Libs Outraged Over Paul Ryan’s $350 Bottle of Wine… But Were Silent When Nancy Pelosi Pounded Down $101,000 of Booze On “Pelosi One” …Update: And Obama Served $399 Bottles of Wine to Chi-Coms

For some reason the libs weren’t so outraged when Obaama served $399 bottles of wine at his taxpayer-funded state dinner.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton raises her glass for a toast during a State Dinner in honor of China’s President Hu Jintao at the White House in Washington, January 19, 2011. (REUTERS/Jim Young POLITICS IMAGES OF THE DAY)

But Libs today were “stunned” and “outraged” that popular conservative Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) ordered a $350 bottle of wine for dinner in New York.
TPM reported, via Ann Althouse:

When [Professor Feinberg] saw the label on the bottle of Jayer-Gilles 2004 Echezeaux Grand Cru Ryan’s table had ordered, she quickly looked it up on the wine list and saw that it sold for an eye-popping $350, the most expensive wine in the house along with one other with the same pricetag.

Feinberg, an economist by training, was even more appalled when the table ordered a second bottle….

“We were just stunned,” said Feinberg…

She was outraged….

Of course, these same hypocrites were silent when it was discovered that Speaker Pelosi’s military travel expenses on Pelosi One cost taxpayers $2,100,744.59 over a two-year period — $101,429.14 for in-flight expenses, including food and alcohol.
Judicial Watch reported:

Speaker Pelosi used Air Force aircraft to travel back to her district at an average cost of $28,210.51 per flight. The average cost of an international congressional delegation (CODEL) is $228,563.33. Of the 103 Pelosi-led CODELs, 31 trips included members of the House Speaker’s family.

One CODEL traveling from Washington, D.C. through Tel Aviv, Israel to Baghdad, Iraq from May 15-20, 2008, “to discuss matters of mutual concern with government leaders” included members of Congress and their spouses and cost $17,931 per hour in aircraft alone. Purchases for the CODEL included: Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Bailey’s Irish Crème, Maker’s Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewars scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniels whiskey, Corona beer and several bottles of wine.

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  • Liberals can go to hell

  • Francesca


  • Carbon Pootprint

    Is North Korea outraged about it too? Same thing, Eff the left

  • Valerie

    Imagine going out with your spouse to celebrate a birthday, and watching her have a conniption over the label on a bottle of wine at somebody else’s table.

    The phrase “chopped liver” comes to mind.

  • lynched1


  • Professor Feinberg, an economist by training…
    oh. One needs to be an economist to peek at other people’s dinners?
    She got her PhD in Obnoxious.

  • Given that was Rep Paul Ryan (R), and it’s really weird someone sitting so close to his table would be THAT nosey, does “Prof Feinstein, an economist by training” work for THIS outfit that Jim posted earlier down the page today? She stalking Ryan? How ELSE did this get blown so fast across the internet?

    ” …. new far left research organization to track GOP candidates in the field. American Bridge 21st Century will arm their young socialist brigade with cameras hoping to catch GOP candidates in embarrassing gaffes …”

  • Granny

    Since the dinner was in New York, the bill was not being paid by We The People. It is none of anyone’s business if Paul Ryan wants to buy 2 $350 bottles of wine for a dinner party. After all, IWonWTF has been known to serve $1000 bottles of wine at the White House – and WE pay for those!

  • squeaky

    from earlier this year…the price of the bottles being corrected from $199 to $399. if so, ryan is under by $49. one bottle on his tab while the hogs have been whole hogging it on our tab.

  • obfuscatenot

    Wow, the nerve of that woman. Ryan should have bread and water for a while when out in public and fondly refer to the meal as a “feinberg”. I suspect she’d have been fine with it, IF he’d have sent a bottle to her table as well. . . isn’t that how the Democrats do it? Just buy off the naysayers?

  • Granny

    Yeah, #10 – NYC restaurants that serve $350 bottles of wine aren’t exactly known for having much on the menu in the $20 price range . . one you get up into the $100 a bottle range it really is a moot point. Does she enlighten us as to how much HER wine cost? And I actually kind of wonder how long she dawdled leaning over the table to get a good look at the bottle. . .

  • Chisum

    Wow! Now the left demands that the right account for how they spend their own money?

    I guess they would have a case if Ryan was a tax cheat, like Charlie Rangel….but he’s not. Or if he was BO serving $400 bottles of wine at one of his lavish, TAXPAYER FUNDED, parties.

    I think this is hilarious. I smell desperation from the left.

  • gus

    Who the fukk is this k**t and how dare she eat at this high priced restaurant. What the fukk did this bitch have to eat. I want a list.

  • justpassingthrough

    Seems it was paid for without using taxpayers dollars.
    Looks like the cost was covered without increasing his personal debt or deficit.
    So bfd.

  • TXPatriot

    They aren’t “outraged.” They think WE will be outraged. Duh.

    Only thing they care about is scoring political points that they think will help them keep power. Everything else–ethics, morals, principles–makes absolutely no difference to them.

    When you figure that out, all of their behavior makes complete and perfect sense.

  • BubbaHotep

    I would hope that if anyone saw him dining out they would be happy to send a bottle to his table as a symbol of gratitude for his owning up to the principles and values we so desperately need.

  • Redwine

    What about Dear Leader Barry’s $1700 bottle of wine on his recent junket on OUR dime to the UK?

  • MaryW

    Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors goods. If Paul Ryan is spending his own dime it is none of my business or anyone else’s what he spends on a bottle of wine.

  • justpassingthrough

    Wonder what kind of tipper Professor Feinberg is.

  • “Purchases for the CODEL included: Johnny Walker Red scotch, Grey Goose vodka, E&J brandy, Bailey’s Irish Crème, Maker’s Mark whiskey, Courvoisier cognac, Bacardi Light rum, Jim Beam whiskey, Beefeater gin, Dewars scotch, Bombay Sapphire gin, Jack Daniels whiskey, Corona beer and several bottles of wine. ” Wow, look at the high priced booze there. Who said that libs have taste??????????

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Libs today were “stunned” and “outraged” that popular conservative Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) ordered a $350 bottle of wine for dinner in New York.

    If Mr Ryan paid for it out of his own pocket, who the hell cares how much it costs?

  • chuck in st paul

    She was only outraged because he beat her to it. Scrunt.

  • justpassingthrough

    Professor Feinberg is outraged that Ryan got the last bottle before he did.

  • John03

    I guess she was ok with the person that was reported a couple of months ago buying porterhouse steak and lobster on their food stamp card?

  • StrangernFiction

    Commies are pathetic losers. Who knew?

  • LibsRMorons

    Its NONE OF YOUR F**KING BIZ “Professor” !

    Busy Body! This is her at Rutgers…

  • MrGoodWench

    Republican sharing an expensive bottle wine purchased with his own money
    = stunnig display of greed worthy of outrage

    Democrats sipping gallons of expensive wine on taxpayer dime
    = proof of sophistication and good taste worthy of admiration

  • LibsRMorons
  • gbock

    As a waiter in NYC for many years now, I can say with experience that a $350 bottle of wine is not that exorbitant. I bet money she is lying about that being the most expensive bottle on the list. What restaurant was it? Let’s see the list.

  • AuntieMadder

    If taxpayers were picking up the tab, then that’s a BIG problem. That he paid for the dinner with the lobbyists (see cited source in blog post])using his personal credit card means nothing. Did/will he later submit the receipt as a business expense to be reimbursed?

    If Ryan picked up the tab without plans to be reimbursed by taxpayers, then there’s still a much smaller problem. It’s not a new a problem; it’s one that’s been with us for a long time. It’s not a problem on only the left or the right, and definitely not a problem involving only Paul Ryan. The problem: Our representatives in DC are over paid.

    When was the last time any of you purchased, or were in a position to purchase, two $350 bottles of wine during one business dinner for which you picked up the entire tab, with no plans of being reimbursed by your business or employer? Did you ever purchase two $350 bottles of wine for a “personal” (for lack of a better word) dinner? I never have and even during the years that my earnings were highest I couldn’t have. (Heck, the monthly rent on my apartment – any apt I ever lived in – was less than $700.)

    The representatives in DC work for us. They are our employees. Yet we pay them much greater salaries than our own. What other employers do that? What other employees are paid better than the employers who pay them? I could be wrong (happens all the time), but I’m thinking that the answer is “None.”

  • t-wolf

    Feinberg eating out at a non-kosher restaurant? Shocking!
    Feinberg partying while children are starving in Biafra (anyone remember?), Darfur, Congo, Appalachia…?

    You get the picture: Just another damn dem fraud with selective outrage.

  • LibsRMorons

    Auntie..if he bought them, or if the rest of the party bought them, as long as its not on taxpayer dime, its none of our business. That is absurd that he cant enjoy a nice bottle of wine. It doesnt matter if “we” might not spend that on a bottle of wine. There are a lot of people that cant afford some of the things that I buy. But that sure as hell doesnt mean I cant have it because someone else cant either.

    From the Hill…

    The base pay for House and Senate lawmakers is $174,000, though leaders earn a higher salary. The cost-of-living increase would have given lawmakers a $1,600 raise in 2011. By rescinding the increase, lawmakers saved taxpayers $850,000 for next year.

  • Leatherhelmet

    Let’s see the wine list. Let’s see what Feinberg spent for dinner.

    Feinberg, another activist leftist professor. What a freaking surprise…

  • dries

    And what was comrade Feinberg doing in a place that sells such outrageously expensive (in her opinion) wine? Should she have been at some soup kitchen eating boiled potatoes with the proletariat? $350 while expensive is not not exorbitant in NYC. A Bud may cost you $6.

  • Joanne

    Hypocrites and shameless.

  • toongoon

    Sound like good wine, I think I’ll buy a couple bottles myself…with MY own money.

  • RedBeard

    A few points:

    1. TPM is a shameful excuse for an information source.

    2. The drunken “economist” professor was completely out of line, rude, insulting and uncivil.

    3. Ryan drank a glass of expensive wine (that someone else chose), paid for a bottle of it out of his own pocket, and has absolutely NO reason to have to justify ANYTHING.

    4. Leftists are, on average, lower than pond scum.

  • Pat the First

    If he paid for it, why should she care?

    I live in WA Wine Country. I can tell you that $350 for a bottle of REALLY good wine is not out of the range of possibilities. Especially in NYC.

  • Andrew

    The more than likely buzzed birthday girl forgot that she wasn’t in the classroom talking down to 19-20 year olds, with the power of the grade in her arsenal.
    Rude and disrespectful.

  • #26 July 9, 2011 at 7:17 pm
    LibsRMorons commented:
    Its NONE OF YOUR F**KING BIZ “Professor” !

    Busy Body! This is her at Rutgers…

    Great catch. Did you see her class was cancelled? She unemployed or now working for SOMEONE NEW…?

    Really is relevent if she’s now working for :

    ” …. new far left research organization to track GOP candidates in the field. AMERICAN BRIDGE 21st CENTURY will arm their young socialist brigade with cameras hoping to catch GOP candidates in embarrassing gaffes …”

  • Island Girl

    High price & super gourmet stuff is an industry. I don’t really think it is always so proportionlly better but if the mark ups are consistent right up the chain – not a problem.

    Why was the Prof there if she objected to uber priced luxuries?.

    In Ny I just eat the yummy bagels.

  • retire05

    There is a reason I could never be a Congresscritter. Had I been Ryan, I would have asked her what she does for a living and when she told me she was a university professor, I would have told her than I was currently working on a bill that would reduce the salaries of university professors by half since she was a clear example that they are being paid too much as evidenced by her ability to eat at such a tony diner.

    But you see, she is the typical progressive. She is the kind that is scared to death of a gun, will never own a gun, and will complain if want you to own one; she will drive an electric car, never realizing where that electricty comes from, and bitch because you want to drive an Ford F-250; she will wail about the poor, but give very little to charity and donates nothing of her time and would never think of reducing her own paycheck by giving part of it to a family of four who is on hard times.

    You see, socialism is never for the socialist, it is only for those the socialist thinks they are so much smarter than.

  • Kenny

    So what was Professor Feinberg doing in an upscale French restaurant anyway? Seems the menu is a bit pricy to begin with. Where does a economist “professor” draw the line. Where’s her receipt? Inquiring mind want to know!

  • Molon Labe

    All these people are vampires feeding off the taxpayer. Why should the taxpayer pay for any of this?

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  • teapartydoc

    Hey. I know a haughty French-looking senator who owns a real expensive boat. We could do an expose’ on him and put it out on TPM. Um, does the TP stand for what I think it does?

  • Tim

    She reminds me of a doctor I know here who wants to ticket fat people and fine them! I asked him why he didn’t pin yellow stars on them, and he got really huffy. Socialists, like this babe and Moochelle, want to tell people what they can eat. If they can do that, then they can tell you IF YOU CAN EAT AT ALL. Worked great for Stalin when he starved 30 million kulaks to death in the 1930s, and Walter Duranty was getting a Pulitzer prize for the NYT lying about it. This gal and her ilk are dangerous people who want to control others and kill if they see fit. Don’t treat them as laughable. They laughed at a funny little Viennese NATIONAL SOCIALIST in the 1930s, and he wiped out more than 6 million. But, hey, he was just a piker compared to Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, or this gal if she gets the chance. These folks are deadly scum, and they are out to get you and me and whomever else crosses them.

  • SturJen

    We have a rule at our house that might be good to share: Whomever picks up and looks at the check BUYS. That keeps the kiddies from getting too nosy on dinner. Hey Prof. Feinburg? YOU PAY!

    Ain’t nobody’s business except those at that table. If this b*tch put her skanky nose into my dinner check, she’d get it broken.

  • I guess the tables can be turned, as in, if Feinberg was so outraged at Ryan drink expensive wine in a posh eating establishment….. What was SHE doing there?
    Probably doing the same thing… Minding his own business.
    Like it was said in the article F—- her.

  • dallasdan

    Pelosi is a whore dog who has fed at the public trough for years, together with her confederates and family members.

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  • Black Sabbath

    Libs also went apoplectic over Palin’s dress costs during the last election but failed to notice ME-Chelle wearing clothing worth thousands of dollars while she gardens and paints. Nor do they notice the expensive vacations taken by the Obamas. Nor do they notice that Queen Obama has 40-plus Ladies-In-Waiting. Nor do they notice anything else the Left does because the JournOList media is only interested in protecting Obama’s failing presidency at all costs. To that end, they’ve taken a slash and burn policy against anyone running anywhere against anything Leftwing. They know Obama won’t win so they’re going to destroy all the opposition as well.

  • Redwine

    #38 July 9, 2011 at 8:31 pm
    Pat the First commented:

    If he paid for it, why should she care?

    I live in WA Wine Country. I can tell you that $350 for a bottle of REALLY good wine is not out of the range of possibilities. Especially in NYC.
    Yakima? Woodinville??

    True about wine prices. Since I moved to WA, I have been indulging in wonderful WA wines. If you can afford a $350 wine and pay out of your own pocket or share with someone, no one should care.

    Dear Leader squandered our money on a $1700 wine during his recent UK junket. I don’t think that this guy ever paid for anything out of his own pocket. True Grift.

  • Radegunda

    It offends the lib. professor that someone would use his own money to help keep a restaurant profitable and keep its staff employed. Very revealing.

    It’s a safe bet that Paul Ryan is doing more to put money in working people’s pockets than the lib prof is.

  • John C. Randolph

    The crucial difference is that Ryan and his dinner companions were spending their OWN money on an overpiced bottle of wine, and Pelosi was getting hammered on OUR tax money.

    Leftists are infuriated at the idea of anyone spending their own money as they wish, so naturally this Feinberg woman (who also lives at taxpayer expense, BTW), got in a snit. i only wish I had been there, I would have loved the opportunity to singe her ears with some deeply, personally offensive observations.


  • Johanna Lapp

    This doesn’t seriously offend the lefties, despite their professed outrage.

    They just want to remind the Bible-thumping, tea-totaling, sloping-brow Tea Partyers that Ryan is a wine-drinking Papist who probably also plays cards, flashes a fancy bankroll, attends PG-13 movies, lends money at interest, would allow unmarried women to dance with men and wears immodest shiny brass buttons on his navy blue blazer.

    Remind me again how it’s the Right that gins up phony wedge issues to divide and conquer the yokels?

  • Kissmygrits

    Feinberg is a plant watching notable republicans for anything supposedly newsworthy. Zero told reporters, can’t I just eat my waffle, well, Ryan should have said, can’t I just drink my wine. Buzz off, babe.

  • Jim

    No libs are outraged by the Paul Ryan thing. Nobody cares at all.

  • Fionnagh

    Totally OT – I think Jim should juxtapose the Hillary pic right next to the Palin pic that appears in the top post. Talk about a contrast in expression! Palin appears reverent, perhaps even bittersweet. Hillary seems – well, we could have a field day with that one:)

  • FurryGuyJeans

    Did Ryan pay the tab for dinner out of his own pocket? If so, then this is yet another manufactured outrage for purely naked partisan political reasons.

    The Left doesn’t care when our betters party at taxpayers expense, they save outrage for those who actually pay their own way.

  • Elmo

    What the hell! He was just supporting Nancy’s vineyards.

  • Ms. Feinburg, you’re hyperventilating. Take a nice brown paper bag, like the one on the last bottle of wine you bought, and breath into it, repeating the following mantra. “Expensive Democrat whine good, expensive Republican wine bad….”

  • Leatherhelmet

    whoever wrote this on regarding Feinberg — kudos — this is hilarious.

    1. Kept interrupting class to look in our lunch bags. Frequently confused about the difference between public and private funds.

    2. She docked me a whole grade level because she saw me drinking an expensive bottle of wine.

  • RedBeard

    One more bit of evidence that our institutions of “higher learning” are places where otherwise useless leftist moonbats can hide out. A safe haven, if you will, for those holding to the devolutionary philosophies derived from the hard left underground of the 1960s.

    My close cousin, one of the sane university types, has great distain for lunatics like the professor in question, saying that in most cases PhD stands for Piled Higher and Deeper.

    Things have changed to a disturbing degree since my college days. Back then, the schools still believed in teaching facts, not indoctrinating students with left wing claptrap.

  • willis

    I’m not sure whether the professor is outraged about an industry that has high-priced items in its inventory or just that non-government employed customers buy them. Perhaps she could clarify her position.

  • Jose

    That fact is he used his own money. Pelosi spent how many millions dollars flying in a huge Jet from DC to San Fran about every week. Obama spends taxpayer money on $400 bottles of wine for the Chinese…like they need it. Michelle spents millions for field trips for her kids to South Africa, Spain and other places.

    Paul Ryan is actually stimulating the economy in the best of american spirit and is a good tipper, unlike, many libs!

    The women making the charge is probably an affirmative action baby who has never been outside the cocoon of academia…nuff said!

  • CherDash

    Nosy woman needs to mind her own business!

  • David Branch

    It’s so confusing being a Rep. Fan Boy these days. I hate liberals an their Lattes and I hate election time when Beer prices skyrocket because all my Reps suddenly get a taste for the lager. But damn. FRENCH Wine in a Bistro ( I had to type the “o” with my ring finger cause my pinky got locked on up tilt when I typed that word)
    Try some of these from Wisconsin Sir or should I say Monsier

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  • Shirley

    Paul Ryan can drink a $350 bottle of wine, but not at the expense of giving Seniors a Medicare VOUCHER, and have them to find a way to get extra money to pay for what the VOUCHER doesn’t cover.
    Ryan is drinking $700 dollar worth of wine while he is cutting Defence spending and our Solders comming home to no jobs, Insuranceare, and to some American’s that seems not to care. Come-on people you must be better than that. STop Divided this Country with Labels
    its time we stand for something or fall for everything.

    And as far as Nancy Pelosi, she is not cutting anything for Senior’s, middle class and Poor Americans. If this were Pelosi i would say the same thing, but its not.
    Several days ago some of you were ready to killed Casey Anthony because you THINK she killed her child. but ok for Ryan to put-away two bottle of @ $350 dollar each while he and the Republicans are willing Cut Entitlement Programs for some of you who have grandmothers.
    The reason i’m so put out by Ryan’s is because i saw him on Msnbc talking to Morning Joe and telling him we must cut these programs to see in drop in the Debt, but he doesn’t want to give back the Bush Tax Cut which will do the same thing. I’m sorry i think Ryan is just wrong. Ryan should practice what he preaches.