Another Obama Lie Exposed: 85% of Bush Tax Cuts Went to Middle Class, Not the Rich (Video)

Don’t expect to see this make any headlines in the state-run media…
Back in April of this year Barack Obama told the press that he “refused to extend the Bush tax cuts to the wealthy again.”
But, he’s not a socialist.

Of course, it was just another lie.
Verum Serum found the actual tax cut breakdown at CNN Money:

Bush tax cuts: $544.3 billion…The bulk of that cost — $463 billion — is for the extension of cuts for families making less than $250,000, including two years of relief for 2010 and 2011 for the middle class from the Alternative Minimum Tax.

The rest — $81.5 billion — is attributable to the extension of cuts that apply to the highest income families.

In other words, 85% of the tax cuts went to the middle class.
But, Obama didn’t care. He needed a talking point.

Flopping Aces has more on the selfish rich people keeping Obama down.

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  • gage

    He’s not lying, you just don’t seem to get after all these years what he means when he says “wealthy”.

    To Obama and Democrats, “wealthy” is the middle class, aka anyone who pays taxes and is not dependent on the government. He wants to redistribute the wealth of as many of the “wealthy” as he can and knock them down into the government-dependent class of dependable Democratic voters. Their contributions won’t help any of the existing government dependents, but will go to the millions of new dependents once amnesty passes.

  • john03

    Thanks for publishing these numbers. They are very revealing and will come in handy when debating the “tax the rich” crowd. The Bush tax cuts were across the board and not only for the rich. I would be interested in knowing how many folks on the lower end became non-taxpayers as a result of the Bush tax cuts?

  • Emcee

    Tax cuts do not “cost” anything, period. That is a liberal line, as if the money not collected belongs to the government, which it does NOT. You need to find another way to describe these tax cuts.

  • Finncrisp

    The doubletalk , doublespeak , and doubling down of this gang of thieves is monstrous. OBAMA ISN”T WORKING.

    The policy is very simple. Paralyze the rich while the middle class is destroyed. Failing that, stop payments to Seniors, Veterans, and the Disabled. Above all, advance state control of everything where ever possible.

  • Sandy

    Is Obama trying to capture the votes of foot fetishists? I just saw a picture of the entire Obama family watching TV with their naked stinky feet prominent for all to see. Not a pretty sight.

  • Nano

    For his followers whatever he says becomes truth no matter how wrong it is. Any contrary facts are racist or something.

  • WSG

    Business anemic? Sales not what they could be? Numbers got you down?

    Get “Statistics by Obama”!

    Instantly, all your business numbers will swell! People will marvel at the skill and talent you display at reversing your fortunes. Be the envy of your friends! Watch their faces as you quote seemingly impossible numbers! Any numbers you would like to bear out your claims, now can be yours with this limited time offer. You must act now!

    No claim is too great for “Statistics by Obama!”

    Brought to you by the makers of “80% of Americans want a tax increase”*

    * for their neighbor

  • Jim

    Whatever you do, do NOT tell this to a whinny liberal, it will cause them heartburn. Wait, that’s a good thing.

  • Neo

    Considering that a “shared sacrifice” requires spending cuts and new taxes on the “rich,” can it now be concluded that the “rich” get no benefit from government spending ?


    again…you will not see this on any local news or from any lame stream media…it is not in their adgenda to have odumbass look bad

  • Billsv

    Beklow are the tax increase for folks with $50K income per year. It is the last number. Formatting is poor and the 5 column titles do not show up over each column. Higher incomes are of course worse.
    Tax Rates – and the Obama Increase – $50,000/year Taxable Income

    2000 Tax Tables 2003 Tax Tables 2004 Tax Tables 2010 Tax Tables – (Bush Tax Cuts have Expired) Increase with Obama Tax Increase*

    Taxable Income $50,000 $50,000 $50,000 $50,000 $50,000

    Tax: Single $10,581 $9,304 $9,231 $10,581 $1,350

    Tax: Married –  Filing Joint $8,293 $6,796 $6,781 $8,293 $1,512

    Tax: Married – Filing Separate $11,143 $9,304 $9,231 $11,143 $1,912

    Tax: Head of Household $9,424 $8,189 $8,094 $9,424 $1,330

  • bg


    b-b-but, he wants them back so he can redistribute them, why can’t
    you people see that it’s “for the greater good of the children”.. /s/

    bit more here [and just about everywhere else, msm= crickets]..


  • bg


    you won’t be seeing or hearing about any of the following via
    the Marxist Support Machine or talking O’bobbleheads either..

    Democrats, the Rich Party

    [Democrats beat the market by 73 basis points per month, compared
    to 18 for Republicans. That’s a rout anyway you look at it. Senators
    fare even better than house members.


    Strict laws ban corporate executives from trading on their insider
    knowledge, but no restrictions exist for members of Congress.
    Lawmakers are permitted to keep their holdings and trade shares
    on the market, as well as vote on legislation that could affect their
    portfolio values.


    The next time you hear a Democrat talking about the party of
    the rich now you’ll know that they’re referring to themselves.]


  • AuntieMadder

    Maybe Barky classifies “the rich” as those earning much, much less than $250,000 annually. Maybe his idea of “the rich” includes all of us who earn enough to live indoors and also eat daily (dirt and cat food not included).

  • gus

    Emcee is correct. Ofukktard says, “We can’t afford to give …blah blah blah.” No douchebag Ofukktard, we CANNOT AFFORD TO TAKE from those who earned it and spend it in the free market place.


  • bg
  • Molon Labe

    Why is the government handing out money via tax refunds to people who pay no taxes?

    Lets stop this. I am tired of those who use the poor, the lame and children as human shields to advance their robbery of the workers.

  • Guy in Ohio

    #1 – Gage – BINGO! We have a winner!

    When Obama speaks, he’s speaking to his base. He’s not speaking to us, the middle class, or the wealthy, the people who produce EVERYTHING this country needs. He loathes us.

    No, when he speaks, he’s speaking to the poor, and the downtrodden. He intends to secure their votes with the promise of “free” money, all the while forcing millions more of us into poverty with them. It would be a brilliant plan if we were as stupid as he thinks we are. We aren’t. He has lit the fuse of what I feel will be the biggest revolt this country has ever seen. I only pray we can intervene and remove him from office before it escalates into a full blown civil war …

  • tommy mc donnell

    you know the marxist hates the bourgeoisie. bourgeoisie is marxist for middle class.

  • Christine

    I have been having knock down dragouts with my Dad about this…his is tax the rich crazy and he has Obama derangement syndrome…I told him our taxes went up since O came into office and he told me I don’t know what I’m talking about. The media has them so brainwashed he thinks the Bush tax cuts were for the rich, and when O did extend them..he thought they were O’s own middle class tax cuts……..twilight zone…makes my head spin.

  • Kay in CT

    Christine, Sounds like we have the same father!
    Yes, the brainwashing has been thorough. You know, maybe the libs are right, the common people ARE too stupid to know what’s good for them. Look what they elected!

  • SSBN 627(B)

    Guy in Ohio – I am seriously beginning to believe that the fuse-lighting is a deliberate, considered action. Ever-increasing amounts of what we work for are being stripped from us, against our wishes, to be dispensed to welfare trash and unionized gangs.

    The people who produce, the people who work, the bedrock conservative Americans have shown remarkable forbearance thus far. Every day a new outrage. How long before patience wears thin, before real civil unrest (as opposed to Pelosi’s version) rears its ugly head, before unrest becomes bloody insurrection? We cling to the thin thread of hope offered by 2012 – this tyrant will snip that thread at the slightest provocation.

    BTW – now that I’m ‘wealthy’, I intend to purchase a private jet.

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  • flash

    You know what they say, “figures don’t lie but liars sure can figure”!

  • Stuck in Minnesota

    Hailing from the great Blue Minnesota, I have been bombarded with the “tax the rich” movement for about 1 1/2 years now. Our Gov. Mark Dayton ran his campaign on this very issue. You see, Gov Dayton is super-rich, but only because he inherited all his money. And since he took over the Dayton Dept Store, he sold it! He has no idea what it is like to actually EARN money. Well, Gov Dayton banked on the rest of MN agreeing with idea, and now our state gov’t has been shutdown for 18 days, leaving about 26,000 people out of work, because he wanted to raise our budget 5.8 BILLION, and our Congress only agreed to give him a 4 BILLION increase. They gave him an increase (based on projected inflationary costs) and it still wasn’t good enough. Yet for some reason, when you talk to a Lib about this, the Republican party is the party of greed. HUH? Isn’t it considered greedy when you want to TAKE what other people have, because you feel like you don’t have enough? Isn’t it greedy that just because they have “more” you should have more too, without working for it? Hypocriotes

  • Guy in Ohio

    “The people who produce, the people who work, the bedrock conservative Americans have shown remarkable forbearance thus far. Every day a new outrage…”

    Yes, we have shown remarkable patience. I don’t know about everyone else, but mine is wearing pretty thin right about now. If these clowns in DC raise the debt ceiling and extend more loans to people who can’t afford them, keep making it more expensive to do business, and keep blowing money we don’t have, then come after us for more “revenue” to pay for it all, I think my head is going to explode.

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  • big L

    check out the “infrastructure Bank” It is part of the Highway bill of $556 billion, The
    “Infrastructure Bank or iBank” is funded at $30 start. again it is the bridges tunnels roads tracks scam. Itis run by banks and the hedge funds.
    It is described as the very next thing AFTER the debt limit is raised. This is another scam.monstrous booddoggle and rip-off.Imo.
    the info is at
    If it won’t open go to Yahoo and enter Infrastructure Bank. LOOk for

    The showing of the bottom feet is an insult to the Jews and Arabs. It is part of Obama’s continuing series of insulting gestures. Historian Paul Rahe wrote on it and I think it is in the archives at or at Hillsdale college site whre he teaches.
    Do NOT give this grifter and his admin the dough in a debt increase. The GOP must get on youtube or Fb to clarify these things. The press will hose us all. Go over the heads.
    The GOp or the conservatives as the GOP won’t do this, need to get a movie length montage of this info like the series that Andrew Klavan does.etc and get it out there.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    I like that caption on the screengrab – “Can’t afford $1T in tax cuts for millionaires”.

    We can’t afford trillions more in Democrat-backed government spending.

  • Conservative vet

    It is good to speak ones mind. I hope you all get out and vote in November 2012. We can win and we can send the socialist into the unemployment lines.

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  • Tim

    25% of the top earners pay 78% of the tax in the USA. Basically they have to work 1/2 a year just to pay taxes. Why? The percentage should be the same for EVERYONE. So what if the rich make more. They earned it one way or another. Let them keep the money and re-invest it in the USA as they see fit. It’s their money and they earned it no matter what the source. The dems use scare tactics and class warfare to drive home THEIR point. If their point had any real value, then they wouldn’t have to stoop to such tactics!

  • Conservative Mama

    Just watching this man talk makes me feel like he can’t hold back from laughing out loud just thinking that some American’s will believe all of his lieing and scare tactics! UUUUGHHHHH!

    I totally agree with “Conservative Vet” – we ALL must get out the word AND get out and vote to save this great nation and keep our nation free! I just can’t believe that anyone that has a brain and following what this man says would believe it! Good Grief!!!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    We can win and we can send the socialist into the unemployment lines.

    All the Republicans need to do is to provide an appropriate candidate to vote for.

    No RINOs, please.

  • Duncan B

    Where was all this “sharing” bull crap when Pelosi and Reid worked behind closed doors and then rammed bills down our throats?

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  • AhVerdad

    When did $249,999 become middle class?

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  • kansas

    #41 July 21, 2011 at 11:59 am
    AhVerdad commented:

    When did $249,999 become middle class?

    When you have a small business that takes in 249000 and costs you 225000 to run.