Band of Military Mothers Rescues John Bolton From Code Pink Attack (Video)

The communists from Code Pink were back at it this week after returning from their failed Gaza Flotilla adventure. On Tuesday the hardcore leftists harassed Ambassador John Bolton outside the Congressional Building.
That’s when a band of military mothers came to his rescue.

CODEPINK’s Medea Benjamin and Tighe Barry run into war criminal John Bolton outside of a Congressional building on July 26, 2011.
Hat Tip Founding Bloggers

Katie O. sent this on the failed attack.

FYI: Bev Perlson, founder of Band of Mothers, and Debbie Lee, a Gold Star mother, surrounded Ambassador Bolton with military support signs and protected him from the Code Pink attack. Then they got Code Pink kicked off the corner which is why the video shows the Pinkos walking away. They didn’t have a permit. Blue Star and Gold Star moms protected Bolton from the vile leftists.

Here’s a photo from the Band of Mothers from their protest:

Hat Tip Katie

And here’s more on the confrontation:

The Band of Mothers Beverly Perlson along with Gold Star Mother Debbie Lee, members of the Gathering of Eagles and FreeRepublic stood in support of our military outside the Cannon Building as they do throughout the year.

Early in the afternoon of Tuesday July 26th, Suzi “Medea” Benjamin, co-founder of the anti-war group Code pink, stopped by to talk to the patriots on the corner of the Canon House building in Washington DC to spout her usual anti-American and anti-military propaganda. She left and then returned with a few buddies just as Amb. Bolton was leaving the area.

The pinkos then morphed into their typical selves and began shouting and harassing the Amb calling him a war criminal and demanding that he be arrested (umm….editorial note… since when does a UN Amb have the power to declare or vote for war? How is he a war criminal???)

Upon witnessing this harrassment, the patriotic citizens supporting the troops surrounded Amb Bolton to shield him from Code Pink.

While continuing their shrill angry behavior, Code Pink’s claim of peace and harmony was once again displayed as a joke when one of the Code Pink members came too close to Gold Star Mother Debbie Lee and pushed her. At that point, the capitol police stepped in and pushed code pink away from Amb Bolton and the patriots. Code Pink was ordered to leave the area as they had no permit to protest at that location.

Amb Bolton seemed amused by the pathetic antics and tactics of Code Pink and thanked the patriots on the corner for their support and protection before stepping into his car.

Well done, fellow patriots!

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  • Auntie Em

    Why aren’t they harassing Obama for HIS (and his alone) illegal wars, and for trying to start a war against America and its citizens by arming mexicans?

    Flakes. Pink frosted flakes…with absolutely no sense.

  • Valerie


    If you don’t put sneer quotes or a /s after the word “criminal” in your picture caption, some jerk will claim that you admit John Bolton is a “criminal.”

  • daryl

    Worthless, mouthbreathing pos. When did she get sprung from the Greek hoosegow?

  • Robert

    Hollering at people close-in with a bullhorn is assault.

  • Jimmy

    Code Morons.

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  • Jane

    Why don’t they get a job and contribute to society instead of trying to destroy it. Worthless trash!

  • No Man

    Have ax handle. Will travel.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Huh I didn’t know John Bolton was Jewish bahahahahahaha

    Hell is opening up for you communist traitors. Can you feel the heat?

  • Speaking Clearly

    If I was Boehner, I would not agree to what Obama wants, with the extended debt ceiling deal, that would give Obama a blank check past next year’s elections.

    If Obama wants to play hardball chess this way, then I think the GOP should call his bluff.

    America will blame Obama if he defaults with bounced checks, and I doubt Obama would allow the checks to bounce in the first place, but you never know with this dictator.

    We will see.

  • just bob

    Sexual frustration

  • MDd

    What a contrast between the two Parties

    Code Pink vs Military Moms
    Peta vs Bacon
    Burn Baby Burn vs Drill Baby Drill
    Barry vs Ronnie
    Debbie Schnauzerman Schtup vs Condi Rice

  • joscefi

    “…This man doesn’t even believe in the United Nations…”

    She’s says that like it’s a bad thing!

    And the irony of someone named Medea warning people to hide their children…

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  • Old Fan

    Wow, Obama wages war all over the place, even with drone assassinations. They don’t care?

    They have spent their time protesting Israel, while Syria, Iran, Bahrain, Egypt, etc., slaughter their own people?

    “Smart Power” is an utter failure, yet they have vindicated all of the Bush Era Policies, as Code Pink reveals itself further as wacky partisan fraud.

  • Katie

    Thanks Jim for the update! Question….why are these “women” calling Amb. Bolton a war criminal? He was Amb to the UN…now power to declare or vote for war…what the hell are they even talking about?

  • Trish

    Ya know, I wish I had the money that is costs to travel to Gaza, Afghanistan, DC California and elsewhere to protest. Heck, a few of them were here near me in West Chester PA for a Peace Rally a couple of years ago. (we troop supporters put them in their places) I wouldn’t use the money to do what these aholes do, but I’d love to have it to spend. So how do they (justify to the IRS) and subsidize their airfares, meals and accommodations? Do they have blank checks signed by Soros???

  • TimothyJ

    It’s a good thing those gold star mothers rescued Bolton, or he would have had to whip those Code pink nazi communists to death with his ‘stash.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    @TimothyJ commented:

    New form of Chuckisms?
    Cool a new game as the Marxist in the White House and the Soviets in the Senate burn the country down.

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  • Trish

    Anyone know who Credo is? Well, they’re posting a petition on Facebook to have the president overide the congress and up the debt ceiling on his own.
    Dictatorship running America, who’d have thought this possible, besides Ayn Rand???

  • aprilnovember811

    One day that little Benjamin vermen is going to be doing this and someone is going to take a baseball bat to her. Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part. Doesn’t the front group for Hamas CAIR sponsor them? Why aren’t they shouting “War Criminal” to their impostor in the White House, Hussein? He’s a “War Criminal.” He’s the only impostor president to violate the War Powers Act. You need to go to the White House you useful idiots. I keep hoping their on one of those flotillas one day, and Israel blows them to kingdom come.

  • Militant Conservative

    Yet another reason to carry a firearm.

    Commies in groups are trouble.

    If they threaten you and some hit the ground.

    They scatter like roaches, same with all bullies.

    Patriots vs. Commie mommies. No contest.

    A mother that has lost a child fears nothing.

    I would not stand in the middle.

    To the gold star moms, snappy salute ready too.

    With a tear in my eye, thank you.

    Powder is dry

  • Thank you Jim for posting this and thank you Katie O’Malley for sharing this story with Gateway Pundit. All of us Patriots were so very proud to stand for our Troops on the Cannon Bldg corner in DC this past week and we were extremely proud to shield AMB Bolton from the wacko Pinkos!

    Again, thank you Gateway Pundit for the coverage! The beautiful lady holding the sign for our Leavenworth Warriors is Jeannie, of Free Reppublic. Jeannie and her husband James stood with The Band of Mothers in the blazing sun for 3 solid days on that corner and never missed a beat!!! They too are Warriors who love our troops and take a stand for them!

    Thank you all and God Bless and Watch over our Brave Men and Women of the United States Military!

    Beverly Perlson
    The Band of Mothers

  • tommy mc donnell

    why do you keep refering to “code Pink” as an anti-war group. they are not anti-war, they are pro communist. they support every terrorist organization in the world that is waging war all over this planet. this is the same mistake that was made in the 1960’s. every group that supported every communist war on the planet in the 1960’s was called an anti-war group. there was never an anti-war movement in the 1960’s, but there sure was a pro-communist movement. i’m still waiting for the first peace protest againist the war-waging viet cong.

  • P. Aaron

    CODE PINK A euphamism for ugly females.

  • Mrs. Perlson I would like to give you a big salute for your ever vigilant support of our men and women in uniform, as well as say nicely played in regards to the Code Pink twits storming around out there like petulant 5yr olds. I really wish there were more people like you willing to stand up for what really is “right” in this world.

  • Col. Billy Mitchell

    Nothing wrong with being anti-war. A lot of great Americans were anti-war.

    What is wrong is Code Pink’s willingness to allow people like Saddam Hussein to conduct Rape Rooms, Torture his own people, commit mass murders, export terrorism, and oppress his people.

    What is wrong is Code Pink’s willingness to allow the Taliban to oppress women, to refuse them an education.

    All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing.

  • Rhinestone Suderman

    Ive wondered that myself, Trish;

    Who is supporting these traitors’ jaunts to Greece, Gaza, Washington, etc.?

    Running around the way they do isn’t cheap—and they seem to be everywhere.

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  • I’d rather stand in front of an M1A1 than be a Code Pinker standing in front of Bev Perlson.

    Way to go Bev!

  • Helen Jenkins

    This is a wonderful sign of the victory TAKE BACK AMERICA is showing. Here, I would also give a shout-out to Glenn Beck (along with John Bolton) for his STAND WITH ISRAEL crusade. The PHONY FLOTILA was all prepared to launch their evil, destructive activities under the phony guise of ‘humanitarian aid. Israel is not afraid – though, the tiny nation is surrounded by enemies, supported by America’s Marxist/Socialist/ Muslim President, Barack Hussein Obama. In the face of the American people’s power, these EVIL-DOERS scatter like roaches in sudden light. Israel’s neighbors know of Israel’ superb military and did not wish to stand as ‘rubble proof,’ therefore, they too, turned the Flotila back. John Bolton, like Israel is fearless in the face of America’s enemies. He always speaks the truth as he did as US Ambassor to that cesspool called the United Nations. First order of duty when America is retaken is to get America out of the UN and the UN out of America.