MELTDOWN: Alan Colmes Freaks Out After Weiner Resignation Announced (Video)

Alan Colmes freaked out today after it was announced that penis-tweeting liar Rep. Anthony Weiner would resign. The far left Weiner apologist didn’t take it so well after hearing the news. Breathe, Alan. Breathe.

Of course, Colmes defended liar Weiner… Even after he was reminded that Weiner called 5 news organizations to his office and lied through his teeth about the bogus “hacking” incident.

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  • Mr. Potato Head

    Anthony is Alan’s Weiner?

  • BuddyG

    Birds of a feather . . .

  • bigkahuna

    Colmes is still the typical moron liberal. Never sees a problem with liberals who are scum.

    That guy should never be allowed on Fox again

  • Bunnywabbit

    Colmes sympathizes because he is something of a pervert himself, I suspect. I remember when he said he would offer up his 12 year old to be filmed nude for money. It’s definitely a race to the bottom with Colmes and libs like him.

  • american patriot

    Colmes wouldn’t dare say this overtly, but what he is really troubled by is the strong, still residual influence that the Judeo-Christian ethic continues to guide Americans in particular, Westerners in general. Notice how Colmes repeatedly asserts that AW didn’t break any laws, ignoring embedded moral precepts.

    Out damn spot, out. This moral thread will never leave Americans; it’s part of our DNA.

    Too bad, Alan.

  • Larkin

    Just wanted to say how much I appreciate Alan Colmes.

    In one sound bite, he succinctly illustrated the moral depravity and hypocrisy of the liberal, leftist, democrat mindset.

  • bigkahuna

    I could easily see Colmes / Skeletor being a a pervert of the same nature

  • Anyone who takes a bullet for Anthony Weiner isn’t very bright. Over-the-top ideologues are a dime a dozen in Washington DC. Will Weiner become a Czar now?

  • Ipso Facto

    Colmes thinks its a shame that Weiner is stepping down. But, that Weiner lied repeadely, exposed himself all over the net, no shame there.

    This is the perfection of the liberal mindset.

  • “He was probably trying to preserve his dignity…” said Colmes, by lying publicly and to his congressional coworkers and leaders. He is scum, harassing women for jollies whenever he sees an opening. Sorry Colmes’ heart is broken. Too bad.

  • WSG

    The equation is simple, if you are willing to preserve the lie, you are subject to blackmail.

    When the manila envelope plops on the desk, and the interested party says, “you can keep this from being released by voting….”

    How does keeping him in position say that he will vote the way his constituents want? It will only guarantee that he will vote the way that people who know the most damaging things about him want. You can no longer believe that this guy has all the shoes on the ground.

  • olm

    AWeiner is the face of the swamp. It really is time to clean house. I know that respectable people may not want to get involved in the mess the elections have become but we need to bring some respectability back to Washington. Weiner resigning is a start. I wish Rangel would follow……………..dreaming.

  • bigkahuna

    Rangel, Frank, Pelosi, Reid,Waters Jackson Jr. All of them are corrupt , criminals or just plain scum

  • Neo

    So what’s that supposed to be about baby
    Gal, free up ya vibe and stop actin’ crazy
    Reminisce ’bout all the good times daily
    Why you tryin’ pull like I’ve been actin shady

  • StrangernFiction

    “You want to throw everybody out for lying, come on give me a break.”

    No, how bout we just give these liars LESS POWER. A novel idea I know, but hey it just might be a prudent step at this point.

    The “they’re all louses” argument is an unwitting admission that liberalism is a destructive philosophy.

  • Jwro


  • StrangernFiction

    #13 June 16, 2011 at 9:41 am
    bigkahuna commented:

    I would argue that every ‘rat in Congress is scum, but then I’m a purist.


    do these a-holes realize how f’n stupid they look or sound….

  • bigkahuna

    So Colmes is ok with sick lying perverts writing laws that tell us all how we live our lives, spend our money and how our country is goverened ????

    Scum sucking Colmes does not deserve ( not allowed) to be paid by a news organization to give his slimey opinion. I am not saying he shouldnt be allowed but his opinions are basically as perverted as Weiners

  • surfin’ bird

    Years ago when I started watching Hannity & Colmes on Fox, I used to think Alan Colmes was playing the part of a lib. I thought he was an act. I couldn’t believe someone was really that stupid.

  • Reconstitution

    Alan Colmes is illustrating the problems that result when God’s word is no longer used as a foundation for moral standards. Morality becomes relative to what the individual believes is right, which is influenced by what the individual wants to happen. Democrats like Weinter and Clinton telling lies is perfectly OK in many liberal’s minds because when Democrats tell lies it aids them in their cause, which is to keep their party in power. This is exactly why there is no moral outrage in the liberal media over the steady stream of lies and distortions that Obama uses in his attempts to prevent erosion of support for his agenda.

  • Glad to be alive

    Alan Colmes + Television = Mute button

  • GrayRider

    Alan Combs:

  • patman

    It’s okay to lie.

    We are all liars.

    So it’s okay…

    One shouldn’t have to live up to normal standards, right?

  • Callipygian1

    This deep thinker has a BA in Communications. He didn’t actually get a Poly Sci degree, but he’s heard of them…

  • Joanne

    “I’m not condoning his behaviour…..”

    Yes you are condoning his behaviour by wanting him to stay in Congress. For some reason these democrats have a problem with differentiating morality with good character, but hold Conservatives to this standard because Conservatives try to live up to that standard. Colmes is sickening.

  • Muddywood

    The main reason that the congressman can’t survive this politically is one word:


    Even stupid, morally retarded liberals see that.

    If that was Bill Clinton’s last name, the impeachment would’ve gone through and we would never hear from him again.

  • michael

    Whenever I see Alan Colmes I always think of Ren from Ren and Stimpy.

  • Kissmygrits

    AC has a girl child? Wonder how he would react if AW had sent her a pic or 2. Would that still be ok in his view.

  • Barack Obama

    Alan Colmes is utter scum. Another person I would like to suffer the consequences of his political positions, such as not being able to live in a gated community, always having to fly coach, etc.

    What I’d really like to see is Alan Colmes enter a Mosque on a Friday, without an advance warning.

  • mg4us

    Alan Combs is a Loser too! Flush him with the others.

  • dallasdan

    Colmes is a human cartoon character and a fool. His appearances on Fox serve the purpose of providing periodic reminders of the destructive potential of people with his mind set toward our great country.

  • Reconstitution

    #6 “In one sound bite, he succinctly illustrated the moral depravity and hypocrisy of the liberal, leftist, democrat mindset.”

    Exactly right. The moral relativism of the left makes right and wrong a matter of desired outcomes (ends justify the means). To see Colmes’ relativism note that Weiner’s wife almost certainly doesn’t think what her husband did was OK.

    You liberals, please think this situation through. A man who will betray his wife for trivial sexual excitement can’t be counted on not to betray his country for substantial gains like personal power or money if he thinks nobody will find out. Legality doesn’t make things right. If it was discovered that Weiner voted for a conservative bill to prevent this story from breaking, the left would universally want him thrown out – even if a legal case for prosecution couldn’t be made.

    Most of us on the right believe that character matters and do not accept the idea that a congressman’s conduct is ok so long as it isn’t illegal.

  • kansas

    Lying is fine. It’s taking pictures of your dick and sending to others that’s the problem. I wish people would admit that.

  • The REAL tea party

    This is funny. Some poor GOP guy had to resign for a shirtless photo he sent to an adult date, but Weiner can tweet his penis and get defended?

    Would Colmes have defended that GOP guy?

    Colmes is a weiner!

  • Kate

    I think it is just great that Colmes gives everyone the opportunity to hear how the liberal mind works and why our country is in the shape it is when you have liberals running it. Truth, honor and the American way is a foreign concept to liberals.

  • jmm

    I have learned one thing about the left and libs. This is not about what is right or wrong or fair or unfair. It is all about ideology pure and simple. It is always about that and always will. We keep trying to reason with them and it never works. Never try to reason with them. Does anyone seriously think that Colmes would have the same position if it was a Republican? Example: where are all the leftist protests that we had during the run up to the invasion of Iraq and Obama’s Libyan campaign? The left is going thru contortions trying the justify him not complying with the War Powers Act. It is rather amusing and enlightening. Think about it and you can find all kinds of examples of this. Ideology and that alone is what drives them.

  • owl

    #6: Just wanted to say how much I appreciate Alan Colmes.

    Yep. If you watch and listen to Alan, you understand the DEMS. He has one little touch of decency that does not want to say all that crap. That one touch is what is left of Zell Miller. The old Democrats are no more. They died out.

  • Mike L

    Colmes: “I’m not condoning his behavior, but this has nothing to do with whether or not he’s a good congressman.” “If he didn’t do anything illegal … then it’s a shame he would heave to step down.” “I don’t think it’s our business what people do in their personal lives, unless they break the law.”

    This actually makes sense. I’d be glad to apply this standard to congressmen from both sides of the aisle. If you agree, let’s talk again after David Vitter has resigned. (He actually DID break the law.)

  • JimmyT

    I would like to go back and find clips of what skeletal said about Chis Lee when he sent pictures of himself shirtless. Colmes, Dick Morris(the toe sucker), Juan Williams and their ilk is why I DVR Fox shows or switch the channel when watching live. Although, like many have said here, we should be glad for the exposure.

  • vityaz

    I was screaming at the television. STFU Alan!

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #28 – I didn’t before but I will from now on. LOL!

  • Spartan

    Let’s face it,,,,Weiner was the ONLY (excuse my pun) point man the liberals had to try and argue for Obamacare. He was the only one going after Justice Thomas. We in the Republican party have just been handed the ultimate prize to undo the healthcare law.

    Now,,,,,will leadership realize it and jump at this moment??

    I suspect,,,,No. Nor do I suspect they realize the opportunity they have just been given?

  • No Man

    They’re the same: low-life $cumbags.

  • Mark1960

    He’s losing his Tweetheart…What will he do for enjoyment now?

  • Formerly known as Skeptic

    Even if Colmes does apply this to Republicans evenly, he is setting the standard for public service at the absolute lowest rung: “he didn’t break the law.” Most people would like to see that bar raised a bit. That being said, does anyone happen to know how Colmes has reacted in the past to the instances where Republicans HAVE done morally questionable things? If he called them reprobates and sought their resignation, the hypocrisy would be stunning (not that that would be unusual amongst the left).

  • sharon

    dear alan – congressman make laws that affect our PERSONAL lives so why should we not expect them to have some decency in their own personal lives? this wasn’t an issue between Weiner and his wife but something he did outside of his marriage probably w/out her knowledge. His judgment is poor & he is a liar…why can’t we expect more?

  • Heidi

    Saw that this morning, one word, UNHINGED….

  • room50

    Ron Paul said it best, describing weiner’s behavior indicative of insecurity, thus such major public displays and actions.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #26 – By definition, condoning Weiner’s behavior is exactly what he’s done/is doing.

    –verb (used with object), -doned, -don·ing.
    1. to disregard or overlook (something illegal, objectionable, or the like).
    2. to give tacit approval to: By his silence, he seemed to condone their behavior.
    3. to pardon or forgive (an offense); excuse.

  • Hening

    Colmes has rendered himself irrelevant to any discussion since he has the discernment capabilities of a North Korean talking head. He needs to get a uniform like Vonnegut’s character Howard W. Campbell with a kicking jack-ass arm band instead of the swastika.

  • Mark

    #8 “Will Weiner become a Czar now?”
    Yes he will become the Weenie Czar.
    Alan Colmes will be his….um…regalia bearer.

  • I can’t remember. How did Colmes react when Trent Lott was forced to resign for the heinous crime of being nice to an elderly gentleman–Strom Thurmond–at his retirement party?

  • cindy

    So Alan….would you condone this behavior in, say, teachers?

  • Louisiana Steve

    Libs like Colmes live in a world without morals and rules of decent human behavior. Ergo, he cannot understand why Weiner would resign.

  • BM

    Colmes is a turd. Every time I see his grinch face on TV I automatically get a whiff of a stinky bathroom, and have to change the channel. Can’t stand that turd.

  • Eph

    Colmes is still trying to rid himself of the Hannity show label. By acting like an ass he trying to pander to the KOS crowd by saying “even though I’m on FOVnews, I’m still one of you”

  • Valerie

    Alan Colmes is saying that he’s willing to put up with all kinds of bad behavior, so long as the person votes the way he wants. It strikes me that, in a country of better than 300M people, we really can afford to be more selective about whom we place in high public office.

    Maybe, when you’re 13 colonies, you need a Ben Franklin. Maybe if you are the USA, with a much, much larger pool of talent, you can afford the turnover.

    Maybe turnover is a good thing.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    Colmes was smarmingly smug in the weeks following Barry’s election in ’08 because he thought it was one of the final steps in achieving the Socialist Utopia the progs have always lusted after. Now that the wheels are falling off that wagon forcing him to confront the fact that Liberalism is and always has been a failure, he is showing all the signs of a child being told for the first time there is no Santa Claus.

  • gastorgrab

    Alan Colms has a point. Anthony Weiner didn’t do anything outside the norm for a Democrat.

    Most liberals are pathological liars.

  • Gary

    We keep sending them up, the establishment keeps swatting them down.
    It’s that old “no insiders / no experience” paradox

  • gorgo

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the footage of Combs’ comments whenever republicans have been forced out of office for taking shirts off, queer texts, etc.

    Would LOVE to see that side by side with the above.

  • Slappy

    Mike L (#39) commented:

    This actually makes sense. I’d be glad to apply this standard to congressmen from both sides of the aisle. If you agree, let’s talk again after David Vitter has resigned. (He actually DID break the law.)

    Vitter should have resigned, but he didn’t. However, Chris Lee should have and he did. We can’t control the decisions of every politician in these situations, as sometimes Republicans and Democrats in these situations eventually make the right decisions (e.g., Lee, Weiner) and sometimes they don’t (e.g., Vitter, Barney Frank). Nonetheless, that still doesn’t justify Colmes’ idiotic standard, which is basically that unless you break the law, you shouldn’t be forced to resign from an elected position that requires the public trust and it’s not the public’s business. (Of course, no one really believes that ultimately Colmes would apply this standard to all politicians of both parties in all circumstances, especially in regards to prominent, powerful politicians that advance the conservative agenda that he opposes.)

    No one forced Weiner, Clinton, Vitter, Lee, etc., to be politicians and make decisions that impact all of our lives. If they want the responsibility that comes with serving the public, including protecting themselves from being susceptible to blackmail and operating in a personal and professional manner that retains the public trust, then the personal standards they need to meet are higher. Their personal behavior needs to live up to the responsibility they have. Taking pictures of yourself naked in the congressional gym then sending them to women you’ve never met is a betrayal of his responsibilities and undermines any trust he might have with the public. Compounding that by repeatedly lying to the public and media really makes you unfit to serve the public in an elected position. Plain and simple.

    Worst of all, liberals like Colmes defend scumbags like Weiner by saying: “You want to throw everybody out for lying, come on give me a break.” Well, perhaps we shouldn’t be giving them and the government they run so much power over the country and our lives then, like the Left wants to do. To acknowledge that politicians are liars and scumbags and then want to give them more power is absolutely idiotic.

  • greenfairie

    Skeletor comes from the Defend The Indefensible School of Liberalism.

  • Robert

    I think Allen is (reformed) Jewish by moral nature, but has brought his progressive liberal spin into it. Just as the Evangelicals have allowed the progressive liberal moment into their beliefs. I mean Glen Beck is a mormon and has forced his way into the Christian faith and most evangelicals are accepting the blending of cults into their religion. So Allen is true to his nature….it’s America……freedom is the ability to act consistant with your nature. Most of us choose the Constitution, our laws and Othodox Judeo-Christian moral, but some like to allow cultic ideas into the mix….That’s freedoms fight and tension.

  • MKA

    Alan Colmes is an idiot. If you work for a private company and do something that causes this level of embarrassment and then repeated lie about it you will be FIRED. It doesn’t matter if it is illegal or not – companies have reputations and they cannot have people tarnish their businesses. The Congress is no different (nor should it be). Wiener should have been gone a long time ago.

  • Alinsky

    You go boy, stand up for our no morals, self absorbed, lying brother of the left. Alan your a ghoul but your a liberal lunatic ghoul and that makes you OK with me.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    Seeing how much Colmes freaked out over Weiner finally doing something honorable almost makes me wonder how the fat smear merchant Chunky Johnson is taking the downfall of the object of his latest (D) man crush.

    Nahhhhh, not really.

  • Tim_CA

    Callipygian1 commented:
    This deep thinker has a BA in Communications. He didn’t actually get a Poly Sci degree, but he’s heard of them…

    But he did stay at a Holiday Inn Express!

  • Iconoclast

    I have to change the channel if this pencil-necked weenie opens its mouth . . . otherwise, it’s entirely likely a chair would intersect the screen. The Hannity show is so much better without this worm trying to throw in the prog commentary.

    There is a silver lining, as others have suggested: slimy al is the perfect poster child for the left: lying, whining, hypocritical, illogical, wimpy, disingenuous, repulsive and exemplifying the antithesis of America. I’m sure his abode abounds with roaches, lest he get a whiff of insecticide.

  • billc

    From the first time I saw him, Colmes gave me the creeps. He is so over the top on everything that he says you really want to put your fist in his mouth. I truly despise that perv on a very personal level.

  • Screwy Puppy

    @#11 June 16, 2011 at 9:33 am
    WSG commented:

    The equation is simple, if you are willing to preserve the lie, you are subject to blackmail.

    BINGO! Anyone going into the intelligence community that requires a clearance gets the blackmail question. We want to make sure that we don’t lose secrets this way.

    A politician being blackmailed could reveal secrets and influence national policy.

    If Weiner came out and said I did it, I don’t care what you think, then he is not vulnerable blackmail; he is just a piece of dirt. He tried to hide it; he is vulnerable and a danger.

  • BurmaShave

    Alan Colmes feels it is a shame that Anthony Weiner has to step down simply because he is completely lacking in morals, but has not “broken the law.”

    In the Liberals’ world human laws are all that matter; moral laws are strictly an object of mockery.

    They laugh and scoff at moral laws and at anybody who attempts to abide by them, and then they scream in outrage when one of their own becomes the object of mockery and is laughed off the stage.

    It is a shame that Lib Liberals have no shame; they make me puke.

  • ploome

    Why is Colmes on TV?

    What a totally repulsive individual.

  • Stuart

    By Alan’s moral reckoning Al Capone merely made a mistake in calculating his taxes.
    He was not a criminal, a bootlegger, a murderer. Remember Capone was never even tried for those offenses. Tax evasion was the only beef they could nail him on.

  • Robin

    ——Reconstitution commented:
    Alan Colmes is illustrating the problems that result when God’s word is no longer used as a foundation for moral standards.———-

    I have to disagree with you. I came to the conclusion that God is a fairytale in the early 90’s, and yet I still have the same moral standards that I always had. (Note: I am not criticising Christians, I fully support your rights to your faith, I just don’t believe anymore. I may burn for it…) But I still know what is decent and what is obscene.

    Weiner, and most Lib/Progs follow a different set of morals than we do. Consider Pelosi, who is still a praciticing Catholic. Her moral standards are as questionable as any Lib who doesn’t believe in God.

    It is about the character of the human being, not their faith or lack thereof.

  • styrgwillidar

    Wow. If Clinton didn’t have to reason after perjury, let alone his antics with an intern and cigars, then I’m kind of with Colmes on this, I don’t see why Weiner should resign.

    I also think that if Barney Frank doesn’t have to resign after destroying the housing market and loading the US with 317 Billion dollars in debt through his crony capitalism with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack, Weiner ought to stay. Similarly, look at what Maxine Waters, Charile Rangel and Ms. “Fly USAF family and friends plan” Pelosi have cost us without any call for their resignations. Weiner didn’t cost me a dime in this mess and has provided much in the way of entertainment, keep him around for the laughs and get rid of the folks who’ve committed real fraud.

  • styrgwillidar

    Sorry, ‘resign’ instead of reason, should have used preview.

  • Granny

    Alan Colmes SURE DID think it was our business what people do in their personal lives when he personally was making up garbage about Sarah Palin, her son and her daughter and posting it all over his personal website during the 08 campaign.

  • LarryG

    I quit listening to the chump a long time ago. He never misses an opportunity to advance his cockamamie liberal swill. I think he must intentionally miss the point of anything he talks about. Ugly,too.

  • getalife

    “The sting of any rebuke is the truth”. Benjamin Franklin.

  • Robin

    Oh, I didn’t comment on Colmes… well, DUH, it surprises me not that he responded that way. It has always made my skin crawl when I see Colmes come onto the TV screen. Most Libs who speak, I can disagree with them, but still have a degree of respect for them, everybody is entitled to their own opinion. But Colmes, yuck, he turns my stomach every time he speaks.

  • Founding Principle # 3 The most promising method of securing a virtuous and morally stable people is to elect virtuous people

  • Karin

    Ugliest dude on TV. Can’t stand him, won’t watch him.

  • GUS

    Liberals want to win. That is all they want. Winning allows them to create America in the image they seek.
    Conservatives recognzie right and wrong. Libtards recognize winning and losing and will do anything to win.
    Colmes cannot recognize right and wrong, because his intellect is small and his ideology is large.
    The question is simple. Is WEINER FIT, to be a UNITED STATES CONGRESSMAN?
    Libs say yes.

  • Earl

    Wiener has behaved immorally and unethically ever since he’s been in office, and it’s not like this is the first lie he has told, so I’m not sure why it’s an issue now. Heck, if Debbie Wasserman Schultz doesn’t have to resign, why does Wiener? Her actions are much worse for the country than Wiener’s. I don’t care who he sends wiener pics to, that’s between him and his wife, who for all we know was ok with it. I care that he rejects the Constitution, lied about Obamacare, and voted for it. THAT should be grounds for resigning.

  • J Bo

    Alan it is pretty simple and does not need to be illegal. IT IS CALLED CONDUCT UNBECOMING. We expect and deserve much more from our elected representatives. Alan divulged his true feelings when he said “as long as he votes the way he wants him to vote.” He (Weiner) intentionally and knowingly tried to destroy the reputation of Andrew Breitbart, accusing him of being responsible for all this. He knew all along that he was the one responsible. Is that not illegal? He lied through his teeth over and over and over. I would not trust him to take out my trash or walk my dog. I do not need more puppies that look like Weiner. Who knows where that thing has been?

  • Weiner Tweeted then lied,
    Kennedy drove and someone died.
    Rangel cheated on his taxes
    and sits in the house on his fat ass.
    Frank’s lover ran a brothel in his house.
    His constituents still elect him for his mouth.

  • SteveThomas

    Just proves that libs are amoral knuckleheads. Weiner’s behavior was anything but private. If it were private, I wouldn’t know what his pecker looks like. It speaks volumes about his character (creepy, perverted) and his judgement (extraordinarily poor). That is reason enough to give him the boot. The fact that his idiocy exposes him to blackmail utterly seals the deal. Anybody or foreign adversary would have opportunity to extract state secrets or votes from him were his pecker shots not made public first. Maybe a moot point with Obama in office offering to give China and Russia our most sensitive military secrets, but an important point nevertheless.

  • oceanguy

    Colmes is afraid Weiner is going to take his job…

  • jcj

    Colmes on again right now. Much calmer but says Weiner should run in the special election in his own district that will happen shortly. Let his constituents decide. Now that’s just brilliant AC. Geez. Colmes also praised Breitbart for doing what a journalist should do. Surprising right? Not. AC knew he had made an a** out of himself earlier and is trying to make up for it. Looney tunes Colmes.

  • Rev Dr E Buzz

    Google alan colmes and mark foley and see what this empty-headed shill said then.

    He’ll say anything to get on tv.

  • Jay

    Er, where is the “meltdown”?

  • rum

    alan has it right without knowing it. he said “lets get all the liars out”. exactly. get all the scum out. get people in there that have priciples, morals and values. WE ACTUALLY HAVE TO ARGUE THIS POINT. the downfall of our great society continues. (my father was right all along!!!!haha)

  • He’s made a pretty good career out of being a shill for the left. He’s as phony as professional wresting and not nearly as entertaining.

  • Doug H.

    So Skeletor doesn’t like He-Man but he does like Weiner.

  • Militant Conservative

    Just heard the wiener resign.

    Cat calls from the crowd ” bye bye pervert”

    “Is it bigger than 7 inches?”

    Classy New York. Powder is dry

  • Mike L

    I like the few comments with insightful arguments (Slappy, WSG, Screwy Puppy)

    – He could have been blackmailed
    – Dishonor to the institution, which should have higher standards than others, is enough

    – Others who have done far worse, often actually illegal, and things that could directly harm constituents, have not resigned; their continued presence has been the decision of their constituents

    [ The rest of you should resign from commenting 🙂 ]

  • Ann J.

    Excuse Alan was your position the same on Foley or did you demand he resign ,even though he had proof all the men were over age?

  • JPeden

    Anti-resignation: A. Weiner as icon for “evolutionary throwback” or “dead end” Progressivism, a demonic Colmes being its perfected minion.

  • Ann J.

    Excuse me Alan was your position the same on Foley or did you demand he resign ,even though he had proof all the men were over age? Not sure you are the best person to judge double standards…

  • JPeden

    rum: he said “lets get all the liars out”. exactly.

    “Progressive” “let’s not get any of them out, because they’re all like that.”

    Similar to, “it’s going to take ’10 years’ to increase production of oil, so let’s not start.”

  • Chuy Henderson

    What would Alan say if a conservative called a homosexual a “faggot” in a private, illegally recorded conversation? Though it’s legal to make such a comment and illegal to record the conversation, methinks Alan would call for the conservative’s resignation. Alan is just a sad stereotype.

  • Colmes makes a fool of himself again, this nothing new……….

  • GUS

    “get all the liars out” Then he says that Weiner should run in the special election.

    Ok. First Obama needs to resign.

  • Florodora

    >I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to see the footage of Combs’ comments whenever republicans have been forced out of office for taking shirts off, queer texts, etc.

    @gorgo, true. I watched this exchange this morning. You’ll be happy to know that Colmes said he’d be just as supportive of a NON-resignation for such actions if it had been John Boehner. Yeah, right…….

    Colmes just solidifies that very famous 3-worded label: BRAIN DEAD LIBERAL.

  • tommy mc donnell

    colmes never said this when the clinton administration was railroading every businessman and republican politican that they could with sexual harassment charges. how being in a position of power over a woman abrogated the possible of consensual sex. politicans only became entitled to a private life when the same standard was applied to bill clinton.

  • Weiner sent a twitter
    of his wiener to a hooker
    but claimed it was a hacker
    that sent the wiener twitter.

    The libs defended Weiner
    Said that Breitbart was the hacker
    But the fact is Weiner’s wiener
    Was the wiener in that twitter.

    The hooker got the pic of Weiner’s
    wiener in his undies
    But Weiner’s NAKED wiener
    got twittered to more honeys.

    Weiner told the world that, yes,
    ’twas Weiner’s wiener twittered
    But since no harm was done
    No one would ever call him quitter.

    Joan Walsh felt that she looked a fool
    Defending Weiner’s glory
    But then attacked the motives of
    the ones who broke the story.

    Politically motivated
    Meant to destroy Weiner
    I guess that she forgot
    That it WAS in fact HIS wiener

    The press concocts false stories
    Nearly every single day
    Attacking EVERYTHING that
    Palin may do or say!

    Weiner’s wiener on display
    Gave Dems a case of nerves
    His twitters fit the profile of
    A sex-offender PERV!

    So San-Fan-Nan and POTUS
    pushed for Weiner’s resignation
    District 9 said we will vote us in
    Some new representation!

    c 2011 Doug Edelman

  • Reconstitution

    ——Reconstitution commented:
    Alan Colmes is illustrating the problems that result when God’s word is no longer used as a foundation for moral standards.———-

    Robin commented:
    I have to disagree with you. I came to the conclusion that God is a fairytale in the early 90′s, and yet I still have the same moral standards that I always had.

    Rejecting God doesn’t automatically make a person’s standards for moral conduct change. On the other hand, on what basis can a godless person claim that the conduct of Colmes, Weiner, Obama, or anyone else is wrong? Personal opinion? Weiner, Colmes and Obama have opinions too.

    FYI, I used to be an atheist then received hard proof I was mistaken, but that’s not a discussion for this forum. Be blessed!

  • Reconstitution

    Robert Runyon commented:

    “Founding Principle # 3 The most promising method of securing a virtuous and morally stable people is to elect virtuous people”

    In the liberal mind the people they elect are virtuous. They see themselves as the anointed for their holy liberal causes.

  • [email protected]

    American Patriot nailed it @ post #5.

  • Reconstitution
  • Debbie

    And yet we only heard crickets from your side when Vitter stayed in office. Talk about head up your azz. That’s the commenters on this site.

  • Vitter had affair , he wasn’t posting nude photos of him self and sending them numerous girls. Vitter affair happen 8 years before it came public.

  • Slappy

    Debbie (#113) commented:

    And yet we only heard crickets from your side when Vitter stayed in office. Talk about head up your azz. That’s the commenters on this site.

    Sure thing, Debbie. We all know where your head is since you appear to have supported Weiner staying in office, though you can’t persuasively defend it except citing hypocrisy — real or imagined — on the part of your political opponents. You do realize that hypocrisy by some on the Right doesn’t make it more appropriate for Weiner to stay in office due to his behavior. Or are you so lacking in logic and reasoning and blinded by partisanship that you can’t see this? Perhaps you should have contacted the Democrat Party leadership about Weiner then because they seemed to believe that he should resign. Or do you, the Queen of Projection, think they have their heads up their rectums, too? I seriously doubt it since they are members of the political party you support, right?

    The laughable thing is based on your overtly partisan reaction to the criticism of Weiner, I’m willing to bet that in the past you have opposed the resignations (or removals) of certain politicians with whom you agreed on policy but supported the resignations (or removals) of certain politicians with whom you disagreed on policy, even when their scandalous actions were not substantively different from one another. This type of rationalizing, biased behavior is certainly not unusual for someone with such strong partisan, ideological views like you obviously have and isn’t exclusive to one side of the political aisle. But it illustrates a level of intellectually dishonesty that I’m willing to bet you have no problem displaying on a regular basis. After all, do you personally think both Ted Kennedy and Barney Frank should have resigned or been removed from office when their scandals occurred? How about Clinton and Spitzer? Each of them actually broke the law. I supported the resignations and removals from office of various Republicans based on their scandalous behavior, such as Mark Foley, Chris Lee, and Larry Craig, among others, whether the broke laws or not. Can you say you felt the same about sex scandal-ridden Democrats, like the aforementioned Democrats? Based on your expressed attitude in comment #113, I doubt it.

    Also, you made an awfully broad statement about “the commenters on this site” considering many of us at the time the Vitter scandal broke thought that he should resign, so saying “we only heard crickets from your side when Vitter stayed in office” is simply not true. I even said it above (#63), didn’t I? Yet, you made a blanket statement about all “commenters on this site.” That may be easier than defending Weiner, which not many on your side of the aisle have done the last couple of days, but it is intellectually dishonest for you to make such an idiotic, myopic statement. I’d love to see what you said about Mark Foley resigning or being removed from office back in 2006, as his behavior was fairly similar to that of Weiner.

    Let me just say, I think there is hypocrisy both Republicans and Democrats on these matters. I definitely see it, though I can honestly look in the mirror and say that this criticism is simply not true regarding me personally. But you keep tossing out partisan blanket statements instead of saying something accurate, persuasive, or intelligent.

  • dnb

    ?But I don’t think that’s a reason to step down. Sadly.” Truth comes out. Colmes is right. It is sad that he finds Weiner’s actions acceptable, and I think he knows it.

  • CV1

    What would Weiner need to do to get Combs to agree that he should resign?

  • Ronin

    “Let’s kick all the liars out of Congress!”

    OK, sounds good to me! Why does he put that forth as if it’s an argument for retaining Weiner? IT ACTUALLY MAKES A LOT OF SENSE. Why should we put up with leaders who lie to us? Obvious answer: WE SHOULDN’T.

    But partisan liberals can’t figure that simple truth out for themselves. The fact is, they’re all for lying to the American public– as long as they get to subvert the political process, nothing else matters. “I don’t care what he does, as long as he votes the way I want him to.” Once you’ve said that, you’ve given me all the proof I need that your opinions on anything whatsoever, are worthless.

  • Marie

    Robin, excuse me if I think you’re a lying bitch with no morals.

  • Doug Schoen

    Mike L (#39) commented:
    This actually makes sense. I’d be glad to apply this standard to congressmen from both sides of the aisle. If you agree, let’s talk again after David Vitter has resigned. (He actually DID break the law.)

    Its the cover up stupid!

    Sorry, but I fail to see your point.

    Who, exactly, did Vitter accuse of committing a Federal crime? Hacking is a felony, Weiner accused or let stand the accusations that 3 innocent private Americans had hacked into his accounts.

    Do you know it is a felony to knowingly make false accusations of crimes? In other words He, Weiner, actually DID break the law.

    What companies did Vitter accuse of having lax security that lead to his being hacked? Again it is a crime to knowingly make false accusations.

    Weiner accuse tweeter, y-frog, facebook and Blackberry of being responsible for his being hacked, which was a lie.

    And yes, I do think Vitter should resign but I don’t see any logical connection tween the Vitter case and the Weiner case.

    When the Vitter case happened, Vitter came clean immediately.
    When the Weiner case happened, Weiner lied, he told lie after lie after lie. He lied to idiots dumb enough to carry his water, NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Daily Kos and there ilk.
    Most damaged Cannonfire dot com! Is now nothing but humiliated cannon fodder.

    Make your best case, I’m not interested in the pictures Weiner sent, they are irrelevant, same with the prostitute Vitter had contact with last CENTURY.

  • Doug Schoen

    Doug Edelman commented:

    Joan Walsh felt that she looked a fool
    Defending Weiner’s glory
    But then attacked the motives of
    the ones who broke the story.

    Now that’s just sad. Joan Walsh is a fool, has been a fool long before this Weiner case popped up.

  • whatdemocracy

    my, my my; so many saints gathered here casting the first stone. do you really believe there exists a politician who doesn´t lie? we have to make do with the best we can get for individual departments; if we want morally unblemished politicians we better put newborn babies in charge of politics.

  • Slappy

    whatdemocracy (#122) commented:

    my, my my; so many saints gathered here casting the first stone. do you really believe there exists a politician who doesn´t lie? we have to make do with the best we can get for individual departments; if we want morally unblemished politicians we better put newborn babies in charge of politics.

    You’ve taken intellectual dishonesty to a new level. I don’t see anyone here claiming to be a saint nor should one be required to be one to opine on Anthony Weiner’s transgressions, but I do see several individuals like yourself making the cynical claim that all politicians lie, as if they all do so with the same frequency and in the same manner.

    I do “like” how you criticized many of us here for supposedly being pious and/or ignorant while you yourself acted pious and arrogant. Do you not see the irony? The only difference is that we’re focusing our criticism on a deserving party (i.e., an unethical politician like Weiner who needs the public trust in his role as a public servant but destroyed it with his serial lies and behavior), while you’re focusing it on us (i.e., a bunch of regular citizens point out the obvious truth about Weiner and certain politicians of both political parties whose behavior goes behind telling an occasional intended or unintended mistruth).

    All politicians are fallible beings, like everyone here. However, to think that a politician making a claim that their budget plan will reduce the deficit in order to get the plan passed when they are only 70% sure it will is far different than sending pictures of yourself naked and of your erection then repeatedly over many days lying to your constituents, the press, the public at large, and your friends and family while subtly and overtly implying that political opponents of yours were behind the criminal act. The former is part of the game of getting things done in politics and other fields (e.g., business), but the latter is not acceptable behavior in any context or situation.

    But you keep making excuses for scumbag politicians by pushing the “they all do it” meme while attacking regular people for commenting on the transgressions of politicians when we’re not the ones violating the public trust. If you really think that all politicians lie and have no problem making excuses for them by lowering the bar on human behavior, perhaps you could be a little more introspective and wonder who created the situation — just the lying politicians or perhaps the lying politicians in concert with people like you who have let them off the hook by giving them an excuse for ignoring any standards.

    BTW, I’m willing to bet that despite the cynical (and permissive) attitude that you expressed here in regards to American politicians, that you have also criticize various politicians for lying to the public on occasion…well, at least those you oppose, right?

  • William

    The left and elitist, snobbish, arrogant people on the left and the right hate Sarah Palin, and are constantly giving her and her family proctology exams, over turning every rock, every leaf, every portion of carpet, ever speck of dust, each and every email, all her garbage, everything, trying to find reasons to hate Sarah Palin, marginalize her, and then continue to make her a media item, even while they claim she means nothing.

    Palin did nothing to anyone, yet she is the target of hatred, bias, and inappropriate verbal attacks, treats against her life and that of her family, and more.

    This congressperson who has been rude, arrogant, bombastic, narcissistic, and just plain unpleasant, was defended by his supporters, and, in the case of people like Alan Colmes, they are frantic, fanatical, and try desperately to trash Conservatives, and defend the likes of a lascivious, salacious horn dog like Weiner.

    This is all Republicans’ fault, they say. Poor Weiner is the victim of Republicans, and those awful Puritanical “Americans.” It has nothing to do with his unsolicited lude photographs and messages. Nothing at all.

    Colmes employs a standard, vicious method used by leftists, to claim other bad behavior which is not punished, and claim, “Hey, President Bill Clinton was not punished, ergo, if that bad behavior isn’t punished, then you shouldn’t punish Weiner, and Weiner should not resign.”

    Okay, why should a person who robbed a bank go to jail? After all, look at all the politicians who ripped off the public, and stole more money than the bank robber, and they never went to jail. In fact, the bank robber never murdered anyone, never raped anyone, and never hurt anyone. Why should he be tried and imprisoned? Some of the other bad people weren’t?

    Bad behavior by others, and their getting a pass on their bad behavior, is not an excuse other bad behavior, although, by the morals, or lack thereof, of leftists, if the perpetrator of the bad behavior is committed by a leftist, then they should get a pass, but a Conservative shouldn’t be shunned, fired, investigated, and incarcerated.

    I have long ago grown tied of Alan Colmes and his vindictiveness, and, before this disgusting stuff related to Weiner came to the fore, I found him to be an arrogant, loud mouthed, disrespectful, vindictive, venemous, hate filled, narcissistic snob.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • Obamahater

    I’m expecting to see Weiner become another liberal political analyst for Fox News, like Bayh, Williams, Bechol, Geraldo, etc.

  • whatdemocracy

    wow! what an eyeful i got there from slappy and william!!! i like it, i like it! actually i am a great admirer of sarah palin, would love to see her on top of the heap.yes, i am a cynic; i am atheist, and not ashamed of it. getting all het up over other peoples sexual peccadillos is such a waste of time and energy. i know nothing about weiner apart from the sexual bruhaha depicted in media. was he good at the real duties of his position? that is worth discussing. is he loyal to america? that is worth examinig. is his marriage politically dangerous for free america? that is a very important issue to be examined. but getting involved in a discussion about his member? getting angry because he lied about it? that has nought to do with inteligent thought.