Anti-Israel Obama Loses Jews… 80% of US Jews Oppose His Proposal to Turn Holy Land Over to Radical Islamists

In May Barack Obama urged Israel to hand over half of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, The Temple Mount, Old Jerusalem, and the tomb of Jesus Christ to the Hamas-Fatah terrorist alliance.

Of course, his radical position was very unpopular with a most Americans.

Apparently, American Jews finally caught on that Obama does not have Israel’s best interests at heart.

Today Dick Morris reported on a new poll that shows American Jews are turning against Obama in record numbers. According to Morris 80% of Jewish American voters oppose his insane proposal to hand Holy Land over to Hamas-Fatah alliance. Morris also reported that Obama, who carried Jews by 78% of the vote in 2008, would find his vote share diminished to only 56% today.

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  • Redwine

    When reality hits, it hits hard. Emperor Hussein’s nasty, disrespectful and vindictive treatment of Netanyahu and anti-Israel pronouncements exposed his true colors more and spoke louder than a list of unsavory associations and damaging facts. (Plus – The Emperor didn’t intervene in opposing his terror-supporter pal Khalidi’s anti-Israel terror-boat “The Audacity of Hope Dope”.

  • saveus

    they do get it, finally

  • wanumba

    Fair enough monologue on his findings, but why does Morris say at the end he hopes that his polls findiings will make Obama and Hillary pay attention to a major loss of Jewish support?

    Mr. Morris! THEY DO NOT CARE. Why does he pander to them in this manner as if to encourage them to change just enough so they’ll stay in power? He acts like a beaten puppy always trying to get a nice pat and a dog treat from an unrepentent, abusive owner.

  • Matt

    On July 5th didn’t you, not a proxy, but you post this?

    BTW. relying on Dick Morris is suicide.

  • Cracker Mike

    Race trumps ALL, even survival as a race for many Jews. The majority will vote for Obama no matter WHAT he does to Israel.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    As Nelson Muntz would say:

    “HA HA!”


  • tommy mc donnell

    anybody that was paying attention in 2008 knew exactly what obama intended for israel. the jews vote overwhelmingly for the myth and will do so in 2012.

  • M1

    Could someone help me understand when Dick Morris was right about anything?

  • MikeO

    And yet, polling shows the majority of Jewish Americans will STILL vote for him. Some sort for death wish on a genocidal level??

  • big L

    His turn to look semi against Obama. The american Jews will all vote for Obama aswill allthe blacks. And the teachers, eventhe ones that lost their jobs. Unionistas, all of them. Hollywood.
    Gays.Arts. Independents are reall Dependents and are like Snowe and Collins of Maine…useless and will vote for Obama. the legit mexicans might vote some. The illegals who knows but it is the swing. A lot of people want Obama to be re-elected as it is a thumb in the eye of their parents or their boss or the middle-class.

  • Multitude

    Don’t American Jews understand the message regarding the fate of Israel and Judaism that President Obama is communicating? The twinkle in Obama’s eye is the vision of a world where there are no more Jews that irritate Islam. This is the homogeneous world of peace.

    I’m absolutely not kidding. German theorist Carl Schmitt, one who every American Jew ought to know based on his recognition that the Weimar Republic was destined to lead to the transformation in German political society that gave rise to the Reich, very carefully observed (in his Crisis of Parlimentary Democracy, 1922 edition) that the only way to give rise to a democracy is through the construction of a homogenous society.

    He recognized that for a dialectic parliamentary Germany (where the Fuhrer was the post-parliamentary democrat), the Jews had to go. They were the thorn in the side of progress, the stain on the white carpet that had to be scrubbed out. There would have to be trains and concentration camps to purify Germany. They can’t be here anymore, should we desire democracy.

    Obama’s vision is hardly different. He recognizes that Democracy, as Schmitt analyzed, cannot arrive as long as there is the Jew present in the Middle East. And unlike his country club, frat-boy predecessor, he’s able to make the hard decisions. Backed by the post-Jew Soros who eagerly served the Germans in locating and rounding up neighbors to be fuel for the gas ovens, Obama knows he can “pull the trigger” on simplifying this problem, cleansing Israel of those who oppose homogeneity and democracy.

    Schmitt and others gave warning of the coming extermination of the Jews. Others today provide similar warning, yet the Jews embrace trinkets of death — “hope and change” — out of a naive and simplistic desire to wish-away evil. For the benefit of their children, I ask that they reconsider, question, and read carefully. I doubt there would be anything meaningful of their people should they ignore the warnings this second time, given the efficiency man has attained at exterminating those he does not desire.

  • LMK

    If I sadly didn’t know better I would think that this was a joke website, like The Onion. American Jews will overwhelmingly vote for President Obama because he shares their values–“tikkun olam”, to repair the world. To help the poor and the sick, to help those blind and the needy, to help the meek. Coincidentally, those are the same values that were preached by Jesus.

    American Jews also share with President Obama support for a fair and long lasting peace in the middle east, based on a “two state” solution, where Israel has secure and defensible borders, and the Palestinians have a state of their own. That is all the President has supported and spoken for. He has, and remains, a friend of Israel. A friend does not support you no matter what you do, and a real friend helps you to see the light and to be the best you can be.

    So, American Jews will overwhelmingly support President Obama, and he will beat Romney or Bachmann. And we’ll be a better country for it.

  • Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    Multitude #11, “the desire to wish away evil” perfectly sums up the liberal view of the world. Reminds me of Obama’s plan to find and talk with the “moderate Taliban”. Like that would solve all of our problems in Afghanistan and Iraq. Something Bush never thought of, and Obama’s mere act of listening would cause the seas to part and the waters to recede.

    Liberals are generally caught off guard when the bad guys laugh at them and line them up against the wall.

  • Just_Saying

    I always think of Jews being smart. If 56% of American Jews are still supporting Obummer, they’re not as smart as they’re reputed to be.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Anti-Israel Obama Loses Jews… 80% of US Jews Oppose His Proposal to Turn Holy Land Over to Radical Islamists

    Assuming that the above claim is true, it doesn’t mean a hell of a whole lot. Why?

    Because they’ll still vote for him in the next presidential election.

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  • Edward Cropper

    The only thing Dick Morris ever gets correct is his constant mentioning of his own web cite every time he is on Bill O’Reilly

  • a former dem

    “Because they’ll still vote for him in the next presidential election.”

    I find it interesting that right wing blogs think American jews have abandoned him, THEY HAVE NOT. I agree with the post that said they will still vote for this Israel hating jerk. Oh yes, they will, people like Mort Zuckerman, etc, they will whine, moan, but in the end next year, they will back him financially and campaign for him.

    Just because they oppose his proposal does not mean they won’t vote for him, they WILL.

    President WTF only needs american jews’s money one more time, he only needs to dupe them one more time, he’ll probably visit some synagogues, or go visit Israel, and bam! all those american jews will again line up to vote for this anti-Israel jerk next year.

  • Iconoclast

    In college, I was one of a few gentiles in a traditionally Jewish fraternity because I liked that group of individuals more than the other choices I had and I am very damn sure that as a group, Jews are smarter than any other demographic in our society. As I’ve aged, though, I’ve come to understand ‘smart’ ‘wise,’ nor does common sense necessarily accompany it. The liberal lockstep / group think so obviously prevalent among American Jews is so sad for its credulity. In sixty-five years they have transformed the determination of “Never Again” into an amorphously fatuous “It can’t possibly happen again.” I truly hope they do not pay as high a price for such naiveté as they did in the 20th Century, but I’m not particularly confident of such an outcome given their continued adoration of this walking punch line.

  • Iconoclast

    Math symbol for “not equal to” is missing from the space between ‘smart’ and ‘wise’ in my post; apparently the display font is “not equal to” the writing font.