Here are a few more pictures from the Smart Girl Summit today.

Tabitha Hale from FreedomWorks and Missouri Republican senatorial candidate Sarah Steelman.

Dana Loesch blogger, Big Journalism editor, talk show host, CNN contributor and Deneen Borelli, activist and FOX contributor, author.

Dana and Chris Loesch, Jen Ennenbach, Stacy Washington, and Martin Baker.




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  1. Racist teabaggers, er…, oh waitaminit, is that diversity I see? And even the sexist women allowed a couple of men in their smart girl pictures?

    Great pics, thanks!!

  2. You left someone out in the photo caption – 6 people, 5 names.

  3. ++

    Thank You Hobbettes!! :-)


  4. Damn you Chris Loesch!

  5. Smart girls are pretty girls.

  6. These young women are so smart, we areso lucky to have them in our midst. Beautiful too.

  7. the sixth person in the picture is Ginny Kruta


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