PETA Uses Microwaved Baby Murder For New Billboard Ad Campaign (Video)

The PeTA “media whores” thought they’d use a recent murder case in California in their latest ad campaign. The idea didn’t go over so well with the locals.
Dana Loesch at Big Journalism reported:

PeTA is under fire in Sacramento for comparing the recent tragedy of baby Mirabele, a six-week-old cooked to death inside of a microwave by her mother, to eating animals. The group rented billboard space in Sacramento and compared the tragedy to microwaving pork. “Everybody’s somebody’s baby. Go vegan” reads the billboard.

Local reporter Andria Borba lets PeTA have it within the first thirty seconds of her report, describing the group as such:

“Just when you thought PeTA, the attention-whoring animal rights organization couldn’t get any lower … “


This was a new low for PETA. Naked protesting is one thing. Comparing pork chops to a murdered baby is quite another.

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  • chicago

    we all know that these green activists care more about animals than human beings. they believe that animals should be given higher priority than human beings. so what’s a tasteless ad to them?

  • Gman

    Plants have mothers too!! Peta needs to stop eating plants as well.

  • Redwine

    PETA is not an animal rights organization. It’s animal slaughterhouse:

    Their campaign is as disgusting as it is hypocritical.

  • Gman

    O/T sorry, but this story is on drudge.
    Am I reading the last few paragraphs correctly? Is the guy blaming the crime in Chicago on Palin??

  • Truth Teller

    Wonder what PETA meat tastes like?

  • Ipso Facto

    Yet another example of how the left is going off the deep end. The tide is turning on them en masse as the regular garden variety people of this nation are reeling in horror at their cockamamie logic.

    And of course now everyone believes the left should take over healthcare.

  • jerrylud

    they are sick sick people or subpeople

  • #1american

    PETA…people eating tasty animals…go suck it you tree huggers

  • succotash

    The left proves their insanity 24/7.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Yep Levin has been exposing these leftist freaks. They’re probably the people the National Socialist Worker’s Party will send around to pick up your granny and off her in the van. The dogs and cats are just a warm up.

  • Nelle

    If these Peta people were half as sensitive as they pretendto be, they would be too sickened by this horrible incident to ever think of using it lightly in their fight against pork chops.

  • TiminPhx

    That the reporter actually called them “Attention seeking whores” is perhaps one of the greatest moments for journalism in the last couple of decades.

    The press will never do so, but people need to be reminded again and again, that PETA is simply another face of the Left.

    The only problem in going after these people, is that they relish it. These are the same losers that dressed like freaks in High School and College. The couldn’t get noticed any other way, so as a collective they do this and then get some attention.

    It’s similar to the old adage that a dog would rather be beaten that constantly ignored.


    Why would I waste a steak of pork chop by microwaving it.

    Stupid PETA, throw that sucker on the Grill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taqiyyotomist



    GP covered it this morning. That will be the meme, for the next year and a half.

    The MSM tried hard to gin up a race-war in 2008.

    This time they will up their game.

    Will not ONE Republican stand up and recite the horrid history of the Racist Democrat Party?

    If not, then “Republican” is gutless and useless.

  • bg


    shocking, sad & sickening.. :-(


  • greenfairie

    I hate PETA.

  • jim m

    not so shocking. PETA like other enviro groups believes that animals are more valuable than people. PETA is just showing us what they believe: Not just that killing animals is worse than killing people but that killing people is not that big of a deal.

  • aprilnovember811

    Please see this from The Mark Levin Show. PETA is slaughtering animals. People have been giving animals to them thinking they would be taken care of, instead they’re being killed. Please pass this on to everyone. It’s very sad. They’re obviously a front for marxism. A very dangerous agency that needs to be investigated and shut down. It’s a slaughterhouse. Look at their kill rate in the chart.

    Another Year, Another Horrendous PETA Slaughter of Homeless Pets

  • jennifer

    I don’t know what to say.

  • tru

    Peta is kind of a kook front group for H$U$. They are the ones trying to change laws that regulate food, pets, medical testing etc. Most of the donations they take in are for lobbying and political donations to mostly leftist politicians. Cas Sunstein (Obama’s regulations czar) is big into animal rights. Peta spends most of their donations killing animals and getting celebrities to advertise for them while H$U$ looks more mainstream in comparison. They are really more dangerous because they have more influence.

    The whole animal rights movement is much like any other leftist movement. It’s about controlling people, disrespecting property rights and shredding the constitution. Most people confuse animal rights with animal welfare. This is how they dupe people into giving them money. They have even duped conservative politicians. One, Rick Santorum, is now running for President. Back in 2005, then Senator Santorum, sponsored a sweeping Federal animal rights bill with little Dick Durban called PAWS. It did not pass but it was one of the hardest fought animal rights bills in history. I could never vote for someone that does the bidding of the animal rights movement. Santorum said he was trying to get rid of puppy mills but the bill would have outlawed dog and cat breeding for everyone except USDA breeders (legal puppy mills). All the breed clubs, rescue organizations, NRA, etc fought hard and eventually killed it. Much like Obama got the insurance industry to go along with Obamacare seeing potential new customers, AKC went along with Santorum and Durban seeing new customers as all these factory farms churning out puppies and kittens to fill the pet stores would be registering them with AKC and the AKC would get the Federal contracts to inspect the mills for USDA.

    When I hear conservatives like Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh say they love animals and are for animal rights, just not Peta, they have no idea what they are saying. Levin is beginning to figure it out. Ingrid Newkirk (founder of Peta) says a dog is a boy is a rat, meaning the rat and dog can not be property. They have God given unalienable constitutional rights same as the boy. We even unknowingly buy into the language of the movement calling ourselves pet parents instead of responsible dog owners. This is a very dangerous radical movement. I hope Levin delves into this more. People really need to know what this is really all about.