Congressional Reps Introduce HR 2411 – Automatic Wage Deductions to Pay Off Obama Debt

Why cut spending when you can just snatch more cash from the American worker?
Representatives in Congress want to offer the option to American workers to voluntarily donate to help pay off the federal debt.
HR 2411

Via Free Republic

Surely the libs will line up to give donate to the fund, huh?

(This was updated – The Reps are all Republicans, the bill is a very bad joke)

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  • Militant Conservative

    Not a revenue problem! It’s a spending problem.

    Government is not the answer it is the problem.

    powder is dry

  • LibsRMorons

    All you lefties that think taxation is the answer, should be the first to sign up! Write the check! Give your Big Leader the money he wants to pilfer and redistribute! Give the brotha all of your spare change!

    Thats what you demonstrate for! Thats what you beg for! Now do the right thing, and sign up right away!

    All you Hollywood rats..write the check! All you liberal do-gooders, action speaks louder than words! Take the wealth of everyone that promotes these policies. May they be the first to have nothing.


    hey feds…KISS MY A$$…like i would give you a deduct from my pay to take care of your way ..%ucked up policys…hey odumbs**TTT thanks for the laughs

  • toongoon

    I want to know how much the liar in chief, representatives, senators, czars, public unions, from the leadership to the members and everyone else earning a living off of taxpayers is paying on their hr 2411. That has got to be public knowledge.

    the liar in chief, representatives, senators, czars, and public union leadership are the ones who put us in this mess. THEY HAVE GOT TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR IT!!!


  • CommieJuice

    The liberal/commie/socialist/marxist/dimocrat’s dream… all the money being made should go into the government’s account and they can dish out how much they think we should keep. They claim it’s their money anyway. In reality they only own the debt!

    I can think of one millionaire who didn’t pay his fair share. He paid 26% in federal taxes on the 1.7 million he made. He is the first to cast the stone and point his crusty finger at others, but he personally shot bin Liden, so it’s all gOOd!

    Orwell wasn’t a fiction writer, he was a precognition author!

  • vityas

    Somebody voted for this. Are they feeling the ramifications of it yet? Are they still enjoying having thrown sense to the wind in order to feel good about voting for the first black president?

    Crank up the pain factor because people will have to be shrieking in torment in order to get him out of office.

  • texabama

    You don’t need a law to donate money to the government. The IRS has always been willing to take your money. For that matter, just don’t claim any of your deductions and pay it all. I’m constantly amazed at how dumb our elected officials are (or how dumb they think we are).

  • Sparky

    Dick Obama will do whatever he wants until he is sent kicking his lunch pail down the road.

    It would be more beneficial to make sure Palin, Bachmann or Perry gets elected to reverse the Socialist tide!

  • JimmyT

    We already have this; it’s called federal income taxes!

  • toongoon

    Why won’t the house vote to remove the job killing regulations that are strangling the economy?
    It is inconceivable that they are doing everything but what needs to be done to get back to fiscal sanity. Make that sanity period.

  • MI Dave

    The scary thing is that should this bill pass, as a voluntary system, it would not be long before they take out the word voluntary and make it automatic. After all, it would not be fair to those voluntarily participating, of others did not participate. So to make it fair, everyone would be forced to voluntarily join.

  • KR

    So the people dumb enough to want to give more to the IRS are too stupid to just write a check and send it in?

  • bigkahuna

    I keep saying that this is a great idea…. I say for those who support democrats and higher taxes and more spending…we simply raise their taxes and those who support smaller govt, lower taxes get to be taxed less. Lets see that means simpley raise taxes on Democrats….cut taxes on republicans. I would love to see them scream at this proposal.

    Freaking idiot liberals

  • HadEnough

    WTF……..what economic classes did these people attend? I’m not afraid to admit that I’m not an economic scholar but seriously………this is not even close to trying and fixing the real problem…..

    Time for somebody to swiftly kick this President and the Democrats in the balls………..

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I’m constantly amazed at how dumb our elected officials are (or how dumb they think we are).

    Having seen Obama elected president, they can be forgiven for thinking such thoughts.

  • Spider

    I can solve the problem in these easy steps:

    1) Lower the corporate tax rate

    2) Eliminate the long term capital gains tax

    3) Repeal “Dodd-Frank”

    4) Repeal Obamacare

    5) Accelerate the foreclosure process, don’t forestall it

    You will have to get out of the way from all the unemployed running back to work. You will have to get bigger bags to carry the tax revenues in. You will have to raise the asking price on your home.

    The Dumbocrats could never bring themselves to do the right thing.

  • Rock

    Yea, right after Pelosi does the same ( ). Or maybe Rangle could get square with the IRS, what a collection of thugs.

  • bg


    “You ain’t seen nothin’ Yet!”

    and he’s not alone, but what do i know..


  • Opaobie

    Some simple additions to the bill:

    If the employee is a Democrat, automatic deduction of 50%…can increase but not decrease this amount

    If the employee is a Democrat AND a member of a Public Union, automatic deduction of 75%…can increase but not decrease this amount

    If the employee is an illegal alien, automatic deduction of 100%…can increase but not decrease this amount

    If the employee is a Democrat elected official at any level below Congress, POTUS, or Supreme Court, automatic deduction of 80%…can increase but not decrease this amount

    If the employee is a Democrat elected official and a member of Congress, POTUS or Cabinet or any XYZ agency, or Supreme Court Justice, automatic deduction of 100%…can increase but not decrease this amount


    ALL politicians should voluntarly give there whole checks and the donations they recieve to pay for there ridiculous spending.

    This is not our debt its the goverments reckless giveaways!!!

    MAKE-A-BILL to create a task force to audit every entity that recieved a “bailout”. I can guarantee they will catch thieves and crooks as well as find possiby billions of dollars stolen from us!!!!