Yes we can.

You’ve gotta love it…
Michelle Obama told an audience in South Africa that she absolutely loves french fries… But, eat your vegetables.
The Examiner reported:

…At the end of the session, one young person in the audience asked Mrs. Obama, who has devoted much of her time in the White House to promoting nutrition and healthy eating, what her favorite foods are.

“My favorite?” Obama said. “Oh, this is a tough one. “It is tough, you know, because if I say something not healthy, people will be, like, you aren’t really committed to health. If I say something healthy, you know — I do — honestly, I like all kinds of foods.”

Obama mentioned Indian food, and then Mexican food, and then said: “No, if I picked one favorite, favorite food, it’s French fries.” The audience began to laugh. “Okay? It’s French fries,” Obama continued. “I can’t stop eating them.” As the students laughed more, the First Lady quickly returned to her role as advocate of health eating. “But eat your vegetables,” she said, to still more laughs. “And exercise.”




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  1. “It is tough, you know, because if I say something not healthy, people will be, like, you aren’t really committed to health.”

    So I’m, like, ‘did I have to pay for you to take the family to Africa to you could, like, tell them this?’.

  2. I just posted a new MyPlate diagram to reflect Michelle’s french fry love:

  3. It’s quite obvious that Moochelle loves french fries and can’t stop eating them!!!!

  4. Munch on, phata$$.

  5. Yes, commie cauliflower, and bolshevik broccoli

  6. …the attitudinal superiority of these lib mofos is unending…why can’t they mind their own effin bidness.

  7. Waiting for all the Liberals who criticized Nancy Reagan for Just Say No, or the Bush’s Abstinence program, to all post their stunning wit.


  8. I thought it was lobster Moochelle.

    Do they even serve french fries at all the posh 5-star resorts you stay at?

  9. Oh, she’s a smart one, isn’t she??

    F*ck, when will this national nightmare be over???

  10. Her husband smokes cigarettes. I suggest she shut her f**king (ehehehehehe) Pie Hole until she looses her caboose and gets Ear Leader to stop with the cancer sticks.

  11. Maybe they could fix her ugly crooked teeth so she wouldn’t talk like Mush Mouth.

  12. No wonder hear rear-end looks like the back of a bus

  13. Government approved food for thee, but not for me.

    What a wast of oxygen!

  14. haw haw RR, that is exactly what I thought! This fat a&& woman is one to lecture others about healthy eating? give me a F&kg break already… 2013 can’t come soon enought

    …. LET THEM EAT FRIES …. !!!!!!

  15. (Pssst… french fries… potatoes… ARE vegetables. Probably even the oil they are cooked in too. OK, OK, I know she meant GREEN vegetables)

  16. What the he!! is with that face at the end? Snuffleuffulus! Gaaaah she’d scare the peas out of pod.

  17. When is someone going to pipe up with “Hey, why don’t you butt out of my food choices?” Or do they screen her audiences that heavily?

  18. When someone prefaces something with “honestly”, it implies that they aren’t always honest. Are they being honest this time because they said so? Or are they lying and saying “honestly” to support the lie?

    I love fries, but eat your veggies… gotta love that “messaging”.

  19. Oh STFU you fat freakin cow…how many vacations are WE going to pay for your lame A$$ family…think about the “small” people who your mooslum husband said would have to “have a little skin in the game” and make sacrifices…you hyprocrit….what good did your A$$ do in S Africa by the way?????

  20. Those aren’t Africans. Rather, they are affectionately referred to by Michele as “her people”. Btw, they’re all from “Barack’s homeland”.

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