What a shock…
A peaceful Christian street preacher was recently harassed and bullied at the 2011 Dearborn Arab Festival. The children and teens didn’t even think twice about harassing this Christian preacher.

And, of course, they start chanting “Allahu Akbar” during the confrontation.
Via Answering Muslims and Atlas Shrugs:

Answering Muslims added this on the confrontation:
Dearborn is caught in a spiral. A few years ago, peaceful Christian missionaries would quietly come to Dearborn to preach the Gospel. Then security started slapping Christians around, and police began throwing Christians in jail and trampling on the Constitution.




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  1. …and police began throwing Christians in jail…

    And thus the foothold is gained…

  2. Thank the Lord for this brave young preacher!

  3. 18 wheels at 55 for crowed control. Take this diversity BS and put it where the sun do not shine. Hyphenated Americans loyalty lays where? Or I swear allegiance to – or America, if you came here for the American dream, fine if to introduce your own perverted ideology go back home.

  4. the Lord says in the end times christians will be attacked ,killed and mocked and the world will rise up against His chosen people need i say more even the cops today are on the side of evil

  5. Slime.

  6. Isn’t diversity grand?

  7. Black guy shows up at KKK rally. Sure he can be there…but should he? What is the matter with you people?

    Any one of you that isn’t a lockstep moron had better admit that not everyone thinks like you do.

  8. These mooslimbs are really getting on my nerves.

    Go back to Mexico you creeps.

  9. I’ve seen enough.
    F&%* Dearborn. Nuke the whole lot of them. ^%$# the religion of “peace” they no NOTHING of peace!

  10. buddy love: It’s an ARAB festival, not a MUSLIM one. Should Arab Christians stay out?

  11. Seems the real problem here is one of hatred. Having watched many ‘street preachers’ over the years, they are usually ignored by people that do not agree with them. Somehow, there is a large number of people that feel a need to express their hatred rather than simply ignore viewpoints they do not agree with.

    Religous tolerance is not something this mob is interested in.

  12. Islam is a cult of the first order.

  13. Is it any wonder Detroit is such a hole.

  14. Dearborn needs some good car swarms.

  15. Thank you, liberals.

  16. Thank you, buddy love/figfurhat.

    You filthy $cumb@gs are responsible for this sh*te.

  17. It’s way past time to hold responsible the liberals that shoved this bu!!sh*ite down our throats.

  18. I had no clue this was happening in America, this doesn’t even look like America, its looks some street from Gaza or the West Bank.

    I found this to be extrememly unnerving, they look like a bunch of intolerant masses devoted to Allah, radical jihadists? Can’t call them that;; yet that is. But if this is the intolerance they are showing at such a young age, who’s to say in the future if that intolerance only accelerates or they come to respect people who don’t worship Allah. Somehow based on this video I don’t think that respect will be gained when these arab youth get older, the intolerance is only going to get worse.

    The fact that they didn’t leave him alone, and harrassed him is what is very frightening to me. They could have just considered him a crazy loon crashing their allah stuff who has the right to be there, and just left him alone to do his thing.

    But the fact they don’t have that mindset, but more of a mindset what you would find in Gaza or the West Bank is frightening, and these look like young arabs, that intolerance will only go up and up as they get older.

    Thanks GP for posting this, I had no clue this was happening in America.

  19. Note to the Dearborn Arabs: I’m really sorry you are so unhappy. Allow me to assist with a bit of information. There’s a little-known solution to your difficulties that I’ve uncovered. Check this out. Apparently, there’s an airline that actually flies TOWARD your Arab utopia, and all you need to do is to contact them for a seat. Who knew?


    Buy a one-way ticket for yourselves and ALL your friends. See? Problem solved. Now GO. Hurry, before the airline stops going that direction. You still have a chance to escape the terribly misery of the United States. FLEE! Go like the wind!

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