Speaker Boehner: “I Know the President Is Worried About Next Election But, My God, Shouldn’t He Be Worried About the Country?” (Video)

Speaker Boehner on FOX News Sunday:

There is going to be a two stage processI know the president is worried about his next election but, my God, shouldn’t we be worried about the country? We have a budget deficit of one and a half trillion dollars. We’re borrowing 42 cents on every dollar we spend. We have a $14 trillion national debt. It’s time to get serious about stopping the spending here in Washington DC.”

That left a mark.

Obama should be worried about the country, but he’s not.
He just wants to score political points.

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  • czekmark

    I think that Boehner needs to look up the defintion of a narcissist. Should Obama be worried about the country? Yes, he should but he only cares about himself.

  • Sandy

    Well said Mr. Boehner. The should be made into a commercial and stated by every Republican candidate. We out here in the hinterlands are terrified of the future because we can see that Obama’s only concern is not to lose in 2012. I read the White House is even looking for a way to run without mentioning the economy. Obama thinks he’s a magician and he can force us to ignore what we all can see and feel everyday.

  • jorgen

    That’s the way to beat Obama!

  • ar05075

    Good one Mr Speaker.

  • Ella

    #2 Sandy, do not worry. If we make it to November 2012, and admittedly that is a big IF, he’s going to get thrown out of the White House so hard his scrawny a$$ will hurt for the rest of his miserable life.

  • Major Kong

    Boehner has a mass media forum. He should demand to know, on the behalf of the American people, who is on Obama’s short list of those who will receive US taxpayer subsidized government payouts. Specifically, if he, Obama, cannot guarantee payments to senior citizens, active and retired military and Medicaid providers, who will he, Obama, be certain will be paid. TAKE OFF THE GLOVES SPEAKER BOEHNER!!!!

  • Sandy

    After Obama’s inauguration the Dems left the trash — and now they want to leave this mess for the Republicans to clean up while they blame them for coming up with a plan. I was a Dem for most of my life — this sickens and saddens me.

  • Redwine

    I think that Boehner finally understands the gravity of the situation, and that Dear Leader is causing the disintegration of American society.

  • Sandy

    Ella — From your mouth to God’s ears.

  • a former dem

    At this point Boehner is looking more like the leader of this country than that clown in the WH.

  • a former dem

    “I was a Dem for most of my life — this sickens and saddens me.”

    Ditto, was a lifelong dem until May 31th 2008. This party is a bunch of lunatics now led by a clown.

  • Molon Labe

    Boehner was pathetic. It was if he was doing his Anthony Weiner imitiation in trying to sell the public that $800 billion in tax increases were a wonderful thing and the best he could do given the circumstances.

    If Obama is a lying, petulant, idiotic little man, what is the Bonehead.

    What we are seeing is two rival mafia chieftians arguing over how to split up the loot and how many times they think they can rob the same bank again without consequence.

    I never imagined I would ever say this but “Workers of American unite, you have nothing to lose but your criminial, sociopath politicians.”

  • Old Dude

    The “time to get serious about stopping the spending here in Washington DC” has long ago passed us by. Neither side is serious now. This is all political theater. Any raising of the debt limit will prove it. The American people are being scammed by both Democrats and Republicans. The debt ceiling will be raised. The only “cuts” will only be cuts in the rate of increased spending. Taxes will be raised. Dear American People…..you are being played for fools by almost every politician in Washington,DC.

  • Bobbi

    Forget about all the other candidates. If John Boehner ran for President today, he would win by a landslide.

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  • Bill

    Boner’s going to cave. You just know he will. He would have caved a long time ago if the freshmen hadn’t been holding his feet to the fire. Boner’s got all the cards in his hand and can’t close the deal. Someone like Cantor got some big balls and should be speaker. How Republicans voted this emotional wreck as their leader is beyond me. All one has to do is think back to the promise of 100 billion in spending cuts that turned into 36 billion that turned in to a few million to see how lame boner is. He’s going to cave like he did last time and the media will give him a few hours of the “boner beat obama song and dance” Boner will go on tv and lie about what a great deal he worked out with “real” spending cuts.

  • Skip

    The Speaker surprised me! Let’s hope he continues this attitude and tells the ‘Bamster’ it’s his turn to present a solution for the debt crisis. BHO let us see your plan on paper for this problem.

    Send it to the GOP and we will get back to you.

  • Major Kong

    “…time to get serious about stopping the spending here in Washington DC.”

    Indeed, and how extremely foolish you will appear should you decide to capitulate to a moron.

  • Rock

    Well of course WTF is scared, if he loses the next election Big Mama will take the kids and leave his skinny a#$. No more tax payer funded gigs, Air-force One will be a distant memory, and all that world travel will have be earned on frequent flyer miles, and her staff pay will have to come out of her pocket, bummer :-)

  • Kate

    Obama has never been worried about this country; only interested in promoting himself and his desire to destroy this country and make it like Europe.