate. My take is, you don’t fight fire by dumping gasoline on it. Obama and his cronies have done everything they can to bur this country, and I think that is exactly what Obama has wanted from the time he took office. He not only wants to redistribute the wealth within this country, he wants to redistribute our country’s wealth to the rest of the world. This man can tickle the eas of the public to believe whatever it is he wants them to believe and it disgusts me that so many are so gullible. 4 more years are staring us in the face, but hopefully the House & Senate will be under conservative control. Like Clinton’s 2nd term, which actually worked pretty well.

  • Cory

    Meant to say “bury” this country…