Horrible… Harry Reid Opens Mouth – Lies About Federal Deficit on Senate Floor (Video)

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) told the senate that Congress needed to act on the deficit by increasing taxes. Reid then said,

“It’s time we return to the type of fiscal discipline that democrats brought to Washington in the 90’s when democrats in the Congress and White House balanced the budget and used the surplus to do what Mr. President? To pay down the debt.”

This was another lie. Democrats opposed balancing the budget in the 1990s.
Harry Reid is shameless.

Steve Moore corrected the record in this report he wrote for the CATO Institute in 1998.

No, Bill Clinton Didn’t Balance the Budget

Bill Clinton didn’t balance the budget. Yes, he was there when it happened. But the record shows that was about the extent of his contribution…

…Newt Gingrich and company — for all their faults — have received virtually no credit for balancing the budget. Yet today’s surplus is, in part, a byproduct of the GOP’s single-minded crusade to end 30 years of red ink. Arguably, Gingrich’s finest hour as Speaker came in March 1995 when he rallied the entire Republican House caucus behind the idea of eliminating the deficit within seven years.

We have a balanced budget today that is mostly a result of 1) an exceptionally strong economy that is creating gobs of new tax revenues and 2) a shrinking military budget. Social spending is still soaring and now costs more than $1 trillion.

Skeptics said it could not be done in seven years. The GOP did it in four.

Now let us contrast this with the Clinton fiscal record. Recall that it was the Clinton White House that fought Republicans every inch of the way in balancing the budget in 1995. When Republicans proposed their own balanced-budget plan, the White House waged a shameless Mediscare campaign to torpedo the plan — a campaign that the Washington Post slammed as “pure demagoguery.” It was Bill Clinton who, during the big budget fight in 1995, had to submit not one, not two, but five budgets until he begrudgingly matched the GOP’s balanced-budget plan. In fact, during the height of the budget wars in the summer of 1995, the Clinton administration admitted that “balancing the budget is not one of our top priorities.”

And lest we forget, it was Bill Clinton and his wife who tried to engineer a federal takeover of the health care system — a plan that would have sent the government’s finances into the stratosphere. Tom Delay was right: for Clinton to take credit for the balanced budget is like Chicago Cubs pitcher Steve Trachsel taking credit for delivering the pitch to Mark McGuire that he hit out of the park for his 62nd home run.

Democrats didn’t balance the budget. Republicans did.
But their cohorts in the media continue to let them get away with this lie… So they keep repeating it.

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  • Major Kong

    Well of course Reid lies, he’s a democrat.

  • George Bishop

    Harry is a dirty bold face liar! I’m sick of this man.

  • Valerie

    Liberal voters like me believe that Conservatives have something very worthwhile to offer to the national debate about how we are going to spend our money. We resent lying by either party, because it obscures the value of the contributions of the different philosophies to our better outcomes.

    One of the reasons Obama got so many votes was because he promised to listen to Conservatives. He did make that promise, and he did break it. And voters are angry about that.

    So, document away, Jim, and may others make good use of the information during the next election.

    Sarah Palin has my vote, if she get the nomination.

  • Eddie Willers

    Don’t care for Newt but he deserves more credit than any 1990’s Congressional Dem. Liberals bank on the ignorance of the average voter to win elections.

  • StrangernFiction

    Ho hum, ‘rats are scum.

  • http://www.sonoranalliance.com wanumba

    No new taxes. They SPENT ALL OUR MONEY, PLUS an ENORMOUS amount MORE. They won’t do ANYTHING with higher taxes except SPEND THE MONEY.

    Their poison pill to any Republican who wins in 2012 is to leave an economy so shattered the Repub POTUS HAS to be the one to preside over a period of economic hardship so hard it’ll cause REAL suffering, AND it’ll require taxes and cuts so severe to SAVE the nation, the Dems will find it EASY to coach literally hungry people to blame the GOP for being mean and heartless.

  • http://RockinConservative.com Brian

    Problem is, the Republicans did not balance the budget in the 90’s either. There has been no decrease to the national debt since 1968.


    They got close in 1999-2001, but no cigar!

  • Doc54

    They’re demorats!…..if they’re lips are moving, they’re lying, it’s all they know how to do!!! well, with the exception of blaming everyone but theirselves.

  • Henry chance

    We do forget. Under Clinton we had a dot.com, telecom bubble. These bubbles represented huge profits in stock prices escalating. These profits were taxed as gains and represented 30% of the taxes collected. It is absurd to wish for another bubble that creates tax revenue and is followed by going broke and financial pain.
    The carbon cap and trade bubble was supposed to garner taxes. It is fizzled out.

  • Henry chance

    Since this article features comment about Newt. He was a director at Global Crossing and made a fortune on them. I was a puny shareholder and made a puny profit but high percentage. Bush inherited a falling equities market. This hurt before 9/11. I can’t say Clinton had any credit for the bubbles. The bubbles did feed the real estate bubble which showed signs of over exuberance and Bush mentioned it very early in office.

  • chocolate jesus

    Why debate a with liberals They aren’t honest. Not one of them.
    Crush them. Defeat them. Destroy them.

  • chocolate jesus

    Which Clinton policy helped the economy?

  • Fed Up Citizen

    Listening crap from Reid is like watching a lousy B-rated movie every day in misery. If remotes works on humans we could tune him out.

  • Spider

    The independent guy/gal voter on the street doesn’t listen to, nor hear any of this debate. It is meaningless to who will win the election in 2012.

    This voter must know he/she is worse off today than 4 years ago.

    That’s what determines the lever they will pull.

    Obama fooled them in ’08. This time the facts and reality on the ground will swing the body politic back to the right.

  • Molon Labe

    Shouldn’t we be taxing the 45% of the population that pay no income taxes. Why shouldn’t they have skin in the game. Let’s start taxing them a minimum of 15% and see what happens.

  • kansas

    I don’t care who you are, that there is funny.

    Larry the Cable Guy

  • KornKing

    Two things that happened so that Slick Will looked good:
    Ronald Reagan and Newt Gingrich(with more credit due the class of 1994)
    Sound economic policy takes time to take hold, crappy economic policy has more of immediate impact(HW’s tax deal, with the “luxury tax” responsible for more in direct unemployment benefits paid out than the tax itself took in)

  • kansas

    There is no way a Republican could get away with lies like that. But you say potato, I say potatoe.

  • http://reaganiterepublicanresistance.blogspot.com Reaganite Republican

    He’s got a license to kill since we bloggers are the only one
    willing to point out he’s lying his bony rear end off

  • FurryGuyJeans

    Why is it a surprise that yet another Dem has lied? Are conservatives as naive as progressive economists there is bad economic news when Dems are in control?