Bill Clinton Likens GOP Voter ID Efforts to Democrat’s Jim Crow Laws

Here we go again… First it was DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz who compared GOP policy to Jim Crow Laws. Today it was Bill Clinton’s turn. The impeached democrat compared GOP voter ID efforts to Jim Crow laws.

Maybe someone should remind Bill Clinton that it was the democrats who initiated the Jim Crow laws.

In fact, the KKK, as you know, was founded as the the terrorist wing of the Democrat Party.

The Ku Klux Klan assassinated many Republicans including Republican Representative James M. Hinds (December 5, 1833—October 22, 1868) of Little Rock. Hinds represented Arkansas in the United States Congress from June 24, 1868 through October 22, 1868.

But why let facts get in your way, Bill?
The Politico reported:

Former President Bill Clinton Wednesday compared GOP efforts to limit same-day voter registration and block some convicted felons from voting to Jim Crow laws and poll taxes.

In a speech to liberal youth activists Wednesday, the former president called out proposals in battleground states like Florida and Ohio that could limit the voter rolls.

“I can’t help thinking since we just celebrated the Fourth of July and we’re supposed to be a country dedicated to liberty that one of the most pervasive political movements going on outside Washington today is the disciplined, passionate, determined effort of Republican governors and legislators to keep most of you from voting next time,” Clinton said at Campus Progress’s annual conference in Washington.

“There has never been in my lifetime, since we got rid of the poll tax and all the Jim Crow burdens on voting, the determined effort to limit the franchise that we see today,” Clinton added.

Clinton mentioned Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s move in March to overturn past state precedent — including under former GOP governors — that allows convicted felons to vote once they’ve served they’ve finished probation periods.

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  • MrGoodWench

    Clinton’s efforts to demonize GOP are like Idi Amin’s efforts to ‘ control ‘ his rivals

  • regularguy

    Yeah, like trying to attain some semblance of voting integrity and security is in such contradiction to our civic process. Actually I’d support a civic test and some proof of real property or stock ownership as well. And, if you’re on some sort of public assistance, you can’t vote, either. It’d be nice if we actually had educated and not indoctrinated voters for a change, not to mention voters who are demonstrably responsible.

  • bigkahuna

    I have never seen such blatant, slimy, unabashed efforts to allow and encourage voter fraud, voting by illegals, criminals, under aged and dumbasses.

    The fact that we want honest, open elections and asking that people actualluy have to identify themselves for this simple act is beyond logic. Not shocking since we are talking about the morally corrupt democrats.

    If asking anyone in this country today to provide a valid id prior to voting is a problem for you…then you are too stupid to vote and exactly what the democrats want. It simply proves that they have and desire the dumbest, most easily fooled and dependent people on earth voting for them.

    They claim to want people educated but do everything they can to keep them dependent, dumb and voting for liberals

  • RS

    I suspect that Bill and the rest of the Democrats are concerned that black Americans might be considering an escape from the dependency of the Democrat plantation.

  • D W Pepper

    Bubba got Voted OUT !!! He failed to Say a Democrat also formed The new Black Panthers besides the KKK.. The new rules are to prevent voter fraud which is RAMPANT in the Democratic party . If you look at all 50 states.. The ones with Democratic leadership are the ones with the Highest corruption.. Those FACTS melt anything any Democrat to say.

  • mg4us

    Agree with #3 BigKahuna

    We need “government” ID to board a plane, obtain a driver’s license, enroll in school courses to name a few so why note for voting?

    Even if one wants to “borrow” a library book you need the proper ID (a library card). . .
    I don’t hear libs talking about folks being disenfranchised by these actions. . .

    Could it be these folks are planning on doing an “Al Franken” and stealing the election?

    Most important things Republicans/Conservatives can do in the House is to enact voter ID BEFORE 2012 Election.

  • eaglewingz08

    We never had thirty million illegal aliens attempting to vote before. We never had such a resolute effort by open borders crowd to eviscerate the election laws to let non Americans and/or unqualified persons dilute and misappropriate the franchise.

  • davidt

    The proven perjurer speaks.

  • retire05

    Tonight I went to Subway. I used a debit card issued on a local bank and was asked for my driver’s license in order to purchase a $5.00 sandwich. Go to Blockbuster and try to open an account without showing your driver’s license or some other form of photo I.D. Cash a check anywhere in the U.S. Yep, I.D. required to cash a check or give a check to a merchant. In my small town (4,000) you have to show I.D. at the public library to get a card for you or your kids so that they know you are a resident of the town.

    But Bubba wants all those criminals to be able to vote.

  • Nosmo

    Bill Clinton’s mentor was J.William Fulbright…a segregationist.

  • MrGoodWench

    Mr Hoft, can you plz use your sources to explain what bee has gone into Hannity’s bonnet ? Is his tail under a boulder ? He seems to be acting rude and stupid with Kimberly , on his show right now w r t Casey Anthony verdict . He has 2 similar mouths on with him, ganging up , not even allowing Kimberly to finish her sentences. Is that FOX making him act like a jerk or is there some well coordinated threat to the media which we don’t know about ? Yet

  • newrouter

    demonrats in ri are kkk

    “Rhode Island governor signs voter ID bill

    BOSTON | Wed Jul 6, 2011 5:16pm EDT

    (Reuters) – Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee signed into law a bill that would require voters to show identification at the polls in 2012, with a photo required before casting a ballot in 2014, his office announced on Wednesday.”


  • Carbon Pootprint

    The democrats haven’t changed. They just took off the sheets and developed other than white hate groups. Oh and they still operate a huge plantation and da big house is in Mahattanstan the tiny island nation that carried out the worst terrorist attack on America evah!!!
    Suck on that Chris Mathews, the Newspeak beotch and any of you Manhattanstan terrorist on TV

  • valerie

    I’d like a count of the people in that crowd who were unable to produce picture id.

  • exceller

    I see all Democrat Rhode Island passed a voter ID bill. what does bubba have to say about Lincoln Chaffee, racist KKK member perhaps?

  • pjean


    This isn’t about one citizen, one vote. Clinton’s got to make it about race.

    Typical liberal solution.

  • gus

    These mutherfuxers think that “WE” are cheating lying bastards, like they are. They do. They think we are trying to cheat, because THEY DO, and the naturally bring race into it. You see, LIBTARDS……USE…….black people for their ends.

  • Mad Hatter

    Typical Democrat tactics. When you can’t win the debate, name call, smear, and lie about your opponents. The Dems know that requiring people to have an I.D. to vote in Florida and other states will help keep the 2012 Elections honest, something the Dems can’t have.

    If you are required to have an I.D. to rent a book from the Library, to rent a car, to name a few things, then there’s no reason not to have an I.D. to vote.

  • Molon Labe

    We all can rely on a creature who perjured himself to speak the truth now can’t we.

    The dhimmies are counting on the dead and illegal aliens to elect Obama and others of his ilk. They know Americans despise their Marxist policies.

  • http://hotair ponderon

    Clinton needs to go AWAY……….FAR FAR AWAY