This sounds like good news…
The leader of the Black Socialist Caucus says the debt deal is a “sugar-coated Satan sandwich.” That must mean it is a much better deal than we had hoped for.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver is the current leader of the Black Caucus (without black Republican members)

Roll Call reported:

President Barack Obama’s rightward lurch to reach a $3 trillion deficit reduction deal with no guarantee of additional revenues had liberals fuming and Republicans all but declaring victory Sunday afternoon.

With time running out to reach an agreement to raise the debt ceiling before Tuesday’s default deadline, Obama moved dramatically in the direction of the GOP, according to Senators and aides in both parties…

…Rep. Emanuel Cleaver, chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, said early reports of the new deal appeared to be “a sugar-coated Satan sandwich.” The Missouri Democrat said the CBC hadn’t yet made a formal declaration that the group would oppose it, “but this is a shady bill.”

“This deal trades people’s livelihoods for the votes of a few unappeasable right-wing radicals, and I will not support it,” ripped Rep. Raúl Grijalva (D-Ariz.), co-chairman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, before House Democrats had even been briefed. “The lesson today is that Republicans can hold their breath long enough to get what they want.”

UPDATE: That didn’t take long. There’s now a sugar-coated sandwich contest.



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  1. ++

    Obama Threatens Americans While Reassuring Big Banks

    (be sure to watch.listen to video)


  2. is there some book somewhere where they get these expressions to fling at people?

  3. Dear socialists,

    Bite me.

    Sincerely, Taxpayer

  4. ++

    eat this Rep. Emanuel Cleaver.. /s/


  5. Oh, I get it now, bipartisan is code for only what CBC sees as fair, and here I thought this nation was made up of more than blood suckers. I guess I am raciest.

  6. After all the times where the left wing has refused to compromise, where they have demanded to get their way even when we held the majority in both houses of Congress, it is absolutely sickening to see their attitude here. Republicans are always expected to compromise, Democrats almost never do, and if they dare to, they are called sellouts by the radical left wing of the Democrat Party. Enough is enough!

  7. listen to all that civility and bipartisanship.

  8. I’ll repeat what I said in the last thread: These whackjobs believing they lost does not mean we won.

  9. WELLL Isn’t that special…..

  10. Jim Hoft or anyone else answer this for me.

    Why is giving Obama $2.7 trillion until 2013 in exchange for $1 trillion in supposed cuts a good deal?

    My Tea Party brain does not compute.

    This is a rotten deal and I call it a crap sandwich.

  11. Sounds like Cleaver is spitting mad at us. Isn’t he the liar that said tea partiers spit on him after the healthcare cram down??

  12. “Why is giving Obama $2.7 trillion until 2013 in exchange for $1 trillion in supposed cuts a good deal?”

    Its not, but this is enough to very very slightly slow the ship towards the cliff, the next step is for next year to get the senate with more rand pauls, rubios, hold on with more TP people in the House, and most important kick out that fraud and put in a consitutional conservative.

    Once this deal is done, the focus will be front and center on the economy again, and the blame will be 100% on that fraud.

    You cannot right a ship in an instant, it will break it, all this is done is slow it down slightly and made more people realise it needs to be turned around, but that cannot full happen without the Senate and the WH.

  13. “Elections have consequences.” The consequences of the 2010 election are just beginning to sink in for the CBC, progressives, and assorted other liberals not included in those groups. They are having an extreme amount of trouble dealing with this new reality.

    Make the 2012 election even more consequential. Get involved.

  14. It is sad and pathetic to see so many in the Black American community, unwilling to get over their racist, victimhood mentality.

    There are a growing number of wonderful Black Conservatives, who are sick and tired of being portrayed in such an uneducated, and idiotic way. Thank God for them.

    Many of these brainwashed Black Liberals actually feel sorry for Barack Obama….and actually believe that White Americans are trying to bring down his Presidency…all because of his skin color.

    Even Barack Obama….with all of his own hypocrasy of supposedly being a “Uniter”, and Post-Racial President, will not go before the cameras, and admit that White Americans are trying to bring him down because of the color of his skin…

    …Because even Barack Obama knows this is laughable.

    Tea Party Conservatives welcome Black Conservatives…and they are growing in rank…

    Tea Party Conservatives do not agree with Obama’s Progressive policies….

    …and would feel the same way about a White President.

  15. Does not pass the smell test. This is a distraction to make the TEA party think they actually made some headway. Without a balanced budget amendment this is nothing but smole and mirrors.

    Onced again, Barry gets to continue his destruction of America. I am sure his european socialist bankers are delighted with the new money they will get. This is all about more bailouts for the EU, just like TARP and TARP 2.

    No votes for this bailout. Be prepared for more smoke and mirrors to sell it down the river.

    Time to make a list of RINO’s to see who to primary out in 2012. Boehner is number 1, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and Lindsey Graham. I’ll dontate will you?

  16. Furthermore….if I could use another “Hobbit” analogy:

    Many Liberal Blacks believe the Tea Party stands for “White America’s last stand for power”.

    This is ridiculous.

    Just like the Elves…in Tolkiens’s books….the time of the “Fair Folk” is waning….and soon they will cross the sea..

    In other words…White Americans know that someday soon, we will no longer be in the majority, and entrusted to lead this great Republic onward.

    What the Tea Party Conservatives are doing…will only allow more personal freedoms, and prosperity, for whatever people… matter their skin color and background…inherit this Republic….and are entrusted as caretakers of it’s future.

    We will see more and more minorities, become majorities…and become elected to lead this great Nation.

    Right now…the Tea Party is made of a diverse group of patriotic Americans….and more and more Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and many other minorities, are growing the ranks.

    There is a good reason why more minorities are associating themselves as Tea Party Conservatives…..either active…or under the radar.

  17. #4 Thanks for that. I had never heard of this man or the movie. I believe that there are more and more people seeing whats up with this administration. I pray God will open the eyes of the ones that can’t seem to see it.

  18. Anyone that listens to Cleaver is a fool. He has been corrupt his whole adult life. He is a thief and a liar. Convicted of it, too.

  19. Someone must have forgotten to tell Emanuel Cleaver the Section 8 housing vouchers, cab fares, untraceable cell phones, Hi-def TV’s, WIC cards and welfare checks will be sent to his constituents as usual.

  20. When are they going to interview the leader of the Congressional White Caucus?

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