Lib Media Slams Sarah Palin for Writing Emails at an 8th Grade Level… Ignore Obama’s 7th Grade Level Speech

The democrat-media complex is piling on Sarah Palin today for writing her emails at an 8th grade level.

The media was hoping for more thought out and sophisticated emails from the former governor.
The NY Daily News reported:

She may have attended four universities, but Sarah Palin still writes like an eighth-grader.

AOL Weird News gave two writing analytic companies samples of the former Alaska governor’s recently released emails and both agree that the Tea Party favorite writes as if she’s in middle school.

The 24,000 emails during Palin’s time as Alaska governor are still being sifted through. But the documents are filled with her famous folksy phrases like “holy moly,” “shindig” and “holy flippin’ crap.”

It turns out Palin’s writing skills are still better than most educated Americans. Global Language Monitor gave Palin’s emails a score of 8.2, which actually exceeds that of most chief executives.

Of course, the fact that Obama speaks at a 7th grade level doesn’t bother them. Obama was scored at grade 7.4 for his 2008 “Yes, we can” victory speech, which many consider his best effort.

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  • rbosque

    These people are a******s.

  • Gary


    “Dang it! We can’t find any dirt in 24,000 emails.”

    I’d like to see a random 24 of Obama’s before he was president.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    So now every governor and President has to sound like some post-graduate ivory tower fart sniffer?


  • FurryGuyJeans

    #2 June 14, 2011 at 3:45 pm
    Gary commented:


    “Dang it! We can’t find any dirt in 24,000 emails.”

    I’d like to see a random 24 of Obama’s before he was president.

    I would love to see some emails from random MSM propagandists journalists. Some of the crap that gets put up on media websites or in print is excruciatingly bad. These people get PAID to write, unlike Sarah who was hired to lead and govern.

  • Mr. Potato Head

    You know, every communications expert suggests speaking and writing at the 8th grade level. Whether she does or doesn’t, the advice would be don’t change a thing.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    The 24,000 emails during Palin’s time as Alaska governor are still being sifted through. But the documents are filled with her famous folksy phrases like “holy moly,” “shindig” and “holy flippin’ crap.”

    Wow, someone that doesn’t put on airs and acts superior.

    Unlike Barry who writes like a post-graduate ivory tower fart sniffer and sounds more juvenile than a shy kindergartner acting in a school play.

    Its burgers and beer time with Sarah, count me in. Arugula and Kobe beef with the Fraud in Chief, uhhhh no.

  • OxyCon

    Emails aren’t literature…everyone writes simple, concise emails…that’s the point!

    This is just another Leftist media “gotcha” FAIL!

  • John Fembup

    At my company we are continually urged to write at an 8th grade level, especially when communicating with our customers. Keep it simple, help people understand what you say.

    See, the whole idea of writing is to express yourself as clearly as you can. It’s not some kind of vanity contest to persuade others – media types included – how smart you are.

    Unless, that is, persuading others how smart you are is all you bring to the table. And unless, that is, you are within academia.

  • Valerie

    Gee, when I was working for a federal judge, we were taught to aim for 8th grade level understandability, because 8th grade is where our educational system diverges, and people with non-technical backgrounds needed to be able to understand what we wrote.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    I’d vote for Trig Palin to get Obama out of the White House. At least he’d be good natured and wouldn’t surround himself with a bunch of Agenda 21 traitors.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    So what if Sarah writes at an 8th grade level? Currently she is not holding elective office nor is she running for one? Why this obsession from the MSM with ridiculing and demonizing a private citizen?

  • The LA Times can’t believe there is no “gotcha” email and are annoyed by that.

  • JimmyT

    And you don’t even know the context. These e-mails may have been personal e-mails to friends or family. I don’t know about you, but, I’m a little more relaxed in my writing to friends and family. Like others have said, 24000 e-mails and THIS is the best they can come up with?

  • Mad Hatter

    Regardless what Sarah does, the media will continue to lie, smear, and misrepresent her.

    At least she knows there’s not 57 states.

    At least she knows JOBS isn’t a three letter word.

    At least she knows Roosevelt didn’t get on tv when the stock market crashed. Considering Hoover was President, and tv wasn’t around.

    Don’t count on the Alinsky Media to point those out.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    I love seeing the uber-partisan media propagandists getting pwned and schooled by their arrogance, at $800 a pop.

  • rbosque

    How about going through Obama’s Acorn or Senate e-mails? I’m sure THAT’S good reading material there. They just might find a love letter from Chris Matthews or from Hamas; there’s gotta be at least a letter of appreciation from Castro, or Chavez.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    #13 June 14, 2011 at 4:03 pm
    Mad Hatter commented:

    Don’t forget the actual historical facts that Revere did alert British soldiers so they wouldn’t be taking up arms against the colonists.

  • MikeSilver

    Funny how Sarah writes at a higher level than the writing snob. Here is the NY Daily’s reporters score on this drivel …

    Readability Formula Grade

    Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level 6.90
    Gunning-Fog Score 8.60
    Coleman-Liau Index 11.70
    SMOG Index 7.20
    Automated Readability Index 5.90
    Average Grade Level 8.06 (Gov Palin was at 8.20)

    You can get the levels at this site:

  • SM-AZ

    Plain talking honest un-varnished truth! That’s my gal! God bless her. Instead of Barry & Moochelle’s style of Blarney & BS wrapped in lies. They mooched off the rest of us to go to expensive schools that most of us could never afford, in order to learn how to spin bs. I’ll take Sarah over them any day! They’re jealous—-and scared of her——and they should be!

  • uncivil & right

    Yeah. Right. Sure. Ubama speaks Austrian backwards when addressing people in all 57 states.

  • gus

    Did they read fat ass Michelle’s Princeton thesis??????? I could have written that in my sleep in 6th grade.
    Marine “corpse” anyone??

  • Petra

    O/T – VIDEO: Philadelphia Black Youth Protest in Streets Against Barack Obama (language warning)

    He has good points…the old woman is a crazed obama fan.

  • Gary

    Valerie #8
    For the first time I think, I agree with you.

    Sarah Palin is like by so many because she is like so many. She reaches people. That is her one true Reaganesque quality. The snide, over-written articles that slam her lose the common folk by the second paragraph. They just don’t reach people. The entire LSM is just an echo chamber. They’re all writing for each other, to be praised by each other. If they bring a few people over to their side along the way, bonus.

    What I want to know is why these 24,000 emails are being released in the first place. What was the impetus for it, and why aren’t lots of other people’s emails being demanded? This is a Watergate style media effort, but without a Watergate scandal.


  • chicago

    Obama can’t even write…Ayers does the writing for him!

  • She doesn’t speak Austrian! What a dolt…oh wait!

  • gus

    What grade level were Bill Ayers 2 books. DREAMS OF A DRUNKEN MUZZTARD…and…. THE AUDACITY OF A RACE BAITING JEREMIAH WRIGHT. …..written at?????

  • gus

    Why were they GRADING her e-mails????

  • Molon Lobe

    These are the same people who were thrilled when Obama visited all 57 states and wished he could speak Austrian when visiting Vienna.

  • gus

    Is Obama’s Uncle still liberating Auschwitz??

  • Big Mo

    What the clowns at the Daily News don’t realize is that at J-school — at least at good ol’ Mizzou — the profs taught us to write on a SIXTH grade level, because doing so makes things easier to read and understand for a general audience.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    #27 June 14, 2011 at 4:16 pm
    gus commented:

    Why were they GRADING her e-mails????

    Because the hoped-for dirt on Sarah in the released emails just ain’t there. So now the MSM propagandists have to invent some silly and arbitrary “scandal” to justify having blown $800.

  • NorthernX

    Gosh. When will these fools just stop? The pettiness and irrational hatred is glaringly obvious to anyone. Nobody buys this crap anymore, and if they’re trying to blast someone in an effort to make Obama look like less of a moron by comparison, then they’ve really picked the wrong person…

  • KornKing

    #27-Gus-They were grading her emails because they found nothing they could run with, not even something that could be stretched

  • no Man

    De nex obama speech count de three syllable words. Dey’ll be about six. And donta ax no questshuns.

  • AuntieMadder

    Not only is this stupid and a non-issue, but these jerks seem to have totally forgotten that some of us read their Journolist memos. To say the same about the Journolist memos would be an insult to eighth graders. Most eighth graders are more much mature than Journolisters.

  • I was an Eng Lit major and have done a bit of professional writing. I doubt that would be reflected in my emails. In fact, I know it would not. As for Barry rising to 7th grade, I am dubious. We have to be certain that the sample is actually from his overflowing brain and not, say Plouffe or Axelrod. Or Ayers. What we do know from the extemporaneous exhalations of the Dear Leader is that he speaks at a 3d grade level when the training wheels come off. Help us, oh lord!

  • no Man

    They can’t fabricate anything positive about Obama.

    They must fabricate horrid things to say about vrituous Americans.

  • Mark S.

    Good f’ing grief… is this the most important news story the NEW YORK media? THE entire city of New York and this is the most important thing the media can come up with?

    This has sunk to a level of the MSM admitting “We know we look stupid and we don’t care any more”

  • FurryGuyJeans

    The MSM propagandists slammed Bush for virtually the same thing, sounding folksy and down-to-earth. The more crap they throw at Sarah, the better she looks to the average voter. The more they cover for their Messiah, the faster he goes down in flames like Icarus.

  • Randy

    Somebody repost the writings of the Detroit School Board President, please.

    Or somebody repost the plageristic writings of most NYT reporters. Or was it the Washington Times/Post?

    Somebody repost the news releases the O Admin has sent out with misspelled words and gramatically incorrect.

    Somebody repost that silly a$$ poem that O wrote. Or how about this, somebody repost anything AT ALL the O has written – other than those books that we know he didn’t write.

  • Militant Conservative

    #10 this was my thought exactly. I’ll take a simpleton that loves America vs. Obama.

    Obama is the atithisis of the affirmative action mentality raised to the WH.

    How’s that working out? Defend his policies liberals. Ya can’t, he’s a total F up.

    Not because he’s not smart, It’s his ideology, hate is not an American value.

    powder is dry, Obama assume room temp.

  • Sally

    I’m sure the MSM THOROUGHLY will soon be examining Mr. Obama’s Blackberry communications (since they are public property/need to be public record).

    Now that might yeild some very interesting data.

  • Sally

    correction- “yield”

  • lyle

    A writing-level assessment cannot evaluate concepts or imagery. It cannot assess logic or clarity of expression. It has no ear for rhythm. It doesn’t get poetry.

    It counts vocabulary words and measures the complexity of sentences; and if that’s how you judge a person’s writing skills, you’re not a reader.

    I suspect that most good writers would score worse than most bad writers. Hemingway would score at a lower grade level than the average obnoxious grad student. David Mamet would be sent to remedial writing class.

    You have to be truly stupid to take this seriously.

  • But the documents are filled with her famous folksy phrases like “holy moly,” “shindig” and “holy flippin’ crap.”

    For Christ’s sake!!!

    She writes like someone with a sense of humor, who doesn’t take herself nearly as seriously as do her critics, many of whom are completely full of themselves.

    I guarantee you that if she ever put up a photo of herself with an airbrushed halo around her head, she would have a wink and a smile; not a solemn staring-into-space look like someone we might be able to think of.

  • malclave

    So what grade level was Barack Obama’s released emails?

    Oh, yeah… incomplete.

  • Pile of Pooh

    I am amused by how much the Leftists hate Sarah Palin. She’s like the Commie Cult’s version of the anti-Christ. It’s become pathological with them — to the point that their attacks on her are now so juvenile, they actually help her poll standings. The woman feeds on negative energy and turns it into positive.

    I want the Leftist media screwballs to keep attacking her; it’s the worst thing they could possibly do for their cause.

  • arnonerik

    I have been a salesman most of my life. I have an extensive vocabulary but you would never guess it if you heard most of my sales presentations which were mostly given to middle class people, in their homes, around the kitchen table. My goal was to speak clearly, persuasively, truthfully, and concisely. I was not trying to impress people with my vocabulary. Instead, I wanted to convey ideas in a way that the average person could understand. I appreciate politicians who try to do the same. Hooray for Sarah, she is still my first choice!

  • Rush nails it in less than 2 minutes –


    FUC@ the media and FUC@ odumbass

  • joscefi

    Or, as Sarah Palin once said;

    “Some straight talk for some — just some — in the media, because another right protected for all of us is freedom of the press. And you have such important jobs, reporting facts, and informing the electorate, and exerting power to influence. You represent what could and should be a respected honest profession, that could and should be a cornerstone of our democracy. Democracy depends on you. And that is why, that’s why our troops are willing to die for you. So, how about, in honor of the American soldier, you quit making things up.”

  • Just chillin

    I was also taught in one of my technical writing class to write at 6th grade level, so what is wrong with that!

  • StrangernFiction


    Under water grottos, caverns
    Filled with apes
    That eat figs.
    Stepping on the figs
    That the apes
    Eat, they crunch.
    The apes howl, bare
    Their fangs, dance,
    Tumble in the
    Rushing water,
    Musty, wet pelts
    Glistening in the blue.

    mmmm mmmm mmmm Barack Obama!

  • kato

    Two things about liberals:

    1. They’re liars.

    2. They’re never happier than when they’re kissing black ass.

  • mikhail silo

    It is important to remind people that the Flesch-Kincaid test is a readability test. It tests the ability of a reader to understand what has been written. It tests nothing about the ability of the writer to understand the subject at hand.

    Just because Palin does not write the pretentious, jargon loaded verbiage that is so favored by the self appointed intelligensia, one should not draw any conclusions about her sophistication in any given subject.

    Palin writes to be understood by large numbers of people of varying abilities and it would seem that her audience understands her perfectly well.

    Yet we do not judge her by her words, we judge her by her actions and, by all accounts, Sarah Palin has been a success at everything she has tried and she has done this without compromising her high level of personal integrity.

    We have see this for ourselves that she is all of this and more. She has the heart of a lion, is battle tested and remains undefeated.

    So it comes down to this: Who are you going to believe? Palin’s shrill critics or your own lying eyes?

  • Guest #7

    Most of her criticisms were written at a kindergarten level.

  • StrangernFiction

    I think it is fair to say that Sarah Palin gets the SRM all wee wee’d up.

  • Of course, on the Left nothing is more important than being smart.

  • StrangernFiction

    Probably also fair to say that the reptilian part of their brains gets fairly active at just the mention of her name.

  • Buster
  • StrangernFiction

    Maybe it’s Palin’s subterranean agenda that sets them off.

  • Rock

    Just to funny, check any of their stories (The NY Daily News) and they are not impressive by any means. People in glass houses and all that you know. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Email isn’t even supposed to be formal. Who cares!

  • tarpon

    Well this is downright funny …. and stupid at the same time.

  • gus

    Yeah. the LIBTARDS are so EFFING SMART, why are the PUBLIC SCHOOLS they run such EFFING FLUNKZONES.

  • sorta s

    Most of her “emails” are blackberry text messages sent to email. where shortened versions of words are used.

  • Missy8s


    ***********!!!!VICTORY IN WISCONSIN!!!!!!**********


    WOO HOO!!!


  • When one writes an informal text (and emails often are — even those for official business), one generally writes at a simpler level than one’s maximum ability. (19th Grade level writing)

    Most people write informally in emails, so don’t write at a higher grade level. (Eleventh Grade level writing)

    Most people write more simply in emails. (Seventh Grade level writing)

    In other words, short sentences and fewer clauses make for a lower reading level — but that does not make it a sign that one is thinking at a less complex level. It is a sign that one is writing more clearly by choosing a less convoluted style.

  • Petra

    Woo – Hoo…lots of good news from WI…:)

    Clark apologized today for the “slapping her around” comment and he can say so long to any future chances as a politico…

    And here’s a video where the same politico ran a red light and knocked a cyclist down…He’s a law onto himself…

  • Petra

    If they checked m;y emails they’d be rated at 2.0 of below.

    Wasn’t Obama’s “I can” speech rated at a 7.1?

  • AuntieMadder

    They’re just disappointed that she didn’t attach any crotch photos like their poster boy Weiner did.

  • Contessa61

    Breaking news.

    BREAKING: Supreme court overturns Judge Sumi ruling. Collective bargaining limits are now in effect. Huge victory for Scott Walker and Wisconsinites!!!

    As a Wisconsinite, I am relieved and proud.

  • dacoelec



  • Granny


    Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Anti-Union Law

    The court ruled that Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi’s ruling, which had held up implementation of the collective bargaining law, was void ab initio, or invalid from the outset.

    In its decision, the state’s high court concluded that “choices about what laws represent wise public policy for the state of Wisconsin are not within the constitutional purview of the courts.”

    The court concluded that Sumi exceeded her jurisdiction, “invaded” the Legislature’s constitutional powers and erred in halting the publication and implementation of the collective bargaining law.

  • Erik

    Of course emails are written in a simple language. That’s what the medium is for. No sensible person writes essays in emails, you write an email as simply as you possibly can to make sure that the people you write to doesn’t misunderstand it, and you sometimes give it a personal touch by adding things from your everyday vocabulary.

    Analyzing emails that way is like taking messages from your answering machine and grading it as if it was prepared speeches.

    They’re obviously hard up on finding any content to their stories. Maybe next they’ll print out the emails to have them analyzed by a handwriting analyst.

  • Petra

    “They’re obviously hard up on finding any content to their stories. Maybe next they’ll print out the emails to have them analyzed by a handwriting analyst.”

    I believe this report is from a handwriting analyst. What do we call these crazy media people.


  • kansas

    I didn’t read all the other comments, but Obama’s 7.4 grade level is actually higher than Palin’s 8.2. I’m not sure how many points they spot him, but enough to make him a super genius.

  • Rob Crawford

    Maybe it’s Palin’s subterranean agenda that sets them off.

    What, she’s an agent of the mole people?

  • Mark1960

    Just how pathetic can the human animal be?? Are you kidding me with this latest attack?

    My God….These wastes of human DNA are actually paid by someone?????

  • Ginger

    John Fembup ……. said:

    At my company we are continually urged to write at an 8th grade level, especially when communicating with our customers. Keep it simple, help people understand what you say.

    Thank You Sir

    All my life I have had a learning disability and worked hard to improve myself and I love your qoute: Keep it simple, help people understand what you say.

  • JPeden

    But the documents are filled with her famous folksy phrases like “holy moly,” “shindig” and “holy flippin’ crap.”

    Gee whiz, is that all they got? No swear words.

  • Ruebacca

    Who the hell uses proper grammer and puncuation in emails?

    rofl <3

  • FurryGuyJeans

    #82 June 14, 2011 at 7:33 pm
    Ruebacca commented:

    Who the hell uses proper grammer and puncuation in emails?

    I do, but then that’s just the type of guy I am. 😉

  • paul Everitt

    When your emails are being read by political appointees and analyzed by the media, you have to wright down at their level. I truth, she probably should have written everything in 2 syllables or less.

  • Bluebay

    We don’t know if Fakeobama passed the eighth grade or any other grade for that matter.

  • Ronsonic

    What was the grade level of this article?

    Not more than ninth.

  • archtop

    Gary commented:


    “Dang it! We can’t find any dirt in 24,000 emails.”

    Yup – that pretty much sums it up. Time for the infantile MSM Journo-listers to come up with another scheme to “get” Sarah Palin…

    (Why do I think of Sarah Palin as the Road Runner and the MSM as Wile E. Coyote??)

  • brian

    Just when I think they’ve hit rock bottom, they dig a little deeper.

  • Francesca

    Who on earth writes email full of adjective, adverb, and noun clauses? Subjunctive anyone? Email is not meant to sound like a PhD dissertation. Good grief. It is a quick, somewhat informal method of communication.

  • Francesca


    I do, but I teach English grammar every day.

    It’s a sickness, so be kind. LOL

  • When I speak or write, I do so to communicate with others, not to impress them or myself.

    While I am perfectly capable of writing at a post-graduate level, I endeavor to speak and write at the level appropriate to each situation. As a general rule, I don’t use a complex word where a simple one will do just as well.

    Whoever wrote this critique is betraying their own shallowness.

  • jaycee

    huh, weird. in high school i remember learning that most newspapers are written between the 6th and 8th grade level. so i guess palin aint doin too bad.

  • What grade level did Bill Ayers write Dreams From My Father at?

  • unseen

    The Headline of course is that Gov Palin writes better than the vast majority of americans. Or in other words emails show that Gov Palin is smarter than the vast majority of americans. Or in other words the people that don’t understand Gov Palin are too stupid to understand her.

    Only the left could spin a positive like this into a negative. I’m surprised that Jim fell for it.

  • Stan

    Why don’t they go ahead and score the grade level of Weiner’s tweets?

    Oh, because crowing about “8th grade level” writing in terse emails only sounds bad when it’s not put into context.

  • Jerry C

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Why not study 24,000 of her actions? Of course not, that would defeat your purpose.

  • aprilnovember811

    They’re projecting. This is what bullies do to try to elevate themselves. They’ve been taken in by a smooth talking, Jim Jones type con man, who they claim is brilliant. Anyone listening to him, knows he’s not brilliant. And we still can’t see this brilliant man’s grades, right? I love Sarah Palin, and they are only going to make her more popular.

  • David H

    Let me see if I get this right…
    There is a U.S. Congressman who has been caught telling lies, exposing himself to women ( and perhaps teenage girls) on the internet. Sending nude picture of himself perform a sex act to these people. He used government resources to do this criminal activities and has the Democrat liberal forces defending him as the victim. But the media like the NYT feel it is not a story thats worth their attention.
    Then you have former Gov. Sara Pailns emails that show she was concerned over the welfare of her state, family, and friends. That she performed her duties with respect for the office she held as a servant to the people who elected her. For this story NYT unleashed a army of reporters and volunteers to dig up trash that may be found in these emails… only to find NOTHING. So they call in a Progressive far left liberal “expert” to proclaim they are written at a 8th grade level.
    HOLY FLIPPIN MOLY WHAT A LOAD OF FLIPPIN CRAP !!! Even for the NYT this is a new low in journalistic standards.

  • Valerie

    “#23 June 14, 2011 at 4:14 pm
    Gary commented:

    What I want to know is why these 24,000 emails are being released in the first place. ”

    They were released in response to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made during the presidential election. That would be her accounts paid for by the state. The state owns them, and although there is some sensitivity about such communications, once a person has left public office, those concerns become increasingly less compelling.

    That she has come off so well in them is surprising. Most people are not careful with email. I am sure that was the whole point of this exercise: the Washington Post and New York Times reporters and editors know what their own emails look like, and they had hoped to find that Sarah Palin’s emails were similar.

  • fiftyville

    Obviously, the level of complexity necessary to communicate to Democrats is less that that needed to communicate to conservatives. However, for Dems, I would have thought that “Sit!”, “Heel!”, “BAD donkey!”, and “Beg!” would have sufficed.