Congressional Reps Introduce HR 2411 – Automatic Wage Deductions to Pay Off Obama Debt

Why cut spending when you can just snatch more cash from the American worker?
Representatives in Congress want to offer the option to American workers to voluntarily donate to help pay off the federal debt.
HR 2411

Via Free Republic

Surely the libs will line up to give donate to the fund, huh?

(This was updated – The Reps are all Republicans, the bill is a very bad joke)

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  • Militant Conservative

    Not a revenue problem! It’s a spending problem.

    Government is not the answer it is the problem.

    powder is dry

  • LibsRMorons

    All you lefties that think taxation is the answer, should be the first to sign up! Write the check! Give your Big Leader the money he wants to pilfer and redistribute! Give the brotha all of your spare change!

    Thats what you demonstrate for! Thats what you beg for! Now do the right thing, and sign up right away!

    All you Hollywood rats..write the check! All you liberal do-gooders, action speaks louder than words! Take the wealth of everyone that promotes these policies. May they be the first to have nothing.


    hey feds…KISS MY A$$…like i would give you a deduct from my pay to take care of your way ..%ucked up policys…hey odumbs**TTT thanks for the laughs

  • toongoon

    I want to know how much the liar in chief, representatives, senators, czars, public unions, from the leadership to the members and everyone else earning a living off of taxpayers is paying on their hr 2411. That has got to be public knowledge.

    the liar in chief, representatives, senators, czars, and public union leadership are the ones who put us in this mess. THEY HAVE GOT TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT!!!


  • CommieJuice

    The liberal/commie/socialist/marxist/dimocrat’s dream… all the money being made should go into the government’s account and they can dish out how much they think we should keep. They claim it’s their money anyway. In reality they only own the debt!

    I can think of one millionaire who didn’t pay his fair share. He paid 26% in federal taxes on the 1.7 million he made. He is the first to cast the stone and point his crusty finger at others, but he personally shot bin Liden, so it’s all gOOd!

    Orwell wasn’t a fiction writer, he was a precognition author!

  • vityas

    Somebody voted for this. Are they feeling the ramifications of it yet? Are they still enjoying having thrown sense to the wind in order to feel good about voting for the first black president?

    Crank up the pain factor because people will have to be shrieking in torment in order to get him out of office.

  • texabama

    You don’t need a law to donate money to the government. The IRS has always been willing to take your money. For that matter, just don’t claim any of your deductions and pay it all. I’m constantly amazed at how dumb our elected officials are (or how dumb they think we are).

  • Sparky

    Dick Obama will do whatever he wants until he is sent kicking his lunch pail down the road.

    It would be more beneficial to make sure Palin, Bachmann or Perry gets elected to reverse the Socialist tide!

  • JimmyT

    We already have this; it’s called federal income taxes!

  • toongoon

    Why won’t the house vote to remove the job killing regulations that are strangling the economy?
    It is inconceivable that they are doing everything but what needs to be done to get back to fiscal sanity. Make that sanity period.

  • MI Dave

    The scary thing is that should this bill pass, as a voluntary system, it would not be long before they take out the word voluntary and make it automatic. After all, it would not be fair to those voluntarily participating, of others did not participate. So to make it fair, everyone would be forced to voluntarily join.

  • KR

    So the people dumb enough to want to give more to the IRS are too stupid to just write a check and send it in?

  • bigkahuna

    I keep saying that this is a great idea…. I say for those who support democrats and higher taxes and more spending…we simply raise their taxes and those who support smaller govt, lower taxes get to be taxed less. Lets see that means simpley raise taxes on Democrats….cut taxes on republicans. I would love to see them scream at this proposal.

    Freaking idiot liberals

  • HadEnough

    WTF……..what economic classes did these people attend? I’m not afraid to admit that I’m not an economic scholar but seriously………this is not even close to trying and fixing the real problem…..

    Time for somebody to swiftly kick this President and the Democrats in the balls………..

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I’m constantly amazed at how dumb our elected officials are (or how dumb they think we are).

    Having seen Obama elected president, they can be forgiven for thinking such thoughts.

  • Spider

    I can solve the problem in these easy steps:

    1) Lower the corporate tax rate

    2) Eliminate the long term capital gains tax

    3) Repeal “Dodd-Frank”

    4) Repeal Obamacare

    5) Accelerate the foreclosure process, don’t forestall it

    You will have to get out of the way from all the unemployed running back to work. You will have to get bigger bags to carry the tax revenues in. You will have to raise the asking price on your home.

    The Dumbocrats could never bring themselves to do the right thing.

  • Rock

    Yea, right after Pelosi does the same ( ). Or maybe Rangle could get square with the IRS, what a collection of thugs.

  • bg


    “You ain’t seen nothin’ Yet!”

    and he’s not alone, but what do i know..


  • Some simple additions to the bill:

    If the employee is a Democrat, automatic deduction of 50%…can increase but not decrease this amount

    If the employee is a Democrat AND a member of a Public Union, automatic deduction of 75%…can increase but not decrease this amount

    If the employee is an illegal alien, automatic deduction of 100%…can increase but not decrease this amount

    If the employee is a Democrat elected official at any level below Congress, POTUS, or Supreme Court, automatic deduction of 80%…can increase but not decrease this amount

    If the employee is a Democrat elected official and a member of Congress, POTUS or Cabinet or any XYZ agency, or Supreme Court Justice, automatic deduction of 100%…can increase but not decrease this amount


    ALL politicians should voluntarly give there whole checks and the donations they recieve to pay for there ridiculous spending.

    This is not our debt its the goverments reckless giveaways!!!

    MAKE-A-BILL to create a task force to audit every entity that recieved a “bailout”. I can guarantee they will catch thieves and crooks as well as find possiby billions of dollars stolen from us!!!!


  • There goes the little bit of disposable income that most Americans have! Yet another hit on our economy overall.

  • Bunni

    The nerve of these asshats! Every day a new outrage! They all deserve to be fired.

  • RedBeard

    Hold the phone.

    Back the bus up.

    Did anyone notice that all the sponsors of the bill are Republicans? There’s more to this than meets the eye. I smell a ploy of some sort.

  • dave clark

    They ought to start by sending this to all the billionaires that want to pay more taxes!

  • Neal Palmquist

    This is very sad because it takes advantage of those who do not realize they are only giving justification for redoubling and retripling the size of the problem. It is also very sad because the lack of participation in this program wil be interpreted as justification for redoubling and retripling the size of the problem.

  • …and of course, it will go into a “lock box”, just like they did for Social Security and Medicare and …….

  • Jim

    Hey Feds, send me two of those! One to sh#t on and the other to cover it up with!

  • Neal Palmquist

    I think this would be better if we instead are allowed to determine what percentage of our existing deductions are to be used exclusively for debt repayment. Maybe we can outpace them? Maybe we can pay it back faster than they borrow it?

    Nawwwww. Who am I kidding?

  • RedBeard

    I’m really thinking this is a tongue-in-cheek ploy by Republicans to make a point. If it ever became law, it would prove every leftist wrong about how supportive people are of increasing their tax bite. The 100 or so that would actually sign up to give extra dough to the feds are probably residents of a funny farm.

    Let’s see what this is really all about.

  • averagemelon

    What a waste of ink.

    The braindead are winning.

  • bg


    RedBeard #23

    hadn’t finished checking yet, but ALL?? aah, thanks
    for sparing me the nerve racking task anyways.. :*(



  • I am sick of this..

    We give them billions & billions of dollars every year and they spend, spend, spend our hard earned money and give them selves raises and waivers to not get Oboomacare and now they want more & more! Lisa Jackson gives surveys on our health? But no surveys on the ramifications of bankrupting our way of living without electricity? How will we heat our homes? Our classrooms? She wants to raise our electricity 10 times the amount that we pay now!!! Where is the survey on how many will be jobless because of her new EPA bills regulations? Where are the surveys for the coal miners and power plant jobs being shut down? Where are the frickin surveys for that??????!!!! Were we asked if we the people wanted her protection????? Did we??? Hell no! Did we get asked about shutting down our water to the CA valleys??? Hell No! Did we the people get asked if we wanted our OIL Rigs to get shut down??? ALL OVER the country??? Hell No! Do you shut down FAA if a plane crashes?? Hell No! They are taking our land our rights without our the permission of we the people and I am friggin mad as hell!! Especially at Lisa Jackson, DOJ racists, Holder sueing our CIA agents Mfrickers! Not sending any troops for 9 monhs to our soldiers! Sueing our Arizona state! Stopping our shuttle program!!!! Did we ask for Oboomcare??? Hell No! He is a dictator lying sack of jello! I’m vietnam woman vet—and I have seen enough! We the people want our COUNTRY back and I want it back now!! We all together better fight! fight! I mean no MORE spending! No new taxes!!! We aren’t responsible for their debt!!!!!

  • squeaky
  • JonahVark

    How about lemonade stands?!

    Lemonade stands run by children to help pay down the national debt. Can you just visualize thousands of envelopes filled with dollar bills and change arriving at the White House? It would put the Obama regime and Congress to shame.

    That is if the local governments don’t close them down for not having a permit and worse yet, imposing a hefty fine.

  • bg


    ps re: #31 re: #23

    re: [more than meets the eye..]

    hah, everything has been taking place right
    under our very noses, hidden in plain sight..

    [scroll up/down, follow links & conecting links, or not.. *sigh*]


  • Freddy

    I wonder WHO in the House of Representatives esitmated the costs to the employers to implement this system?

    Even if NO ONE ever donated one single penny to the treasury, this bill will force employers to spend money on accountants and software system changes.

    This bill will cost JOBS and SLOW GROWTH!

  • I_B_Prophen

    Here you go folks; get crackin’:

    Latest Title: Reduce America’s Debt Now Act of 2011
    Latest Major Action: 7/6/2011 Referred to House committee. Status: Referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means.

    Rep Crawford, Eric A. “Rick” [AR-1]


    Rep Denham, Jeff [CA-19] – 7/6/2011
    Rep Dold, Robert J. [IL-10] – 7/6/2011
    Rep Fincher, Stephen Lee [TN-8] – 7/6/2011
    Rep Flores, Bill [TX-17] – 7/6/2011
    Rep Griffin, Tim [AR-2] – 7/6/2011
    Rep Guinta, Frank C. [NH-1] – 7/6/2011
    Rep Huizenga, Bill [MI-2] – 7/6/2011
    Rep Landry, Jeffrey M. [LA-3] – 7/6/2011
    Rep Palazzo, Steven M. [MS-4] – 7/6/2011
    Rep Scott, Austin [GA-8] – 7/6/2011
    Rep Tiberi, Patrick J. [OH-12] – 7/6/2011

  • john03

    If any of my employees sign up for this I’m going to have them psychologically tested.

  • Freddy

    I got my answer …

    Mr. CRAWFORD (for himself, Mr. TIBERI, Mr. FINCHER, Mr. LANDRY, Mr. DENHAM, Mr. DOLD, Mr. FLORES, Mr. GRIFFIN of Arkansas, Mr. AUSTIN SCOTT of Georgia, Mr. HUIZENGA of Michigan, Mr. PALAZZO, and Mr. GUINTA) introduced the following bill; which was referred to the Committee on Ways and Means

    Please people, vote to remove every one of them!

  • RedBeard

    I may be wrong (ask my wife; it’s happened before) but this looks rather clever.

    If the bill somehow gets to the floor, the lefties will vote against a plan to raise revenue, and that would show their duplicity to the country. They will have to vote against it, because they know it will fail, as Americans will reject the idea of paying more to the feds, and the lefties will look foolish. Either way, they lose.

    I’m guessing this is a trap set by Republicans. Probably won’t get to see the light of day, but the idea is good. If I’m right. See paragraph one for disclaimer on that deal.

  • Mikey

    Where are Boehner, Canter and the R’s on this? Surely, this abomination won’t pass the House. Or, are the R’s gonna sell us down the river some more. Every frigging day it is SOMETHING with this administration or Congress trying to put the screws to the American people. Does anybody else feel that way? Seriously. QUIT THE SPENDING AND MAKE THE CUTS –

  • bg


    JonahVark #34

    hmmm, did you say Lemonade Stand?? /s/

    oh yeah, that was just a sample, google for more..


  • Neal Palmquist

    I like the lemonaide stand idea. But let’s also sell some GirlScout cookies and mow lawns with environmentally friendly scissors made by manufacturers who use 50% solar power.

    I can call Pat Tiberi’s office and see what they tell me about this.

  • bg




    all they do is BARK, all we get is BIT, gah!!


  • theBuckWheat

    This will be the IT Worker’s Employment Act and the HR Employees Retraining Act of 2011 as each employer must absorb thousands of dollars in programming and consultant time to shoehorn this new provision into the already overly-modified payroll system, and as HR clerks and managers go to three day seminars on exactly what the new law means and how it must be implemented.

    This is yet one more example of EXACTLY why the economy is enjoying a “no growth recovery”. Thanks a lot meddling socialists, agents of chaos.

  • bg


    RedBeard #40

    lol, that is funny..

    what’s not funny is why they just can’t be

    but i have the feeling the bottom line may have something to do
    with who controls the money & who controls the money makers..

    aka: Grasshoppers & ants..


  • bacadog

    I think it’s brilliant!!

    If it were to pass, GOP leadership can stand on the Capital steps and say: “For all of you liberals who think taxes should be raised, here’s a compromise. You elitists now have a mechanism to contribute all you want to the government while we leave everyone else’s taxes alone.”

  • FurryGuyJeans

    “….voluntarily withheld…..”

    Now that is one prime, grade-A oxymoron if there ever was one. So many people don’t understand the degree of how they are raped with the current taxation system because they see a bunch of numbers on an itemized list, not the actual dollars and cents on their paychecks. The entirety of doing automatic payroll deduction was to make workers less likely to be given reason to stage a tax revolt, as our Founding Fathers did.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    Wasn’t it Unka Joey Biden who said it was patriotic to pay taxes? Why are so many Democrats and Leftists, especially Leftist companies and corporations like GE, being blatantly unpatriotic by not giving the government all their earnings?

  • jtrukjf67578679

    This is worse than any con-artist’s scam or pyramid scheme. Does anyone really believe this money would be spent to pay off the debt? It would be used to increase spending immediately and increase future obligations – thus increasing future debt. It would have the opposite effect it is advertised to have.

    Voters need to elect a new generation of politicians who will hold these grifters accountable to the laws applicable to con-artists, racketeers, and mobsters.

  • Taxation is a limited revenue resource – you can only tax so much of the output before you tax your way into a recession.

    On the other hand, fiscal spending (in a democracy) has turned out to be a rather unlimited activity.

    Anytime you have a limited resource attempting to address an unlimited activity you have a failure. It is not a question of whether or not the current Federal Reserve System will fail permanently and catastrophically, it is only a question of when the stress event will occur that takes it over the edge.

    We have to do things differently.

  • Fonestar

    You stupid Americans! Do you really think that electing any more democrats or republicans is going to solve your problems? Do you STILL think this was caused by left or right politics? Then you really are f*cking stupid.

    Every US president in the last fifty years f*cking sucked and robbed you blind. Ford, Nixon, Carter, Regan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama… all of them you f*cking idiots!!

  • FurryGuyJeans

    And this way Congress and Obama can continue to spending like drunken sailors (my apologies to sailors) and rack up even more debt.

    *AHEM* From 1983-1993 I was a drunken sailor, and the only money I could spend was what was in my pockets; unlike the robber barons who inhabit the White House and the Left Halls of Congress.

    Drunken sailors spend all their money and then fall down in a drunken stupor to sleep it off. Dems just spend, spend, and spend.

  • lurker…..lurking

    This has got to be from “The Onion”……….right??!!??

  • FurryGuyJeans

    #52 July 8, 2011 at 3:20 pm
    Fonestar commented:

    Yeah, insult us dumb Americans so we will listen to your rant and swoon at your vast intellect.

    Ooooh, more drivel and invective from the peanut gallery.

  • ilikai

    I cant even afford to set aside some of my salary for my own retirement right now, how the hell do they expect me to send them some money. Oh, they don’t care about my finances, they just want to spend money for stupid s**t, like artists and unions and PBS

  • RedBeard

    Gee, thank you, Fonestar, for raising the erudition level around here. Intellectual contributions like yours are always welcome.

  • bg


    Fonestar #52

    if that’s the4 best “equalizer” you could muster to try and
    lift Obama up to previous presidents levels.. you FAILED!!


  • Lenore

    My God what the hell is happening to America? We need a massive Tea Party in DC, NOW!!!! Stock up people the worse is yet to come.

  • shibumi

    I agree with RedBeard at #40. This is some sort of sly plan to trap the Democrats.

    Now if this was sponsored by Democrats, I’d take it at face value. But since it’s not.. I think there is theater involved in this, if you know what I mean.

  • Grace

    Might want to rethink this, all the sponsors of the bill were GOP representatives. Perhaps this is instead a compromise for the democrats; rather than increasing taxes/revenue with the debt limit increase, ask the private citizens to voluntarily donate to reduce the debt limit.

  • Brett

    Yup, republicans all. What gives? Jimbo needs to do a little more research before coming up with is headlines.

    Mr. TIBERI (R-OH)
    Mr. FINCHER (R-TN)
    Mr. LANDRY (R-LA)
    Mr. DENHAM (R-CA)
    Mr. DOLD (R-IL)
    Mr. FLORES (R-TX)
    Mr. PALAZZO (R-MS)
    Mr. GUINTA (R-NH)

  • Whatleftandright

    Pretty hilarious reading through these comments. You all realize these are REPUBLICANS right? I like how before you realized it was democrats it was all “Tax and spend blah blah blah steal my hard enarned money you libtards blah blah” and then suddenly it is “oh the do no wrong republicans are tricky the democrats”. Classic, just classic. On another note, from reading these comments it seems some of you are confused about how taxes works. Because I may advocate for higher taxes doesn’t mean I have to give all my money to the government. If you advocate for lower taxes taxes does that mean you want to abolish all taxes and let our country become a libertarian paradise like say Yemen or Somalia?

  • FurryGuyJeans

    #52 July 8, 2011 at 3:20 pm
    Fonestar commented:

    You, sir, are as profound and insightful as a dial tone.

  • Heywood Djablomi

    I guess we’re going to have to consider getting third-party on their *ss.

  • bg


    Whatleftandright #63

    you missd a few, i for one am always pointing to both sides of the isle,
    also don’t play the “good cop bad cop” game, it’s as stale as Obama’s tokin’ pic..


  • Pat the First

    So if it is voluntary . . . I guess if you don’t want to have it withheld . . . don’t do it. Employers already have to withhold money and keep records of it so it is just means adding another category. Fine with me. Now, also cut spending and all is well.

  • bg


    Whatleftandright #63

    how taxes work

    back up link..


  • Arch

    Do just the opposite. Although tax rates have been extended, Obama raised the withholding rates. In January, my pay went down. Look at last year’s 1040 and make sure the Feds don’t owe you anything because they may not give it back for some time. If Oprah wants to toss a couple of mil in the collection plate, go for it. Not me.

  • Chisum

    #63 July 8, 2011 at 3:55 pm
    Whatleftandright commented:
    Dear Media Matters Troll,

    I understand that our president and the democrats have spent this country into oblivion and now insist that we must raise taxes in order to reduce the wildly inflated deficit and debt. Which is a joke because they have no intention of reducing their spending. In addition, suddenly it is patriotic to raise the debt ceiling when before our president and democrats claimed that to do so was a failure of leadership. Now our president is threatening a US default, stock market crash and possibly a worldwide economic collapse if we don’t raise the debt ceiling. That’s some negotiating tactic from the bully pulpit of the smartest president in the world.

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  • bg


    Chisum #70


    [That’s some negotiating tactic from the bully
    pulpit of the smartest president in the world.]

    that is only because he’s propped up by the
    dumbest people in the world.. /duh-fuh sarc/


  • Whatleftandright

    Chisum commented

    Hmmm . . . It was the Democrats and Obama that spent us into oblivion huh? Facts want to have a word with you, it was also the “supply-side” Republicans too. Trust me, I really don’t want to make this a left v right or dem v repub issue, but it’s pretty telling that GWP rushed to post this and frame it as “dems” and your own post where you only blame Democrats. Hey, I’m a Democrat and yes, I care about the national debt. However, partisanship and low brow ploy tactics like this bill isn’t the solution and is part of the problem. If you and those on the right side of the aisle really want to fix this, it’s time to own up to the fact the blame for the debt is bipartisan. I thought that this new congress was going to get busy doing the people’s business and getting America back to work. I thought it was jobs, jobs, jobs. This bill doesn’t seem to live up to what was promised.
    Cheers, enjoy your weekend.

  • bg



    meantime, like previously stated ad nauseum..

    we still don’t know what will be “kicking in” up the road..

    for all we know this is a done deal & they’re
    just letting it ‘out of the closet’ so to speak..

    so brace yourself for the “lets make a debt ceiling deal”, not to
    mention the ever reapproaching “one child cap & trade policy”..

    cause you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!! 🙁



  • Morris21654

    Hoft originally posted this article with the headline that the Democrats (Dems, he called them) were responsible for the bill. Read the bill’s cosponsors: they are all Republicans. So, Hoft “corrected” the headline by saying that Congressional Reps were behind the bill. Near the end of the article, he says that “Reps” means Republicans. Most of the time, when you see Congressional Reps, it means Representatives, who can be of either party. Misleading, if not downright cheesy. First place, he should at least read what he writes about. Second, he shouldn’t play word games. How can you trust this weasel-wording writer?

  • bg


    Morris21654 #75

    as long as it’s not “in quotes”, GP can spin away until the cows come
    home.. OUR duty is to research and make sure we’re not drinking the
    kool aid no matter who’s pouring it.. that goes for YOU too.. only YOU
    are responsible for YOUR opinions.. not me, not GP, nor anyone else..

    oh yeah, albeit he hasn’t a clue, that goes for Obama too..


  • magnolialover

    So, you guys realize that your heroes, the republicans are the ones that submitted this bill right?

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  • daryl

    There would be a lot less need to tax anyone any more than they are already if this bumbling bunch managing Obama’s bureucrats would stop such s**t as this.

    Former Federal Employees | Taxpayer Credit Cards | The Daily Caller

  • I am currently trying to pull myself back up making less than $35,000 a year. I am essentially borderline ‘working poor’ mostly because the price of fuel leaves me only enough money to cover my bills, which are modest by any standards. I am part of the ‘working families’ and ‘middle class’ I hear so many Democrats championing my cause. I am almost part of that group they claim pay no taxes at all. 25% of the money I earn is being taken in taxes to the point where it is either use my money to buy health insurance, which I cannot afford, or gasoline to get to work. Now they want to take more?

  • obamasucks

    Brutha, can you spare a dime?

  • Chisum

    it’s time to own up to the fact the blame for the debt is bipartisan. I thought that this new congress was going to get busy doing the people’s business and getting America back to work. I thought it was jobs, jobs, jobs. This bill doesn’t seem to live up to what was promised.
    Cheers, enjoy your weekend.


    So, the trillion plus dollars deficit spending and the trillion dollar increase in the budget, plus the increase in the national debt by more than THREE TRILLION DOLLARS in the first two years of the reign of the formerly Teflon-coated plastic messiah were bipartisan? News to me.

    I thought the jobs, jobs, jobs line was BO’s (that’s all he thinks of)? You know, the Three-letter word, according to Biden.

    The republican house was sworn into office six months ago. May I remind you that the democrats still have the Senate and the WH and had all three for the first two years of Obama? Where are the jobs?

    Better yet, where is the budget? 800 days and counting and NO BUDGET.

    I suspect that this piece of legislation was to poke fun at the dems and their failure to fix the economy. They only made the economy worse.

    As to the debt ceiling, I’ll leave you with this tidbit.

    Obama Told the Senate to Cancel Its July 4th Break — They Did, But Did Nothing

    And who heads up the Senate? And you want to blame the republicans because nothing is being done. Ha!!!

    Oh, and this, for good measure:


  • Gads. Enjoy the joke, but Obama would sign it if it somehow manages to show up on his desk, and the checked box part would be printed already checked.
    Sort like withholding union dues.

  • Conservative to the Core


  • madashell

    Oh, that makes sense. Let’s lower wages while inflation is going through the roof.
    Sure, make the people more dependent on the government. Typical liberal mentality.

  • jorgen

    the bill is a very bad joke

    No, the Pelosi Congress caused wildfire spending, Barney Frank bankrupted Fannie Mae, Dick Obama spent trillions. All these money went to Dems as Dick Obama made sure no Republicans would get any money. He even ignored disasters in Republican states. Etc. etc. I say: a good and reasonable bill! The Dems spent the money and Dems received the money.

  • nobody

    republicans sponsored this bill

  • Robert

    National debt until 2007

    National debt last four years

  • Dr. Sanford Aranoff

    This is truly an evil bill. We must fight the Evil One in the WH with powerful rational arguments. Take everything they say and show how wrong it is. See the new book Rational Thinking, Government Policies, Science, and Living. Rational thinking starts with clearly stated principles, continues with logical deductions, and then examines empirical evidence to possibly modify the principles.

  • Greg

    Oh dear sweet Lord!!!

    At what point do you parrot people begin to at least acknowledge the FACT that this is 100% a REPUBLICAN bill???

    When does reality shine over your porches???


    The current POTUS and the Dems blew up the debt? WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON????

    Do you care about your country or about beating the people you don’t like based on wholly faulty premises?

    Do you have minds of your own and eyes to see?

    For crying out loud, I clearly have not prayed for you folks enough. It’s heartbreaking.

    Here’s a swell idea: stop listening to bloggers who lie to you daily and INCREDIBLY to push corporate policy.

    This man believes you are all grossly stupid. I do not.

    How’s about you prove him wrong for once?

    For crying out loud in heaven!! Have some self respect!!!

  • bg


    Greg #90

    take 2 Valium & call your shrink in the morning..

    attn: trolls..


    then you will know what we know..


  • Chisum


    Far be it from me to interrupt a good rant but reality beckons.

    National debt 2000-2010

    Date Dollar Amount

    09/30/2010 13,561,623,030,891.79
    09/30/2009 11,909,829,003,511.75
    09/30/2008 10,024,724,896,912.49
    09/30/2007 9,007,653,372,262.48
    09/30/2006 8,506,973,899,215.23
    09/30/2005 7,932,709,661,723.50
    09/30/2004 7,379,052,696,330.32
    09/30/2003 6,783,231,062,743.62
    09/30/2002 6,228,235,965,597.16
    09/30/2001 5,807,463,412,200.06
    09/30/2000 5,674,178,209,886.86

    The current 2011 national debt is roughly $14.6 Trillion.

    Please note three things.

    1) These are US government published numbers.
    2) BO took office in January 2009.
    3) The Pelosi Congress refused to vote on Bush’s 2009 budget. BO signed the 2009 budget in March 2009 AFTER adding billions in pork to it.

    Oh, and BO signed the 2009 budget BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.

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  • RedBeard

    BG, you don’t really want Greg to READ the posts, do you? Learn and understand? That would be rather cruel, putting a troll through a task so dangerous to his two brain cells.

  • Lenore

    I wish I would have read more than the title before commenting. I did know it was rep because the title said so. That is what caught my eye. As far as I am concerned all parties are guilty of selling us down the river that is why I am an Independent. Bad joke or not it is a shame the rich that call for higher taxes on themselves just don’t pay more, it is hypocritical to say the very least. With this bill you would have them on record saying they will not pay more. It would have been easier if they just didn’t declare any deductions, business expensive and so on. But I like this bill, it would have shown the lib rich to be nothing more than hypocrites. Just my opinion.

  • The_Cat

    It’s kind of funny, actually, but I agree with many of the comments here. Those who drew up this bill should be fired. The irony, of course, is that they are all Republicans. It’s the Republicans who want voluntary and automatic extra withholdings from paychecks. It’s also the Republicans who own about $9 trillion of the $14 trillion debt we now hold, because they’re the ones who spent the money. We could fix this by closing corporate tax loopholes, and raising taxes on the wealthiest 2% in this country, but again, these are the only people the Republicans represent, and they will not allow their rich buddies to have to pay more taxes.
    George Dumbya Bush raised the debt ceiling 7 times. Twice in 2008 alone.
    George Dumbya Bush was handed a federal budget surplus and a booming economy. He tanked the economy and overspent his income by an astounding 7 trillion dollars. The Republicans helped him with both of these things.

    Guess what? It’s going to take longer than a couple of years to undo all the catastrophic damage George Dumbya Bush did to this country. Thankfully, with no viable Republican candidates, Obama is practically guaranteed a second term.

  • Chisum

    The cat,

    How about you back up your ‘assertions’ with some credible links?

    We’ll wait.

  • Chisum

    The cat,

    You can’t raise taxes high enough to overcome this debacle. Even if you closed every tax loophole.

    In the words of your formerly Teflon-coated plastic messiah:

    Obama told TV titan Matt Lauer during a Feb. 1, 2009, MSNBC interview that he would be “held accountable” to improve the economy by the American public and, “If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.”

    Ha! Out of his own big mouth!

  • bg
  • RedBeard

    The_Cat really doesn’t get it, does he? Not this thread, not the bill in question, not basic economics, and not historical facts.

    Must take a lot of work to be so totally out of the know.

  • Greg

    Right… reality.

    Game over. Drive home safely.

    PS – And let it be stated that I am no great fan of Obama’s. Why? Because he gives into the GOP con game way too much and way too easily. The Dems are also half-bought and fully pathetic. This is no, oh hey the other guys are perfect rant. Far from it.

  • TryingToUnderstandYou

    Every single one of the sponsors of this bill is a republican.

    When are people going to wake up and realize that the state in which our economy is currently in and how we got here is NOT a Repub/Dem, Lib/Con issue!!

  • bg


    Greg #101

    greatly sourced!!



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  • Neal Palmquist

    I heard back from Tiberi’s office. He sponsored the bill. If Democrats introduced it then they are taking the opportunity to misrepresent it.

    You know those rich liberals who say that the government needs to relieve them of their burden because they have too much money? This bill is designed to stop their complaining. If they feel they aren’t paying enough in taxes then this part of the tax law lets them pay as much more as they want to pay. Why would somebody complain about paying too little taxes if this box on the tax filing lets them pay as much as they want to pay?

  • AJ

    You do know that this bill is being introduced by ALL Republicans?

    Sponsor: Rep. Rick Crawford [R-AR1]hide cosponsors


    Jeff Denham [R-CA19]

    Bob Dold [R-IL10]

    Stephen Fincher [R-TN8]

    Bill Flores [R-TX17]

    Tim Griffin [R-AR2]

    Frank Guinta [R-NH1]

    Bill Huizenga [R-MI2]

    Jeff Landry [R-LA3]

    Kristi Noem [R-SD]

    Steven Palazzo [R-MS4]

    Austin Scott [R-GA8]

    Patrick Tiberi [R-OH12]

  • RE: #75, Morris21654 commented on Hoft headline (Congressional Reps Introduce HR 2411 – Automatic Wage Deductions to Pay Off Obama Debt), leaving the impression that Dems were responsible for the bill. Even worse, (Deon M on Yahoo group “a time to fight” sent email with following Subject line, “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!! – Dems Introduce HR 2411 – Automatic Wage Deductions to Pay Off Obama Debt! – Please Forward to Everyone! Thank You! GiGi!!)!! BOTH of these lead you believe bill was the work of Democrats!! Nothing is further from the truth. Like Morris 21654, I don’t want to make this a “Left-Right” war. Both parties have screwed us over for at least 50 years. EVERY TIME the pushed a tax increase under the guise it would help pay off the national debt they increase spending more than the tax increase!! These bastards ALL need replaced unless they deliver on the subject “QUIT SPENDING Money we don’t have! For God sake people, do you even think about borrowing money on one hand while giving at least part of it away in the form of foreign aid. HOW do we have money to help citizens of other countries while we talk about cutting the SS and adding more years before you can claim it!! Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem temporarily helping a nation suffering a major quake, tsunami etc, but foreign aide every year just because. Look it u, most of them hate us anyway! Afghanistan, we help Karzi and he is now telling us if we don’t do xyz for him he will strike up a deal with the Taliban!! WHY have one soldier of ours under that type blackmail?? LAST, passing laws that exempt themselves. That alone should be illegal. And I won’t get into automatic pay raises etc!! Throw the bastards out!! Get your arms while you can too. Hillary has told UN we will support UN Small Arms treaty!! WTF?