Media Darling Chris Matthews: Weiner in Trouble Because his Behavior Offends “Culturally Backward” Christian Conservatives (Video)

Leave it to the state-run media to rush to defend that Face of the Democrat Party, Anthony Weiner.

What a shock. Rather than condemning Rep. Weiner (D-NY) for sending lewd tweets of his penis to young women on twitter, MSNBC star Chris Matthews blames the “backward” conservative Christians for being offended by the twitter scandal.
NewsBusters reported:

Via NewsBusters:

CHRIS MATTHEWS: They never get the Speakership back because the people in the rural areas of this country who are Christian conservative culturally – you can say backward if you want – but they don’t like this kind of stuff at all. They’re not part of that 56 percent in Brooklyn and Queens who say, “okay, we can live with this guy.”

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  • Contessa61

    New Yorkers must lie all the time that is why they are okay with Weiner lying for 10 days and falsely accusine Brietbart of a crime.

  • american patriot

    Wow, that Chris Matthews is as sharp as ever. He notices that liberal urbanites in NYC do not have the same values as those in non liberal, non urban areas.

    Our only hope lies with the non liberal. As Savage says, liberalism is a mental disease.

  • Glenmore

    Weiner is the backwards one – if he was into artsy, hip things, then he’d have Van Gogh’d it instead of just sending a twit-pic.

  • Black Sabbath

    Whose news show came in dead last in the ratings this week? Was it Matthews, Schultz or Maddow? So who cares what any of them think? No one watches them anyway.

  • RedBeard

    Poor Chrissy, getting more and more deranged as his favorite politicians fall by the roadside.

    Note to Chrissy: When you watch the parade of Americans go by, don’t say, “Oh, look! Everyone in the whole country is out of step but the east and west coast lefties!” It makes you seem even more stupid than usual, a very difficult task.

  • Betsy Ross

    If Christians are so culturally backward, why doesn’t Chris prove his unbackwardness and post his private parts on line?

  • AuntieMadder

    So, not making one’s own genitals the subject of pornographic photos and then sending electronic copies of those photos to persons other than one’s spouse is not simply “old fashioned” or indicative of “antiquated mores.” No, it’s “culturally backward,” because, apparently, in Chrissy Matthews’ skewed POV, doing so is part of our cultural. (I wonder if he ever sent Barky pics of his tingly leg.)

  • Rachelle

    I have always wondered about Tingle-Up-The-Leg Matthews. He probably likes the photos and wishes Weiner had sent Weinergrams to him.

  • Buffoonery

    Matthews identifies a major Liberal Paradox: How do you justify “living with” the moral corruption and Godless behavior of those who politically represent you, and yet place themselves in a weakened position where they are actually a target for breaches in National security?

    You CAN’T justify it.

    Matthews does what he always does to bolster the weak-minded who he champions: He makes fun of those who recognize how indefensible the Liberal position is. And because he thinks he does so with humor, he continually plays the part of the buffoon.

  • Ipso Facto

    Let’s be honest. Outside of the Ground Zero site, NYC is a bona fide sh*t hole. The people, above all, range from unfriendly to rude. The streets are a nightmare to drive on, you can’t park anywhere and god forbid you have so much as a radio in your car – they’ll break into it. If you walk along the streets in many neighborhoods, the sidewalks are littered with crack vials and needles. Where ever you go, you have to keep one eye on your wife’s purse and the other on your wallet.

    When we hear that the people there are behind Weiner and that they consider Christians to be culturally backward – who can be surprised? With all of the cultural attractions in NYC, its quite readily observable that most people there sound like they learned to speak English from Charlie the Tuna and they went to the same charm school as Michelle Obama.

    It used to be a nice place to visit. Those days are long gone. NYC today is a mere shadow of what it used to be. Weiner truly represents them

  • catwoman368

    A foaming at the mouth,spittle spewing mad hatter is chrissy. I would prefer to be a backwards christain with morals, than a head up my backend liberal.

  • Highlander

    So – integrity, morals, virtue, honesty – all backward. Look, none of us is whole. We are all flawed. But, if the people who believe those characteristics themselves are not worth aspiring to, are not presently defeated politically to the point where they no longer pose a threat to wield significant power – our Republic will be soon nearing its end.

  • jorgen

    So, I am “culturally backward” because I don’t behave as the slimy people like Weiner and Matthews! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, … Are socialists insane or does their religious devotion to Marxism cause insanity?

  • Chris

    Matthews is just trying to be provocative to improve his ratings. Nobody watches and he’d be mostly irrelevant if not for conservative bloggers making a big deal over his spew. He’s an elitist. He’s arrogant. And he should be ignored.

  • bg


    through the looking glass doesn’t begin to describe the liberal mind.. 🙁


  • Wm T Sherman

    I think Matthews has suffred tertiary brain damage from a series of small strokes.

  • nell

    So Chris Matthews is part of the more evolved, sophisticated crowd that thinks it’s fine for their elected officials to be writing lewd notes and sending pictures of their exposed, formerly- private parts to a variety of women. He calls the benighted “backwards” folks who have a problem with this “they”. But all “they” are is the people who realize that just because the vehicle of transmission has changed to tweets and e-mails, doesn’t mean the content is more acceptable than when you had to deliver it in person with an open raincoat.

    Perverts are still perverts, and it’s not just conservative Christians who are smart enough to get that rather simple point, Chrissie.

  • mike191

    The Tingler is insane.The vile and predatory actions by Mr. Weiner and his defenders are the minority in this nation.

  • Militant Conservative

    Wow, kinda like agreeing with the muzterds. I partially agree with CM.

    We conservative have morals and ethics, you liberal urban scum do not. Damn, he nailed it.

    Difference though Chrissy, I will do what it takes to defeat your ilk. I know you will too.

    This is one conservative that must put aside his morals and ethics to save his home.

    Saul Alinsky tactics don’t cha know.

    powder is dry.

  • John Fembup

    Oh, it’s my fault.

    Got it, Chris.

    Thanks, dude.

  • truth teller

    Revolt time yet???

  • lemonaide

    I’z uffended at dat Mat Chews insultin us backward Christian Conservatives. We’un loves kulture jus as much as he duz. Why jus today I sat down a writ dis here ditty rat cheer: (Sung to the tune of the Oscar Meyer song)

    “Oh, I wish I was Anthony’s Weiner,
    that is what I’d truly like to be,
    ’cause if I were Anthony’s Weiner,
    They’d ALL be atwitter over me.”


    The division in this country makes the war of northern aggression look like two twins fighting over a cupcake. Except this time those Yankee boys will be on our side too, it’ll be the north and the south vs the left!

    Oh and Chris… you cling to your wieners and socialites.. and we’ll keep clinging to our bibles and guns!

  • gus


    We are screwed. (pardon the pun).

    LIBERALS have no moral, nor standards. They are narcissists of one degree or another, and YOU PAY for it.

  • Gimme a Break

    Little Chrissy is an ignorant bigot.

  • liberty60(Veteran, Great War of Yankee Aggression)

    Chris Matthews needs to get out more, and actually visit Red State America.

    First off, the Bible Belt is a huge consumer of porn;

    Second, most people who attend fundamentalist churches have been divorced like Newt Gingrich, or cheated like Newt Gingrich, or have an unwed pregnancy in their family like Bristol Palin, or a closeted gay father/brother/uncle like Ted Haggard.

    Overall, the statistics for unwed pregnancy, STDs, and early sexual behavior are the highest in rural Red State areas.

    This is why, while most culturally conservative Republicans will snicker of Weiner’s problems, it the smirk of those who have walked his path, and identify with him.

    Offended, they are not.

  • davidt

    Remember, Matthews gets paid to speak this nonsense.

  • jakev

    Sorry, Chrissie. My daughter is a research assistant at a liberal college. She adores Barack Obama to my eternal shame. Her husband decided sending pics of his pric to strangers he met on the internet would be just so much fun and super cool. She dumped his bared buttock and is now a happily divorced liberal. So you don’t have to be “backwards” to think that the male member of your husband should be a very private matter.

  • gus

    Liberty!!! Do yourself a big favor LIBTARD.. Provide proof of what you say, or shut the fukk up. Ok? How bout it sissy boy. Put up or shut up.

  • Chisum


    He can’t. Liberty is a BLOWHARD. In every sense of the word.

  • Coastal Eddie

    People should be nicer to Crass Misuse– he sold his soul to get on TV, things are not working out as promised.

  • Ooh. 56 % of Brooklyn and Queens who can live with the guy? That was BEFORE they knew what kind of lowlife he is. Lot of tight families in Brooklyn and Queens with high school girl daughters.
    He might win again, but not at those numbers.

    The Left media is out in force with 100 variations of the most pathetic justifications of “everyone does it.” Like hell they do.

  • Mike

    Amazing he actually get paid big bucks for being this stupid. Unbelievable. I seldom watch the news unless it something very important and not someone’s talking point or whatever. And I’d never watch these clowns.

  • Viv

    Maybe Weiner tweeted the image of his penis to Matthews and he got a thrill from that too.

  • Mary W

    #17 Nell – Thanks for the LOL! Someone should pose that question to Chrissie: a flasher with a raincoat vs a photo of a male sex organ posted on twitter, both perverts or not? If posting your private genitalia on a public website is not perverted why is flashing considered perverted and against the law.

    #22 Lemonaide – Hilarious!!

  • RedBeard

    #23: RedPill, you nailed it right there. The idiot lefties can have their thin strip of lunacy along the west coast and the upper east coast. The rest of us can get along just fine without them.

  • Atlanta Media Guy

    Comcast should be careful, the majority of their customers live in fly-over country. I bet when these “backward Christians” find out Comcast owns NBC maybe the new Comcast/NBC will feel an exodus of customers, not viewers but customers. That would certainly slow down the investment Comcast made in NBC. A letter to the Olympics asking them if they think a corporation with such a biased news organization should be allowed to broadcast the Olympics? Brian Roberts, Comcast CEO, should be careful letting MSNBC practice this biased journalism. Brian a lot of those “backward Christians” that Chrissy speaks of pay a lot of money to Comcast monthly for cable/internet/phone VOIP, what if that monthly cash flow started to slow down?

    Folks if you don’t like the journalism that MSNBC seems to broadcast, let Comcast know. They own NBC and I can bet you if market share starts to tumble or if the cash flow gets clogged, Mr. Roberts will have some say in the matter. MSNBC is going nowhere. They are part of the broadcast model for the Olympics, an investment Comcast just made this week. So a nice respectful letter to the CEO is in order and ask him if he agrees with the comments of one of his employees. Sure Chris should be allowed to say what he wants but the people don’t have to listen or agree with it. Let’s not forget what Soros’ bunch did with Glenn Beck/Fox News and their sponsors. Comcast is that what you want here?

  • Leatherhelmet

    Prissy is a bigot although the other day he asked if the whole thing was Mrs. Weiner’s fault.

  • myohmy

    Maybe that is what Chris wants, a daily dosage of Weiner.

  • K~Bob

    Dear Mister Matthews,
    Yeah, we can live with this guy

    – – Moron-Ku!

  • No Man

    If you didn’t post his stupidities, none of us would know Mattews exists.

  • StrangernFiction

    Ho hum, liberals are scum.

  • PB-in-AL

    “Leave it to the state-run media to rush to defend that Face of the Democrat Party, Anthony Weiner”

    It’s not his face that the hullabaloo is all about.

  • daryl

    Get this horndog out of congress and in jail or back on the streets where he belongs.

    Exclusive: Weiner’s Messages to Teenage Girl in Delaware Draw Police Attention –

  • liberty60(Veteran, Great War of Yankee Aggression)

    @ Gus-
    Here you go!

    Consumption of porn in the Bible Belt:
    From the article: “Those states that do consume the most porn tend to be more conservative and religious than states with lower levels of consumption, the study finds.”

    Rates of STDs in Southern States:
    From the Centers for Deisease Control:
    “The southern region of the U.S. (Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida,
    Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina,
    Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia) has higher rates of primary and secondary (P&S)
    syphilis and gonorrhea than other regions of the country.”

    Rates of teen pregnancy in Southern states:
    From the article:
    “State-specific teen birth rates varied from 16.4 to 64.2 births per 1,000 females and were highest among southern states.”

    Yeeee HAAAAWWW!!!

  • tommy mc donnell

    if weiner were a republican it would be that hip, chic, uber-educated brooklyn and queens that wouldn’t be able to live with his behavior.

    i guess tingles forgets that it was hillary any NOW that made this kind of behavior politically unacceptable. but then they meant the rules should only apply to republicans.

    the fact that any american accept this hypocrisy goes a long way in explaining the mess this country is in.

  • Come on, Chris — you mean you are not offended by the actions of the Weiner-wagger? Really? Then why not drop trou on your show and do the same — after all, you will no doubt get support from your more advanced friends. Right?

  • ilikai

    Chris, thats because we aren’t perverted bastards who have no moral character at all and will lay down with anything that has at least two legs, male or female.

  • tommy mc donnell

    the wein did something wrong. he lied about it, he tried to cover it up. sounds very watergateish. i guess chris will be rethinking his condemnation of nixon.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #46 – Causation is not correlation and if they were, who are the porn subscribers in the more conservative states? Unfortunately, Libtardians live among us.

    The same for the STDs. You have not proven that more conservatives than Libtardians are infected with STDs. Neither you nor your Libtardian-leaning studies take into account the number of illegal aliens that enter the country at the US-Mexico border. Their numbers are heavily concentrated in the southern states. When the come into the country illegally, they bring third world diseases (and bed bugs) with them. Many come for the purpose of benefitting from the world’s medical and health care system in the world at the expense of taxpayers. The majority of them are hardly conservatives – he!!, most can’t vote legally in US elections – but when they take their scorching herpes to the free clinic, they and their ailments are counted along with those of citizens’.

    Finally, birth rates are not pregnancy rates. Not all pregnancies end in births. The higher teen birth rates could be attributed to fewer teen abortions, no?

    Try again, @$$hole.

  • AuntieMadder

    Re: my comment @ #51 – It’s chock full of typos and at least one garbled sentence. One of the most garbled should read: Many come for the purpose of benefitting from the best medical and health care system in the world at the expense of taxpayers.

  • Chisum


    From your last link: CONCLUSIONS:

    Teen birth rates in the United States have declined but remain high, especially among black and Hispanic teens and in southern states.

    Here is a better indicator, IMO:

    Speaking of social disfunction…I looked up teenage abortion rates by state. Guess what?

    States ranked by rates of abortion among women age 15-19 (pregnancies per thousand):

    New Jersey (47)
    New York (46)
    Maryland (38)
    Nevada (36)
    California (36)
    Hawaii (34)
    Florida (33)
    Delaware (31)
    Connecticut (30)
    Illinois (27)

    But you’ve already been here before spewing your lies, haven’t you.



  • thingamajig

    I’d look to a weenie like Matthews defending a weenie for any lessons in rectitude about as much as I’d look to the weenie in the White House for any lessons in certitude that he meets eligibility requirements to be President, no matter where he was born.



  • Chisum

    Debunked: Porn in the USA, Conservatives are biggest consumers

    Try again, LOSER!

    Liberals ALWAYS lie!

  • Molon Lobe

    Matthews really envies the Weiner Wagger. Chrissy is right though, the Left has no morals or integrity.

  • Harry Randolph

    Chris Matthews should talk! He may act sophisticated, but he comes from a very lower middle class area of Philadelphia. You can tell from that ridiculous accent of his. No, down here in Georgia, we backward folks don’t normally sent out pictures of our private parts on the internet. Maybe Chris sents out pictures of his Phiily horse’s ass, so it seems normal to him.

  • SpideyTerry

    So, what I gather from this is that Matthews is in favor of stalking minors over the Internet and sexually harassing them? Yeah, being against that is culturally backward. It’s not like there are laws against that kind of thing.

  • Peter Warner

    From John W. Ritenbaugh:

    ‘God and the world do not have the same perspectives on how to live life. Once we have the right standards, God’s standards, saying, “No,” to ourselves is of paramount importance if we want to put on the image of God and remove the image of this world. The world, combined with our own carnality, keeps pressuring us to conform to its attitudes and ways, and if we are passive, it is easy for us to drift with its way of thinking. We must make choices. Sometimes, they are very difficult because of the sacrifice involved. In them, we will show whether we respect God and His purpose or this world.

    The fear of God must become a foundation stone to us, one of the kind of nobility and strength of character Nehemiah possessed. It does not matter whether the issue is losing weight because of gluttony or eliminating debt because of covetousness. The world takes little notice of God until trouble is already upon them. But we must learn to do all things to glorify God, and it takes deeply respecting Him to do this. Honestly, would Jesus allow Himself to drift from His focus on glorifying God to become obese or in debt to the point of bankruptcy? His respect for—fear of—God would not permit Him to do these things.

    The Christian has to rip himself from the world’s way of thinking and doing. He must be a nonconformist in this regard. He must always understand that the world, though mentioning God frequently, does not fear Him, as its conduct shows. Romans 3:18 asserts, “There is no fear of God before their eyes.” A Christian must consciously march to the beat of a different drummer.’

    I am becoming increasingly less interested in watching the news. It appears as idle chatter of idolators and G-dless hedonists. Virtue, humility and righteousness are foreign to this society, and so it is becoming foreign to me.

    For example, Wiener’s constituents continue to publicly support him. They condemn themselves to damnation and wasted lives, and I want no part of it.

    Pray for America and its leaders.

    Best regards, Peter Warner.

  • [email protected]

    This site has rapidly become one of my favorite go-to sites ever since I came upon it. But I have to wonder why Gatewaypundit bothers to mention anything Moron Matthews or Moron LSDNBC says about anything or anybody. Why even give them or their gross idiots so much as a mention? Why not just leave them in the painful irrelevancy and oblivion they so richly deserve?

  • marty

    the name chris matthews says it all…..loser

  • Wonder if Chris got a thrill up his leg from the thought of one of his heroes following a 17-year-old high school junior. Can’t rule it out, I’m thinking.

  • ogee

    Mr spittle needs to get fired. He is stupid to the max.

    Weiner in Trouble Because his Behavior Offends “Culturally Backward” Christian Conservatives

    Someone needs to inform him that “indecent exposure” especially to minors IS BREAKING THE LAW AND comes with jail time. It has nothing to dow with christians.
    How stupid can you get? Does anyone even listen to him anymore?
    Indecent exposure is offensive to ALL PEOPLE OF ALL persuasions…..and religious beliefs.
    Someone needs to tell spittle head that a 40 year old middle aged man exposing his privates to a 17 year old girl is AGAINST THE LAW.

    If Weiner and slick willy would stop marrying lesbians then they would not have to expose themselves to minors. Neither Hillary Nor Huma are interested in their husbands of convenience. Acting straight to hide the truth is way worse then living an honest outed life.
    Way worse. It’s the cowards way out. All we have in Gov are sex addict cowards that WE DO NOT WANT.

  • ogee

    Like Hillary, Huma will not divorce them because they have marriages that are cover-ups for their lesbianism. Wanting the best of both world’s is gluttonous. Why hide who you are? It’s dishonest but that’s what the people in Gov are about. THEY ARE ALL ONE BIG FAT LIE.

  • SOLO

    Liberty60, you are totally fuked in the head..Prove what you say coward..You are wrong with those stats littleman. You just described New York and Cali…Most of this Nations Aids epidemic come frome states like New York and Cali.. I guess John Rocker was right about New York..It is a Sht Hole…

  • Dave

    Nell is correct; if done the old fashion way this is a crime called indecent exposure, a sexist crime since women do not get arrested for exposing themselves, they get a round of applause.
    If the comments by Nell are to fart back in the thread: “just because the vehicle of transmission has changed to tweets and e-mails, doesn’t mean the content is more acceptable than when you had to deliver it in person with an open raincoat”