Long-term California Cooling Trend Blamed on Global Warming

But, these idiots want more Chinese-made windmills.


A new study released this month shows that California has actually been experiencing a long-term cooling trend…
Of course, the study blames this on global warming climate change.
The Tatler reported:

Want to know why global warming alarmists and climate scientists in general have lost credibility with the American public? Consider a new study released today — and the unintentionally hilarious weasel words of its author — as Exhibit A.

As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle today, a meteorologist did a 30-year survey of temperature and precipitation data for most of the largest cities up and down the state of California. Conclusion? In 75% of the sites, the weather has grown colder and rainier than it used to be.

Of course, the junk scientists who released the study say this is to be expected.

The data may appear to bolster the arguments of global warming skeptics, but Null said the findings actually fit in with the predictions of scientists who believe the climate is changing as a result of human-caused carbon emissions.

“People say, ‘Wait a minute, what about global warming? Shouldn’t it be warmer?’ ” Null said. “Well, if you have more warm days in the Central Valley, you are going to have a stronger sea breeze so you will cool off the coastal areas. That certainly does not contradict any of the models about global warming. This is what is to be expected.

Somebody quick, tell Obama… We need more green jobs.

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  • paul52

    Get Ahnold a new girlfriend. The friction will bring the temps up. Or just burn more weed. Let Jerry Brown have a thought; more heat generation.

  • valerie

    Well, gee, California is a coastal state. Could it be that it’s cooler because it’s rainier?

    Water is the real greenhouse gas. It makes clouds.

  • “doesn’t contradict any of the models about global warming …

    All about COMPUTER MODELS, not real life. And the models are tweaked to produce the “correct” result. Some of these so-called “experts” haven’t been in the fresh air for five years. Basement dwellers.

  • Don Rodrigo

    I’m sure the Dictionary of Newspeak (Orwell’s 1984) backs up the warmists’ contentions.

    Warm is Cold, Cold is Warm.


    did anyone consult with Al BORE before publishing this new data

  • gus

    Why did you LIBTARD HACKS change the term from GLOBAL WARMING to CLIMATE CHANGE?

    It’s because the GLOBE isn’t WARMING. You were WRONG, you ARE WRONG and you are DISHONEST.

  • Fiftycal

    It’s HOTTER! It’s COLDER! It’s WETTER! It’s DRIER! There are more hurricanes! There are fewer hurricanes! GLOBULL WARMING! It’s all things to all people of FAITH! Faith in Owlgore and making a buck from people STOOPID enough to believe paying to “plant trees in the amazon” will make a difference.

  • czekmark

    Time for another view of George Carlins ‘Save the Planet’


  • Freddy

    I hate to rain on the parade but ….

    Cutting of water to parts of the central valley has in fact made it warmer ‘on the ground’.

  • baseballguy

    Just turn the thermostat over to the leaders and they’ll fix everything.
    6 billion people will agree to the perfect temperature…4 people in my house can’t agree.

  • gus

    GREEN ENERGY. We need to INVEST more in GREEN energy.

  • PMain

    Of course it has Al Gore moved to Santa Barbara. That man works miracles. Now how about opening the water so the Central Valley can actually get back to work feeding the nation?

  • Bert

    Yes, indeed.
    California — Spanish for “hot like a furnace.”
    Global warming in the 1750? Holy Zorro!
    No matter what happens, it’s alway getting hotter in Redding, California.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    This “climate change causes xxxxxx” is beginning to sound like a bad “Who’s on First?” routine by Abbot and Costello. At the least with the latter everyone could get a chuckle from all of the idiocy.

  • Auntie Em

    Those Chinese windmills, put my neighbor out of work for 9 months. Thanks Obunghole.

  • Old Man

    Of course it’s “climate change”, duh. The climate is always changing. Back in the day we called it….weather!

    Anyway, global warming was conjured up to give the elites a tool they can use to control every stinking thing we do.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    #16 July 6, 2011 at 6:39 pm
    Old Man commented:

    Of course it’s “climate change”, duh. The climate is always changing. Back in the day we called it….weather!

    Anyway, global warming was conjured up to give the elites a tool they can use to control every stinking thing we do.

    And in the 1970’s it was Global Cooling so the government had incentive to take control over people’s lives as well. Many of the same old media outlets having apoplexy over Global Warming/Climate Change were just as hysterical about Global Cooling.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    Somebody quick, tell Obama… We need more green jobs.

    Which will mean more real jobs will disappear and more Barry cronies get richer than Croesus.

  • mg4us

    What is amazing is that man thinks he is the center of the universe. . .We have occupied so little of this planet’s known life that to “pretend” we fully understand climate change is hilarious. .

    The Sun has a lot to do with climate change. .as does moving geological plates. . .

    And a spewing Volcano release more CO2 than most cities. . .

    Though we should take care not to pollute nor deplete our environment of its resources, we need to balance that with our need to live and prosper.

    Let’s face it, man is but a pimple on the earth’s rear-end!

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  • Jim

    Is that why my tomatoes are late this year? Global something-or-other? It’s the fault of the “big ball of fire in sky” (old Indian saying)

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  • Andreas K.

    Notice how they base it all on the models. Models which are used to foretell the development of a, now comes the killer, non-linear chaotic system. Which makes me just do one thing: facepalm.

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