The failed teachers union has already backed failed president Barack Obama in the 2012 race.
Chicago Breaking News reported:

The nation’s largest teachers union voted Monday to support President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election bid, marking one of the earliest union endorsements for the administration.

About 72 percent of the National Education Association’s representative assembly voted to recommend the president’s candidacy to its 3.2 million members, despite past disagreements between the Obama administration and many rank-and-file teachers who dislike parts of the president’s reform agenda.

An estimated 5,414 members cast their support for the president while 2,102 members said no during the summer convention held in Chicago.

The NEA becomes one of the first labor unions to formally support the president in 2012.

“We have the same shared vision of America. (The president) has always talked about the importance of education from preschool to the graduate level,” said NEA President Dennis Van Roekel. ” I don’t mind fighting on how to get to that shared vision. I believe out of that discussion may come ideas that neither one of us thought about and may be better.”

It is the earliest endorsement ever made by the union, according to Van Roekel. Indeed, the Republican field of candidates has not winnowed to a single candidate to oppose the president.



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  1. How open minded of them.

  2. “We have the same shared vision of America.”

    Yes, and that’s what scares the crap out of America!

  3. pledging atleast 60 million to re-elect obummer. talk about hoodwinking – crying for additional stimulus to keep teachers a teaching while commiting to 60 million to keep the bufoon a bufooning.

  4. Why wait to see who else might be running. The unions already know who lines their pockets with our tax dollars.

  5. Duh, like the leftist, take-your-freedoms-away-at-the-drop-of-a-hat NEA is going to endorse anyone else. This is as foregone as the endorsements of the NAACP, Norman Lear’s People for the American Way, American Communist Party, et alia

  6. [[[Biden visited Las Vegas on Friday to speak to thousands of members of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters who gathered at Paris Las Vegas for their annual convention. Biden said his speech wasn’t supposed to be political but nevertheless warned, “Don’t come to me if you (vote Republican). You’re on your own, Jack.”]]]] joe biden to teamster union members this past friday.

  7. “Preschool” is a waste of public resources. It’s mostly a jobs program for underqualified “educators.

  8. I’m shocked, shocked that there would be endorsement going on this early before all the candidates are even known.

  9. I don’t ever remember any union endorsing this early. Yea, I know the unions go dems anyways, so the endorsement is pointless, but they tend to “endorse” much closer to the election day to give momentum, this seems very odd they would endorse this early.

  10. If you put a “D” next to his name the unions would support Hitler

  11. Look to the bright side of this. There is no reason to adjust any Republican position to include the special interest NEA in this next election cycle.

    I have never understood why these types groups should be involved in any debate, and now there is in fact a reason to exclude them.

  12. the NEA was suppose to be a professional organization. then the marxists took over. so we have a marxists led organization supporting a marxist for re-election. anyone that is not a marxist should drop out of that organization.

  13. Gman commented:

    If you put a “D” next to his name the unions would support Hitler


    Hell if you put a D against Charles Manson name they vote for him.

  14. Observing the selection of a candidate to endorse before the options are presented is much akin to scribbling down an answer on the test before even reading the questions: these teachers are failures as much in their political advocacy as they are in the classroom.

    As a business professional who also serves as the head debate coach for the school of my children (having done so for almost five years now), I’ve become known in the community for the extensive use of critical theory my teams are taught and argue. I know it must be incomprehensible to MSNBC, NYT, CNN, NPR and other intellectual inbreds, but this particular conservative tea-party attending corporate executive strongly believes in reading and understanding theory from some of the greatest critical thinkers of our times. I eagerly teach Nietzsche, Adorno, Horkheimer, Althusser, Badiou, Deleuze, Foucault and many other theorists — most of which are classified as Marxist or stronger in orientation (this is a horrible simplification but for this comment, necessary). Some of the most significant work on contemporary ethics has been done in this region of thought, and as a professional responsible for innovating how my employer conceptualizes specific problems, the theories advanced by these thinkers is vital to evolving our systems.

    That said, I’m horrified to see the complete lack of curiosity and intellectual instruction in critical thought shown by the majority of the full-time teaching coaches. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, but the general majority teach their students and teams to use the same set of arguments all year that emphasize pure technique, speed, rote orientation. To say it kills creativity, curiosity and thinking underestimates their impact. There is no passion, no drivenness and no engaging of thought outside their comfort zone (which is parametrically narrow). It’s sad to say, but the only theoretical curiosity and innovation is coming exclusively from the right. The left has sold out, abandoning its humanitarian heritage.

    I’d subsequently be surprised to see the teacher’s union do anything more than blindly accept what they’re told to accept, and to actually challenge the candidates. By voting now, they’ve made education a non-issue. Hasn’t anyone noticed what an absolute disaster he’s been for education (but I digress – disaster is his forte!)? Why not hold candidates feet to the fire and hold back on announcing? Who did the choosing for these sheep? Is it just a panel of unthinking slouches or is the entire assembly as fat, dumb and happy as their decision makes them appear?

  15. This is another sign that we need to change our leadership. . .and take back OUR ountry from these leftist liberals. . .

    Imagine the indoctrination the NEA forces upon our children. . .

    They can’t even wait until next year to endorse a candidate. .why so early? Something does not seem to be right with this action. .smells rather fishy to me.

  16. I’m stunned! Not.

  17. Should this be a suprise. The education system is full of big government, big spending facist commies. In Wisconsin, in the wake of the govenors budget cuts forcing the overpaid government employees to pay into thier own pensions and health care, these facist orgianized their students to march in downtown Appleton. They are indoctrinating the youth to be facist globalist in support of thier cause. Unfortunatly Walker did not go far enough by exempting cops and fire fighters. Many of these cops,fire fighters and teachers are retired military. After serving 20 years they get to retire and collect a fat pension check for life. They are granted hiring prefence while collecting a big pension check. Then after 15 years in thier government/civilian job they get to collect another pension plus social security, all at the expense of “We The People”. As if these nonproducing “servants” need any more money and benifits at the expense of the true source of wealth in our country (The private secter workers and small buisness owners who actually produce goods and services). Can it be any wonder that the country is entering into the greatest depression, and period of government oppression, in our nations history.

  18. #16 July 4, 2011 at 6:53 pm
    Kritik Debater commented:
    That said, I’m horrified to see the complete lack of curiosity and intellectual instruction in critical thought shown by the majority of the full-time teaching coaches. Sure, there are exceptions to the rule, but the general majority teach their students and teams to use the same set of arguments all year that emphasize pure technique, speed, rote orientation

    Ditto that. Classic: The “champion” debater at a recent graduation also was the class saluditorian. Worst speech ever. Smooth as silk, delivered with all the right inflections at the precise moment. Empty empty empty nothing. The audience was collectively wondering, after the long list of accolades and awards she’d gained, what the hell had happened to forensics. Plainly, she was amply rewarded for style, never substance, and had no sense of connecting with the audience. The valedectorian gave a rougher speech, he wasn’t used to being up in front of a crowd, but it was full of real life-comments and foibles that made people laugh and nod along with him.
    The education establishment pushes “process,” not results. That way, one never gets pinned down for fails.

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