It’s an Obama world…
The VA in Houston has banned using offensive words like “God,” “God bless you” and “God bless” at the Houston National Cemetery.

(Department of Veteran’s Affairs) reported, via Pundit Press:

Local veterans and volunteer groups accuse Department of Veterans Affairs officials of censoring religious speech — including the word “God” – at Houston National Cemetery.

In one example cited in documents filed this week in federal court, cemetery director Arleen Ocasio reportedly told volunteers with the National Memorial Ladies that they had to stop telling families “God bless you” at funerals and that they had to remove the words “God bless” from condolence cards.

“It’s just unfair that somebody would ask us to take God out of our vocabulary,” said Cheryl Whitfield, founder of Houston National Memorial Ladies.

“I could’ve kept my mouth shut and let things happen, but when it comes to standing up for your belief in God and giving comfort to the families, I don’t want to regret not saying anything,” Whitfield said. “We all had to stand up for what we believe in.”

The new allegations of “religious hostility” by VA and cemetery officials follow on the heels of a controversy over Pastor Scott Rainey’s prayer in Jesus’ name at a Memorial Day service in the cemetery.




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  1. What the FUC& is this country turning into…

  2. It is high time that living Veterans take back the VA

    Also this tells it all

    There is no “O” in Capitalism, only sOcialism and cOmmunism

    O for Obama O-buma O-boy an big ZerO

    Also no O in Republican only in DemOcRATs

  3. But the word “Allah” is perfectly acceptable.

  4. Government shall not establish a (secular) religion?

    It’s pretty clear the Government is no longer abiding with any aspect of the Constitution. Probably a rather unwise thing to do, as I’m certain the French could share some experiences with what happened to the elites when times got tough and their social contract was violated.

  5. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

    What cretins are afoot in this country?

  6. It is time for a relentless campaign of civil disobediance on the largest possible scale.

    Remember, “policies” and “mandates” such as this are utterly meaningless if we the people choose to ignore them with the contempt they so richly deserve.

    Every single visitor to this cemetary needs to bury it’s staff and associates in “God Bless You’s”, relentlessly and unceasingly. And treat such mandates as the chattering of magpies.

    And we need to respond that way to every such mandate we come across, wherever they may rear their odious and odiferous heads.

  7. I guess when that Congressman said that liberals are evil and think they are God, he was correct. Maybe its time to start a new fad, like the wave used to be at the Ballpark..except this time we use a cross, and a message to Washington that we will not listen or obey!

    Personally, this year, lets light up Christmas with lots of lights, and a huge lit Cross on every home. Lets show the govt that they can shove their BS right up their arses!

  8. This simply cannot be allowed to stand.

  9. Our cars! Lets start this off by ordering these! Now this will make the batsh*t crazy liberals go crazy!,51371768

  10. It’s simple folks..tell the gov’t and its officials to stick it where the sun don’t shine. It’s time for Americans to take their country back.

  11. “John Fembup commented:

    Congress shall make no law, period. Full Stop. End of sentence. respecting an establishment of religion, OR PROHIBITING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.””

    Fixed it to how it should have read in the first place…

  12. Use them anyway. What are they going to do? Exhume the dead? Don’t buckle to this crap.

  13. This is why Todd Akin (R-MO) will not retract what he said about liberals. They hate God and are not afraid to admit it.

    Go Todd, future MO senator.

  14. Saying Allah is still ok.

  15. Bad, real Bad. Well, it looks like Dept of Vet affairs can join the ash heap with Dept of energy,and Dept of education. Change HHs to Health and Work. We need a lot less CAbinet posts. Vet afairs have been a disgrace as far as I have seen.

  16. Eff em. violating free speach and freedom of religion in one swipe.

    Sorry, then I get to ignore your do not carry your gun here sign.

    fair nuff right?

    Not to worry Obama is just trying to undo 230 years of true freedom.

    Ain’t gonna happen, powder is dry.


    #14 Ladue Pundit’s comment should be appended to the main post, IMO.

    This is called “instant gratification”. Instant proof that the Hon. Akin was right.

    Excellent observation, Ladue.

  18. Shame on us as a nation if we allow this evil to prevail. Make your voice heard loud and clear.We ARE ONE NATION UNDER GOD.

  19. Carry your military son’s remains to the cemetery and bury them. Get a “free” VA headstone with the choice of Christian, Jew of for God’s sake muslim emblems. Then have some idiot say you can’t say God. Right.

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