Former Top Obama Adviser Admits We’re Not Experiencing “Job-Less Recovery” We’re Going Through a “Growth-less Recovery” (Video)

Verum Serum caught this speech by former Chair of White House Council of Economic Advisers Christina Romer on April 12 of this year. This was after she left the administration. Romer admitted in her speech that they managed to create a “growth-less recovery.”

Romer also admits that Barack Obama knew just how bad the economy really was when before he took office because she told him how bad it was.

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  • saveus

    truth at last
    not surprising the media coverd it up

  • aquaviva

    So, basically Obama hired a kindergarten teacher to chair his Council of Economic Advisors.

  • flyoverland

    Obviously, there’s no recessions at grocery stores.

  • Big Dawg

    Yea! right Mrs Romer….The -unemployment rate was 5.1 percent when Obama
    took over and it’s being going down since then…
    You and Obama worship the same commie Mao and that is all we need to know…
    Since this moron took office he has not done one thing to help America and the
    people, so whatever you say or might say in the future wan’t change one d amn
    thing, only lead us down the road to ruin……

  • Stuffy

    Romer looks like she never met a bacon cheeseburger she didn’t like.

  • Rachelle

    She claims he told Zero how bad the economy was. But did she tell him how bad she was?

    Apparently not.

  • bigmike

    Gee! Maybe I’m stupid, seeing as how I only have a G.E.D., but, the way I spell a growthless recovery is D-E-P-R-E-S-S-I-O-N. There is NO freaking RECOVERY, they’re just freaking spouting phony numbers!

  • Dennis

    Bacon cheeseburgers are hard to dislike.

  • Billy Barty

    What did she go back to work at the local pre-school? Good god. I wonder how this woman breaks news that your parents died or something.. “ohhhh lovely day children! ohhh smell the flowers! I love everyone. Little Billy I need to tell you something.. yeah.. just lovely. I just got off the phone and you’ll love the news! Your parent were both killed and decapitated in a horrible accident! yay! you’re an orphan now! yay kids lets sing along!!!”

    Holy sh** Obama really really did hire someone who knows about as much as the hamburgler does at economics

    Can we have the last 3 years back? My god Obama is like the worst joke ever thrust upon humanity. And we lost our civilization for it. I’ll never forgive this bunch of losers. I cannot wait to read the books that come out after he’s gone. Not sure what else to say, other than the media swindled 52% of the dumbest people to walk upright into intentionally destroying our civilization. great

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  • backhoe

    I named it

    “The Recoveryless Recovery…”

    Still is, from what I see in my small southern city.

    1 in 5 out of work, for sale signs everywhere, whole shopping centers empty & deserted.

    But the government’s still growing like a weed. Thanks, “Lightbringer…”

  • Mike

    How on earth do you have a growthless recovery? Don’t we define recessions by length of negative growth? The same is largely true for a jobless recovery. With unemployment so high (and a lot of employed people scared for their jobs), they don’t spend as much as they wish. Consumer spending is about 70% of the economy. Um, Barack, anyone home?

  • aprilnovember811

    This isn’t a recovery. I bet Obama was really excited when she told him how bad the economy was. His friends did a good job in the fall of 2008. What do they have up their diabolical sleeves for 2012? Did they have anything to do with the Exxon oil leak? Or BP?

  • Chicagoan

    A lifeless life is death.

    A growthless recovery is total stagnation.

  • JimmyT

    Unless she’s is of the “I.Q.of a doorknob” grouping in the government, she can’t really believe that stating the obvious is a well thought out, constructive speech. I hope she was talking to a group of jr. high students. These same observations have been made for the last 18 months in the comment sections of conservative blogs like this one. Must be due to our sloping foreheads that no one pays attention to us.


    might be speaking the truth but you will still have idiots that will vote for the ZERO

  • Swifty

    Why don’t these hacks stop playing word games and just admit they suck and don’t know what they are doing?

  • DINORightMarie

    It is amazing how many of this type of video are out there: self-exposure of lying and deception because of big-headed boasters. The things in these videos directly contradict EVERYTHING that The One has said, or promised, since the 2008 election!

    Please, PLEASE!! someone in the Republican party – WAKE UP!!!! The 30 second commercial spots just fall right out of these videos!!! Anita Dunn and her Mao quote, backed up with her interview in the Dominican Republic on how the whole campaign was a giant marketing scheme to sell the American Public on this loser wrapped in “hope and change.” The “we didn’t know how bad it [the economy] was” lie from Obama’s lips vs. this woman’s presentation stating reality: she KNOWS he got the information on how bad things were/are because she herself told him. Expose the liar and his pattern of lies.

    Use these – IN ADDITION TO his promise to “laser-focus” on debt/jobs/economy/oil spill/energy/etc. and then show his golfing/vacations/world-tour on our dime/etc. Also, his “everyone will have to sacrifice….skin in the game” quote vs. his AF1 flights, his hops to NYC/Chicago/Paris for “date nights”, his multiple vacations, his wagyu beef/lobster/arugula/gourmet meals – on our dime, golf more than any president in memory……. Can’t you just SEE IT?! Is anybody there?!

    It is like ripe, low-hanging fruit. Hello……….WAKE UP, Republican Party!!! If I, a non-marketeer type, can see this, then your marketeers MUST be able to see this! If not – HIRE NEW ONES WHO DO! There are LOTS of small, indi groups making YouTube videos which are SLAMMING the administration, exposing their lies, their failed policies, their outright deceptions. Where are you guys?! Get cracking!

    And……don’t leave it till the last minute. The OFA are already trying to re-spin the rotten, fetid, maggot-infested tripe which fooled Americans, and got The One elected in 2008. Axlerod is “rebranding” Obama now, since he actually has a record to attack this time around. Republican Party – START NOW!!! Use this woman’s video information – PLUS A WHOLE LOT MORE! – and you will WIN the media war in 2012.

    OT – congratulations to Gateway Pundit!!! Rush Limbaugh referenced your site at least 2 times in the latest The Limbaugh Letter. Kudos GP (aka Jim Hoft)!!!

  • BubbaHotep

    The who can,do; those who can’t, teach.
    She has since returned to academia to prove the validity of this idiom once again.

  • burt

    Where do the Democrats find these people? Are you better off than you were before Obama?