The Socialism Revolution Is in the Air annual conference was held this past weekend in Chicago, Illinois.

Socialism 2011 – Revolution in the Air from International Socialist on Vimeo.

Emboldened Islamists and Marxists held their annual conference this past weekend in Chicago. The attendees were particularly energized this year, openly taking credit for what is happening in Europe and in the so-called “Arab Spring”.
Canada Free Press reported:

“Let’s fight like an Egyptian” is the rally call for Socialism 2011 with featured guests including Ali Abunimah, Anthony Arnove, Omar Barghouti, Todd Chretien, Paul D’Amato, Arun Gupta, Elizabeth Wrigley-Field, Dave Zirin and John Carlos and Paul LeBlanc to mention just a few.

This is how 1968 Olympic bronze medalist Dr. John Carlos, who raised the Black Power salute, rates past Socialism Conferences: “The young people at the conference took me back in time to when you were ready to stand for what was right. It lets you know that what you may have planned years ago will come to reality today. I feel great to have become a part of it.”

According to socialist and author Paul LeBlanc, “Socialism conferences are exciting gathering places for students and young activists, for revolutionary scholars and fighters for social justice, to share ideas and experiences that can help us understand and change the world. I’ve been to a couple—it’s not enough. I’m coming again.”

With Obama in the White House, Socialist revolutionaries are on a roll, openly taking credit for what is happening in Europe and in the so-called “Arab Spring”.

“Everywhere we look in the world there are revolutions and struggles that are challenging dictatorship, economic inequality, and oppression,” is the message on their home page. “From Cairo to Madison, these struggles show us that “another world is possible”. But they also raise questions about what ideas, strategies and tactics are necessary to carry the struggle forward.

Here’s a list of speakers from this year’s conference.



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  1. So nice to see people that only want what other people have. Thou shall not Covet…Thou shall not steal…

    Means nothing to these losers. Lets take everything they own first.

  2. The NEA’s annual convention was in the same city at the same time.

    Ironic coincidence?

    Perhaps not.

  3. Why are they wearing coats and gloves?

  4. Having them in the street getting their pictures taken makes it easy to set up a mug book of America’s internal enemies. Saves a lot of investigational time.

  5. there is no justice in socialism.

    socialism is the economic philosophy of the dictator.

    socialism leads to authoritarian government.

    socialism is oppression of the worker by the non-worker.

  6. Socialists meeting in Chicago, how apt. And great question, Dave, it’s hot in Chicago right now, why too hot for those get ups.

  7. ++


    well not really, i mean, what’s “off” these days…

    Happy 4th of July, all you right wing extremists!

    [The Ruling Class in the United States today is as foreign to the ideal of
    liberty as the Brititsh Parliament was in the time of the Founders. Blogs
    and their readers are going to drive the emancipation of Americans from
    the Progressive overlords.]


  8. Radio documentary from BBC:

    “[T]here are signs that the next big challenge to US security could come from within the country.”


  9. “…took me back in time to when you were ready to stand for what was right…”
    Stealing from my labor so you can lay on your lazy ass and smoke crack is ‘right’???

    “..openly taking credit for what is happening in Europe…”
    The economic destruction of Western Europe is something to take pride in??

    These kleptocrats are all cut from the same cloth. They want to strive for the bottom in terms of personal effort and at the same time want to drag down anyone who actually gets out there and earns a better life for themselves and their families. Capitalism shares opportunity. Socialism shares poverty.

  10. ++

    CttC #8

    how far behind are we??

    more @ link & here..

    /rhetorical *sigh* sarc/


  11. Good, I say. Let them come out into the open and show us who they are. That way we know who our ENEMY is. Obama is top on the list with his Kommie lies. That is the one area where he has been transparent – his hatred of America and its values.

  12. Interesting these conventions come as soon as ‘Twinkletoes’ Emanuel takes the throne.

    Richard J. Daley, for all his faults, would never have let this happen. Anyone remember 1968?

  13. Well I suppose we can still deport people to Egypt … Particularly women.

  14. “Let’s fight like an Egyptian”
    Usually libtards do. So far the Evil Jooos have handed them their ass every time they came out to play. In the end, conservatives do the same to the libtards. All it takes is waking up the general (Idiocracy) populace to how they’re getting screwed (again) by the kleptocratic lefties.

    This election will tell us our future. I thought we’d gotten past this crap with the Reagan Years and the end of the Soviet Menace. Apparently the populace is way dumber and more gullible than I thought. This reminds me of a Sci-Fi story of a guy who travelled into the way past to hunt giant dinosaurs. He bags one as it is wildly charging him a la Rinocerous. So he kills the dino. Then the dino’s parasites jump down and kill him. Seems noteworthy.

  15. I know the global climate has been cooling a bit the last decade, but was it really that cold in Chicago this week? Just sayin’…

  16. There are, broadly speaking, only two ways of sustaining human life: by creating wealth or by seizing it from others. The only economic system where all parties create wealth is the system of free exchange. In all other systems, however structured, some or all parties in an exchange are forced to receive less than a satisfactory outcome.

    Socialism is the fraudulent attempt to force everyone to live at the expense of everyone else. Christians will see how it is morally fraudulent because it violates three of the Ten Commandments: lies, coveting and theft. Secularists will at least see that it cannot be imposed without the use of the creditable threat of violence via government.

    Further, the economist Ludwig von Mises showed in 1920 [1][2] that since a socialist economy destroys price information via government intrusion, the myriad of participants in the economy are unable to make a fully rational calculation about true profit and loss. Any economic activity that operates at a loss cannot be “sustainable”, a concept the left loves to scold us about. Thus, a purely socialist economy cannot function. This is the very reason for the poverty we see today in Cuba and in North Korea.

    Socialism always requires the threat of coercion and compulsion and the use of deadly force. This is because the socialist state cannot permit economic truth or competing ideas to be voiced against it. The killing fields of Cambodia came as a direct result of attempts to impose socialism. Those not killed outright will be enslaved by the state because the socialist state claims to own everything, including its citizens.

    Socialism is the secular religion of death. It is time to call it the evil that it is.

    [1] Economic Calculation in the Socialist Commonwealth by Ludwig von Mises

    [2] Why a Socialist Economy is “Impossible” by Joseph T. Salerno

  17. The photo is from a Hudson Wisconsin union rights demonstration from February
    But it’s all over the web attached to this story. Seems somebody got sloppy. Thank goodness it’s summer since you can take clearer pictures of these traitors. They won’t be able to hide.

  18. Socialism is fascism, it is violence against the individual to buy the support of the mob.

    Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery.
    Winston Churchill

    And Obama is its dimwit lackey.

  19. Notice the Negro mobs in major U.S. cities this summer. Going into shops and taking what they want, and beating passersby of different races.

    Where do they learn this violent criminal behavior?? They learn from libtards, socialists, and the likes of Jeremiah Wright.

    Socialism DOES NOT WORK. We will beat it down and snuff it out.

  20. ++

    GREEN everything NWO

    hey, don’t believe it, we’re half way there anyways.. :-(


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