Krauthammer on Obama’s Address: “I Thought I Was Cynical Until I Heard That Speech” (Video)

Charles Krauthammer unloaded on Obama tonight after his stale poll-driven speech to the nation. Obama still has no plan.

“I thought I was cynical until I heard that speech. It was purely partisan. It was meant as a campaign speech. And I think it was a speech from yesterday.”

Don’t hold back, Charles.

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  • L.E. Liesner

    After watching Obama on TV tonight all I can say is, this guy is a very accomplished liar. He talked for 15 minutes and never told the truth once.

  • Old Dude

    Yesterday? No,it was from Yesteryear. It’s a Jimmy Carter speech with a narcissistic twist masquerading as a concern for the American people. It’s all about Obama. Never forget that.

  • ruready?

    Ever seen a fool just begging to get his butt kicked – but no one would do it because he wasn’t worth the effort? That is Obama.

  • paul52

    Sounds like Boehner found his spine and grew a pair. Stick to your guns… Cut, Cap and Balance works for me. If Harry the Hole and Barry shoot it down, conservatives have ammo through the campaign, IMHO. Barry never said ONE word about a balanced budget… never will… not the Dem way. Lotta Dem senators up for reelection next year. We will remember where they stood.

  • Rhoda R

    The commentators are still talking about how we’ll default on our debt on the 2nd. And it just irritates me no end! We’ll not default, there is still enough money coming in to meet our debt oblligations, pay for social security, etc. although the Government might have to go into a partial shut down, which is not necessarily all bad.

  • TheRegulator

    Doesn’t this narcissistic clown realize most people have turned his ass off by now, does he really think people sit in their living rooms at dinner time and watch his speeches ? he has become white noise—background noise, a constant droning hum…like a faucet drip. In his own little mind he thinks he is “taking it to the American people”…they have tuned him out…2012 will be a rude awaking to heir lunatic.

  • P. Aaron

    Where’s Obama’s chief of staff? Who’s advising this guy?

  • fred

    wait.. there was a speech tonight?

    I always knew when Reagan spoke. ‘Nough said….

  • Obama is a fool

  • the real wow

    although the Government might have to go into a partial shut down, which is not necessarily all bad.

    I’m with you on that. How about 2/3 of congress and make sure they don’t get paid. Imagine how much we can save…. then shut down a few superfluous departments… like Energy, Education, Health, the EPA — just to start —pare down a few more and get rid of countless aides… Ah, one can dream!!

  • toongoon


  • retire05


    I have watched my last Sean Hannity show. Tonight he had that dispicable Bob Beckel on [again] who slammed the Tea Party. And Sean did not stick up for us. I just emailed Sean and told him I am not watching him again if he ever has Beckel on. Who the hell is Beckel to slam other people when he admits he was an alcoholic and cocaine addict? And what about this:

    So Beckel is a druggie alcoholic that likes to hire hookers and have them give him a BJ, and he thinks he has the right to criticize Tea Partiers? And Sean puts up with that? Sorry, my loyalty goes just so far. I do not pay a cable bill to be insulted by the likes of Bob Beckel.

    So here’s my deal: I will watch Fox until Shepard Smith, another arrogant ass, comes on at 2:00 p.m. CDT, and not again until Greta comes on. No “Five at Five” with Beckel, no Sean, no know-it-all O’Reilly, no Shepard Smith. Hell, I’ll watch reruns on the History Channel before I give those programs any more of my business. Maybe I’ll just cancel Fox.

    But I have had it.

  • John Galt`

    Fortunately we had duct tape to wrap around our heads so they wouldn’t explode during the Obama (Peter Principle on steroids) speech. Many thought it was a noble cause to vote for this Bozo because he was black so now we have to fire the mental midget because he’s incompetent.
    Speaker Boehner certainly is the grown-up

  • …………In Laramie County parents will have the final say on whether their children watch a televised speech by the president. Still some are outraged.By Becky Orr CHEYENNE — Parents in Laramie County School Districts 1 and 2 will have the final say as to whether their children can watch a speech by President Barack Obama.The president will talk to the nations students in a televised and online speech at 10 a.m. They say the speech and lesson plans that go with it smack of indoctrination for Obamas political agenda.Some school districts in Arizona Minnesota Nebraska and Virginia do not plan to show his speech.In Laramie County School District 1 each school will decide whether to air it said Marc LaHiff director of instruction. Some might be able to tie it in academically.

  • Buck O’Fama

    John Galt, wish someone would wrap the duct tape around Obama’s pie-hole.

  • toongoon

    No. We don’t want to silence him. Ever hear the saying that its better to keep your mouth shut and have people think you’re a fool than than to open it and remove all doubt.

    It was written specifically with this FOOL in mind.

  • workingclass artist

    CCB more other plans.

  • Francesca

    #12: I am even wondering why I have TV at all. Seriously. Well, hockey, baseball, but I never watch the talking heads on Fox or anywhere else anymore. I just need to find some online streaming of what I like and cancel the Directv.

  • regularguy

    The good Lord blessed me once more tonight. He has mercifully helped me steer clear any cable TV. Haven’t had it in a few years now, and I was spared the horror of having to listen to our pathetic president bray about that which he is unfit to handle.

  • grassfarmer

    Charles is changing his tune. Must be he figured out on which side his bread is buttered?

  • Big Dawg

    The Hammer strikes another blow,’wham’, Hammer, i felt that all the way down here in

  • Old Fan

    The laugh riot is, only a fool would believe Bush is to blame…

    What a disaster for a speech. What a nightmare for a Presidency. Remember this was the guy who was going to return the ocean levels to the right height?

    There will be some out there who try to sell this nonsense, and it just won’t work. It is like Bill Clinton wagging his finger, saying “I didn’t have sex with that woman…”

    Obama is a perfect symbol for the failed Democratic Party offering, pure lies, massive taxation, utter waste, mega incompetence, overwhelming corruption, utter denial, etc.

    Again, the Pundits got it wrong, they cried about the Republicans “losing” and they were wrong. So were those emotively screaming about ‘capitulation’. Obama is the one who jumped the shark long ago, and now is just an exposed fool.

    The time is ripe for putting the Democratic Party on the dust heap. One can only hope, those of us on the sound side do not pull more enabling of the very worst.

    2012 is essential, we must empower the Republicans in the Senate and in the White House, period.

  • Claude Hopper

    Obama has surpassed Jimmy and is approaching Billy.

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  • kato

    Historic presidency.

    Let’s hope history doesn’t repeat itself.

  • midusdew

    That’s right History precedes him.
    Lies and more lies…..

  • Molon Labe

    Can we place Obama’s photo between that of the Titanic and the Hindenburg now?

    Hussain is the biggest pathological liar ever to sit in the White House. He has a certain star quality. He could replace all those Hitler in the Bunker esecially if Lt Whorf is by his side.

  • JC

    Ever since I began voting back in 1980 (Reagan, of course) I’ve fantasized about an election like the Dem’s had in 1932 after Hoover’s disastrous tenure. An electoral tidal wave wiped the Republicans out at every level of government and we have yet to fully recover. How and when will the circumstances allow, and the voice of the people cry out for, another such dramatic change in the direction of this nation? I think Obama gave me the answer to that question tonight. He possesses the ineptitude, the tone-deafness, the narcisissism, and the bone-deep revulsion of what this country is supposed to be that 2012 is shaping up to be the mirror of that 1932 election. He will bring the entire Democrat party down with him and it will be multiple generations, if even then, before they recover in the eyes of the people who make this nation work. Good riddance to bad garbage.

  • big L

    CRAMM it Dr K. You too Hume get Lost. retire. Same with shep. becomea shoe-shine,nancy boy.
    creeps.Thanks for taking dn Palin and the teaPs

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  • Estragon

    We need MORE Obama speeches. Lately every time he opens his fool mouth he loses more support.

    Remember he threatened Eric Cantor only 11 days ago that if the GOP “calls my bluff” he would take his case “to the people.” This was it. EPIC FAIL.

    America has had enough of this jive turkey. Where’s the hook, pull him off the stage before he embarrasses himself and the country again.

    He still holds to his focus-group-tested terms like “balanced approach” and “compromise” and insists on new taxes even though congressional Democrats now understand that won’t happen.

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  • jorgen

    That’s very good, O’drama. Show your followers that you live in fantasy-land. Slick Willie proved that he was a good politician when he realized that he had lost; O’drama is an agitator with no political skills.

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  • OneVoice

    Obama has no plan. The new GOP talking point.

    It is not President Obama’s place or duty to come up with an economic plan. Creating a plan is congress’s job.
    His job as President of the United States is to sign into law the bills that Congress agrees too. Read the role and description of legislative and executive government. You will see that any House of Representative leader (R) or (D) that suggests that the president must have a plan is evading his responsibility as leader. Once again I say read the role for yourself. The balance of government does not give any president the authority to make his plans law. It HAS to come from Congress to his desk. Look up how our government works and stop quoting lies and misinformation. Stop misleading the public by deflecting responsibility to Pres. Obama. Plans regarding laws, taxes, debt ceiling have to come from Congress FIRST.

  • Treeamigo

    Obama’s speech was meant to be a “do over” of his press conference on Friday.

    On Friday he was angry, petulant and un-Presidential. He felt he could not leave people with that image and so needed a more Presidential setting and smoother performance to replace that memory in people’s minds. He did this exact same thing earlier in the month after a prior petulant press conference. He is in election mode and he can’t let the “real Obama” be the last image in people’s minds. He is closer to Nixon than Carter in this regard.

    It is all about image- this was not about message. He said little of substance, offered nothing that advanced the process and frankly much of what he said was dishonest. He still wants people to believe that $70 billion a year from the “rich” and a few billion a year from corporate jets will close a $1.5 trillion annual deficit. It is obvious the press can’t do math as they never call him on this but I think most voters are smarter than Obama believes.

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  • fatpatriot

    It really isn’t about the role of Congress. It is about leadership. The President keeps braying about Congress not doing it’s job. When will he actually do his? He consistently defers the responsibilty to anyone else so when the crisis comes he can assume no responsibility for the outcome. By the way the House of Representatives did pass a plan called “Cut,Cap and balance”. That did not suit the Progressive agenda so “dingy Harry” squashed it. Your argument fails on this point alone. It is about leadership. If the President doesn’t like the plan offer something else. You know like a real leader.

  • That such a cipher can reach the highest office in the land says nothing admirable about the American voters. I used to believe that America was strong enough to withstand the most egregious incompetence. Now I’m not so sure.

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  • Westie

    OneVoice, have you forgot or are you just helping the Prez by the CYA comment? Prez Obama did submit a plan, a budget plan to the Senate earlier this year, his big plan was voted down by 100% of the Senators voting.

    OneVoice, do you ever wonder why the D controlled Congress has failed to do a national budget for the previous 2 years….they controlled Congress and the WH?

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  • marcie mccarty

    Obama , had no drama, no excitement, no message, no news, just the same bone numbing tripe. Last night’s speech was dumb, dumber than the last but not the dumbest yet. It’s still coming. Forget the marginally handsome face if yo7u like big ears, and examine the content of the man’s soul if he has one. The speech was clueless, classless and extremely painful. I can hardly watch or even listen to the drip, drip ,drip that falls from his mouth. How much longer need we endure???? I can’t even call it a speech , it had no message .. It was class warfare, grinding, dribbling, mindless, a childish tirade. We are the dumb, he is the brilliant. And for goodness sake how long can he go on blaming Bush? Take responsibility for you own actions Mr. O’. Bush spent his 4th of July weekend riding mountain bikes with some of his beloved wounded warriors, not golfing. He’s not headed to Martha’s Vineyard soon that I know of. He’s a man not a boy fool.
    The man/cold fish in the Whitehouse lives in denial. He loves all this is redistribution crap, but it never works. Doesn’t he know the ones he wants spread the wealth too , will have it all spent by tomorrow morning buying junk, booze, drugs, fancy clothes, jewelry cars, and will forget to pay the bills, or take care of their medicals needs? So they will be waiting for their next welfare check to arrive and food stamps to sell by the end of the day. Easy come easy go like my parents taught me. If you don’t earn it you don’t appreciate it. So it has been and always will be.
    I’m suffering shellshock this morning. Just like I was after his speech last week. It reminded me of a little boy I grew up with who would get mad and take his marbles and go home if he didn’t win. This scenario fits Obama to the tee and I don’t mean tea bag. I like those tea bag people. They know more about honor than the Obama’s’ ever had or ever will. You don’t get honor handed to on a silver platter, you work for it. Then it means something to you. Gosh, I’ve just never seen a family so much in love with themselves. Someone ought to rescue the daughters before their self esteem gets out of hand. Maybe it’s too late. I Beat O’ spends hours in front of his mirror gazing fondly. Guess that’s why Michelle has so much time to travel round and eat those forbidden french fries and drink milkshakes. Kind of like let them eat cake if they don’t have bread. Well not exactly it’s if your overweight don’t eat at all.
    The house leader on the other hand last night was humble, handsome, brilliant, positive, savvy, brief and extremely effective. He has more character in his little finger than O’ has in his whole body. Wake up America. Be less interested in Sunday football game or the usual Saturday night drunken brawl. Fight!! Fight!!!!! Fight!!! Get this Kenyon or whoever he is out of the Whitehouse before it’s too late. We have one election left, we can either be serfs or free.

  • I e-mailed NECN spokesman Skip Perham and here is his response .Over the life of the Obama administration we have consistently carried his policy speeches live..We made the decision not to cover Martha Coakleys rally featuring President Obama because it was a pure political event. One of those consequences is that a speech by the president of the United States in your own back yard is by definition more newsworthy than ..Was Obamas speech purely political?

  • RebeccaH

    I think Obama can “take his case to the American people” all he wants. The American people are fed up with him.

  • lizzy84

    From a “college professor” who really wasn’t to a Senator that never really showed up to a pResident that never governs, oBama has been bluffing his whole life.

    Stay strong and call him on it, Dr.K.

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