So Sad… Media Shut Out of Epic Sarah Palin Movie Premiere Tonight in Pella

The much anticipated Sarah Palin documentary, “The Undefeated”, which chronicles Sarah Palin’s rise from mayor of Wasilla, Alaska to national prominence, will play exclusively in AMC Theatres starting on July 15th. You can vote for the movie to play in your town at The Undefeated website.

There will be a full house tonight at the premiere of the Sarah Palin movie “The Undefeated” tonight in Pella, Iowa. Sadly, there weren’t enough tickets for all of the media cranks that wanted to attend the premiere.
The Hollywood Reporter reported, via Free Republic:

Reporters from around the country that have descended upon tiny Pella, Iowa for the premiere of the Sarah Palin documentary The Undefeated on Tuesday night were in for a rude awakening: So scarce are the tickets that there’s no room in the theater for journalists.

The town, in fact, has been filling up rapidly since Palin confirmed she’d attend the premiere with her husband, Todd. Police notified residents that the streets around the venue, the 111-year-old Pella Opera House, would be shut down beginning 13 hours prior to show time.

On Monday, organizers were still divvying up tickets to the massively oversubscribed event, and reporters – some who travelled more than 1,000 miles — were given the word that they didn’t make the cut.

Organizers were scrambling Monday, though, trying to arrange a separate screening for journalists, but there were no guarantees given…

…Most of the 340 tickets went to Iowans and some of the commentators featured in the film, like Tammy Bruce and Sonnie Johnson. The most controversial cast member – not including Palin herself – is Andrew Breitbart, who is expected to be a last-minute arrival on Tuesday.

“I didn’t invite all my right-wing Hollywood friends,” Bannon said. “Jon Voight, Dennis Miller, I’ll have a screening for those guys later. I’d actually like them to buy a ticket, but they’re so tight… And you can quote me on that,” he joked.”

Producer, director and writer Stephen Bannon discussed his latest documentary on Sarah Palin “The Undefeated” with me last week. You can listen to the interview here.

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  • I don’t find it so sad that the media was shut out – I laughed when I saw the headline.

  • NeoKong

    Gee…isn’t Mrs. Palin worried she might get some bad press…..?



    chargre the POS lame stream media $1,000 per ticket…sort of like a fund raiser for Sarah…

  • Granny

    Must be why I just heard somebody on NBC panning the movie and talking about the “curiously titled Undefeated.”

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    Great venue! Wonder if the tickets go on Craig’s List? (jk)

  • southernsue

    sarah is the master at manipulating the press.

    i pray for her and her family’s safety everyday. there are some raging cooks out there, thinking of poor Gabby and the ones that were killed in arizona.

    what would be the greatest, is that sarah announced her presidential run after the film.

    love her and would love to have a first dude that looks like tod.

  • DanO

    Gawd I wish The Great One (Mark Levin, featured at the end of the film along with Andrew Breitbart and Tammy Bruce) would make a cameo.

    BTW – has anyone caught on to the fact that the troika of commentators (Levin, Breitbart, Bruce) at the end of the film are all Jewish? And don’t forget the reception Sarah got from Bibi Netanyahu and Danny Danon, the next Big Macher in Israel’s conservative Likud Party.

    …keep an eye on Jewish opinion, especially among the Orthodox and Conservatives. Sarah is poised to split that heavy-Democrat voting bloc.

  • Cracker Mike

    SO “journalists” are not elevated above the common people at this premier? So the eff what! Sarah is in trouble NOW!. The “journalists” might not, you know, RESPECT her now or something. (sarc off).

  • apodoca

    Bwaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! The media shut out? Oh no! They’ll say nasty things about Sarah Palin … been there, done that. She’s got the t-shirt. Bwaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    She’s not going to them. They are chasing after her for crumbs. Bwaaaaaahhhhhaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Love it! Now, THAT’S media manipulation!

    Go, Sarahhhhhhhhh!

  • Making the MSM irrelevant . I think Bachmann is taking a few cues from Palin on this brilliant idea!

  • big L

    Now THAT is Reaganesque! Go over the heads of the media to the People-That is We, the People
    you MSM prevaricators and erk-jays.

  • Rags Nell

    The movie is a fantastic idea. It lets Palin get her story out there without the media attempting to sabotage her history. I can’t wait to see it.


    The producers need to rethink the poster set-up with the position of her arms. Everyone is going to look at it and immediately think, Eva Peron.

  • Daveofthedesert

    The movie will probly end in the middle. By the way wheres baby Doofus? Will daughter Thunder Thighs be there?

  • RockemSockemSarah!

    Dave of the desert is another graduate of the Barack Obama School of Civility. What is your interest in her daughter’s thighs? Are you one of those progressives/marxists/communists who think people with Downs syndrome must be exterminated? Ya know…like those pesky jews and beautiful conservative women?

  • Molon Labe


    Davey is just another Kos Kiddie. Don’t worry Davey Obama is sending you your welfare check so you can pay your parents for allowing you to stay in their basement.

  • catwoman368

    dave of the desert you need to go to hell for the comment you made about Trig. I hope Sarah run, she is one tough conservative woman with a love of God, family and country.

  • Chisum


    You are a very small, small man. I’ll bet the biggest thing on you is your nose.

    It certainly isn’t your brain.

  • Bill589

    New rules. Meet the first patriot mentioned in the next new chapter of future political science books. Maybe they’ll call the chapter, ‘Sarah Palin and the New Rules.’

    Hopefully soon will also start a new chapter in future history books as well. God willing called, ‘The Restoration of the United States of America.’ Amen