GOP Leader McConnell: Real Deficit Solution Is Unattainable “As Long As Obama Is in White House”

Senate GOP Leader Mitch McConnell slammed Obama today on the senate floor, “As long as this President is in the Oval Office, a real solution is unattainable.”
Business Insider reported:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) offered his strongest criticism yet of President Barack Obama’s leadership in the ongoing talks.

“I have little question that as long as this President is in the Oval Office, a real solution is unattainable,” he said on the Senate floor Tuesday. Adding, “This was not an easy decision for me.”

Obama, he said, “has presented us with three choices: smoke and mirrors, tax hikes or default. Republicans choose none of the above.”

McConnell added the Democratic budget plan would provide only “a couple of billion dollars in cuts up front with empty promises of more to follow.”

‘”I had hoped to do good, but I refuse to do harm,” he said.

Congressional leaders will return to the White House at 3:45 today to continue negotiations on reaching a deal.

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  • baseballguy

    His mouth to God’s ears.
    The truth is spoken – let it be written – let it be so.

  • PJ

    Stay strong, Mitch!

  • bigkahuna

    When O’numbnuts starts lying about big oil somebody needs to remind him of this and then demand he ask how much GE Made and how much they paid in taxes ????

    What about big Google or Big Apple and many others..I am sure they made billions doing less for the country and less for the world as a whole than the benefits we get from oil /gas.

  • WW

    He (BHO) has a plan and he is sticking to it. His plan is the distruction of America as we know it. His goal is to be the U.N. Sec. Gen. after he destroys America and Israel. They are the two biggest obstacles in his quest for a one world government.

  • Lightwave

    Good. There can be no real solutions to America’s problems as long as there are Democrats still in power anywhere in America.

    Choose none of the above. Walk out on the bastard. Don’t raise the debt ceiling. Force a balanced budget by taking away the option to borrow more. We are already approaching 100% of GDP in just public debt. Unfunded mandates are ten times that, $150 trillion dollars we will owe our grandchildren.

    The only solution is to force Obama to zero out the welfare state. Yes, this will mean pain for millions of Americans but we will survive. Cut spending to 2005 levels and keep them there. The alternative is hyperinflation and the end of America.

    Republicans will go down as heroes in five years if they simply walk away from the debt ceiling talks.

  • Jules Hamil

    Let’s hope the Republicans stand firm and hold the line. If they don’t it will be a disaster waiting to happen in 2012.

    The EPA has just decided to “further regulate” the coal industry which will cost us more for electricity and the layoffs will be happening soon (thanks to the voting coal miners in West Virginia) so never doubt that Ovomit’s spending and so-called “fees” won’t go into effect soon after they raise the debt ceiling. Where do the Democrats think all the money is going to come from to pay for this? Surely someone in Washington must see what he is doing to our Country.

  • Moright

    Hang tough. And I always eat my peas.

  • ahem

    He’s correct; Obama is a Communist. That’s all he knows.


    marxist kenyan fraud odumba$$ destroying america like he set out to do

  • Kate

    I pray that the Republicans play tough in this apparent game of chicken Obama is playing. What a foul human being he is.

  • CONNECTICUT SSN 042-68-4425

    The Solution: Take your oath of office seriously for once, begin investigations and remove this Usurper.
    But no. you will leave him there, because of the fear of “Urban Unrest” if he is removed. Meanwhile, the country is being destroyed.

  • Doc54

    until Odumbas* is out of office……..well there’s the big “DUH” for the day, thanks for that info Mitch!

  • Nigelwackenfrets

    McConnell states the obvious. I’m sick of Obama-speak. making cuts is the answer. But Obama would veto cuts. So Sen. McConnell is correct

  • Guy in Ohio

    BRAVO Mitch!

  • SeniorD

    This isn’t McConnell’s thinking. What he is saying is that Republicans will, again and again, bend over and let the Demodonks get both a placebo spending ‘cut’ and tax increase(s).

    They’re all ‘Professional Politicians’ looking to keep their mouth at the trough.

  • Warthog

    Gadzooks, first Cantor in the House and then McConnell in the Senate, are resisting the Democrat advance! The republicans are evolving a spine! How is this possible? What does this mean?

    (Next thing you know, they’ll be walking upright and using tools…)

  • RedBeard

    Nice to see McConnell sounding resolute. Hope he has enough spine to stay that way as things heat up.

  • Kilroy64

    Stand firm, we’re completely behind you Mitch.

  • Joe College

    Bravo, McConnell!

    It is the truth and the American people need to hear it and someone has to say it. Well done.

  • gus

    But, jets and millionaires and billlllionaires and it’s unfair, and we need more Communism!! NOw!!