Muslim Carrying Bomb Detained Near Pentagon (Video)

A man carrying an explosive device and Al-Qaeda literature was detained in Arlington National Cemetery this morning. The cemetery was closed at the time when the Muslim was arrested.

ABC reported, via Michelle Malkin:

A man carrying a suspicious package was detained in Arlington National Cemetery this morning after police searched his backpack and found the materials as well as pro-al Qaeda literature, officials told ABC News.

Police believe he was carrying ammonium nitrate and spent ammunition for an automatic weapon. Ammonium nitrate has been used in terrorist bombs.

According to law enforcement sources, the man is a naturalized U.S. citizen. Initially he was thought to be of Ethiopian ethnicity.

The statements were found in a notebook that contained mostly notes for a financial class. There was also was a page containing words “al qaeda”, “Taliban rules”, “mujahidin and “defeated coalition forces.”

The man allegedly told police that there were other “devices” in the area and also the location of a vehicle.

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  • 8 My Foot

    It’s coming. And when it happens, obowma (D) might as well resign. Because he’s done.

  • redc1c4


    (just saving some moonbat the trouble… %-)

  • aprilnovember811

    I woke up this morning, went on the computer and saw the headline. “Man” arrested near Pentagon. I went right to a reputable blog because I knew they were eliminating something important, the man’s name. I knew instinctively it was going to be a Muslim. I was right. I’m sure the poor dear was suffering some type of mental illness. I read on Atlas Shrugs this morning that Muslim men who were plotting to blow up New York’s largest synagogue will not be charged with a “Hate Crime,” or another more serious charge. I guess when it’s Jews or Christians your going to blow up, that isn’t “Hate.” The ironic part is, these same Jews, and most of the Christians in NY thought they were so morally superior, and noble by voting for this wonderful “First Black President.” It’s just so sick. Where am I? He’s an accessory to murder along with his friend Holder in Operation Gunrunner. We have the Weather Underground and Muslim Brotherhood in the White House. The least John Boehner could do is defund their activities. If they aren’t going to remove him, at least they could defund them.

    I’ve been sending articles to the Israeli intelligence service hoping they do the job, ours won’t. Investigate who these monsters are. I hope they do. For our sake and theirs.

  • Marsh626

    Western immigration policies are suicidal. Stop letting these sub-human islamist animals migrate to the West for God sakes. And deport the ones who are already here. Common sense people. Start using it. Ignore the leftists and islamists when they call you ignorant racist islamophobes. Stop letting them guilt and shame you into committing slow motion civilizational suicide. Grow balls and stand up to them.

  • 3rd Option

    It’s a good thing Rep. King is holding the hearings to study radical Presbyterianism… wait, the guy w/ the backpack full of spent shells, fertilizer & Al Qaeda materials isn’t Presbyterian? My mistake. Would have NEVER guesses he’d be a Muslim.

  • shibumi

    Two things to remember:

    1. If they omit his name, he is a Muslim.
    2. If they say it is not related to terrorism, it is related to terrorism.

  • Hafar Al Batin

    1. A dry run
    2. False flag

  • john03

    Has Sheila Jackson-Lee blamed radical Christianity for this yet?

  • http://biggovernment GEE!

    Obama has allow 80’000 immigrants into our country most are from middle eastern countries, this fiscal year……..

  • Missy8s


    Somebody notify Sheila Jackson Lee that they found one of those “Domestic Christian Extremists” she’s been looking for….!!!

    Aw shucks!

    He’s a Muslim!

    This one will be quickly swept under the rug by the media, he doesn’t fit the profile do desperately desired by the lefty media…

  • SSBN 627(B)

    On the other hand, the media might just embrace this as another example of profiling. One might ask what the official Grandma/Muslim strip-search ratio is.

  • aprilnovember811

    You are so right. I wake up every morning wondering what I have to do to today to fight this. Who do I need to send information, just hoping one person in a thousand will look at it, or take it seriously. I went to bed a 2AM the other night, because I made the mistake of sitting down, and finding something I felt was important and wanted to get it out.

    My husband said, “Why were you up so late?” I said, I guess George Washington didn’t get enough sleep either. I don’t know if we’re going to win this war though. Obama became emboldened when he was allowed to lie about his birth. He now feels invincible and unless someone stops him, more people will die in this country. Maybe if it’s one of the elitist snobs who run this country, they will then, take it seriously enough to do something about him. Maybe the Israeli intelligence will be the ones to do it, since ours won’t.

  • ASCII Mohammed


    | What? He’s just persuing peaceful Jihad (with amonium nitrate
    | sparklers). Why can’t you bigots leave us peacful Muslims
    | alone? You stop shoving your Western values on us by
    | existing or I KEEEL YOU!

  • big L

    I am listening to Laura ingraham on the internet, KJCE Austin and the news from there is that there is nothing to see regarding this story.

  • Pat the First

    aprilnovember811, you don’t have to worry that people aren’t monitoring websites. They are.

    A friend of mine has a relative who is in the military (pretty high up) and after 9/11 told her that even although 9/11 happened that everyday multiple attacks on the US are stopped. They are watching. Even the Mossad watches. Just because there is someone in the WH who is not a friend to Israel doesn’t mean that Mossad isn’t watching. Our security is important to them. They know this guy isn’t going to be in the WH forever.

  • Pat the First

    big L commented:

    I am listening to Laura ingraham on the internet, KJCE Austin and the news from there is that there is nothing to see regarding this story.

    That is what they were saying on Fox News as well.

  • olm

    Silly people, this is a Christian masquerading as an Islamowackjob to throw you all off.
    His name and country of origin is immaterial because he must be a Christian rightwinger.

    ThanK God we are kind of vigilant and most of these guys are not the brightest bulbs.
    Although if it is a dry run, I might be taking that back.

  • Ruebacca

    Mr Cain would you put him in the Cabinet?

  • Ginger

    Why is the kenyan fraud being allowed to run for re-election when he has NOT proved his citizenship? I guess he is getting by with the fake certificate that Pelosi the bitch holds! Please people when Boehner is up for re-election I hope next year VOTE HIM OUT! We have to boot all of the rinos out and the new ones who are NOT doing their job!

    What angers me the most is to see the republicans sucking up with the demo-rats! I guess they are more forgiving then I am because when the demo-rats were in control they treated the republicans like sh(t. Did that bar-be-que at the white house tell you that there is a lot of a$$ kissing going on with the rebublicans.

    Also….where is the medical report on the kenyan fraud? I know the one page report from his doctor saying the fraud is healthy to ruin our country. He should be made to ….no that will not work it will be doctored to say he is mentally healthy and very intelligant. Ha


  • Militant Conservative

    Get your conceal carry permit then carry every day.

    This is an issue of when not “if”.

    Powder is dry