Boehner Holds Call With House Republicans: Declares Victory

House Speaker John Boehner of Ohio, second from right, and fellow House Republicans leave a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, July 28, 2011. From left are, Rep. Jeb Hensarling, R-Texas, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor of Va., Rep. Renee Ellmers, R-N.C., and Boehner, and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy of Calif. (AP/Susan Walsh)

Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) held a conference call with House members tonight after the president delivered his remarks on the debt deal. Here is what Boehner told the House Republicans.
David Weigel at Slate reported:

The press has been filled with reports all day about an agreement. There’s no agreement until we’ve talked to you. There is a framework in place that would cut spending by a larger amount than we raise the debt limit, and cap future spending to limit the growth of government. It would do so without any job-killing tax hikes. And it would also guarantee the American people the vote they have been denied in both chambers on a balanced budget amendment, while creating, I think, some new incentives for past opponents of a BBA to support it.

My hope would be to file it and have it on the floor as soon as possible. I realize that’s not ideal, and I apologize for it. But after I go through it, you’ll realize it’s pretty much the framework we’ve been operating in.

Since Day One of this Congress, we’ve gone toe-to-toe with the Obama Administration and the Democrat-controlled Senate on behalf of our people we were sent here to represent.

Remember how this all started: the White House demanded a “clean” debt limit hike with no spending cuts and reforms attached. We stuck together, and frankly made them give up on that.

Then they shifted to demanding a “balanced” approach – equal parts spending cuts and tax hikes. With this framework, they’ve given up on that, too.

I’m gonna tell you, this has been a long battle – we’ve fought valiantly – and frankly we’ve done it by listening to the American people. And as a result, our framework is now on the table that will end this crisis in a manner that meets our principles of smaller government.

Now listen, this isn’t the greatest deal in the world. But it shows how much we’ve changed the terms of the debate in this town.

There is nothing in this framework that violates our principles. It’s all spending cuts. The White House bid to raise taxes has been shut down. And as I vowed back in May – when everyone thought I was crazy for saying it – every dollar of debt limit increase will be matched by more than a dollar of spending cuts. And in doing this, we’ve stopping a job-killing national default that none of us wanted.

Related… Via Instapundit: GOP wins when the fight is over cuts not more taxes.

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  • dochunter

    Don’t count your chicken before they hatch. Defense takes it in the shorts. Not good, pubs!

  • Mad Hatter

    I”m concerned about this “Super Committee” that is going to be appointed (by I don’t know who) to make further cuts come November.

  • jony101

    I don’t have no “fancypants” college education, but Boehner speech sounds like doubletalk to me. It sounds like obama got what he wanted, he wanted a debt increase and he got it. Obama should bow before the republicans and show him his deep appreciation for there capitulation.

  • Steve

    We have Speaker Boehner’s Power Point Presentation linked up at Common Cents…

  • Rancid

    Yeah, what a deal….

    It goes something like this: America, bend over and grab your ankles!

    Way to go Speaker Bummer, great leadership skills.

  • Swifty

    We know how those perceived cuts went that were worked up during the lame duck session. They turned out to be mostly BS. I hope that is not the case now. But, I don’t trust this president on a word he says because he has a track record that leaves him with zero credibility. He finds lying too easy as an ideologue who firmly believes we are the enemy and the end justifies the means. He is a damn disgrace.

  • SeniorD

    All of which means the Professional Politicians have received their ‘vigorish’ while taxpaying Americans get the shaft yet again.


  • greywinter

    I don’t have the time to follow all this. I don’t even know if what I read/listen to is the Truth.
    I have a job to go to in the morning, to pay taxes.

    I’m tired, goodnight all.

  • JimmyT

    They REALLY think we’re stupid. They say nobody’s perfect, but, I would say Boner is a perfect a$$. Why do we keep hearing politicians, like West, say “It’s the best we can do”? Well, I say’ if that’s the best you can do, then you should get another job.

  • Skip

    I believe the GOP caved again. The so called “Super Committee” is a joke. There will be no agreements which favor the GOP coming from this committee.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Rumors are that the cuts are very deep on the military. So deep in fact that it could make it a third world force. But that’s Obama objective, a weak military leads to a weak nation, all adds up to no nation. It is said that another 40 to 50 House Republicans may side with the Tea Party caucus. Boehner is going to need all the Democrats he can get to pass this, and as crazy as Pelosi is this ain’t gunna work.

  • Captain Credit Crunch

    Well, they can dress this up in any amount of rhetoric they like, but the Republicans played chicken and lost. This is a complete capitulation, with Obama in real terms making no concessions at all.

  • StrangernFiction

    There is nothing in this framework that violates our principles.

    You can’t violate principles you don’t have.

  • jim

    Great job, Speaker Boehner. A true leader has emerged from this battle.

  • Captain Credit Crunch

    LOL, amazing hand played by Obama. He’s basically conned the Republicans into giving him pretty much everything he wanted, and to a dramatic slashing of the military.

  • greywinter

    This Obama Administration will go down in history as the most corrupt.

    Oh, wait, no it won’t …. the liberal schools will rewrite history!

  • Conservative Ken

    Hey Y’all! They’ve got to pass it so we can see whats in it! Yipee!

  • You conserves crying about this deal DO realize that we only have one house in Congress, right? You act like Boehner could send whatever we want to the Senate and make it pass there, plus force Obama to sign it. Get your heads back to reality, will you? We got about the best that we could get with all of that opposition in the Senate and the White House. You want better? Then quit carping and whining and help the rest of us re-take those bodies in 2012. If we control it all, THEN we can set some real terms and make real changes. But just having one-half of Congress? Not even. Boehner did what Boenher could do, and you need to quit turning on all your friends before you have no friends left.

  • MDd

    So what’s the over/under on how many days before either Moody’s or S&P downgrades?

  • MikeSilver

    MDd …. the secret is that neither S&P nor Moodys really intends to downgrade our debt. Too many of their employees are exposed to criminal charges for what they’ve done in the past (pay to play, bribes, etc.). They are owned not only by Obama’s buddy Buffett but also by the US Government

  • Captain Credit Crunch

    @Murphy’s Law

    Think the Republicans can kiss 2012 goodbye as far as electoral success goes. This meek capitulation is hardly the kind of rallying call they would want going into an election. In reality they did not make Obama concede ant ground. The debt ceiling goes up, and some pretty trivial spending cuts get kicked into the long grass. He’s even managed to get Republicans to sign up for what will be the start of dismantling the military.

  • bear

    To quote Han Solo, “I’ve got a very bad feeling about this.”

  • bg


    that it may have stopped job killing is yet to be seen, but
    will it pull the rug out from under our beloved troops??

    with all the avenues that either could be, or truly need trimming,
    Congress “targeting” of the military is their idea of a “balanced
    ?? really?? look, i am all for knocking down the costs of
    toilet seats, but if this involves the denying our troops the medical
    attention they need, well that imo is nothing less than a matter of
    betrayal.. 🙁

    [Citizens Against Government Waste (CAGW) today expressed its support for congressional Republicans’ statements that military spending cuts should be part of any serious plan to reduce the deficit and restore fiscal solvency while avoiding tax hikes.

    On June 26, 2011, the Washington Post reported, “House Republican leaders said they have found a surprising willingness to consider defense cuts that would have been unthinkable five years ago, when they last controlled the House.”

    House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) told the Post, “When we say everything is on the table, that’s what we mean.” CAGW has long been a proponent of cutting wasteful spending at the Department of Defense (DOD), dating back to the group’s exposure of the Pentagon’s $436 hammer and $640 toilet seat.]


  • a former dem

    I don’t like this arbitrary 50% cut to defense…. I don’t want waste, there are lots of commissions when indepedent inspectors see lots of waste, so that kind of thing yes it should be cut out.

    But those cuts have to be against waste… etc. so how about use those cuts already seen to be wasteful, that can be automatic… but no arbitrary defense cuts. and instead of cuts ot medicare providers, b/c the dems will cry about the mean ol’ TO people, who actually want a sound sustaibnable Medicare program… how about putting ObamaCare on the table! those automatic cuts should eliminate all the 169 programs to be created….

  • Speaking Clearly

    Boehner Declares victory as he races across the finish line, with a chubby little pink pig…with lipstick on. Oink Oink!

    Well, it hasn’t been passed in the House yet.

    I’m sure there is a plan C…D….E…..F….and G…if the Tea Party refuses to pass it in the House.

    It has always come down to how afaid, are the politicians, of the wrath of an uneducated, and naive voting America. Stupid Americans.

    Most of the GOP are betting that Americans are too stupid, to understand that Republicans have already passed 2 separate measures in the House, that would avoid a supposed default…

    …and that voting Americans are too stupid to know that Democrats have shot both Bills down….

    ….so the GOP does the same as the Democrats do, and they hedge their bets, on the stupidity of the American people…instead of the truth….and neither Party wants to be blamed for Granny not getting her check.

    Tea Party Conservatives are the only caucus who are willing to call Obama’s bluff…and know that America will honor its debts, without a debt ceiling increase.

    The undecided in the GOP had better make up their mind, whether they want to still be in Congress, when the Tea Party takes control of the Senate and the White House in 2012.

    Some say Beohner would be much more conservative, with GOP control of the House and the Oval Office….and that the Tea Party shouldn’t hold it against Tea Party Freshmen, if they agree to a compromise….because of all the pressure from GOP leaders.

    I am convinced that the pressure, from the Tea Party, is the only reason we are pushing back, and winning against the most stubborn, and idealogical President, in U.S. history.

    I guess we will find out, after 2012, when the Tea Party takes control of the Senate, and the White House….and there are more RINOs gone, from being voted out.

    Ultimately, I think the GOP leaders have miscalculated in believing, that the American people will reelect Barack Obama, to 4 more years of this Economic Nightmare, if no agreement is reached.

    Obama will be blamed if Granny doesn’t get her check. All Presidents own the ecomony.

    Who in their right mind, would vote for 4 more years, of a worse economy?

    Some would….but most wouldn’t.

    What the GOP should ask themselves, is are they really afraid of being blamed, by the American people, for Obama’s Economic Nightmare???? especially when they have already passed 2 plans, and the Democrats have shot both down?

    If they want to be Leaders, they would hold their line, and assure the American people that our debts will be met, and that we don’t need to give Obama a reelection cushion, to do that.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Gawd people, wake up!

    We control 1/3 of government. We were NEVER EVER EVER going to get 100% of what we wanted. Get that? You can cry all day that we didn’t solve the US Debt Problem in one vote but you are crying over a dead unicorn.

    This whole process was about 2012 and creating leverage. Obama and the Democrats are clearly weakened. The Republican base will be more motivated than ever to take total control in 2012. The Dem base is demoralized. Their savior has feet of clay. Independents are not ideologues. They are pragmatists and this is a pragmatic solution.

    Hey, when the Washington Post declares the Tea Party winners and Liberals losers in this deal, you KNOW we have won.

  • Mad Hatter

    I just heard Senator Sessions from Alabama say, it will take at least a week for the Bill to get through the Senate.

    I have a feeling once the talk radio shows starts heating up, and the phone calls start flooding Capital Hill, this isn’t over just yet.

  • Mad Hatter

    I heard Senator Sessions on Fox News with Greta.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Of course, Boehner is going to declare victory. He is trying to pawn his program to the Republicans.

    This is nothing to proclaim victory over at this point. Sounds too much like Pelosi passing the bill so we can see what’s inside of it.

    The Super Committee concept is a boondoggle.

  • OK, John, we were planning to increase the EPA budget by a kazillion dollars, but we’ll only increase it Half a kazillion bucks, so that counts as a CUT of HALF a KAZILLION bucks!! Now as far as those Defense cuts go, we’ll actually CUT their budget just to make it fair.

    Thanks, Harry, that is a real concession. Looks like we have a deal.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Look around the internet. Do you see ANY articles where the left is declaring victory with this deal? No. Do you see anywhere the right is being declared the winner. Yeah, plenty, like even from the Washington Post:

    “GOP on verge of huge, unprecedented political victory”

  • Obamas regulation destroy jobs

    Obama cuts Space program 10K scientists no jobs; now he cuts 50% of our military; more job cuts; he cuts ALL oil drilling, now another $1 per gallon; he raises grain 4x farmers slaughter cows, beef rises; shuts down missile defense system in poland;raises prescriptions 3x starts this November; adds 50 new regs to every small business; shuts down 600 coal mines energy will go sky high….and now this?????? you can see how sic the repubs are with boner –he is a traitor..I knew I didn’t trust him—he is a closet liberal and now Obama has given America to IRAN/China and you can hear them laughing….all the way across the ocean…America today died..America has been “fundamentally changed” sold..and the illegal alien President that democrats put in office sold it—our children will know what the land of opportunity was—they will only see it –in underground movies–we live in a communist country dictated by lefty communists who believe in sharing the wealth—all innovation is GONE. Sad, sad day…I feel sic..

  • injunjoe

    so did anyone ever doubt that the losers in DC would come to agreement????

  • Bill Mitchell, that’s the same logic that got John McCain the GOP nomination in 2008. The WaPo’s definition of what constitutes “victory” for conservatives may differ from the definition CONSERVATIVES use. 🙂

  • a former dem

    ” Independents are not ideologues. They are pragmatists and this is a pragmatic solution.”

    As an independent, I agree with your assessment, also its made me realise this ship will not turn around until TP limited govt consitutional conservatives get the Senate and WH next year.

    This only slows the ship down a very small amount, its only slowing the rate of govt slightly, the actually size is unaffected. But I also recognize that it will not happen in one event, or else the ship will break.

    The TP needs to grow, not shrink so that next year the Senate and WH can be gained to make much more substative changes.

    And another thing people don’t understand, the economy needs to be front and center, and President WTF will need to be held accountable for that… and this brings it back to the ecnomy and then allows people to make the connection of a bloated govt with a weakening economy.

  • Conservative Ken

    31 Bill

    I think that’s the icing on the cake part of the compromise. The Democrats get what they want and the Rino’s are rewarded with the posturing hollow political victory celebration.

  • darcy

    The faces of losers — not victors.

  • retire05

    Bill Mitchell, no one should declare victory. A White House reporter just said that none of these reductions will take effect until January, 2013, when the Bush tax roll backs expire. So all of us are going to take it in the shorts. Obama will get the tax hikes on everyday Americans, at least those of us who do pay taxes, just like he wanted.

  • Speaking Clearly

    Looks like the GOP is going on TV, and preparing the Conservative base for a big cave-in “compromise”.

    Both sides will decare victory.

    We will have to wait until 2012, to deal with an even deeper debt problem.

    I would rather the credit cards be cut up now, but it looks like it will have to be later. Too many RINOs.

    None of this will save Barack Obama’s reelection.

  • bg
  • a former dem

    a somewhat eh-so-so-deal…. but we’re still getting downgraded. That probably is a good thing, people are still in la-la land thinking this is was all just a debt ceiling issue, when it is in reality a debt issue, a massive size of govt.

    4 billion a day… this is a small tiny dent. but at least this has brought the issue front and center.

  • Jenny

    I agree with many posters above. This is the time to stand on principle and the right thing to do is hold out for CUTS and a balanced budget. Nothing else will work right now. We have to fix this now. If obama and his idiot democrat buddies don’t want to be the responsible party and do what is right, they will receive the rightful blame. No amount of plouffe spinning will work. The GOP must hold out and do what is right for the country. Now. Proud of the tea party but let’s keep pushing. I will be calling Kucinich, Sherrod Brown, and Portman tomorrow. Yes the 1st two will be a waste of time, but I love annoying them.

  • Conservative Ken

    This aint over yet by a long shot. Boehner knows full well that he’s treading on dangerous political ground. This deal is already on the net and will be wildfire by tomorrow morning. The news outlets and political talk shows are going to spin the story their own direction.

    We don’t like the proposed deal and you can already smell the venom Glenn and Rush will spit at it. Looks like the web servers and phone lines are gonna crash all over again.

  • a former dem
  • ss252

    If any here think Boehner is a strong leader you are 100% part of the countrys problem..

    This was a 100% roll over, 10 years to reduce debt? Really? Can you do that at home on a fixed income?

    Base line budgeting as a starting point? Can you RINO idiots understand that the cut is coming from the increase?

    I am so nauseated with RINO’s and dumd f..cks!

    This was a limp d………….k deal..It does nothing except set up defense cuts? You like that? Do ya..

    Boehner,Cantor,Mcconnel,McCain,Kyl, etc have to go….Rand Paul,Mack,Chafetz,Bachman,McClintoks…They get it and are real heros…

    Wake the f…………… UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop believin Shep,Krauthammer, Huck and the rest..

  • Old Dude

    The devil will be in the Super (Sellout) Committee details. Only then will we know what is in this “deal”. By then it will be too late.

  • Boehner can declare anything he wants but he won’t be leading anything larger than his local cub scouts when 2012 is over and done!!!

  • Bill Mitchell

    #34 July 31, 2011 at 9:23 pm
    Opaobie commented:

    Bill Mitchell, that’s the same logic that got John McCain the GOP nomination in 2008. The WaPo’s definition of what constitutes “victory” for conservatives may differ from the definition CONSERVATIVES use.

    No, what got John McCain the nomination was conservatives splitting their votes between Romney and Huckabee. Huckabee had no chance but he stayed in the race just to spite Romney whom he hated. Without Huckabee, Romney would have destroyed McCain. It wasn’t a desire for moderation that got McCain nominated.

    Doesn’t matter. Perry wins in 2012 in a walk. Maybe if we are lucky we will get Christie as his VP. Can you just imagine watching Christie eat Joe Biden for dinner in the debates?

  • kate

    I think the big shock here has been that Republicans actually fought back tough for a change and didn’t just roll over for the Democrats. Is this what I want? No. I support Cut, Cap and Balance. But it is much better than what I expected we would get and what the Dems wanted to shove down our throats. The cherry on top is that liberals are ticked. I think Boehner did a good job and I am grateful that the Tea Party has changed the conversation in Washington. I have high hopes for the future.

  • kate

    Oh, and they have got to change the vicious attack on our military from Obama and the Dems. And we are to believe they are concerned about national security? Please. We’re not that stupid. Anything Obama can do to weaken our country, he’s all for it.

  • a former dem

    “Doesn’t matter. Perry wins in 2012 in a walk.”

    I wouldn’t be that confident.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Those who feel this is a horrible deal and a huge lose for Republicans please explain for us what deal we should have offered that would have gotten through the Senate and WH? It does no good to be right if nothing gets passed. It would have been nice to win by 2 touchdowns but I’ll settle for a field goal. A win is a win. Wins add up.

    We control just 1/3 of government. How the hell do you get 100% of what you want when you control only 1/3 of government? Seriously to the ideologues out there.

    And also this. By now trashing our Republican leaders, do you strengthen our hand or the Democrats hand? Either we stand together now or we shall surely hang separately later.

  • Old Fan

    Wasn’t classic to see Obama lie further, claiming this could provide the lowest Domestic Spending since IKE? Shows why he has no credibility, and how none of the Democrats do today.

    This delusional – dishonest Democrat actually tried to claim Obama is a winner in this mess. It is a laugh of course, as Obama lost the most. Completely removed from all input, made into a further farce then he was prior.

    These Democrats will try to repaint reality again, but Obama and the Democrats took it on the chin. Reid and Company looked again like utter corrupt fools.

    Crillizza tried to suggest Congress was the big losers. Now this is the ultimate game plan, to try to diminish the enormous power the Republicans have displayed in the House. They cannot control anything, but are truly moving the debate in the right direction.

    We have to give them the Majority in the Senate and the Presidency this 2012 to do real substantive efforts. Just put the Democrats on the dust heap. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, etc., are pathetic jokes wreaking havoc on all.

  • big L

    We the people get hosed all the time. Why should this time be different?. The Donks are ready to rule midnight after thelection win-or-lose. The GOP is the PLP- Permanent Loser Party.
    That is our job. Send RNOs to D.C. to legitimize the tax-collecting by the donks. A lot of time for the last 35 yrs of watching the Process, It has been the same lament…’We don’t have the majority’. ‘We are short votes’ “We have the Gang of 16′ and they represent us well’. “We might need the filibuster, better not do it now. ‘This is the best deal we could get’. “Conservatives are cave-men’. “Conservative values won’t win right now’. “We have to be a big tent’. “Forget social issues’. ‘Don’t get mixed up in radical anti-gay goofballery’. ‘Do you want to win elections or be ideologically pure’?
    Remember all those? Yet when Rahm wanted to win back control for the donks he ran ‘center’ candidates, clouding their real views but who caucused with the donks. Center and Center right wins and that is what the donks do to win. Of course we conservatives don’t do that!
    We should have never given Obama a dime on a debt increase.Not a dime.

  • Ladue Pundit

    The downward adjustment of Q1 GDP to 0.4%, less than 20 % of the bogus ‘projected’ rate, tells us that our economy is in a triple-dip recession. The actual unemployment rate is closer to 20% than 10%.

    We will continue to borrow money and pay interest on debt for things the U.S. cannot afford and could do without.

    Missourians, ask your employers, if you still have one, about the new surcharges they must pay from now until 2017 for the $711,000,000 in unemployment insurance which was borrowed. Think of all the losers who sat around collecting free money and looking for a job only after it ran out. Businesses are now on the hook. Think they’ll hire more employees when the surcharge is applied per employee?

    We can only hope that in Nov. 2012 that electoral map runs blood red.

  • jainphx

    retire05 you’re absolutely right about the Bush Tax cuts, but if we do what we must and elect a CONSERVATIVE President, that won’t happen. This deal is no deal, but it does give us time, especially if we also primary the squishes and load up on our people. That is our only hope.

  • Ausonius

    Bill Mitchell: To put this in perspective, nothing real is getting cut. Much like the “great victories” in the past through similar negotiations, the only cut is in the rate of growth. You will not see govt offices closing as a result of this (or at least none that obama isn’t intentionally axing).
    Our founders had a universal belief and that was arranging a govt with the idea that men armed with power were to be distrusted, at least to a degree. They therefore set up a bicameral legislature (2 house), both of which require assent to approve any legislation. Now, I submit to you they did not envision in this arrangement men capitulating in order to pass a whole lot of anything. They more likely hoped what, if anything, was approved because there was agreement. This means what they didn’t agree on didn’t get appropriations.
    If things operated as such, there would be a whole lot less govt involvement in a great number of things.
    I stand corrected on my first statement, the military funding does stand to see very real, automatic cuts under the auspice of failing to reach agreement, which will give the red diaper babies (democrats) political cover for tearing down an institution they hold in contempt.
    So where do we win in all of this? The dems get to continue unrealistic spending levels to pay for their votes, economic reality be damned. The pres doesn’t get his spending levels scrutinized again with another process like this. We get a reduction in the rate of growth, not real spending cuts (and that assumes we don’t learn over the next week that the cuts were overestimated again).

  • Swifty

    While fiscal conservatives have every right to be suspicious of any deal signed with the devil, here’s some of the other side’s reaction:

    Obama’s base: We’ve been “thrown under the bus”

  • kato

    The fraud that I expected has come to pass. There’s hardly a penny of cuts until after next year’s election because the Republican whores are as bad as the Democratic ones.

    Let me say again — because so many on this site are in complete denial — the country got well down the road to downgrade status thanks to a COMPASSIONATE DOPE named George W. Bush and his Bible-thumping pal Tom Delay. The only reason that Bush isn’t the worst president in our lifetimes is because a subprime blowhard has managed to do more damage in two years than the compassionate dope did in eight.

  • bg


    kato #59

    aah, still can’t shake that BDS off can you.. /s/


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  • [email protected]

    We the people just got hosed again.

    Speaking of hoses, I’d like to organize a fire brigade Million Taxpayer March on DC. Blow them out of OUR buildings with fire hoses and dismantle their hustle with bricks and boots. Run every last one of the bastards out of town on a rail, especially Obastard, the biggest bastard of them all.


  • [email protected]

    For #51 – Perry won’t win in a walk because the rats are such soulless, corrupt savages, but he’ll win. He’s a better bet than Romney (a man I detest), a complete phony. Of course, even Romney would get my AOBO vote.

  • bg


    something is so NOT making sense here, they (the usual Dem & Rep
    suspects) CONDEMN the Tea Party, now they CREDIT the Tea Party..

    A Tea Party Triumph

    The debt deal is a rare bipartisan victory
    for the forces of smaller government.

    ergo, what are they setting The Tea Party up for?? to blame, shame, or
    are they co opting the TEA PARTY the way the MB did in Egypt?? *sigh*


  • bg


    re: #23

    Sacrificing America’s sovereignty at sea

    [The National Security Cutter’s capability really matters. Presence at sea
    is what ensures the sovereignty of American territory at sea. Sacrificing
    capability means sacrificing sovereignty.

    Abandoning the National Security Cutter as a budget-cutting drill
    makes about as much sense as disconnecting your burglar alarm
    system, putting up a “no trespassing” sign and telling yourself
    that you’re cost-saving approach has beefed up security.]


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