New Tone… Top Democrat Indicted For St. Louis BOMBING (Video)

What a shock. Another violent bomb-planting leftist…

Democratic strategist and bomber— Milton H. “Skip” Ohlsen III. (P-D)

Top local democrat Milton Ohlsen III was indicted today for planting a bomb in a parking garage that injured a local attorney.

The democrat hid his identity behind balloons after planting the bomb.
FOX 2 reported:

A former Democratic political operative has been indicted by federal authorities for allegedly planting a bomb in a CLayton parking garage in 2008. The bomb went off, seriously injuring a Clayton attorney. Police believe he was not the bomber’s intended target.

Milton Ohlsen iii nicknamed “Skip” is well known to law enforcement. He’s also well known in Democratic political circles. The feds now say he’s the one who planted a bomb in a garage at 190 Carondolet plaza in Clayton on October 15, 2008.

Federal prosecutors say ohlsen made the bomb and put it in the parking garage where it went off and injured clayton attorney John Gillis.

Federal agents say Gillis was the wrong target. They say Ohlsen was actually trying to kill attorney Richard Eisen who drove a similar car. Eisen represented Ohlsen’s wife in a messy divorce case.

Starting in 2004 Ohlsen was used as a consultant by the Missouri Democratic party. He even had lunch at the governor’s mansion with then-governor Bob Holden.

Hat Tip Ed

The bombing victim John L. Gillis said he was doing “reasonably well” after receiving a series of skin grafts to treat burns caused by the bombing.

Figures. Local Top Dem Involved in St. Louis BOMBING

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  • a former dem

    Will the Obama liberal media report this? No.

    Will people who no longer trust this “mainstream” media know about this? Yes.

  • In other words, a typical day in America. Republicans get called “terrorists” while Democrats actually blow up bombs.
    The Jewish Republican’s Web Sanctuary

  • Carbon Pootprint

    typical democrat, setting off bombs, running guns to communist governments, committing acts of treason, they’re all the same.

  • Valerie

    If he’s found guilty, lock him up an throw away the key. Not only is he a hothead, he is too stupid and careless to verify that he had the right target.

  • Missy8s

    When he’s convicted, execute him.

  • I_B_Prophen

    Skip was too stupid to select his target.
    Skip was too stupid to remain undetected.
    Skip is too stupid and too pretty to do very well in Federal Prison.

    Another Democrat drops a bar of soap in the shower.

  • Militant Conservative

    Yor looking at this all wrong, the public needs to be

    Watching for this behavior and able to stop it.

    Most of you sheep can’t , that is why your

    The expendable crew member.

    Powder is dry

  • ant

    LIberalism once again supporting the argument that it is, itself, a mental disorder.

  • tommy mc donnell

    they have democrats in the tea party?

  • catwoman368

    tommy you are a jackass demoncrat so STFU.

  • cbinflux

    Did Skip ever work for the Clintons..?

  • jainphx

    Lets see add this guy to the list with Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn, you know those that use bombs instead of words.

  • xqqme

    Bill Ayers wannabe

  • Sardondi

    And again, another incident of murderous violence from the left. And again we’ll see somewhere between zero and no pundits from that side express embarrassment, regret or chagrin; much less comment that such violence is directly attributable to the attitude of moral superiority and self-righteousness which the left cultivates. In fact, this indictment will go largely unremarked in the collectivist media universe. Because when you get right down to it, there aren’t many on the left who think there’s anything for them to apologize for.

    Ordinarily the left’s greatly increased use of political violence would mean that we conservatives and libertarians should be concerned for our safety. Except that the left has so successfully demonized firearms among themselves that the only weapons they might possibly know how to use are Leatherman tools and tasers. (And bombs for those who went to Syria for terrorist training.) But as for conservatives, as the team that doesn’t fear firearms, and tends to know how to safely and skillfully use them, I don’t think we have much to fear.

  • lizzy84

    Another Democrat practice session in mayhem making in anticipation of 2012:

    ‘Chicago to host NATO, G8 summits in 2012’


    Prepare accordingly.

  • gus

    Obama may have ol “skip” write his next book.

    “A guy in the neighborhood”.

  • bigkahuna

    How many whitehouse concerts, parties and policy meetings has he been invited to ?

    Gotta Love it.

    Libs. bomb stuff…no big deal

    Libs beat up conservative rally attendees….nothin to seee

    Libs steal SS funds and spend us into oblivion and get no results for it.

    Libs lie to your face and blame republicans for it….ie Nancy, Barry, Harry Barney

    Libs vandalize GOP party offices in various states…nobody notices or makes a big deal

    Libs promote voter fraud, regisitration fraud and Black panther voter intimidation and blame GOP for suppressing vote for wanting to show a simple ID

    Libs tweet perverted pictures…No problem

    Libs run prostitution rings from their houses/basement and claim ignorance( well ignorant is correct)

    Libs keeep freezers full of cash…Not a problem

    Libs pay for Chicago thugs senate seat… Just a msssunderstanding

    Libs solicit prostitute…Hey just getting to know the people better

    Libs give money to failing green energy companies…Hey they didnt see it coming…

    Libs use welfare money for gambling…blame problems on private jets and vegas conventions

    Libs/ unions screw American industry and themselves…blame everyone else.

    Libs demand banks make loans to minorities and poor that cant qualify Blame Bush for Mortgage meltdown

    Libs cheat on Taxes…they get to be head of Treasury or Senator from NY

    Libs Blame Sarah Palin the responsible hunter for Ariz Sen. shooting…and ignore all the flash robbery mobs and beatings

    Libs dont even submit a budget when they controll ALL branches and have record debt /deficit but blame GOP when we cant resolve a budget now

    Lib teachers CHEAT on the entire school district in widespread scandal… Blame Bush for No punk left behind and we dont spend enough on education…

    Libs leave state budget deficits and complain and whine when Republicans balance budget and save money. Evil bastards…

    Libs go to a rally and are rude, shout hateful crap, have vile signs, threaten and fight and trash the buildings and grounds they invade and are media darlings hype and inflate attendance. Teaparty rallies they use only a few freaks or imposters signs and antics ignore the cleaned up site, deflate attendance numbers and downplay significance.

    Liberals support union thugs,terrorists, killers , dictators, abortions and perverts, convicts, deadbeats, illegals and lazy dependent bums . But upport killing babies and protest the death penalty for killers, rapists and terrorist. But teaparty members are racists, bigots, homophobes and violent, ignorant, uninformed and mean spirited.

    Taxbreaks and lless govt interferance has been proven to be successful time and time again and yet liberals claim its their poicies that work while th many communist/socialist countries fail miserably or change to captialism whilelibs become dictators tearing down a once great country.

    The fact that our GOP candidates and leaders cant easily demonstrate and expose this crap is ludicrous.


  • FORGER – Racist Czar

    “Missy8s commented:

    When he’s convicted, execute him.

    Missouri has the Death Penalty. Question is, will he get a judge and jury that see this for what it is, a terrorist act, and will they have the balls to use it??

  • John Blake

    Bomb-throwing by D-rat operatives is weather, the D-rat party itself is climate. “Anthropogenic” describes these thugs’ criminal tantrums all too well.

  • Taqiyyotomist


    If I were a millionaire, I’d make that post a multi-metropolis billboard, a two-page NYT ad, and a 60-second superbowl commercial.

    Thank you for that.

  • Carbon Thumbprint

    Go figure. Only mention on Google news are two, repeat…two, local news sites. No CNN, MSNBC, etc.

  • Dick Turpin

    Sounds like a 21st century Bill Ayers in training…in a few years, this guy will likely be a tenured prof at some liberal college…..

  • clarityrising

    Silly people, he’s no terrorist; only returning soldiers and Tea Partiers are terrorists. He was merely a socially conscious individual out to perform a community service. Nothing to see here, move along.

  • Rock

    Skip is also connected to former state Sen. Jeff Smith and former state Rep. Steve Brown’s campaign ethics violations. @ The stuff just keeps getting deeper and deeper, and not a word in the LSM.

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  • bigkahuna

    #20… Thanks… I agree these could be 30 second commercials every day/week until Nov 2012 and many we can use the democrats or Obam’s statements, words, actions with no embellishment at all… Just use their words and actions to demonstrate the absurdity of their policies, actions, lies, mistakes, delusions and outright desire to ruin our country

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  • jainphx

    Bigkahuna very well documented, but sadly there are just so many more that the list would take two days to set down.

  • jorgen

    There is a clear link between insanity and voting Democrat.

  • Multitude

    @ bigkahuna – you make many excellent points, but I’m confused as to their relevance. When has the United States been a nation of laws, not men?

    Obama, Holder and pretty much the entire White House made it clear upon Barry’s election: the Change the people got was the elimination of a nation based on the objective, written law. The right gets worked up about the Constitution (that museum relic that has some strange attraction to civil war re-enacters and other kooks), but the real document that has been discarded is the U.S. Code.

    This isn’t hyperbole; Obama’s theory is quite precise here as he’s moved fully beyond Bush’s State of Exception (where the State continued to encroach beyond the perimeter of defined law, creating exceptions to that code which became unwritten code and as such, de facto law) into a Law of the Sovereign’s Rule. This is the interpretive, living law of Hobbs Leviathan. We’ve gone full circle out of the foolishness of parliamentary democracy into law-by-decree and judgment of power.

    It’s actually quite remarkable that this would happen so quickly, given that while it parallels the collapse of the Weimar Republic and the corresponding economic disaster, but politically actually precedes full collapse. I’d suggest that Obama and his advisors have studied their Carl Schmitt and determined long ago that parliamentarianism was for fools. They’ve already seized control; we just haven’t noticed it yet as we’re working with outdated models.

    Doubt me? Take a look at how Holder’s behaving. Or Geithner. Where’s your parliament now?

  • bigkahuna

    Multitude… I dont disagree… Its time to cear house.

  • Multitude

    @ bigkahuna/31 — concur. we have a fascist in command now, and just haven’t figured it out yet (mostly because our historically-influenced thinking leads us to believe that they only arise *after* the economic collapse). anyone who studies Lenin’s papers, particularly between the first and second revolution, can understand that the rather un-original Obama and/or his thought-advisors are already post-first revolution and have pretty much seized what they need for second. august 2’s “artificial crisis” seems to be pretty important to them, incidentally.

    also, i’m still torn on whether this pathetic, poor speaking, apparently unaccomplished “community (dis)organizer simpleton” is either so brilliant that he’s fooled us all and is a genius who even puts Lenin to shame, or he’s a tool, some hack employed to read scripts as delivered (and screw around on the golf course the rest of the time).

    i’m still pretty sold on the latter, given most recently his “deer in the headlights” looks yesterday on the twitterbation event (as he clawed for a teleprompter to instruct him). but should this be the case, i’d really like to know our enemy. it’s about time they have the courage to show their face. we think of soros, which tends to exoticise our opponent, but if the analysis is correct, obama’s the imperial face of the 1%… America’s elite. the tax-haven gentry that Jamie Johnson exposes in his documentary, “One Percent.” We saw it with Warren Buffet and countless other billionaires who propped up this empty suit President.

    He’s the Emperor of the Hunker Down. The fascist who will keep order when the nation’s debtors discover there’s no money there. When all hell breaks lose, he’ll clamp down and protect the parasites who built this Ponzi Scheme.

    I guess we’ll see where it goes. It’s a shame so many journalists are missing out on the story of a lifetime.

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  • Lee Reynolds

    I blame Bill Maher and John Stewart for the hateful extremist rhetoric that lit his man’s fuse and drove him to violence.

  • David W. Nicholas

    In fairness, my wife assures me that St. Louis (where she’s from) is the car-bombing capitol of the U.S. For whatever reason, it’s how the mafia and dirty politicians settle their disputes there. She tells me that she was about the only person among her circle of friends who hadn’t had their car damaged collaterally by a car bomb set off to kill someone else. So this idiot is just another screwup…and being a Democrat in Missouri isn’t quite like being on in Arkansas or Hawaii, but it’s close.

  • egoist

    I heard / watched this on the news yesterday. Until right now, didn’t know squat about the demo link. Any chance the [intended] target was a republican hot-shot? Just asking.

  • Cracker Mike

    This guy sounds like a perfect Czar of something or other. Van Jones is so envious.


    another whacked out libraturd…

  • sauropod

    From the post: “The democrat hid his identity behind balloons after planting the bomb.”

    What does this mean? Hid his identity behind balloons?

  • This was violence directed against the family court system , and the lawyer who was taking the guys house, money and children. I loathe liberals and democrates ,but I loathe the family court system more . The judges, the lawyers , the counselors should all be in jail for ignoring the parents constitutional rights. When you can’t get your day in court, and the courts proceed to take everything you have without any due process maybe violence is the only solution. What would you do to someone who took your kids and then returned to take all your money to compensate them for their expenses incurred in stealing your children ?

  • gastorgrab

    Isn’t all political violence technically, ‘terrorism’?

    Or does that only apply to the party that is not in power?

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  • teapartydoc

    Another situation that indicates to us that marriage should not be a government contract subject to the whims of democratic government and the rigidity and cupidity of government bureaucracy and law enforcement. Another case that screams:END GOVERNMENT LICENSING. Period.

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  • Walknot

    Send him to Getmo, try him as a terrorist then if convicted, shoot him.

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